I "swallow" during my first bisexual experience. I was eighteen and it was with a much older man, I'd been fantasizing about sucking a man’s cock for ages, I'd seen a couple of porn magazines with women sucking cocks and I thought a man’s cock was the most beautiful thing and the women all seemed to want to get that cum in their mouths. The though and the pictures made me so horny.

I met a man while I was playing hooky from school. It was my senior year and my grades were good enough for me to miss a day so I skipped that day.

Steve took me to the beach and onto his little boat.  Actually not so little. It would sleep four. He’d left a few cock magazines around and I made a point of sitting down and looking at them. He could tell by my bulge that I was horny so he asked, “Would you like to play with my cock?” 

“Yes, please,” I quickly answered. 

Moving in front of me, Steve lowered his zipper and pulled out his cock. 

"Oh god," I gasped when I saw his beautiful cock. It was over seven inches long and very thick with well-proportioned reddish/purple head that glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick veins. He was already erect and I wasn’t disappointed at what I saw.  

Reverently I reached out and took his erection in my hand and started stroking it. His cock felt great, so warm and firm. I was shaking with excitement, his cock was right in front of my face so I just lent forward and brushed my lips across its velvety head.

When I took his stiff cock into my mouth, it was awesome. 

Tightening my lips around the shaft I sucked and stroked him as hard as I could. All I could think about was that I wanted him to cum in my mouth, I wanted to feel the power of his cum spewing across my tongue and against the back of my throat.  

I sucked Steve’s beautiful cock for about ten minutes and then I felt his cock start throbbing and twitching and getting even bigger and harder in my mouth. 

Then Steve put his hand on the back of my head and started working his hip, pumping his thick hard cock in and out of my mouth. He was fucking it like it was a pussy. 

When Steve did cum it was as amazing as I’d hoped. His head swelled up and his cock just started jerking and I felt the first spurt of hot salty cum hit the back of my throat and ooze down my throat. 

Steve’s cock jerked a few more times filling my mouth full of his cum. I was so excited that I didn't swallow it right away.  I wanted to savor it, I loved how warm and thick it was and I thought it tasted great. 

Greedily I kept sucking Steve’s cock until he went limp. Then I swallowed his cum down, 

As I was leaving, Steve invited me back on Saturday morning. 

I meet up with Steve regularly for a few years after that, He even had me servicing some of his friends, I loved sucking his and his friend’s cock and I always swallowed, 

I'm in my fifty now, I've sucked many, many cocks over the years and swallowed a lot of cum and I still think sucking a cock is the best thing ever. The hottest thing about sucking cock is feeling the shaft get harder, the guy starting to shake and his balls get tense, then the amazing, hot, creamy load cums shooting out into my mouth. Sigh...what could be better. I love bringing a woman to an orgasm with my tongue, but the end result isn't as powerful or as good tasting as a spurting dick



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