I am a married, white male, athletic build, very masculine. I've been married over 10 years. In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered what it would be like to suck a big cock and take a load of hot cum in my mouth. I started fantasizing about cock and started watching a lot of gay and shemale porn. About a year ago, I had sex with Barbara in the morning before she left to go out of town. Then I jacked off twice after that.

Am I some kind of weird sex freak? That evening I met a guy on craigslist that was understanding of my fantasy and agreed to let me suck his cock.

So we hooked up at his place. He didn't want his neighbours knowing his business so he had me park in a shopping mall around the corner from his house.

I'd never done anything like this before so needless to say I was apprehensive as I walked the block and a half to his house. My imagination was running wild. I just knew behind all the closed drapes there was an unseen neighbour watching me and knew where I was going and why.

As I walked up on his porch and knocked on the door I felt like a bug under a microscope.

When he opened the door, I don't know what I expected but he was just an average looking guy. At 5-foot 8, he wasn't tall, but he was fairly well proportioned. He had strong shoulders and arms, green eyes, light brown curly hair, and a wide, firm mouth. There was just enough amber in his skin to make me think there might be a touch of Asian in his ancestry.

He was wearing blue gym shorts and a white t-shirt, our high school colours.

He introduced himself as Austin and then invited me in. As I went in and he led me towards his den, I could tell by the d├ęcor that he had a wife. Guessing what I was thinking, he said, "Don't worry. She and the kids went to spend a week with her parents at their lake house so they won't be back until next Sunday.

Austin could see that I was nervous so he sat me on his sofa and went to the kitchen to get us a coke. Returning, he handed me my coke, then sat down in his Queen Anne chair facing me. To calm my nerves we chatted a few minutes.

"I guess,"he asked, "You wonder why if I have a wife I'm dong this. Well she grew up pentecostal and thinks having a dick in her mouth is a sin. When we fuck, it's always in the dark and always the missionary position."

I tried to keep my eyes off his crotch but his legs were spread just enough I could see up the leg of his shorts. His cock was lying against his left thigh. And his pee-slit was like an eye staring back at me.

As we talked his cock hardened causing his cock to slowly inch forward until the redish-purple head was sticking out of his shorts.

As he talked Austin looked down at his partially exposed cock. Raising his eyes he casually said, "Perhaps you'd be more comfortable naked."

I don't know. Maybe I expected him to leave the room to give me some privacy but instead Austin just sat there watching my every move. I kicked of my Nikes and I pulled my basketball jersy over my head and off. The coolness of the room made my nipples tighten. I hesitated for a second or two but he just sat there quietly watching.

I slowly unsnapped and unzipped my jeans and let them drop to the floor before pulling them off completely. Face beet red from embarrassment, I was standing there in a pair of my wife Barbara's blue lace panties.

With a big laugh, Austin said, "Leave them on. They're cute."

By now his hard cock was sticking straight up, the heah sticking out of his wasit bank. Now it was my turn to watch as he grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and in one quick movement up over his head and off.

Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his gym shorts and a second or so later he was slowly rolled them down and off his hips, exposing a thick clump of black kinky pubic hair with a thick, uncut 8-inch cock jutting out from it and with a pair of full, heavy balls swaying under.

Having never seen another man's erect cock before I was mermurized. Without thinking I slide off the couch down on to my knees and crawl forward for a closer look. My face was close enough that I could inhale his essence. I could smell his sweat mixed with the faint musk of his excitement.

I knelt there for what seemed like an hour but in reality was only a couple of minutes.

I'm sure he was thinking that if I was going to suck it, I need to do more than look but what he said was, "you can touch it if you want to."

As I nervously raised my hand there was sweat on my brow and I was breathing heavy. Almost reverently I gently reached out and took Austin's cock in my hand. I marvelled at its hardness, as my fingers slowly and gently slid around it. His dick felt so solid and yet soft to the touch at the same time. All I wanted to do was take it in my mouth, but instead I moved my mouth down and slowly licked and sucked his balls while gently stroking his thick shaft.

Austin quietly groaned, "Uuuuuum," as I gently sucked one of his soft balls into my mouth. After licking and kissing his soft, smooth nut sac all over, I slowly ran the flat of my tongue up his rigid shaft and up to the crown.

I flicked my tongue around the head, licking under the ridge of his swollen cockhead and up onto the wet eye, tasting the pre-cum that had started to leak from his straining cock. I swirled my tongue around and around the head all the while thinking I am doing it...I am licking another man's dick and it feels and tastes so good.

Then I slowly wrapped my lips around the head of Austin's throbbing cock. Tightening my lips I slid down its length, filling my mouth with his velvety hardness.

Hungrily, I started bobbing my mouth up and down on his thick shaft, drawing him deeper and deeper into my mouth. Grunting, "Ugh, ugh, ugh," Austin started to thrust into my mouth. What a turn on. Here I was, on my knees with my mouth full of another man's dick.

Austin was thrusting hard into my mouth, as I sucked him intently. His groans were driving me wild. I looked up, observing the way Austin's face twisted itself into a mask of pleasure and determination. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting closer. As I watched him, our eyes met. He gave me a coy smile and bit his lower lip. "Almost there?" he moaned.

"Y... yeah," I mumbled around his hard dick.

Suddenly, Austin stopped thrusting and tensed up. I felt his cock swell and expand in my mouth, becoming even harder than I imagined possible. "Gonna... gonna cum," he croaked painfully.

The moment I'd long been fantasizing and waiting for finally arrived. It was so hot. I've never felt anything that erotic.

Then to my surprise he pulled out and cummed on my face which was a huge turn on.

With a rapid fury of strokes, Austin let it all go. "Unnnnhhhhhh," he screamed.

It seemed like it was happening in slow motion as I watched his cock erupt. A large, thick shot spurted from the swollen head, hitting me directly directly on my hairline. The portion not caught in my hair started sliding down my face as the second burst caught me just above my right eye. I closed my eyes as the thick blasts of cum continued to rain down on me. I felt them pelt my face, one after another, cum-ropes so big that they almost took a full second to leave his cock.

Two shots hit my cheek, then a large shot landed right against my closed lips. As I opened my mouth to let some of the cum run in, I could feel my hard dick twitching with joy in my panties. Austin continued stroking while his cock sputtered out a few final shots, covering my chin with big, white gobs of hot cum.

As the eruption ended, I opened my eyes. "Oh, my God," she stammered as I licked the salty cum off my lips. "So much cum," I sighed.

I couldn't wait to taste his hot delicious cum properly so I came back three days later. The second time, I sucked Austin until he exploded an enormous load of hot cum in my mouth. All it took was a couple of swirl of my tongue beneath the head of Austin's cock and his cum exploded into my mouth.

His first squirt of cum hit the back of my throat with such force that I almost choked. Austin must not have cum since I was here last. His cock seemed to contract and then swell again as he shot a second glob of cum into my mouth. Throb-squirt-throb-squirt, Austin pumped stream after stream into my mouth, coating my tongue and throat with his hot salty sweet cum. I had to keep swallowing in huge gulps to keep up with his warm cum.

There was so much that some of his it ran out the cornors of my mouth and oozed down my chin. As Austin's orgasm subsided, I sucked the last drops out of the pee-slit of his throbbing cock and let the warm liquid remain in my mouth to savor the unique taste. I continued to hold his cum in my mouth, feeling the tingle of sensations, savoring the taste and feeling of having a mouthful of another man's cum in my mouth. It had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway. Letting it slowly slide down my throat.

I sucked Austin's cock about once a week or so for three or four months and always swallowing his hot gooey cum.

Unfortunately, he has moved away so I still find myself fantasizing about sucking a cock.

I still enjoy licking and fucking pussy regularly, but I can't shake the erotic feeling of having a big cock in my mouth.

Any other guys out there not getting their oral needs taken care of by their wives or that just like having their dick sucked. I would love to find another buddy or two to continue my love of sucking cock with.

The end...

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