I'm Harry 18-years old 140 lbs. (64kg). 5'10" (178cm) My family and friends know I'm gay. I have a twin sister Kate. We are so much alike that if I put a dress on and makeup we would look like sisters.

I shared an apartment with my sister, she worked locally and I was at university. I have not had a serious relationship and I don't want one, I prefer casual, no commitment, I want to live and experience life before I settle with one guy, if ever. My sister Kate is of the same mind loves them and leaves them. I have never taken a guy back to our apartment. I could do if I wanted; so far the guys I have known could always accommodate.

Kate has had 2 boyfriends so far since we have taken the apartment. The first one I didn't like at all and he didn't like me. From the start he found it difficult to be in my company, once he knew I was gay. I suppose he felt guilty by association.

Her present boyfriend is Mike. Mike is 20 years old about 200lbs. (91kg) 6'2"(188cm) tall. Well toned muscular body, works out and plays a lot of sport. He talks to me and treats me like he would do any other guy, right from the start I liked him we get on well. Being gay was no problem for him.

Mike had all but moved in spending a lot of time with Kate. He walks about the apartment near naked except for his tight fitting briefs, which leave nothing to the imagination. Just seeing the silhouette of his thick long flaccid dick and the contours of his perfect bubble butt makes me have a semi hard. He's a jock an Adonis. Narrow waist, well-toned body, broad shoulders. His triceps and biceps are solid muscle when he poses. Well-developed legs, he would make a good sprinter.

He has an Eagle tattoo on his chest and a sunburst tattoo on the small of his back. He exudes testosterone, you can almost taste it in the air. He's all man.

Life in the apartment got more interesting late one evening; I was on my way to the bathroom, I at to pass my sisters room to get there. As I did the door opened, out came Mike, stark naked except for a condom he had on his dick that was full of his sperm juice. I didn't know which was the most exciting to see. Him stark naked or his semi hard dick with the sperm full condom hanging from it. I stood there frozen to the spot with my mouth wide open. "Man you going to the bathroom?" He asked. I could not speak I just nodded to indicate I was. He pulled off the condom and gave it to me. "Can you get rid of this for me?" He asked as he handed me the used condom. I stood there holding it in my hand as he closed the door. The contents were still warm, possibilities of what to do with it raced through my mind.

My hands were trembling as I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I kept squeezing the thick juicy cum up and down inside the condom. It had an aroma of sex juices and rubber. There was plenty of it in the stretched condom. I dipped my finger into the condom; the juice was thick and creamy. I scooped some out and licked my finger it was salty and warm. I slowly penetrated the entrance with the tip of my tongue, sliding my tongue deeper into the condom, the tip of my tongue eventually tasting more of his delicious cum Mmmm.

I just at to get my dick inside that condom and soak it in his juices. Mike's dick had stretched the length and width of the condom, making it easy for my dick to slide in on his cum juice. My dick was rock hard. The sensation of having my dick soak in his warm cum sent shivers of delight through my body.

The whole of the shaft and glans of my dick tingled as I stroked my dick until I shuddered and jerked, squirting my load into the condom to mix with Mike's.

I was still moaning and shaking as I peeled the condom of my sperm juice covered dick. I held my head back and squeezed the contents into my mouth swirling it around my mouth with my tongue savoring the taste of Mike's and my sperm laden cum juices. Swallowing it slowly so it lined the inside of my gullet. The intoxication of the moment was overwhelming. Squeezing the remainder into my mouth, I imagined that Mike was feeding me.

Suddenly I heard someone trying the bathroom door. "You in there man I wanna piss." It was Mike. "Yeah I'll be out in a second." I opened the door. Mike stood there naked with another used full condom in his hand. He reached out towards me and ran his finger across my lips. "Man have you been eating my cum?" He asked as he showed me his finger covered in cum. "Lick it clean", he said. I blushed and hesitated before licking his finger.

"So what we gonna do with this?" He asked as he held the used condom up in the air. "Lets have some fun. On ya knees." he commanded. On my knees I was eye level with his semi hard dick. His shaft and glans glistened with cum juice "Take it" he said, holding out the condom. I reached out and held it in my hand. I was thinking what the hell is he gonna do? I was expecting him to turn nasty.

He held his dick in his hand it was getting hard. "Ok squeeze the cum out the condom onto my dick and smear it all over." My dick was bulging so much in my pants it was painful. I squeezed the cum juice over his hard dick then I held his dick with my left hand, smearing his thick sticky cum over the glans and shaft of his dick with the fingers of my right hand. The stimulation made his dick spring up and down. I ran my fingers over his dick slit; he shuddered and gave out a low moan.

When I looked up at him he had a satisfied look on his face. "I wanna watch you eat my cum." He said. He slowly snaked his dick into my mouth. "Suck the cum juice off and keep it in ya mouth," he said. He withdrew his dick out my mouth. "Show me what ya have in ya mouth." I opened my mouth so he could see his sperm juice. "Man that looks good, I taste good? He asked. "Mmmmm delicious," I replied. My reply pleased him. He snaked his dick deeper into my mouth, I sucked on his dick until there was no cum on the shaft. My stomach was full of his rich protein juice.

"Good boy." He looked pleased as he pulled his dick out my mouth and told me to keep my mouth open. He was holding the used condom in his hand. "For you to get anymore of my cum you must do as I tell ya, understand," he said. "Yeah," I said. He stuffed the condom in my mouth and told me to swallow it. I looked up at him with wide-open eyes and obeyed him. I was surprised how easy it was to swallow.

He grinned as he told me to suck on his cock while he pissed down my throat. I swallowed most of his piss. Some spilled out my mouth and ran down my T-shirt and onto my pants. He looked down at me and grinned. He knew from that moment that he could control me. Then he pulled his dick out my mouth and wiped it across my face.

"I'm gonna fuck your sister, after I'm gonna come and fuck you in ya bed I know you want me too, be ready." he said.

I went to my bedroom and got ready. I lay on my bed trying to imagine what it will be like to be fucked by him. I didn't have to wait long. Mike came into my room with another sperm filled condom wrapped around his rock hard dick. He climbed on to the bed and straddled my face snaking his hard dick and sperm filled condom into my mouth. "Suck it," he demanded. As I did he would withdraw it then feed it back into my mouth. He thrust gently down my throat penetrating deeper with his condom-covered dick. I stroked his firm ass and ran my hands over his thighs. It was an erotic moment to be face fucked in this way.

He looked down at me and said, "I've gotta fuck you and get back to ya sister," He was a man in a hurry as he lifted my legs up and leaned into me pushing hard on my anus still wearing the cum filled condom on his dick. He thrust harder until the head of his dick penetrated me. He put his hand over my mouth to muffle my yelping as he penetrated me deeper.

"I'm gonna leave it in ya" he said. I looked at him somewhat puzzled and asked him, "what do you mean? "The condom I'm gonna let it slip off my dick, then I'm gonna fuck you raw and fill ya ass with cum juice," he said. He held the shaft of his dick as he thrust up and down in my gut, sliding more of the condom off the shaft of his dick with his hand, until is dick was naked in my pussy. Using his dick he thrust it deeper into my gut.

He pressed down on my legs making my ass arch up more. I was in heaven being on the end of his dick and able to stroke his masculine body and feel dominated by him. He was breathing rapidly as he convulsed and squirted his load into me. It was all over in less than 10 minutes. He pulled his dick out and lifted up off me.

"You doing anything tomorrow?" He asked. I was supposed to go to Uni. I told him I had nothing to do. I didn't want to miss out on being fucked by him agen and agen. My sister would be at work all day.

I was a guy; sex with me for him was just physical. He could be rough with me, with my sister he at to be gentle. He liked to control me. I liked the thought of being used by him. He had an insatiable appetite for sex that needed feeding



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