'Get your junk outta my face!' protested Rich, pushing his buddy away. 'I've got a class in twenty minutes.'

JD stood next to the bed naked, his dick half erect, smiling despite his friend's rejection. Rich always had an excuse for not wanting to mess around when he wasn't horny. He'd cum twice several hours earlier, now his body and mind were taking a break.

Tossing the sheet off, Rich rolled to the side of the bed and stood up. He, too, was naked, but not the least bit hard. His satisfied cock hung over shaved balls, the only part of him below the waist that didn't have at least some hair on it. Sparse hair also grew across his lean torso giving him a somewhat more mature look than JD presented, but still obviously a young college aged male. In contrast, JD shaved every follicle, not that he had much to begin with, leaving only the neatly cut hair on his head. His smooth body made him look a couple of years younger than his actual nineteen.

'You weren't saying no last night,' JD teased, still smiling as he casually stroked his cock, feeling it grow to full length in his hand.

Rich moved around the room picking up and pulling on his clothes. He consciously kept his eyes averted from JD's body. He wasn't in the mood for any further contact. JD knew that, but continued his teasing.

As Rich bent over to tie his shoes JD moved closer and waved his cock near Rich's head, then added a quick slap of his hand to Rich's denim covered ass.

'God, stop it, JD,' Rich hissed. 'You're such a queer.'

JD withdrew, knowing it wasn't any use. When Rich wasn't horny he could be almost hateful.

Rich moved to the apartment door and opened it to leave. Before it shut he heard JD's final comment of the morning.

'I'll stop when you stop.'

They'd met a few months ago in the second semester of their freshman year, both assigned to the same study group in a literature class. Even though neither one considered themselves gay they'd somehow gravitated toward each other, talking more often outside of class. They had felt a growing tension, but not discussed it or acted on it, unsure of new feelings. Two weeks turned into a month, then two months. During a Friday night out to unwind, and with the help of a few rounds of drinks bought by older students, innocent and friendly touches led to body contact and longing looks, then finally a quick, unsteady walk to JD's apartment. They were too drunk to have sex, but not too drunk to pull off their clothes and fall on the bed, kissing deeply as they fell asleep. The tension was broken, but the questions began.

Rich woke up first the next morning and left without a word. JD found him later that day in the cafeteria. Rich looked nervous as JD sat down across the table from him, but made no move to leave.

'You ok?' asked JD.

Rich answered bluntly, 'Yeah.'

JD spoke softly and continued his interrogation. 'It's ok, you know. No big deal. Want to talk about it?'

'No!' Rich said pointedly. In a softer tone he added, 'I mean, no, thanks. Sorry, I'm not mad. It's not your fault.'

'It's not anyone's fault,' agreed JD. 'It just happened. Don't worry about it.'

Rich wasn't convinced. 'I can't help but think about it. I never let it happen before.'

JD sat silently for a moment. 'What do you mean you never 'let it happen before'? Did another guy try?'

Rich didn't answer, his face turning red. He felt the heat rising up through his clothes, sweat beginning to form. He stared down at his unfinished sandwich.

Now JD felt embarrassed, too, for even asking. 'Sorry, I didn't know.' Standing to leave, JD reassured once more, 'It's ok.'

Rich spoke to him, but not until JD had walked away and was out of earshot. It was meant more for himself than for JD, anyway. 'I'm not queer,' he said to himself. 'I'm not.'

Time went on, closer and closer to the end of the semester and summer break. JD and Rich continued to see each other around campus, and they talked, but not as much as before. When they did talk the tension they'd felt before had grown. Rich was always anxious and it was he who usually ended their conversations. JD was concerned, but didn't want to risk making things worse by asking what was going on. JD's attitude, in contrast, was much more relaxed.

JD didn't want to go home for the summer leaving things unfinished, so with two weeks left before break he asked Rich to come by his apartment. He was a little surprised when Rich agreed without asking what JD wanted.

Rich knocked on the apartment door the next afternoon. Classes for the day were over for the both of them. JD answered the door wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt.

'Hey, come in,' greeted JD. Rich looked around as if he was checking to see who might witness him enter the apartment, then stepped inside. He appeared nervous once again.

'How are things going?' JD asked.

'Ok,' was Rich's short reply. He'd walked into the apartment, turned a time or two as if he'd never been there before, then sat down at the far end of the small sofa. JD took the chair at the other end, facing Rich from about eight feet away.

Silence settled in for a few moments before Rich asked, 'What did you want to see me about?'

JD knew he may as well get on with it. 'What's going on?' he asked in a more serious tone.

'What do you mean?'

'I mean why are we like this? I think we're friends,' JD explained. 'I don't want to go home for the summer and worry about you. We were best buds for two months then something fucked it up.'

Rich laughed sarcastically. 'You don't remember? What the fuck!? It's all I think about and you don't fucking remember!'

'You mean that kiss?'

'FUCK YEAH!' Rich exclaimed a little too loud.

All JD could think to say was, 'So?'

'I'm not queer!' demanded Rich.

'I never said you were,' JD offered.

'But you think it, don't you?' Rich asked accusingly.

'No, I don't. And if I did,' JD explained to his friend, 'I wouldn't care. I still like you.'

Rich got quiet, shifting his position on the couch nervously.

JD continued. 'I don't give a fuck who's gay or straight. It's sex. We don't always have good judgement or control about what turns us on. Ok?'

Rich looked up and into JD's face. 'Are you gay? If you are I want to know.'

'I think I'm bi,' JD answered candidly. 'Some guys turn me on. And some girls. I do what feels good. You have a problem with that?'

'So you kissed me that night because it felt good?'

'I guess so. We were pretty drunk. But, yeah, it felt good. I like the way guys kiss.'

Rich stood up, giving JD the impression he was going to leave, but only stood there nervously tapping his foot. In response JD also stood up. Rich stepped toward the door, but stopped next to JD.

'It felt good?' Rich asked again.


'I'm not queer,' whispered Rich as he moved to press his mouth to JD's.

With little warning Rich was forcefully kissing JD harder and harder, driving his tongue deep into his friend's mouth. JD managed to catch his breath and let the invasion continue. Rich had thrown his arms around JD's shoulders and pulled the two of them together in a crushing embrace. A slight humping motion in Rich's hips became more pronounced as the kissing went on. JD didn't mind at first, but finally thought Rich was losing control.

'Stop...' JD tried to say between thrusts of Rich's tongue. He eventually pulled away far enough to spit out the words. 'Stop it!'

Rich looked into JD's eyes with a mixture of fear and exhilaration. Trying to compose himself he said, 'I'm sorry. I couldn't stand it any longer. I've wanted to do that again since the first time. I'm sorry.' He stepped once more toward the door, but JD instantly closed the distance between them.

'Stay. If you want to. Just take it easy.' This time JD began the kiss, keeping it light and playful, slowly snaking his tongue along Rich's lips and into his mouth.

Rich's hands began an exploration of JD's body, first over the material of his t-shirt, then under it. The smooth skin felt so warm and alive under his finger tips. He let his hands wander upwards as he followed JD's spine from the small of his back to his shoulder blades, then back down, around to his tight stomach and up his chest. Feeling the hard nubs of JD's nipples Rich stopped long enough to stroke them. They grew harder under his fingers and JD gave out a low moan of pleasure.

JD separated them again, but not completely. Taking Rich by the hand he instructed, 'Come with me.'

Without a word Rich followed JD to the bed. A typical college type room, clothes hung on a chair, lay in a small pile on the floor, the bed was unmade. Continuing to grip Rich's hand JD reached with the other and tossed the bedspread and top sheet to the foot of the bed. He turned back to Rich.

'Get naked.'

Rich started slow, but pulled at his clothes more quickly as he watched JD. Wearing little, JD was in the raw ahead of Rich. Rich paused a second or two as JD's hard cock caught his attention. Half a minute later he joined JD totally naked and rock hard.

JD stepped backward and sat on the bed, reaching for Rich at the same time. JD lay back on the bed, his legs hanging off the side, his cock hard and pointed toward his face. He pulled Rich down on top of him.

For the first time in his life Rich felt the hard, hot pulsing of another male's erection against him. He also felt his own rubbing against JD's smooth abdomen. Instinctively he began a fucking motion against JD's body.

'Fuck, Rich. You are so horny. And so fucking hot,' JD stated just before pulling Rich into another kiss. Their tongues traded places back and forth. Wet licking and sucking of each other's mouths, lips, and tongues grew more intense. By now JD was as horny as Rich.

JD pushed his hand between them and found Rich's cock. It was slick with precum as Rich continued to grind. The added pressure of JD's fingers made Rich whimper. JD began an upward movement of his legs, eventually wrapping them around Rich's waist. He crossed his ankles and pulled Rich against him tight enough to stop the humping motion.

JD looked at Rich's face. His eyes were closed, his expression making it appear his mind was far away. JD knew what needed to happen and stated it as matter of fact. 'You need to fuck me.'

Rich's eyes popped open and he looked down at JD. A light coating of sweat made him shine under the small amount of sun coming in through the blinds. Rich was sweaty, too, which excited him further as he felt himself sliding against JD's chest and stomach.

JD had managed to reach his nightstand and withdraw a bottle of lube. Popping the cap, he squirted a generous glob into his other hand and reached for both their cocks.

The new sensation took Rich by surprise. 'OH! SHIT! FUCK!'

JD smiled and reached lower to smear some lube across his ass. He wasn't any kind of bottom, but he wanted Rich to fuck him. The idea was too hot to pass up.

As JD wiggled beneath him Rich asked, 'Is it safe?'

'You a virgin?' JD asked in return.

Bashfully, Rich nodded.

'It's cool, my ass is virgin territory,' JD affirmed. 'Fuck me.'

Rich moved down JD's body far enough to slip his cock past JD's balls and into the smooth impression of his awaiting hole. The lube left no doubts it was slippery enough. Lining up to what felt was the right place Rich began to nudge his cock against JD's ass. That small amount of activity alone was driving Rich crazy with lust, he couldn't imagine what it would feel like to be inside JD.

Continuing his slow drive inward Rich pushed with more determination and took clues from JD's facial expressions and sounds.

'Mmm...oh, yeah,' JD directed, 'Right there.'

Suddenly, Rich felt a tight, warm, wetness swallow the head of his cock. Simultaneously, JD moaned loudly.

'Oh, fuck! You're in my ass!'

Uncontrolled, Rich invaded further, feeling the body of his friend take him in. He wanted to be careful, but couldn't help himself.

'Jesus!' JD hissed, but made no attempt to stop Rich from going on.

Within seconds Rich was up to his balls in JD's ass. He trembled slightly, but managed to hold his position. JD felt stretched to the breaking point, but couldn't get over how much he wanted this to happen. His legs tightened again around Rich's waist, holding him still for as long as he could. He felt every twitch and pulse of Rich's cock, the soft, wiry scratching of pubic hair pushing at his hole. JD adjusted somewhat and loosened his grip on Rich's waist.

As soon as he could Rich began a slow paced grinding of his hips. Not an in and out motion, more of side to side, engrossed in the way JD's body felt under and around him. As before, when his body couldn't wait any longer, he started to fuck. Short, slow strokes in and out at first, which soon became longer and more intense. Each thrust drove air from JD's lungs, his vocal cadence keeping time to Rich's movements.


Rich was too young to hold back for very long and didn't even try. His breathing was ragged, but he managed to let JD know it was having the ultimate affect on him.

'Oh god! Oh, god! OH, GOD! I'm gonna cum!' With a violent thrust he speared his shooting cock deep into JD, causing his partner to wince and moan yet again.

Rich's cumming seemed to him to go on and on, much longer than any time he'd ever jacked off. It was fantastically more intense, almost painful. During his orgasmic spasms he'd raised up stiff-armed above JD which gave JD all the room he needed to reach between them and stroke his own slimy cock. As Rich's orgasm ended JD's began. The hardness within him helped drive his load up the length of his cock, the first volley flying well past his head. His chest and stomach soon felt hot wads of cum as he kept stroking, not wanting to lose a millisecond of all he was experiencing. It had been a little rough at first, but JD knew for sure he'd want to get fucked again, and maybe soon.

Both boys felt exhausted, but warmly content. Rich stayed hard for several more minutes, but finally pulled back enough to exit JD's ass. JD lowered his legs back down over the side of the bed and relaxed. Rich's head was nestled face down against JD's shoulder.

Several minutes passed before JD spoke again. 'I need a shower.'

Rich began to move and untangled himself from JD. His cock was inflated, but hanging about half hard. JD rolled himself up to a sitting position, stretched his legs, and stood up. He felt lube and cum slowly running down his leg so he gingerly made his way to the bathroom and into the shower. He emerged a few minutes later, then Rich took a turn. Neither of them said anything.

When showered and dry Rich returned to the bedroom and gathered his clothes, putting each item back on for his walk to the dorm. JD stayed naked, he had no plans to go anywhere for a while. Walking to the apartment door Rich opened it to leave, while JD stood slightly to the side. A mood change was already evident in Rich. He confirmed how far his mood had swung with his last comment of the afternoon.

'This doesn't make me queer.'

JD nodded and shut the door.

During the next two weeks, before they'd be separated for the summer, Rich returned to JD's apartment three times. They experimented with cock sucking, which JD enjoyed immensely, but Rich all but insisted he fuck JD. As with the first time, as soon as Rich had cum and calmed down his attitude turned dark. JD wanted to say something, but at the same time didn't want to cause any problems or do anything that would put a stop to the sex. Plus, he knew in a couple more days they'd be apart.

With the last day of their freshman year at an end Rich stopped at JD's long enough to say goodbye, then headed out of town. Finishing some final packing, JD did the same.

It was early September and school was back in session. The second day JD saw Rich walking between the buildings of the apartment complex, apparently looking for him. Within a few minutes they were together in the unit JD would use for the school year. Rich didn't waste any time.

Grabbing roughly from behind, Rich wrapped his arms around JD's chest. Pulling them tightly together he began a slow grind of his cock against JD's jeans-covered butt. 'I missed this,' he said softly.

JD felt his own cock begin to stir, but wasn't going to give in so easy this time.

'Didn't you get any ass all summer?' JD questioned.

'Back home? Fuck, no. Everybody knows me.'

'Duh, I know you.'

Rich sighed. 'But you're my college bud. And you're broken in.'

JD struggled to turn around in Rich's grasp. 'I'm not just an ass you can fuck when you feel like it,' JD pointed out, frustration creeping into the tone of his words.

'I didn't mean it like that,' Rich replied before JD cut him off.

'And I don't know what's going on in your head, but you can cut out the 'I'm not queer' routine,' JD insisted.

'But I'm not...'

'I don't care what you are. But don't run to me when you're horny, then deny anything happened. That's really fucked up.'

Rich let go and backed away, unsure of what to do or say.

'Just admit you like to fuck guys,' JD pushed. 'Or at least that you like fucking me. You don't have to call yourself queer or gay. After all, it's not love; it's fucking.'

'I...I thought you liked it,' Rich stammered.

'I do like it. But I admit I like it.'

Rich was still hard, his cock tenting his jeans. He was horny, but turned and went to the door. JD didn't try to stop him this time.

'I guess I'll see you,' Rich said weakly.

JD didn't reply as Rich left the apartment. After the door closed he murmured his thoughts to himself. 'He won't last a week.'

Five nights later JD heard a knock at the door. As expected, he opened it to find Rich. He looked tired and anxious, but good looking as ever. His cock had begun to swell and rise under the nylon shorts he wore. Without being asked Rich stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

'Ok. I like fucking you. Please. I need to fuck you. Real bad.'

JD smiled. 'It's a start,' he said walking to the bedroom.

They fucked twice during the night, the first time hard and fast, animalistic. Rich was rough, but couldn't help it, and JD understood. The second time, an hour later, was slow and determined, made to last. By the time they both reached orgasm again it was going on 1:00 am. JD convinced Rich it was too late to head back to the dorm, so the two of them spent their first entire night together. By morning Rich was his old self.

'Get your junk outta my face!' protested Rich, pushing his buddy away. 'I've got a class in twenty minutes.'



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