The girl on the floor was snorting loudly. I threw my pillow at her, to make her shut the fuck up, but she slept on through. "Fuck!" I sat up, sliding off my pillow top bed, with the lifted frame. It's the one splurge in my tiny room. I saved up for months to buy this fucking thing, and I'm the only one who sleeps here. She was starting a low growl, full on snore fest now. I shook her lightly with my foot, and she opened her eyes suddenly, looking up at me in horror. "Oh my God! Who are you?" "What? J...Jagger, from the party? You crashed on my floor, but now you need to go. My parents are coming over and I need to clean this shit up." She looked around, propping up on her elbows. Her left boob was coming out of her Stella McCartney, and from the angle I was standing, I'm pretty sure she was panty-less. her chiffon was at her waist, and thank God my fucking sheet was covering her lower half. "So...where am I?" "You're in my room." "How did I get here?" I squatted down, closing my legs, cause I'm pretty sure I wasn't wearing underwear either, under my robe. "Ok, so last night we were at the same show. You liked my shoes, and we talked about an after party. We went to Sammi's and you hooked up with my friend Paul, and then you lost your bag, so you uber'd your ass with me to my place, and now we're here." She wiped her, already smudged, eyes, and stood up...not gracefully, but she made it up. She was a tall chick, and probably could've modeled, but she had this weird eye thing, like one eye looked like it was higher set than the other. Still cute though, hashtag diva.

I'm Jagger, I'm twenty four. I live with four other gay guys in an inherited apartment, and it's pretty chill, aside from an occasional bitch fest about the electric bill, or who spilled bleach on the vintage rug. I work three jobs downtown, and I wait tables in the West Village. I'm a stage hand for an off broadway company, so I hook up...a lot. Always use protection, always tested, always 100% clean, and single. I have a love-hate relationship with myself, and I don't give a shit about politics, so all the ranting, raving, boycotting, and protesting bullshit only fuels my fire to walk in the other direction. I'm six foot one, and weight 150 pounds. I'm slim, and trim, and I wear my jeans, one size too show case my amazing footwear collection. I sound like a queen, I know, but honestly, I could've hooked up with this chick last night. I could've fucked the shit out of her, but i didn't, and you know why? Cause I love dick. I love thick, meaty, hairy dick. I love dick on Italian men, Latin men, black men, white men. I like older guys with money, and hipsters who rolled off a park bench, cause they gave all their money to the homeless man living on the steps of the Plaza, and he needs a ride upstate, so he can work on a horse farm, and pay back his roommate, for back rent.

So what's her face pulled on her Guiseppes and grabbed her iphone off my charger (you're welcome bitch), and ran down the flight of stairs and out the door. i can imagine what Lars will think when she goes sprinting through the lobby. I pay like 500 a month, and I get to live in this baller ass apartment with my roommates. Sometimes we fuck, sometimes we just suck each other's dicks, and fondle each other. If I had to settle down with one of my roommates, I'd pick Henry. He's taller than i am, he's got a solid build, and some chest and belly hair, and he's got the perfect set of man tits you'll ever find. His nips are thick and dark, and his pecs are like two inflated pillows, I could rest my soul on forever and ever. He's got a big dick too. He's never fucked me before, but I like the way it fits in my hand, and the head is always spongy and soft, even when his meaty shaft is thick and rock hard solid. 

I got most of my room cleaned when my mom face timed me. "Holy fuck shit." I almost dropped the phone before accepting the call. "Hey honey! Lars just buzzed us in, so we're on our way up. Are you ok? You look like shit." "Yeah Ma, I'm fine." "Well, just asking. Ok, so which..." I disconnected, and quickly made my bed, straightening out the shaggy rug on the floor, and putting every piece of clothing on the floor, in my hamper, setting the lid on top of the massive pile of denim and khaki. 

I heard the doorbell ring, and Tim (my other hot roommate, who only hooks up with male models, and doesn't plan on ever settling down), answered the door. "Oh my God, Tim, you look great! Have you been working out?" "Yeah, I always do though, you know? Just got bigger I guess." He has such a low voice, he always sounds like he's one breath away from choking on his meaty tongue. He probably uses steroids to build his muscles. He practically lives at the gym, and I only ever see him, when he's walking around in a hand towel (yes, the half size towels that barely fit my waist, yet he uses them on the daily, so he can walk around, barely covering his dick and ass). He's pretty stacked, but he's got nothing going on upstairs. 

My Mom clicks all the way up the stairs to the lofted upper floor, and I see her big hair fill the door way, before her boobs. "Oh my God, honey, you look skinny. Are you eating?" "Yeah Ma, I eat all the time, I'm in my robe." "Honey, robes usually make people look bigger." "Where did you come up with that?" "I don't know, maybe the View? I watch a lot of tv, so it could be from anywhere...Martha Stewart maybe?" "I think that's a load of shit." "Well, your Dad is losing weight." "Hey Dad." "Hey son." My Dad is the strong silent type, clearly opposites attract. He just stands there eyeballing my room, with his tight t shirt, and faded levis. He's pretty beefy, with a belly. He's got graying chest hair that sprouts out from the deep v neck of his worn out shirt, and his ray ban aviators resting on top of his receding hairline. My Mom is overly tan, with a few fillers, and big, obnoxiously fake boobs, resting on top of a large gold buckle, holding her shit together in a very tight denim skirt that buttons up the front. She's always wearing heels, and she's always chewing gum.

"Your Dad and I are leaving for Florida in a couple days, so I don't want you worrying if you can't reach me on my cell. We just came to the city to do some shopping, and I cannot wait to see that new Kardashian store. Oh my God, I hope those girls are going to be there." "Yeah Ma, cause they live here." "Do they now?" "No Ma, they're out in California. Why would you think you're going to meet them? They don't give a shit about their little stores." "Well, I saw on one of their episodes that they all came together, and their Mom supported the idea of opening one in the area." "Ma, how old was that episode?" "I don't know." My Mom literally spends every waking moment watching tv, or getting her hair and nails done. My Dad owns a body shop, and he's been doing it since before they even got married. My Pops started the shop back in the 70s and then just passed it down, when he died. It's kind of a family business, except I don't go anywhere near it. I don't like the noises, and the guys who hang out there and work for my Dad are some shifty motherfuckers. Hot, but shifty.

I visit with my parents for a couple hours, and my Mom leaves lipstick marks on my cheeks, as they head out the door. I turn back to see Tim sitting on the couch with a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, and he's eating it straight out of the bucket, with a big serving spoon. "Yo, Your Moms is hot." "Fuck you." "What? I'm just sayin. If she ever leaves your Dad..." "What, you're gonna fuck her? You're a fag like me." "Yeah so? I can still try being with a woman." "Tim, you fuck guys. Get over it. My Mom isn't hot either. She's stacked, but not hot." "Yeah, are those tits real, or..." "They're as real and authentic as the muscles in your body." He laughs a low, meaty laugh, dropping the spoon into the bucket. "I'm gonna go downstairs and lift. You want in?" "No, thanks." I walk back upstairs and get onto my bed, paging through my tumblr. I see many dicks, many cumshots, and many dick sucking gifs. I start getting hard, and look around my side table, to check the door. No one's near, so I open my robe, and pull on my semi hard dick. I'm jerking off for quite some time, when I hear the guys laughing downstairs. Fuckin assholes. I get up and close my door, dropping my robe to the floor. 

I'm watching this beefy guy with tattoos, stroking his dick, and talking dirty in the camera. I turn the volume up a little, and hear his low voice, sayin how he wants to fuck a tight ass and blow his load. Fuck that's hot. I pull a towel off my dresser, and drop it on the floor in front of me, continuing to stroke my dick. it's not huge, but it's thick enough. I'm probably about six and a half inches, but thick, you know? If i ever topped, I could plug a few holes and leave guys wanting more is what I'm saying.

I stroke it up and down, moving it from side to side. I love playing with my dick. It's my favorite thing to do when I'm not getting fucked up the ass. I build up a nice orgasm, then back off a little, the guy cums all over the camera, and I scroll down to the next up load. It's a latino guy with a decent build and a thick bush of pubes around his fuckin pipe. He's strokin it slow, so I match his speed with mine. he's moaning and speaking spanish, and I'm starting to sweat, and nodding my head, as if I'm right there with him. Si, si! He's getting that look in his eyes, like he's going to spread his seed all over your face and down your throat. The look when a guy gets so close to bustin his nut, his eyes roll back inside his skull, and he's just riding the edge to cumville, waiting to explode all up in your shit.

I hold myself on the edge, clenching my fist just under the head, feeling my dick twitching...waiting. He finally lets out this low growl, and spills his man juice all over the fucking couch he's kneeling on. I let go, and watch my dick bob up and down, pouring out a thick creamy load of man spunk all over the towel. Holy fuck balls. I close my eyes, and lean back against the door, just letting my dick nut all over the towel. I'm holding my breath, then letting it out quickly. I can't fuckin stand, so I slide down, squatting, while my dick still bobs the fuck out of that funky thick air between my ass and the floor. I feel the breeze come in under the crack between the door and the smooth wood floor. It feels fuckin great. My ass hairs are sweaty and sticking to my skin, but in a few minutes, they'll be dry as a bitch. 

I reach down and use what's left of the towel to dry up my dick head, and swipe under my ass. I stand up and walk over, dropping the towel on top of the load of clothes in the hamper, resting the lid on top again. i hear a knock on the door, as I pull on a pair of briefs. "Yeah." It opens, and Henry walks in, with his gym shorts saggin low, and his body glistening, with loose earbuds draped over his shoulders. "Yo, you gotta come see Tim tryin out this new sex doll, fuckin loaded as fuck. It even vibrates." i walk toward him, grabbing my robe off the floor. "Yo did you bust a load J? Smells like spunk over here." He waves his hand back and forth. "Yeah I busted. I can't help it. I'm horny as fuck, and you walking around half ass naked all the time doesn't help ok? Either put some clothes on, or fuck me already. I need something." His eyes widen, and this stupid cheesy smile comes over his face. "Yo, I never knew you wanted me." "I really don't, but we're here, and you've got a big dick, and I want you to use it on me." "I'd fuck ya, but what about the guys? I mean..." "Who gives a shit? We just eat, and shit, and talk shit, work, fuck other people, jerk off, watch tv, and fuck other people again. No one gives a shit about anything around here." He shrugs and we walk out into the living room. 

Tim is fucking this inflatable boy doll, with a vibrating dick that spins around, and there's a heavy wave of coconut oil in the air. Stephen and Ian are standing over him, all giggling and laughing, watching him pound this doll with his big meat stick. Fuckin douchebags. "Yo, it doesn't even feel real." He's laughing, his eyes half closed, as he moves the doll up and down his dick. He pulls out, and tosses the doll behind the couch. "You guys fuck it, I'm done. I'll jerk myself off, shit." He sits back on the couch, casually holding his dick in his hand. "J, go ride it while it's out." Henry pushes me toward Tim, who lets go of his dick, and opens his arms. "What the fuck, why not?" I straddle his lap, while the guys are still laughing, and giggling. I start to slide my ass up and down, caressing his shaft, feeling the coconut oil coating my ass. He already has a condom on, so i let myself press down over his meaty dick. Henry is standing behind me, and I can feel him watching my every move. He's not saying a fucking word.

I ride Tim a few times, til his mouth is dropping open, and his eyes are losing focus. I feel his dick start pulsing, and i sit all the way down, feeling him move back and forth inside me. He can't keep his eyes open, and the guys are losing their shit, watching. 'Yo, did he just bust?" "Yep...You good?" He doesn't even open his eyes, just getting a stupid grin on his crooked ass jaw, while I slide off. He's starting to soften, and the white bubble at the tip of the condom starts dropping to a hanging pouch. Henry follows me to the kitchen. I get a bottle of evian out of the fridge, and he's standing behind me. "Yo, that's it? You just fuck him like it's nothing?" I turned around, and shrugged my shoulders. I swallow hard. "There's this thing called desire. I desire to be fucked. I want a dick inside of me. I want it to be your dick, but it's not. So i do what I can to get halfway there." He crosses his arms, and stands back. "Henry, you're a fucking hot motherfucker, and I'd love to be yours, but let's just be honest. This is our life." I point out toward the guys. Tim is deflating the blow up doll, his dick hanging down with the condom practically falling off his big, but flaccid dick.

"You can't just drop a bomb on me, and then fuck Tim right in front of me." "It wasn't even a fuck. It was like...a helping hand." "The fuck it wasn't. You made him cum, while he was inside you." "For like a minute. He was wearing a rubber Henry." "It's fucking sex. Sex is sex." "Whatever Henry. It was a dick." "I don't believe this right now." I walk back through the living room, and reach out, pulling the condom off of Tim's dick. "Yo, that ass is nice and tight J." "Yeah, let me know if you want another round, but I get off first next time." I drop the condom in the basket by the front table, and start up the shower in the bathroom behind the stairs. Henry is right behind me. "J, I'm just getting mixed vibes right now. I'm not mad. Just happy and frustrated all at once." I lean in and kiss his cheek, getting a smile in return. "Well, I'm serious about it Henry. I need someone to fuck me, like on the daily. I'm a horny motherfucker, but it would be nice if it could be you fuckin me, and not other dicks on other guys." He smiled, and grabbed at his crotch. "This is the one you want." "Right." "Well, maybe you'll get it J. Maybe you'll get it." He walks back to the living room, and i close the door, dropping my robe down, and pushing at my briefs. I step under the water, feeling the hot, pulsing waves wash over me. Tim's dick is thick and long, and filled me to my breaking point. It was such a spontaneous move, but it felt great having someone inside me. 

I might have enjoyed Tim's dick. I might have liked Henry's dick, or the other guys, and I might liked them all at the same time. You'll come to realize, I'm a freak. This is just the beginning of my story. This is day one of the rest of my fucking life. I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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