Jake and I have been best friends since the eighth grade when he and his parents moved into the house next door.

Like a lot of boys entering puberty, we began to experiment in sex but it only went as far as jerking together while looking at fuck magazines we foung in a dumpster to jerking each other off.

As we got a little older we discussed sucking each other but neither of us wanted to be the first, or so I claimed. I really did want to try it with Jake, but was afraid it would fuck up our friendship.

After entering high school we both began dating and discussing fucking our girlfriends. I knew I was gay but covered my desires by 'acting and doing what was expected'.

In our junior year jake began dating Carol, a hot fellow junior and they were inseperable. They attended college together and after graduation married. I, however, went to another college and found my rue self, having sex with several fellow students and a couple of teachers.

Jake and I kept in touch, writing each other frequently and seeing each other during the summer breaks when we were both home.

Jake insisted I be his best man at his wedding which I agreed to. About a year after the wedding, Jake was transferred back to our home town with his company. Our friendship was rekindled and the three of us were always together.

Jake was, and always had been, a sports nut, especially when it came to baseball. Carol spent her spare time orking with the local community theater in stage design and as one of the actors.

Carol had a major part in a play during the second act of the current play and asked me if I'd make sure that Jake was there. She knew the world series was on TV and knew that he would get involved watching it and forget about the play. I said I would.

I went to Jake's house and sure enough, I found him glued to the TV, entranced in the game. He barely realized that I had arrived.

'Hey, man, you need to get changed to go to the play,' I said.

'Yea, yea. Just give me a few minutes. She doesn't come on until the second act so if were a little late, she'll never know.

'Jake, I know you. Get changed and let's go.'

Since gym class in high school, I hadn't seen jake shirtless. When he pulled off his polo shirt and revealed his muscular well developed very hair chest, my heart began racing.

Something inside me and took over and I couldn't control myself. As I stood close in front of him, I reached out with my right hand and began gently rubbing his chest with the back of my hand.

'Damn Jake, when did all this develope?' I said, turning my hand over and rubbing him with the palm of my hand.

He had a quizical look on his face as he said, 'It started my freshman year in college. You like it?'

'Hell, yea!' I said, then I blurted out, 'I've always thought you were sexy and hot and this hairy chest intensifies my lust for you.'

'Your what?! he exclaimed. 'Are you into men?'

'Yes Jake, I am,' I said as I let my hand drop to his crotch and began fondling his cock thrugh his shorts. 'I've wanted to have sex with you ever since I realized I was gay in college.'

'Hey, Mark, I'm a married man,' he said.

'Jake,I know several married guys that love having guys suck them and I'd love to show you how great it feels,' I replied as I unbutoned and unzipped his shorts, letting them fall to the floor. His cock was steadily getting hard.

He just stood and looked at me totally stunned and not knowing what to say.

I eased him back down onto the sofa and knelt between his knees. I gently lifted his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, and gently began licking and sucking them. He let out a soft moan.

After a moment, I moved to his cock and swallowed the entire shaft in ne move. As I did, he said aloud, 'Oh, mother fuck! Ummmmmm.'

I sucked him for a few minutes before he said, 'Mark, we shouldn't be doing this.'

'You are enjoying it, aren't you?'

'Fuck yea! I've tried to get Carol to do it but she thinks it's gross, and like I said, I'm married.'

'Maybe you are, but you're still human and have needs. Just lay back and enjoy it.'

I sucked him a few minutes more then lay him onto the sofa and moved up and began licking and sucking on his niples. He moaned again.

I decided to push my luck and moved higher and began kissing his neck then casually moved to his lips. Pressing mine to his, I gently parted my lips and extended my tongue. he parted his slightly and accepted my tongue into his mouth. after a couple of seconds, I stopped and returned to his cock.

As I sucked him slowly, I eased his scks and underwear off his legs and began stripping myself. Soon we were both totally nude.

His hand slid down and I felt him grasp my cock and began stroking it. I paused and sat him up on the sofa and sat next to him. As we stroked each other, I leaned over and kissed him again.

However, this time he eagerly and passionately returned my kiss. I was shocked and excited.

Then, after a few moments, he pulled back and looked down at my cock. Then, in a slit second, he leaned over and began sucking me. This really stunned me and I gasped in excitement. It tok him a few minutes to learn to relax and deep throat my cock but it did happen. He was burying his nose in my pubic bush.

I let him suck me for a few minutes before easing him back to the floor and engaging in a sixty-nine. He seemed to really be into it and I knew that I was.

I soon brought him to a climax and as it neared, he stopped sucking me and began moaning, saying he was close. He soon erupted in my mouth, flooding it with thick creamy sweet-salty cum. Eagerly, I swallowed every drop fed to me before swallowing.

Just as I swallowed, he returned to sucking my cock and was working it eagerly. As my climax neared, I told him but he coninued. Seconds later my cock exploded firing volley after volley of my own thick cum into his mouth. He collected it all then ooking at me he swallowed.

Looking at him, I asked, 'What the hell made you do that?'

'I just knew the pleasure I was receiving and felt it was only fair to give you the same.'

'What did you think?'

'Mark, I know it's wrong because I'm married, but I totally enjoyed it, both receiving and giving.'

I leand to him and we kissed again, slowly and passionately.

As the kiss broke, we realized that we had missed the play.

'Oh, shit! Carol's ging to kill us both,' I said.

'Hey, we can't help it if your car wouldn't start, can we?'

'No, I guess not,' I replied, 'but we better look like we were dressed for the play.'

I put my slacks and sport shirt back on and he dressed in like fashion. Ten minutes later, Carol returned to the house and after a few minutes, we convinced her we had car problems. We took her out to dinner at an expensive restaurant to make up for missing the play. We caught the entire performance the next night.

On Wednesday of the next week, Jake called, asking me if I'd like to go camping with him that weekend. He said Carol was going to visit her mother and would be gone Friday and Saturday nights.

I agreed, but instead of going camping at the nearby camp ground, Jake packed his car as if we were to convince Carol, but instead he spent the weekend at my place.

When he arrived and came in, he surprised me by hugging me and kissing me, immediately offering his tongue.

'Wow!' I said. 'What a greeting.'

'Mark, I've done a lot of thinking about what happened. I think I had been curious, but wouldn't let myself believe it. Why can't a guy enjoy the best of both worlds?'

'He can as long as he's discreet about it. The other married guys are very discreet.'

'I will be too,' he replied.

We both immediately stripped and had a hot sixty-nine after a wild make out session. After we ate dinner, I introduced Jake to rimming. He took right to it and was good at it. Then when I said I wanted him o fuck me, he was a little surprised.

'You like cock up your ass?'

'Oh, yea. I love it almost as much as sucking and getting sucked,' I replied.

It wasn't long before we were in my bed with me on my back, legs pulled up ans Jake was sliding in and out of my lubed ass.

'Fuck, Mark, your ass is better than Carol's cunt. This is awesome.'

We kissed as he fucked me and soon he filled my ass with his load, as we both moaned and groaned in pleasure.

He slowly pulled out and as he lay beside me, he said, 'Mark, fuck me.'

'Jake, you need to know that with it being your first time, it's going to hurt worse than any pain you've ever experienced.'

'I don't care. I want you to fuck me. I can take it.'

'I don't want the neighbors calling the cops if you scream,' I said, handing him a pillow. 'If you need to scream, pull this tight over your mouth and scream into it.'

Smiling,he said, 'Will do.'

I lubed his ass and my cock, first tying to loosen him up with my fingers. Then it was time.

I got into position and with his legs raised, I began my insertion. He held the pillow in ready and as my cock head slipped in he held the pillow tight over his face and screamed. I asked if he wanted me to stop and he shook his head no.

I held my position and let his ass adjust to the intrusion. A moment later he removed the pillow and said, 'Fuck, were you ever right. It felt like you were ripping me in half.'

'How is it feeling now?'

'The pain is easing up. It's just an ache now.'

'Good. I'm going to start woeking it in deeper now but I'll go slow.'

I began slowly going deeper with each forward thrust. After a couple of minutes, I asked him again how it felt.

'Not bad. There were times when I felt awesome shocks go through my body.'

'That's when rubbed across your prostate. Right now, you've got every inch of my cock buried inyour ass.'

'Mother fuck!' he said.

'You ready to get fucked good and proper?'

'Go for it,' he answered.

I began pistoning in and out and could see some discomfort in his face. However, after a few minutes, he began to moan softly and said, 'Fuck me, Mark. Cum up me.'

I picked up speed and fucked his virgin ass with a seady speed. As I drew close to my climax, he said, 'Oh, fuck yea. I love it. Shoot that load.'

Seconds later my cock exploded up his ass as we both yelled out in pleasure.

After I slowly pulled out, he pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. After the kiss, he said, 'That was fucking awesome!'

'How are you feeling?'

'A litle sore but filled with total pleasure. I loved it.'

For the rest of the weekend, we sucked and fucked, never dressing or leaving the house.

Jake and I would get together every chance we could and once a month we went 'camping' to a private piece of property I had access to.

Carol never suspected anything and loved the fact that we had gotten as close as we were as boys.

After a year, Jake caught me off guard and he held me one night on one of our camping trips and said, 'Mark, if it's possible for a man to love two people, then that's me. I love Carol, but I've also fallen deeply in love with you.'

'Jake, it is possible and I love you with all my heart. If things should ever end between you and Carol, I want you as my lover.'

'We can still be lovers, even though we won't live together, can't we?'

'Oh fuck yea. I'd love nothing better.'

We lived that life for three years. Then one afternoon Jake went home early from work and found Carol naked in bed with two other guys. One was fucking her in the ass while she sucked the other.

Before they saw him he said, 'You won't suck me but you'll suck him and let another fuck your ass.

If that's what you want, go for it. I want your things out of this house in an hour.'

'Jake, let's talk,' she said as the two guys scrambled for their clothes.

'There is nothing to talk about,' he said. Turning to the guys, he said, 'I'm not upset with you two, but I'd appreciate it if you'd help her haul her things out to the front yard. Otherwise, I'll be throwing them out.'

They looked at each other, as Carol began dressing.

He told Carol that she could take just her clothes and personal items and that in the divorce he wasn't giving her a thing. He began empting her closet, handing the clothes to her co-workers who carried them to their trucks.

A few neighbors gathered outside and as Carol emerged from the house, he said, 'You all may wonder what's ging on. I just caught her in bed having sex with both of these guys at the same time. I'm throwing her ass out.'

Carol hurried to one of the trucks and got in, covering her face. Several of the neighbors came over to Jake to comfort him.

The next day he contacted a lawyer and papers were filed. She asked for nothing from the house. Jake kept what he wanted and moved into my house wwith me as my lover. He sold everything else left in the house as well as the house itself.

Carol began to have a reputation around town and soon moved away. Jake and I however, led a quiet life together as lovers.

After the house was sold, I saw Jake writing out checks, and asked what he was doing.

Laughing, he said, 'I wasn't going to tell you, but I hired those two to set her up. they called me and said when they would be at the house wih her. They knew that I was going to walk in on them.'

'How much did you agree to pay them?'

'Five thousand each. I paid them half when I hired them and these checks are for the other half. It was well orth it to me for us to be able to live our lives together under one roof. I love you that much.'

'Jake, I've loved you since high school.'




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