I used to do yard work on the weekends for money. It happened on a Saturday afternoon as I was finishing up my rounds my last stop was a 33 year old black man who was married.

As I was cutting his grass he stopped me and asked if I wanted a glass of water. We went inside his house and he poured me a glass I drank it fast so I can go back and finish the yard but he stopped me and asked if I wanted to take a break with him. I did and he asked me if I wanted to make some extra cash I said sure. He then told me that he would give $200 dollars if I got naked and sucked his dick.

I stood in pause not knowing what to do. I was still trying to figure if I liked boys or girls. But I seen $200 and said sure why not. I started to get naked and I walked over to where he was sitting at and drop to my knees. Little did I know I would be kneeling in front of a big black cock that I only seen in porn movies. I looked him in the eyes and he said give it a little kiss then suck on it like it's a big stick.

I gave the head of his cock a kiss and his cock twitched I opened my mouth and started to suck on it. Sliding my lips up and down the long shaft which had to be about 9inches he grabbed my head and right back on the cock I went. I got the hang of it and he grabbed the back of my head and held it tight so I can choke on his cock I tried my best to take it further down but he released his hand and pulled away.

He then picked me and bent me over the table. He slid his hands in between my cheeks and what felt like heaven was his tongue eating me out. It felt so good I didn't want him to stop. But then I felt one finger pop inside my Virgin ass I felt pain for a little bit but soon turned into pleasure. And as soon as you know there was a second finger in my ass. Little did I know he was getting me ready so he can fuck my Virgin ass. He took his fingers out of my ass and now I felt the head of his cock penetrating at the entrance of my ass. My ass was well lubed but the pain was still there. He pushed in slowly until the head popped in.

I felt so much pain and tried to get away but he held me tight and calmed me down. As soon as I was calm I felt him pushing in inch by inch it felt so good but hurt so bad. He stopped everytime I asked him to. He got all the way in my ass bent down and kissed me on the back. As he was doing that he pulled out and right back in slowly this sent me over the edge as he was do it I felt my cock squirt all on the Floor as he continued to fuck my Virgin ass. He pulled out and picked me up stuck his cock back in my ass and carried me all the way to his bed.

He laid me on my back legs over his shoulders and started to fuck me like a woman. Hes big black cock in and out of my ass felt so good. I then wrapped my legs around his hips pulling him in closer so he can fuck me harder he was pick up the pace and I felt his cock grow thicker inside my ass and then he came deep inside me load after load. I then to started jacking myself off and came all over my chest and stomach. He stood in my ass till he slipped out. He then fell next to me and liked up the cum from my chest and said that I was the best he had in years. That made me smile and happy knowing I please an older man. We laid there his fingers in my ass then got up we showered ate my ass in the shower. We dried up and then he sent me on my way. This would go on for about 2 years..



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