I was out for an evening with friends and we were having a great time. We went out for a nice dinner and then to several clubs for drinks. At the last club we were at we had decided to play a game of quarters at our table. I was pretty good and had won many of the rounds.

On one of the rounds Jay said everybody had to share one thing they were the least comfortable with. The conversation had gone in many different directions so this seemed to just be a part of the evening conversation. When it was my turn I confided in the group of close friends that I had always been uncomfortable with any facet of exhibitionism weather it was being naked or having sex in front of other people. They all teased and asked why and I told them I had no particular reasoning but just preferred to be more private in those areas.

About an hour later we were still playing and having a great time and one of the guys suggested our last round be a dare. It would be an elimination round and the final loser of the round would have to accept a dare from the group. I quickly agreed as the entire night I could not lose and I had several dares I wanted to give. To my pure amazement I somehow managed to loose each round and after about 20 minutes had managed to be the only person in our group to lose to all five other guys.

We all returned to Jason’s house and were all planning on staying the night. The topic of my dare loss came up and all the guys were laughing and teasing about what could they do. They all discussed the options and finally I was told that for the rest of the night and time at Jason’s house I would have to go totally naked. I tried to protest but eventually the guys all held me still while my clothes were removed leaving me the only naked person in the room. I accepted my fate and sat in the group unable to hide. I had always been aware of my cock size and was embarrassed to be naked in front of everyone but soon grew more comfortable with it.

I knew I was not done with the full dare and this was only the first part but figured anything past this had to be much easier. Finally, the group pulled the second piece of paper containing my next dare. I had to have sex with Brent in front of the group. This was a love hate dare for me. I had always admired Brent and had thought many times of what it would be like to be with him. But, I always imagined it would be in total privacy and seclusion if it ever happened. Again, I tried to protest but knew I had lost with my boner being on full display from the thought of it. I had heard stories tht Brent was always very dominant sexually and liked to take control. I wondered if he had any interest in me sexually.

Apparently my small cock did not take away from my overall sex appeal. Brent smiled and got up and told me to strip him. I did as told while surrounded by the group. When I finally got Brent down to his boxers I was amazed at the size of this cock which was already hard. I could see the outline through the think tight material of his boxers and when I pulled them down his cock popped out right into my face. He told me to suck him and I happily took him into my mouth and did my best to bring him to orgasm. As I sucked him he commented on how much he knew I wanted him to fuck me and the rest of the group all encouraged him. I really did want him inside me but the thought of him mounting me in front of the group of my friends had my stomach turning in circles.

Brent pulled out of my mouth and said he was going to give me the hardest fucking of my life. This excited me and scared me to death at the same time. Brent led me to his bed followed by the rest of the group. His bed sat high and with me standing at the foot he bent me over lying my hips on the edge of the mattress and then spread my legs as wide as they would part. He slapped my ass with his cock a few times drawing amused remarks from my friends. He then took a bottle of Rear Entry Desensitizing Anal Lube out of his night stand which gave me some relief knowing that it was an analgesic gel with the size of his cock. He applied it very generously to my fully displayed anus and worked it into me. I was still very aware of being on display in front of everyone but getting into the action. Brent told me to get up and had me place a condom on his cock and then told me to bend over for him. To my pleasure he entered me slowly taking his time for me to adjust fully to his size. I had never had a cock as large as his inside me. The anal desensitizing cream was definitely helping.

Once he was inside me he began to fuck me hard and fast. For being about 6’3” and skinny at about 180 he had an amazing amount of strength and each time he pushed into me the bed hit the wall and there was a loud sound of our flesh meeting. I was moaning uncontrollably from the sensations as his pace continued fast and hard for what seemed like forever but was about ten to twelve minutes. I was so into what was happening, getting to hook up with Brent who I had a lusted after for years, being taken in front of all of my friends and being totally vulnerable that I did not even realize that Brent had been spanking my ass hard while fucking me. I was enjoying it so much I blew my load on Brent’s bed as he continued fucking me.

Brent finally pulled out of me and grunted as he turned me around pulling off his condom as I was know kneeling in front of him totally consumed by his presence as his cock began to spew load after load of hot cum onto my face as I tried to suck him without success. As Brent slowed down and I tried to open my cum caked eyes I became aware again that I was performing for a group of my friends but was not bothered by it at all. My own cock was still sensitive but hard as Brent told me I had the tightest ass he had every fucked. He said he did not think he would get inside me as he lay me on my back onto his bed. I was oblivious at being on display to my friends as Brent started to jack me off and suck me. I came after a few minutes of him playing with me and he then used his boxers to wipe his cum from my eyes. His aroma inside his boxers was invigorating and I did not want the moment to end.

With all of my friends we walked out of Brent’s bedroom after Brent threw on a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. I needed a drink of water and Brent sat me on the couch and gave me a glass of water. My friends told me I could get dressed but I told them I really did not care as I sat there for the rest of the evening with cum covering my face and being totally naked. I really did not care, I had been seen in the most intimate manner and while being totally satisfied by a large cock and none of it seemed to be an issue any more for me.

Finally, everyone got ready to sleep and grabbed blankets and settled in on the floor. While I was still naked Brent told me I was sleeping with him in his bed tonight. He brought me into his room and got naked then lay beside me hugging and holding me tightly with our naked bodies touching. I was satisfied, happy and very content as I dozed off to sleep. The next morning I sat with my friends through breakfast until the last one left. I remained naked the full time without worry. After they left I showered and got dressed. Brent told me he really wanted to see me again and I made a date to come back over three days later. That was the last time I ever worried about being naked or having sex in front of anyone.



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