"Hey, since my parents are out of town and Jackie is at her friends why don't we go in the hot tub?" Jack said with excitement.

"Why not?" I said. Thinking what could happen.

We got in and said nothing to each other for quite some time. Til eventually he said, "God Damn it these shorts are way too tight, you mind if i take them off?" I started to get excited. "You can take them off too!" He said trying to make me comfortable with the idea.

"Why the hell not. Nobody's gonna see us!"

Another few minutes of silence passed when suddenly i felt something on my thigh. It was a hand. Not mine though. I thought it was an accident, it was a pretty small hot tub. I decided not to say anything. Except Jack didnt take his hand off my thigh, he kept moving it closer and closer to my crotch. He whispered in my ear, "Ive always wanted to do this." He grabbed my dick and started to play with it, after he was done he sat on my lap and started kissing me. What was i gonna do? I loved it. That fantastic moment was soon interrupted by Jack's phone ringing. "Dont go anywhere" he said in a sexy voice. For some reason he put the phone on speaker.

"Hey, Sean whats up?" He asked

"Dude what are you doing, can i come over?" The person on the phone asked. He moved the phone way from his face,

"Do you care If my buddy comes over?" What the fuck was i supposed to say? No? Truthfully i wanted to say no so we could finish what we started.

"Yeah dude, nobody's here just me and my friend Dylan....ya were in the hot tub come on back" he hung up the phone. And sat back on me. "Dont worry, Seans chill you'll love him. He kissed me on the mouth passionately and sat next to me and grabbed my hand. At that moment i wanted to pick him up, take him back inside and fuck his brains out, but i refrained. When Sean came he was already 100% buck naked. He had the most perfect body. Light tan dirty blonde hair blue eyes 6 pack abs. Damn i wanted him too. Although i was wondering why he showed up naked. He got right in and got right on top of Jack and started making out with him, right in front of me. When they were finished Jack said "This is my bud Sean. Sean this is Dylan. Dylan, sean. Dylan knows how to party." I didnt understand the last part but just went with it.

"Nice to meet you Dylan!" Before i could even say anything he was sitting on top of me with his tongue down my thought. I could feel his nice hard shaft grinding against my stomach. I grabbed it and started playing with it. "Oh boy!" He said "you dont wait for nothing" he started kissing my neck, down to my nipples then my bellybutton and finally my body was floating on the water and Sean was sucking my now fully erect shaft. I looked over at Jack, we made eye contact and then he joined Sean in pleasuring me. I kind of spaced out for a while,it just felt so amazing to have two mouths down there. "Do you wanna fuck?" They asked

"Oh hell yes" i said anxiously

"Lets take this party inside. Jack had a king sized bed in his room, perfect for the three of us. As soon as we closed the door Jack and sean pushed me on the bed and started sucking again. When my dick was wet enough sean came up and sat on my dick slowly pushing down. "Oh fuck yes! FUCK YA" he screamed he got up turned around so he was facing me bent over and started kissing me. He stuck his dick in my tight virgin ass hole. "Damn youre so tight" it felt so good to have his dick being pushed into me. Jack was making out with Sean as he was butfucking me.

"Oh shit! Im gonna cum!" I screamed jack quickly instructed Sean to fuck me harder and faster. He put his mouth over my dick and started sucking. "o..oh..OH FUCK" it was the biggest load ever. 10 spurts of cum went into Jacks mouth and he swallowed ever last bit. I sucked Jack off until he came all over my face. We both started sucking Sean off on the bed "oh shit here it comes" he screamed! YES we both got a good portion of his warm load. "Best fucking night. Ever" i said panting laying in the middle of the two boys.

We fell asleep like that that night. We woke up the next morning and started all over again.

This was my first story...plenty more to cum. Let me know that you think!




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