When we walked back into the bar Chris and Dan glanced first at Rob then at me then back at Rob. Rob nodded his head up and down indicating to them that he had fucked me. "Yeah he’s a cock lover and takes it rough, the way we like to give it. You two still want to fuck him?" Asked Rob as he placed his hands behind his head and body stretched. Dan looked at me then Rob and said. "So he takes it rough eh," Dan looked at me then stroked his hand across the bulge in his jeans, "I’ve got something in here to make you squeal boy," he said as he looked down to his crotch.

We went out to the parking lot to Rob’s car. "Get in the front," Rob told me. On the way to the motel Rob told them how he had forced me into the alley and face fucked me and ass fucked me. "He took the whole of my cock down that tight throat," boys he was squealing with pleasure at every thrust, you can fuck him as rough as you want, he can take it. He stroked his hand down the inside of my thigh. I was so sensitive to his touch that it made me tremble. Dan and Chris started shouting and arguing. They were arguing over which one of them would get to fuck me first. They were raising their voices and getting even more angry, when all of a sudden they started laughing like lunatics. He’s only a fucking queer boy not a girl you can fuck him first", said Chris. Chris knew he would not win and had backed down. Dan was the stronger of the two.

At the Motel the door had hardly closed behind us when I felt Dan grab the waistband of my pants behind me and pull me towards him. I felt his hand on my back slide inside my T-shirt pulling my T-shirt up to my neck and exposing my bare back. He pulls on my T-shirt until it’s taut and the neckband cuts into the skin of my neck. I feel his other hand unbuckling my belt and unzipping my zipper, my pants fall down to my ankles. With a tight hold of my T-shirt I hear him unzip his zipper, freeing his hard cock from his jeans as they fall down to his knees. Dan forces me to bend at the waist as I feel his hard cock sliding along my ass crack locating my anus. He makes several thrusts at my hole trying to penetrate me. With one powerful thrust and pulling on my T-shirt nearly choking me, he forces the head of his cock into me. The head of his cock was so big, it was like having a fist thrust into my gut it knocked the breath out of me and made me squeal

He forced me to arch my back and thrust my ass back making it easier for him to penetrate me deeper. I felt the strain on my back and legs as he used the power of his hips. Even with my asshole primed and lubed with Robs cum it feels painful to have my gut stretched to accommodate Dan’s thick hard cock. Rapidly Inch by inch his cock slid deeper into me until he was into me up to the hilt, only to withdraw rapidly until only just his cock's head remains lodged tight in my hole. Then he thrust deep into me again. I was bent over as he continued to fuck me more and more vigorously. Making me moan out loud. My eyes were watering and I was sweating. He was thrusting so powerfully into me that I could feel the head of his cock hitting the inside of my belly.

Sweat was running off him onto my back. He was panting and out of breath as he paused. With one final aggressive thrust and a tight pull on my T-shirt, he shot his load into me. Thrusting and holding until he had emptied his seed into me. He swiftly pulled his cock out and wiped it across my butt. He released hold of my T-shirt and pushed me away. As I reached down to pull my pants up I heard a voice behind me. I turn to see Chris standing naked behind me. My hard cock flicked up and down, stimulated by what my eyes were taking in. Chris had the perfect swimmers body, high level of muscle tone with a lack of bulk, broad shoulders, a flat abdomen, thin waist and powerful legs.

He tells me to step out my pants and pull my T-shirt off. "Down on ya hands and knees bitch." I glanced across the room as I got down on my knees. Rob sat naked in a chair smoking a cigarette watching all that was going on. Chris kneels behind me and gripped my hips, pulling me towards him digging his fingers into my flesh. Then I feel the tips of his fingers run along my sweaty ass crack until he locates my hole that’s coated with Rob and Dan’s sperm juices. I feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole. With a final quick powerful aggressive thrust his cock sinks deep into my gut, making me yelp. He grips my hip with one hand and grabs a handful of my hair with the other and pulls my head back

Dan knelt down in front of me and started to lick and bite my exposed neck and shoulders. Chris continued fucking me keeping up a frenzied rhythm, banging his heavy large hairy balls against my butt. Now and then he would slap my ass cheeks so hard that it sent a stinging sensation through my body. Dan fed his semi-hard cum covered cock deep down my throat. I kissed his pubic hairs each time he thumped my lips with his pubic bone. He pumped my mouth until his cock was hard again. I was gagging and struggling to breathe as Dan face fucked me. My cock was near to bursting, precum oozed out of my cock slit. Both Dan and Chris’s bodies convulsed at the same time as they pumped their sperm into me. I ejaculated at the same time. They fucked me several more times until they were tired and went and laid on their beds leaving me sprawled on the floor full and covered in their sperm juices. Juice was seeping out my anus. I had a strong taste of cum in my mouth. . I’m not a girl; they were showing no tenderness or passion towards me. I’m a guy to be used by them to relieve their aggression and sexual frustrations and burn off the adrenaline. I loved every moment. I was being treated and getting just what I went out looking for. Not to say I don’t like passion too, I do. I can be a romantic.

Rob stood naked over me his hard cock was sticking up at an angle and dripping precum excited at what he had just seen happen. "Get on my bed and lay on ya belly." I could not walk I crawled and lay on his bed with my legs spread apart. Rob placed a pillow under my belly raising my ass so he could penetrate me easier. Then he straddled me. He pounded my ass more aggressively than what he did in the alley. He was raising himself up, almost pulling his cock all the way out then using all his strength to slam his cock all the way into me. Making me scream out "ahhh" at every thrust. Much to the amusement of Chris and Dan who looked on with sexually tired eyes. I felt Robs cock throbbing in my gut as he squirted his sperm into me.

Rob told me to lay on my back. He glanced over to Chris and Rob and could see they were asleep. He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead. "Wow you sure can take some cock besides play good pool," he laughed. He started to lick and bite my neck then my shoulders down to my nipples, which he sucked and bit in turn. I stroked my hands over his toned back Rob had a swimmers body too. Rob continued licking biting and sucking at my body until he fell off to sleep.

The following morning they took it in turns having a shower with me and fucking me with the warm water cascading over our bodies. During the day they asked me questions about what it was like in a gay club. They said they would like a girly boy with tits. Chris looked at me and said you’re a good fuck but I miss tits to suck. I told them I know a girl/guy dresses as a girl lives as a girl and has breast implants she still has cock and balls tho. I told them the best way to find out is for me to take them to a gay club maybe the girl will be there. Chris looked at Dan and said, "yeah lets do it."

Later at the gay club we were lucky Samantha (Samuel) was there. Chris and Dan spent the whole evening with her. She was enjoying the attention she was getting, so much that she returned later with us to the Motel. Rob didn’t show any interest in her at all. All that evening he spent with me. I knew I was falling in love with Rob. Back at the motel Chris and Dan fucked Samantha. They were too interested in her to pay me any attention. I spent the night in Rob’s bed.

The following morning Rob and I left the motel early for my place. Chris, Dan and Samantha were fast asleep. Eventually Rob gave up sleeping at the motel and slept at my place, fucking me until he falls off to sleep. Sex is not always aggressive with Rob sometimes it’s passionate (I like both with a man I can trust) I gave him my cell number. We still hook up when we can. He thinks of me as his other bitch.



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