I loved him but I didn’t want him to know that. I kept on ignoring him until that forceful kiss.. My name is Adrian Cruz and I am 19 years old. I am 6”0, slim and curvy, ash eyes, black hair and a killer lips(so they say). I was always teased that I would make a godess if I were a girl. i decided to boycott college for the main time cause I felt like exploring the outside world and that’s why I took up a job in my uncle’s restaurant. I am the only child of my parents and my dad is late so its always been me and my mom. After high school, my mum’s brother gave me a job as a waiter in his restaurant which I gladly accepted. As I was working, I went to the table of a guy sitting alone at a table so that I could take his orders, his eyes were covered with dark glasses and he wore a head warmer. I’ve always been a rude joker, always saying stupid things. As I went to his table, I said “may I take your order?” “no you may not” he responded “okay then, suit urself….ugh! who the hell wears a head warmer in this kind of weather? Its not like its cold. U sure u okay?” “yes I am.. thanks and if I need a fashion advice, I’ll be sure to call u” he responded again. “u don’t need to call me dude, im here arent i? now pull of that head warmer and those glasses, u look ,like an assasin, unless u are but I know u are not. Don’t ask me how I know, im psychic” i said. He then pulled them off and said “u sure don’t give up do u?” and then I saw the most beautiful set of blue eyes I had ever seen, like I was gazing into the ocean and my cousin Emily who also worked there brought me back to reality by screaming “OMG! Its Brian Williams” “who the fuck is Brian Williams?” I asked confused “that…that…that..that guy. Brian Williams the owner of ‘William’s Designers” said Emily. I forgot to mention to you that emily was a fashion freak. And it seemed that she wasn’t alone cause after 0.2 seconds, customers started running to him for autographs, Emily making the loudest noise and taking pictures. After everything, he came to meet me and asked if I wanted an autograph “thanks I’ll pass” I said. He then gave me a sheet of paper and winked me goodbye; after he left, I opened the paper and on it was his phone number and under it was “call me”. 2 days later, my phone rang “what is my name? if u cant answer that hang up, I don’t have the time for introductions” I said in the reciever “your name is Adrian and my name is Brian, isnt it a coincidence that our names end with ‘ian’?” brian quickly responded. “how did u get my number?” “well, Emily gave it to me, I knew u wouldn’t call so I asked her for it before I left” “that’s an offense, u just asaulted me by collecting my number without my permission” “and I will assault u again and this time it will be with my lips in urs, that I promise” and that last statement totally left me speechless he then said “its raining here, can u go outside and check if its raining?” “and why should I do that?” “cause I am Brian Williams” “like I care. Huh!.. I will only do that cause im getting sick of this place already” and with that, I went outside only to find him there in his car with his passenger door open “hop in, we are going out” “why would I wanna go out with u?”I asked surprised “cause u love me, u just don’t know it yet” “you re so full of yourself” “that’s why u love me isnt it?”… “nope it isnt and don’t get any ideas, I don’t love u” and with that, I went inside. I came out to everyone two years ago so my relatives all know I’m gay but my love life has been on the low. Brian followed me back into the shop relentless and asked permission from my uncle to take me out which my uncle immediately agreed to and Emily kept persuading me to go out with him. “you don’t give up do u?” I asked on our way out “nope. Not to someone like u, you are special to me” he answered. “huh” “yea”. On the way to wherever ‘only God knows where we are going”; he kept asking me questions about myself and I kept on ignoring him kept on dissing every questions he asked and answereing him with my hummings which later turned into me singing. “if u keep this up, this is gonna be the worst date ever” he finally said “yep, that’s the plan considering u forced me into it”I responded. He then finally stopped the car and said to me “I just wanted to spend time with u” “really” I asked sarcastically “goddamn it” he said and kissed me on the lips, driving his tongue way inside me and then he stopped and I was utterly stunned by that and I gotta admit, that was the best lips I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot) “Oh God, u don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that, I promised u I would and I always keep my promises…Adrian, believe it or not; I like u a lot. You are one of the few people that don’t go crazy and asking for my autographs any time they see me. You don’t care about me being a celebrity or my money and stuffs like tha. Please Adrian, just give me a chance. Believe it or not, I’ve been so lonely cause I cant tell if my friends love me or love my money and I am tired of being lonely. Please dear” that sure got to my heart but I wasn’t gonna let him know it “Look Brian, celebrities don’t move me but I’ll give u a chance” “thank u baby, u wont regret it”he said while grinning so wide and then continued driving. When we got to the restaurant, we were directed to our seats at the centre and I have to admit, we had a wonderful time. When we got to the car, I leaned to kiss him and he said “what was that for?” “that’s my thanks for taking me out tonight”I responded and then he kissed me again “what was that for?” I asked “that’s my thanks for making my night wonderful Adrian this night made me realize that it was indeed love at first sight” we then drove home and when we got to my house, I invited him in but my mum wasn’t home, she had gone for a conference. I then took him to my bedroom and started kissing him passionately “Slow down my love” he said “no. I want u this night, I want to feel u inside of me this night” “lets be patient baby” “no. I want u now please” and then we resume kissing again this time I started undressing him and that was when I fully realised what a hunk he was….. muscular chest with an 8 packs, broad shoulders, sexy ass, and a mighty cock; in others words, he was perfect. That cock had to be at least 11 inches whille mine was just 6 inches…. He pushed me unto the bed and said “you’re mine now” and he started squeezing my boobs so hard and strong, kissing me and then later spanking my boy-pussy “I’ll fuck u so hard till u beg fo mercy” and he laid me down on my back so that I could face him and then he rimmed my ass; kept on spiting on it ans licking it, then he started to put it inside me but I screamed. He brought it out and told me to suck it. I began sucking it, letting my tongue play around the cap and then swallowing it “oh yeah baby, suck it hard” I continued sucking it and then pulled off. We then resumed position and he proceded to put in his cock, this time going gently and finally it all entered “I’m fully inside u baby” he brought it out and pushed it in again, maintaining a tempo till I screamed “come on baby, fuck me hard, fuck that pussy, fuck it hard baby” and he increased his tempo, this time going fast and rough, “ah ah ah ah ah, yea baby, fuck me baby” we kept fucking and then we changed to doggy style, he pushed it in with one try and started fucking me hard”ugh ugh ugh ugh u like that baby, I’m gonna fuck u so hard, yeah” “give it to me baby, fuck me hard, yeah yeh” and after about 1 hour of sex, he then released in my ass while I released on the bed. After that we started kissing again with him squeezing my boobs and I then asked “why do u like squeezing my boobs so much?” “cause I want it big enough for breast feeding; that’s why I released in you, so that I could make u pregnant” he joked “u wish” I replied while laughing. He started fingering me again and then said “ I love u Adrian” “I love you Brian” and we slept in each other’s arm. The next morning when I woke up, I didn’t find him there and I thought he must have gone and a minute later my bedroom door opened. “morning sunshine, breakfast is served” he said while carrying omelets with a glass of juice. “thanks baby” “anything for you my love” and before I ate, I started kissing him again and undressed him cause I was already naked; he climed on me and started fingering me, opening my asshole wide and then inserted his cock in “time to make u pregnant baby” and he strted fucking me again, gentle this time and he then released in me. After that, we showered and he took me out again to the six flags and won many teddies for me. I do love him.

later that week, after my mum returned, I invited him over and introduced him to my mum as my boyfriend and she was happy for me; we had an extended family dinner the next Sunday and I introduced him to all my family, while my cousins were busy drooling over him but he kissed me in front of them and they started laughing. On my 20th birthday three months later, he came to my house as early as 6:30 am and he and my mum sang me a happy birthday song while I was still in bed… Ithen showered and he took me out to an amusement park, birthday shopping and many other places. When it was 7:30 pm, he decided it was time to take me home. On getting home, the lights were out and I thought my mum must have gone out. I opened the door with my key and walked inside and heard a “Happy Birthday” from a lot of voices which frightened me and Brian switched on the lights. I saw my uncle and aunty, my cousins and a few of my favorite customers, my close friends and my mum”s friends and they were all hugging me, wishing me a happy birthday then suddenly a very loud music started playing at the back yard and Brisn led me there, followed by everyone. When I got there, chairs were set and there was a D.J there playing music and then my mum announced “its time for presents” and she gave me very persoanl and wonderful gift after which she hugged me, saying I was the best son she could ever ask for. I got other presents, from my uncle, aunt and cousins, and many other people and then it was Brian’s turn. He took me to the side of the house; Lo and Behold was a brand new car there and he handed me the keys. I didn’t know when I started crying and then he kissed me passionately in front of everyone and said “that’s not only a present, but its also a thank you for coming into my life and making it worth living and I have one final request to ask u” he then got down on his knees, brought out a diamond ring and said “will u marry me Adrian?” and everybody gasped… OMG OMG OMG OMG…. “Yes Brian. I will marry you, nothing will make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with u” and there were claps and ‘awwws’; we then kissed and went on with the party. Our wedding is set for a month time. I do love Brian.


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