I discovered sucking cock 

This whole story came about because I am kind of a traveling salesman, I go from business to business hawking my company's product but it is all done in my sales area, three counties in my home state. Every once in a while I would get the urge to stop in a topless club to watch the dancers.  But this one time I stopped in one of the adult bookstores instead. It was one of those with an arcade with viewing booths. When I walked in the front door I could smell the disinfectant odor that saturated the building, a smell that told me I was in the right place.   

 Like most men, I was a little curious about how men got it on with each other, so I figured what the hell and went into the arcade area. The arcade area consisted of two hallways, each lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. When you pass through the beaded curtain into the arcade area the first thing I noticed was the smell. In later years I would recognize it as a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum, piss disinfectant, latex, leather, lube and aromas. Then there is that fear that somehow you shouldn't be here,

It was very dark back there, so it took a little time for my eye to adjust. I could see above each booth was a little green light that indicated whether or not it was occupied. I finally chose an empty booth right in the middle of one of the aisles and locked the door behind me.

The booth was bigger than I expected, about 4x6 feet. They were constructed out of 1 inch thick particle board and cheap paneling, with doors. The booths have cheap metal folding chairs.

Once in the booth I watched a movie. Actually I watched two movies, I have to tell you, I was turned on by watching one man go down on another and started visiting the bookstore once a week. 

One day the booth I always used was occupied, so I was forced to use another one.  After I put my tokens in the slot, I heard a noise. When I looked around and to my surprise, there was a hard cock sticking through the wall and the thought hit me. I wonder what it feels like to touch another man's cock? 

Then I did one of those goofy things we all do from time to time.  Even though I was totally alone in the booth, I looked around as if to make sure I was really alone. I touched the cock. It felt so nice to my finger tips that I wrapped my whole hand around it and it felt so much better then holding my own. It felt warm and was hard but had that soft outer covering. It excited me to be holding a cock other than my own, so I started slowly stroking it.

After a minute or two, I heard a voice telling, “Suck it.”

Ever since I’d started watching the gay porn, I’d been wondering what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. When I got down on my knees I tried not to think about the slimy substance that saturated the knees of my slacks.

I kissed the head of this hard cock, really liked the velvety feel, so I circled the base of the head with my tongue and licked it from the head all the way down to his balls and then back up to the head. 

I heard the cock's owner moan, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” and delighted by how nice it felt licking it, I slipped the purple-red head of his shaft between my lips and into my mouth. I heard him moan, “Oh yes,” as I tightened my lips around the shaft. I was really shocked at how much I liked having it in my mouth, it felt so silky in my mouth and yet so hard. I started bobbing up and down his sucking on it the way I liked mine sucked and it didn't take long before it swelled up in my mouth. 

I knew the cock's owner was going to cum but I wasn't prepared for how much cum was going to shoot out of that magnificent beast. I couldn't swallow fast enough and was not knowledgeable enough about sucking cock to hold the cum in my mouth and swallow at my leisure, so I choked a little at first and some ran out of the corners of my mouth. Then managed to hold the rest in my mouth and swallowed it as when he quit shooting.  

My first taste of a man's cum was amazing. It was very hot in my mouth and much to my delight had a bitter peppery not very pleasant taste and it kind of burned my tongue. It was something most have to get used to.  But I love bitter tasting things so I got hooked on men’s hot cum my first taste. 

It’s amazing that once a guy has cummed, how fast he can yank his cock back through the hole, zip up and flee the booth. 

I stayed on my knees contemplating what had just happened when I heard the door in the next booth open and close.

I heard him drop in tokens and his booth light up when the TV monitor came on. He didn’t waste time waiting for my signal. He pulled down his basketball shorts stuck his cock through the hole. It was a lot smaller than the one I’d just sucked, about 5 uncut inches. But it looked very appealing, so I kissed it all over the head. I could hear the owner moaning, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” like he was in the booth with me.

I decided to take a little more time with this little beauty, so I started licking and kissing it all over, really enjoying myself. Suddenly I realized that I had an erection. I took my cock out, started stroking it with my free hand. I got so excited that I had an overwhelming urge to suck the cock sticking through the hole. So I took the anonymous stranger’s cock in my mouth and was so delighted that I could fit his whole cock in my mouth. It was in so deep his pubic hair tickled my nose and lips. 

The more I sucked the hotter I got and when I felt the cock swell in my mouth. I shot my load at the same time that the cock in my mouth exploded, filling my mouth with its wonderful tasting cum. Here I was on my knees, cock in hand and a mouthful of some anonymous stranger’s hot tasty cum. I rolled it around in my mouth savoring the taste before slowly swallowing it. I was very happy with myself. 

I knelt there for a few more minutes but no one else came into the booth so I left. But I knew I’d be back. I made that place my last stop every Thursday. After the mess the scum on the floor made of my suit pants I started changing into Levis before I got there. 

I guess word got around because I started sucking more cocks with each visit. After a few weeks I was sucking at least 7 or 8, sometimes more cocks every visit and sometimes money would be pushed through the glory hole and a lot of phone numbers. 

After keeping this schedule for a few months, I got an invitation to a party put through the hole by a voice that told me I should really consider attending this party that it would probably help my sales output with the contacts I’d make. 

The address was in one of those very upscale communities. I was curious as to what a party of gays would be like, so I made up a staff meeting story for my wife Barbara and went to the party. It was in a mansion. They had valet parking, escort into the house, name announced and the whole works. When they announced my name the man behind the voice in the booth came over and welcomed me. 

It was all 40 to 50 year old looking men about fourteen or fifteen total. Doug Compton, the man behind the voice took me around introducing me to everybody and telling them I was the man he’d talked about. I was a little uneasy about that until one of the men, Ken Sinclair inquired about what I sold. After I told him, Ken gave me a business card and said, “Come see me. I’m sure we could do business,” and then I got a card from the rest of them. 

I had a lot to drink, the booze was flowing like water. Dinner was fantastic and then more booze. Then another one of the guys, Anthony Weiner offered to show me the house, it was his house and I felt that I had to see it, just out of respect. It was a big house, huge kitchen, library, game room, movie room and other rooms all on the first floor, then Tony and I went upstairs. The first room he took me into Tony said was the playroom. There was a king size against one wall and some very comfortable looking chairs. 

I was feeling no pain at this point so when Tony dropped his pants it didn't quite register what had happened. When he told me, “I heard that you’re the best cocksucker in the state,” I just smiled. 

He took hold of my shoulders and gently pushed me down onto my knees. Staring me in the face was his rock hard cock. As I remember he had nothing to be ashamed about in the locker room of his club. When it twitched with desire I did what had now become a natural act for me, I took it in my mouth and gave him the best blowjob that I knew how. 

My cock was hard, my mouth was in heaven and when somebody started undressing me, I let them. 

Just about the same time I was naked, Tony’s cock exploded and filled my mouth with a really sweet cream, a lot sweeter than any other cock I had tasted to that point. I’ve since learned that sweet tasting cum is a sign of diabetes. There’s no more danger in swallow it than any other cum. It just tastes sweet. .  

By now the room was full of the other guests and they all seemed to be naked and I remember thinking how nice these guys were, getting naked because I was. 

Struggling to my feet I kinda of stumbled backwards and sat down on the edge of the bed. I sat there a minute catching my breath. When I looked turned my head to the side Enrique, a Hispanic guy was standing so close that the head of his dick was only about two or three inches from my face. I was so shocked that my mouth dropped open. Before I could close it, he grabbed my hair and feed me his dick. Once he had it was in my mouth natural instincts took over and I closed my mouth and started suck it for him. Judging by the way he grabbed the sides of my head and started hunching, I think he liked my mouth. It wasn’t long until his balls burst, filling my mouth with his hot gooey cum. naturally he didn't let go of my hair until I swallowed it all. Then he casually pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved away.    

Then there was Ken standing right in front of me with his big dick dangling in front of my face. Like Enrique, without a work he pulled me forward and feed me his dick. As I closed my lips around it, he pulled me off bed, back down on my knees. As I knelt there sucking his dick, I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw that it seemed like everyone at the party was crowding around so that they could watch me sucking dicks. Even as embarrassment reddened my face, I realized how turned on I was. 

When I finished off t Ken I looked up and Tyrone, a black guy was taking his place. By now I knew what I was doing, so he didn’t have to feed me his dick. I grabbed it and feed it to myself.  

As Tyrone moved away a smiling Doug handed me a funny looking cigarette and said try this it’ll make you feel better. And he was right. Three or four puffs and I felt great. Still smiling, Doug took the cigarette from between my lips and replaced it with his cock.  

Before they let me up off my knees I jack off two guys and sucked off four more. I would have sucked off the two that I jacked off, but they didn’t want to be sucked off.  Even in the alcoholic state I was in, I was really enjoying have my mouth used by these guys.

The next three or four guys was a blur. 

The Marvin, another black guy was at the head of the line. He gestured toward the bed, and I knew just what he wanted. I practically jumped on it, I was so excited. Not saying a word, Marvin reached out and I let him move me to where he wanted. I ended up with my feet up by the pillows, on my back with my head hanging over the foot of the bed. 

He stepped to me, almost but not quite straddling my face so that his balls rested on my forehead and his thick, fat black cock rested on my lips and nose. "Now I'm going to fuck that mouth good" Marvin whispered, lifting his hips a little, guiding the head to my mouth. I moaned, “Ummmmm,” and my nostrils flared as his cock filled my mouth. He eased slowly and gently forward, pushing on even when I gagged a little. But I noticed that in this position the sensation soon passed and he was able to keep going until I felt his balls on my nose.

Marvin leaned forward over me, his hands on the bed on either side of my hips. Instinctively my hands rose to his chest, finding his nipples and toying with them. "Oh yeah, that's a good slut" he moaned, started rocking his hips slowly. I was so turned on I thought I'd pass out. This black god using my mouth the way I'd used my wife Barbara countless times. He was fucking my face, slow at first, but every 4th or 5th stroke letting the pace quicken a little. The only discomfort I felt was in my jaws and lips stretching around the thickness of his cock, but I barely noticed as he kept fucking and fucking and fucking.

My fingers clamped lightly on his nipples, at first anyway. I soon noticed that the harder I pinched the faster he fucked, and god I loved it. When I started twisting them, Marvin pounded my slut mouth like a jackhammer, his balls slapping and bouncing off my eyes and nose as he used me for his pleasure. My thoughts were broken only momentarily when he growled, "You ready for my cum, slut?" 

I did my best to nod, but I think he got the message because I felt and saw his balls draw up tight, his thrusts became shorter and harder, his spit-slicked cock seeming to grow and throb even more.

Marvin cried out as he cummed. He pulled back so that only the head was past my lips, me sucking like a greedy bitch as his thick, hot seed erupted into my mouth. So much hotter, so much thicker, so much sweeter than his pre-cum…so delicious. I tried and tried to swallow it all, but inevitably some of it leaked out around the sides of my lips and trickled over my cheeks.

With a final shiver Marvin finished, pulling back, leaving me laying there with my jaws slightly sore, my stomach full of his cum, and me scooping up the trickles with my fingers and licking them clean hungrily. 

As Marvin moved away I saw a stocky bastard talking to three other guys. When they finished talking, the stocky bastard turned towards me. Then with his dick flopping and a nasty leer on his face, he headed across the room in my direction. I couldn’t believe how big his dick was. He was very proud of it; too, because when he got in front of me, he held it up in front of my face so that I could admire it. 

My knees go weak and I was his the moment he gave me a nasty sneer and ordered me to, “Open your mouth!”  His dick was so fat that I popped my jaw opening my mouth wide enough to get it in. I almost chocked before my saliva got his dick wet enough to smoothly slide in and out of my mouth. Once it was sliding freely, he roughly jammed its head against the back of my throat. My mouth had never been so full.

Not only did he have a big fine dick, but he also knew how to get it sucked. As he held my hair and pumping his huge dick in and out of my mouth, he snarled, “Suck my dick, you little fagot” As I sucked, he moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” and alternately called me a queer, a fagot, and a cock-sucker. Right before he got ready to cum, his dick swelled up so big that it almost split my jaws apart. His cum came out so hot that it almost scalded my tongue. His load was so big that cum oozed out of both corners of my mouth. 

He was an animal. He didn’t release my hair until I not only had I swallowed his load of ‘cum’, but until I’d licked his dick clean enough for him to put away. 

As usual, all the other guys had crowded around us so they could watch me suck the guy’s big dick.  One guy actually stood there and discussed me with the bastard while I was sucking him off. When the guy was cumming in my mouth, the second guy even held my head so I’d be sure to get all the guy’s cum. He was so excited that as soon as the stock bastard finished, he moved in front of me and offered me his already hard dick. 

There was the sound of applause but I couldn't focus on it because there was a dick in my mouth going off like a cannon and he cummed like a horse, so much I couldn't swallow it fast enough so some dripping out of the corners my mouth. 

While I was sucking him off there were two other guys in line waiting so the cock in my mouth was also quickly replaced and it didn't take long before my mouth was full of cum again. 

I must have sucked every cock in the house at least once, but I think more like twice. Case in point was this big older guy, probably 60s that came in later. I said big because I’m 6-foot 3 and I was only about shoulder high to him. There’s something about an older guy that makes me hot. I could tell by the look on his face as he was undressing that he knew that I wanted to suck his dick. As soon as he step out of his pants I was on my knees. I guess he didn't have a problem with me sucking his dick because by the time I got it in my mouth it was already hard. 

Like the rest of his body his dick was huge, a good 8-inches or more. It was so fat that I had to really stretch my jaws to get it in. But, damn, it tasted so good that it was worth the trouble. I had mixed emotion, as I knelt there slurping and sucking his gigantic dick. On one hand I wanted to prolong my sucking as long as possible, and on the other, I couldn’t wait to taste his cum.  If his dick tasted as good as it did, what must his cum taste like? The decision was soon taken out of my hands. With a, “Uuuuuuugh,” he let go and his balls erupted like a volcano. His scalding hot cum came spewing out of his dick, and cascaded over my tongue and down my throat. It felt like he dumped a cup full of hot cum down my throat.

As his cock was sliding out of my mouth I realized that his dick was still hard so I went back to sucking. I could tell by the way that he wiggled his hips that he didn’t mind that I kept sucking. It wasn’t long until I was rewarded with another mouth full of delicious hot cum.  Surprisingly enough, his second load of hot cum was as big as the first.

I couldn’t believe it. When I started to pull off the second time, his dick was still hard. For a guy his age to keep an erection and get off twice was very remarkable. For his second load of cum to be as big as the first was even more extraordinary. To still have an erection after two orgasms was phenomenal. I was amazed as I continued to suck his incredible dick. In about the same time frame as the other two times, he again filled my mouth to overflow with his third load of hot gooey cum.

God, this guy must be superman. I’d just made him cum three times and his huge dick was still rock hard. As I sucked him off for the fourth time, I vowed that no matter how many times it took, I was going to continue to suck him until his balls were completely drained and his dick was limp. I was prepared to suck all nigh if need be.

Suddenly all the other guys started ranting and raving about him bogarding my mouth. Much to my sorrow he pulled out of my mouth and moved away.

They kept feeding me drinks along the way and at some point I passed out, only to be woken by my wife Barbara shaking me. I was in my car, buck naked, she was holding what turned out to be pictures of me having my mouth used like a whore and a letter telling me to use my business cards and the next party would be in a month. 

Barbara helped me inside, put me in the tub and made me tell her everything I remembered, including how it all came about and how it felt to suck a cock. 

I eventually manage to get up and go to work. As I back out of the driveway I thought what the hell, let's see what happens with the business cards. So I went to the first cards business. I didn't see Ken but they had an order ready for me that was the biggest order of my career.  And so did all the other ones when I went to see them. 

Barbara and I were rolling in money now. My boss couldn't believe it because most of these companies wouldn't do business with us before. 

Barbara really surprised me by how well she took what happened, I thought for sure with those pictures, we were headed for divorce court, but she adopted a different attitude, she started supervising my visits to the adult bookstore. She wants to make sure the cocks I suck are clean and disease free.

I have a following of about 10 or 12 of the same guys that showed up every Thursday. And she takes me to the monthly fuck my mouth fests. She drops me off naked and they bring me home naked. 

She makes me wear women's panties all the time. And now I have to go to gay bars, pick up a man, bring him home and let him use my mouth so Barbara can watch me while I suck our guests cock. 

All in all, things are fantastic.

The end..



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