Like many gay men, I have had an attraction to straight men as long as I can remember. And my first man-crushes occurred before I was old enough to even know exactly what this overwhelming desire was. I grew up in rural Florida and developed a crush for the 65 year old black handyman that worked around the house on our farm. I can remember sitting on the back steps watching the sweat trickle down the white hairs on his barrel chest and wondering what it would feel like to touch his chest. I never did get to touch his chest, but over the years I did manage to fulfill some of those desires with other old black men. Of course, being attracted to straight men does present obstacles of sorts. Until, that is, about 15 yrs. ago when I was walking along the railroad tracks that skirt the perimeter of Philadelphia's center city. It was a grey and blustary Thanksgiving day and I was returning home from a friend's dinner nearby. Though now a well maintained promenade, back then this area was weeds, tracks, and the back end of buildings that were graffittied and boarded up. As I walked along the dirt path that meandered along the river, I caught sight of an old black man sitting under one of the overpasses that carry traffic from downtown over the river and into West Philly. He had receding grey hair, hadnt shaved in a long time, and was smoking a cigarette. He was husky and masculine looking, and I entered into a small cluster of trees where I knew he could see me and I could certainly see him. I leaned against a low tree branch and lit up a cigarette of my own. At first he ignored me, but once it was clear I was staring, he stood up and walked back amongst the pylons that held up the overpass. I stamped out my cigarette and followed him up under the bridge. It was obviously a homeless hangout, for as I proceeded behind the concrete pillers I came across the telltale evidence of the homeless. Flattened cardboard, lots of broken glass and trash, and discarded clothing. As I passed the last piller, I saw the man standing against the last wall taking a piss. He glanced over his shoulder so I knew he knew I was there. I leaned against one of walls opposite and could feel my heart pounding. Up until then, all of the old black men I had come onto had been in fairly blatant venues- mostly dirty bookstores and occasionally a restroom. This adventure would end up changing the way I would cruise forever. I nervously walked over to him as he stood still holding his cock and asked him pointblank if he wanted his cock sucked. Within seconds, I was on my knees sucking on his black cock with total abandon. It took about 15 minutes for him to cum, but when he did, it was like a load of hot yogurt shooting down my throat. I am often asked about hygiene issues, and I have to say that my desire for straight black men is so intense that I have, from day one, never been discouraged by that aspect of the homeless. Most of these guys havent bathed in a while, sometimes a long while, but to me, it just ripens that taste of dick I have enjoyed since I started sucking them. And as I did more and more of them, I got to the point where even the funkiest ones don't discourage me.

While I never thought of paying escorts, it hasnt phased me one bit in coughing up 10 or 20 bucks to these guys. After all, they are straight and they are hard up. Not a problem for me. A lot of times, these guys will open their pants for a bottle of vodka or even a pack of cigarettes.

How do I meet these guys? I have one old man I met while he panhandled at an intersection outside a Home Depot. I had seen him there a few times and had a note I passed to him wrapped up on a $5 bill. It had my number on it and an offer for a fast $25, some liquor, and pussyporn. He called me the next day and before I knew it, I had the old man's 11 inch dick up my ass. Another easy pickup spot has been bus station restrooms, especially in winter.

Its pretty amazing how popular hobosex has become, especially with guys in their 20's. If anyone is interested, check out the website Hobofoot which has a lot of pics of some of these guys.




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