I Was in the Mood

One Saturday night I was horny and in the mood to suck some cock so I went to my favorite adult XXX bookstore. I paid my three dollars for tokens and went upstairs to the gay video booths. I made a quick check and since it was a little early none of the booths were occupied so I decided to just wait it out. 

This place had a big room on one side, no doors and no videos, just a very dark room where guys would sometimes just let it all hang out and wait for a cocksucker to come and do his thing. This was a particular turn on for me because of the added dimension of having an audience and thrill of domination and degradation that being watched involved. 

As I went through the door, my eyes caught sight of a real hunk slouched in the doorway. About twenty-five, tallish and obviously well-built even in his windbreaker. 

I paused, giving him a look and hoping he would make a move. He looked me over and gave me a sideways nod of his head indicating that I should come closer so he could whisper. Standing as close to him as I dared, he said, "If I stick my cock through the hole, will you suck it?" 

Of course I said, “Yes,” quickly and tried to grope between his legs to check him out, but only with just enough contact to know that he had an erection. He turned away and quickly made his way to the end booth.

I didn’t even have the booth door closed before I smelled a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum and piss. At that time, this place had round holes in the walls between adjacent booths. The holes were about four-inches in diameter and at crotch level. They were great for anonymous cocksucking if you didn't mind kneeling, which never stopped me from accepting a good dick, not even kneeling on the slimy cum coated floors of the viewing booths. 

I crouched down to look through our hole and watched him shuck his windbreaker and then unsnap, unzip and drop his Levis.  

I licked my lips when I saw his cock. Fully erect it was maybe eight-inches long, nice and thick with a cut flared head. And there it was, poking through the hole. I wasted no time, dropping on down to my knees and taking his hardness between my lips and into my mouth. 

As soon as I clamped my lips around his hard shaft, he started to make fucking motions, thrusting his hips toward the warm hole that my mouth provided. I tried to get in closer so that I could take more of him but the wall prevented that. These glory holes are good for anonymous sex but when I find a good looking, well-built stud like this, I always wish that we could get closer.

I started sucking and licking along the part of his dick that I could get to with it stuck through the hole. I savored the slightly salty muskiness of a man's dick and wishing that I could get to the base and maybe give his balls a nice warm tonguing.

Too soon, he pulled his cock back through the hole and then his face appeared at the hole in the wall. “Man, you suck good. Come over into my booth.”

I hustled out the door of my booth and into his. I found him stepping completely out of his Levis. The view through the hole had been good but this was better than any porn film I ever saw. An ample bush of thick black curly pubic surrounded his erection, and two very nicely sized balls pulled up tight in his crotch. What a picture. I loved it because I hate those low hangers. 

He wasted no time, offering me his cock and then making little satisfied, “Ahhh…Ahhh …Ahhh… Ahhh…Ahhh...Ahhh…Ahhh…Ahhh,” grunts as I struggled to take all of him into my mouth.

He became forceful, placing a hand on the back of my head and pumping aggressively. My own dick was throbbing in my pants as I found myself opening my mouth wide to accept his powerful thrusts and compressing my lips tight as he withdrew for his next attack.

I was glad when he paused for a breath because I wanted to make this last and I was afraid that he would shoot his load too soon. I knew that I was getting close to cumming in my pants and I hadn't even touched my dick. 

I leaned forward and whispered, "Turn around stud, I want to give you a treat."

He had one of those perfect asses, with plump muscular buns riding high and a deep cleft between them. No hair to be seen anywhere in the rear. I put my nose between his ass cheeks and sniffed, checking his hygiene and he passed with flying colors. It seems that with all the showers, a jock almost always has a clean hole and this was a jock for sure. 

It’s also a fact that his asshole has never been penetrated, not even by a tongue. His girlfriend would never do it, it’s probably all he can do to get her lips on his dick.

And without fail, they love getting their holes licked. He was no exception.

I don’t know why, but a top never thinks of his ass-hole as an erogenous until he’s had the experience. Reaching between his legs, I stroked his shaft gently and bent it down so that I was able to get the head of his cock back between my lips. Then I went for the gold, spreading his ass cheeks and planting a big wet kiss square on his ass-hole and then easing my tongue into him. Until then, he had been mostly passive but he obviously was turned on to this and showed it by bending over so i could work my tongue into his chute.

"Aw yea dude, wow. I love feeding my dick to a good cocksucker, but this is the best. Keep on making love to my ass, baby, this is fuckin' fantastic.” 

After a few licks and kisses his ass-hole was loosening up some. I knew better than to spook him by fingering it so i just concentrated on trying to penetrate his sphincter with my tongue as I pulled his butt cheeks apart with my hands. By now, he was shoving his butt back into my tongue and pounding the partition with his fists. All the time, he was making low grunting sounds but now they were getting louder. 

My own dick responded and I longed to take it in hand to get myself off, but since I was so occupied with his ass, I wasn't able to do that.

We were startled by a rap on the door and a voice telling us to, “Feed the video,” so hoping to get back to my feast I quickly slipped a couple of tokens in the slot. 

My man must have had the same urge I did to get off because now he was standing facing me with his cock in hand and urging me down on him with his other hand on the back of my neck. He didn't stop pushing down until my nose was buried in his musky smelling pubic hair. Then he started working his hip, slowly working his cock in and out of my mouth. I loved the feel of the hardness in my mouth, the veins on my lips as they slide over it. 

God I love being a cocksucker and would have it no other way. The feel, the smell, the taste of a man’s cock and balls in my mouth makes my heart beat faster and stronger. I feel so alive, excited and exhilarated. I love the domination, both physically and verbally. Being placed in the submissive, subservient role is my natural state. But as every cocksucker knows we are the ones who are really in control. Our lips, tongue and throat can make the strongest man lose control. 

His easy motions soon became more insistent.

I knew his orgasm was close when he grabbed my skull with both hands as he stiffened up and his dick got harder and bigger in my mouth. I thought I was going to gag. Suddenly his dick started to pulse and squirt into my mouth. He must have been saving it for a long time, because it filled my mouth and ran down my cheek. Finally he was finished and pulled out. It was only then that I realized that I had cummed in my jeans.

I still go back to that place, but I've never seen him again. 

The end…



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