I was young and innocent, or as innocent as a boy can be to the ways of the world after several sessions of mutual masturbation with his best friend; the last of which had ended after an exploratory and somewhat painful soixante-neuf when Frank - the friend - had nearly bitten off my cock as he ejaculated prematurely to give me my first taste of cum.

I had known since I was fourteen that I preferred boys to girls. It didn't worry me, I just found men sexier. When I saw a pair of well filled swimming trunks, or a tightly trousered male, I would stiffen so that even my somewhat baggy shorts would indicate my appreciation. I was not embarrassed by this for back then in the early fifties, living in an all female house (except for me), I had been assured that it was both normal and natural and if I ignored the fact then so would everyone else. What they didn't explain was that if you have large deep brown eyes and a wide, generous mouth coupled with a sexual hunger, then other men might find it difficult to ignore the tenting.

I was eighteen when my Mother invited the young, soon to be celebrated, playwright, Michael ****** to one of her regular Sunday lunch parties, I was performing my usual role of handing round canapés and bonne bouches. He was as fair as I was dark. His eyes were a sparkling deep crystal blue and when he looked at you, you felt he saw right through to your soul. Though not quite as tall as me, I felt totally dominated by him. He was broad shouldered, narrow waisted and had a small flat bottom. He took what ever I was offering from the plate and gave me his full enveloping smile as he thanked me. My cock responded and I blushed.

"It's OK," he said, "I promise not to quote Mae West, but are you free this afternoon?"

"This after...Yes... er...yes," I replied.

"Good." He said "then let us get together after lunch."

"Ffff...ine" I stammered. He smiled into my eyes and I knew I was in love. Throughout that party, I would sneak glances at him only to find that he was usually looking directly at me. I knew I was not doing my neighbourly duties at the lunch table, but I didn't care.

The most beautiful man in that room seemed to want me and I was lost in a cloud of desire, amorosity and sexual expectation.

The lunch passed in a haze and then there was the flurry as the guests made their farewells and vanished. And I found I was alone. I hadn't seen him go and there was no one left and my Mother was thanking me and telling me she was off to take a well earned rest and asking if I had anything planned for the rest of the afternoon.

"No." I said

"Then you too should take a little rest, dear. You are looking down, not yourself at all."

"I'm fine." I said and forced a smile and hoped it made it to my eyes. I turned away and went up to my own suite. I entered my study-cum-sitting room and threw myself on to the old chesterfield. I felt so hurt that he hadn't found me and said "goodbye". The broken spring dug me in the back.

I shook myself and told myself not to be so silly, just go through, lie on the bed, conjure a dream of him and wank. I got up and started shedding my clothes as I crossed to my bedroom. I opened the door.

"I thought you'ld never get here."

He was lying on my bed propped up on one elbow completely naked. Clothed he was beautiful, unclothed he was perfect. His shape never seemed awkward, his body was so co-ordinated (and he knew it) that man, woman or passing Houynhnm would probably want it.

"I thought you had gone."

"Why would I do that? I told you we were to have sex this afternoon?"

"You did?"

"Don't tell me you didn't understand? It was obvious that you did; your trousers tented and  you blushed enough to tell the world not only that it was going to happen but that you wanted it so to do. That is why I thought it wiser to leave you alone to go about your duties."

"How did you find my rooms?"

"Just take off the rest of your clothes and come over here so that I can kiss you and we can stop wasting valuable loving time."

I did as he asked and went to the bed, he held his arms open and I moved into them, lowering myself down to lie along his beautiful body. Our faces met and we kissed; so softly did our lips and tongue-tips meet that they could have been butterflies landing. As his hands moved over my body, I felt all tensions leave me, except for an urgent straining in my cock which lay along his, that was as hard as mine.

Without breaking the kiss, he held me and turned me so that I was underneath him. I felt his whole body measured along mine and his stiff cock seemed to be flirting with my equally rampant one. I was in heaven and my heart rate was breaking records; as I felt I was about to drown in his kiss I broke away, gasping for air. He lifted himself up from me and with a puzzled frown asked, "Is something wrong? Am I too heavy?"

"No." It's just that "Oh God, I thought I was going to die."


"Of you, of happiness, of wanting, of... Oh please go on."

I raised my head as he lowered his but he ducked past me and kissed and mouthed my left nipple. I felt the electric shocks concentrate my balls. He moved to the right, then after a moments attention to the other nipple danced his tongue down my body and around my rampant cock before lifting my legs into the air, kissing my helmet then burying his face into my valley of sin. His tongue found the gate to paradise and bathed it, purified it and entered. I had never felt such a sensation. I thought I was going to cum, my cock had never been so stiff and then he worked his fingers in and opened me. He had found the Vaseline I used when wanking and with first one then two then three fingers, he probed. My hole stretched and I loved it. It was though my whole body was re-wired to ecstasy.

"You are so young and so sweet and delicious. You must be a virgin. He smiled down at me."

"If you mean, have I been fucked, then no I haven't." I said quickly "but, please... please..."

He placed his cock at my welcoming hole and with the gentlest of pressures asked to come in. I felt that mushroom head slip past the ring and then I was hit with the pain and cried out, "No!"

Leaving his cock there he bent down and kissed me softly. "Relax, baby boy. Relax and let me in. You will learn to love it. You want it now and you shall have it, but you must relax and let me in."

His voice calmed me and I felt that long cock, oozing pre-cum, slide forward slowly far into the depths of my body. As certain points were passed there was no longer hurt but flushes of pure pleasure. At last I felt his balls caressing my ass-cheeks and knew that we were totally linked.

He kissed me, our tongues danced across the other's lips. He began to move and gradually as I tried to milk him and he thrust ever deeper into me, we built a fuck rhythm. I experienced lightning strikes throughout my body and his breathing was changing to that pattern where control was being surrendered. Suddenly I felt the full force of his explosion as he came deep within me and he reared above me. I held him. I never wanted to let him go. My whole gut was filled with his balm of semen; I wanted his cock buried there within me forever.

He must have realised that I was still unreleased, for he arched over me. Kissed me deeply, then stroked my cock so gently until I exploded between us with an exuberance of eighteen year old cum, released at last. He gathered some and licked it off his hand and wiped it over his mouth then bent forward and kissed me so that I could taste myself. I felt him slide gently out of me despite my own rearguard action which at least meant I didn't lose his .

As I rolled away from him turning myself into a hedgehog ball, he laughed and gathered me into his arms.

"Hey baby boy, we need to clean up" He whispered. "Let's shower"

We showered. And he showed me how to fuck him and I did. He visited me again the following afternoon and he spent three hours teaching me a whole new meaning to the words "giving pleasure." He kissed me and said I was a quick learner. But the disadvantage was he really only liked virgins so I never saw him again or not on a one on one basis,

I have never forgotten the lessons I learnt from the sexiest, most wonderfully wicked man that I have ever met; and I think there are several kind lovers who would be grateful to him if they only knew that he was the one who taught me to ensure their fun was very much part of mine.



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