His name was jesse he was so.................hot,he and I had gone to high school together we weren't friends at that time.

Ill get back to him later.

I was 16 and he 17 I had been moved forward during my schooling and thus I was now moving away to colege.

I was excited about colege about learning new things I had just arived at the dorm it was nice-ish but good enough.

I had just finished setting up the room it only had 2 beds and they weren't bunks I was happy about that part, a fight about who gets the top bunk could make me an enemy and I didn't realy know people here so I could do with out that .

I was deep in contemplation when I heard the knocking at the door.

'Helo anyone in' I heard a familiar voice calling 'jesse'? I asked he opened the door 'cody' I didn't know you were going to this colege 'yeah same with you'

The next half an hour whent by with he and I packing his stuff and talking.'thanks for helping me with my stuff' he said, I was caught up looking at his cheast he was wearing a white shirt and all the packing had made him sweat mmmmmmm 'cody'? He asked he caught me staring 'uh....um yeah sure' he turned around and chucked his shirt of pulling another one on.'hey I've gota go out ill be back later , thanks again'

I smiled and then he was gone.

I sat down on my bed wondering when he would return. I wached a film while he was out wich turned out to be later than I thought

He got in around 10 it was dark outside and snowing I loved snow I was only happy when it rained snowed I loved rough weather and that's not the only thing I liked rough........annnnnnywaaaaaaay.

He walked in and fell onto his bed 'hey you'I said I could smell a tinge of alcahoel on his breathe 'hey fag' he said what I thought he couldn't know I never told him.....I've never told anyone he looked at me and noticed my expression 'I was just kidding but' I looked over to him again 'but what' I asked looking quizicle.

'Um well im kinda tired cud u take ma shoes off for me'? I looked at him 'please' he said with a smirk 'ok' I said dragging out the k I pulled of his shoes and socks.

'Im gona go 2 sleep he said as he pulled his shirt off his body my pants grew uncontrolably tight he looked over and tried to make it look like he hadn't noticed.

'Well do u whant me to turn thelight of dude' 'nah leave it on'

'Kay' he lay back on his bed and I turned back to my film he walked over and put his pants on the couch 'I hope you don't mind I sleep naked' .....mmmmmm boner rising..... he continued 'and its a bit to hot for a blanket' he lay down on his bed completely naked,and there it stood his dick it was masive at least 6 inches and it was soft. He looked at me he had noticed me staring ......again but he looked away again pretending he hadn't noticed I returned to waching my movie haha the monster just killed the main character I loved unhappy endings. I had just turned the tv off when jesse called 'hey cody can you come here I need to talk' I walked over to him who was still very naked and apealing. 'What's wrong' I asked he looked up and said 'im sorry I called you fag early I didn't know you were actualy gay' he looked sincere 'well I am I hope that's not gona be a problem' I said bluntly 'no no its cool' 'that's good' it was I who spoke last as I got up to leave and then I turned and was about to ask him something before I could he begun speaking 'no im not gay, sorry but there is one problem'he said as a smile crossed his face I stoped looking at his delicious cock and looked up to him 'what's the problem'? He looked to me then to his cock was it just wish full thinking or was it getting harder 'well im realy horny'he said 'oh why's that a problem why don't you jerk off'? 'Well I haven't had sex in weeks and I thought maybe I could..........thank you for helping me pack my stuff today' 'oh' I said surprised I then looke to his cock wich was now hard and at least 10 inches he noticed my drooling 'so would you .....let me thank you by giving you something you and I both know you whant' mmmmm I just noded 'good' he said as he widened his legs into a v and dangled them over the edge I had been neeling next to his bed and now his cock stood mere inches from my face 'thanks' I said 'haha no thankyou' he gigled.

I opened my mouth and placed it around his head 'mmmm yeah' he moaned as his head fell back.

I licked at his slit for about ten seconds sending torents of pleasure though his whole body. I was about to move down further when he grabbed the back of my head and frust his tasty tool deep down my throat 'take it all bitch' he said with a grin I could feel his pubes against my nose he then pulled out and smeared his precum all over my lips 'yeah lick it up ,you love that don't ya' I noded and begun licking it off my lips he then forced his rod int my mouth this time he just left it there alowing me to do what I whanted with it I continued to lick his head I knew this would probably be my only opurtunity to such this beautifull hunk but I whanted to taste his cum so much 'oh yeah yeah that's the spot mmmmm' he groaned I kept licking his head untill he stoped moving 'dude im gona cum' he panted 'u better swalow it bitch' I noded with his cock in my mouth and quickly begun licking his slit more 'oh oh yeah' he called as he came in my mouth 'yeah take it all bitch swalow my cum'he called as he came into my mouth his hand returned to the back of mya head and he forced his cocke deeper he begun thrusting as the last drips of his juice droped out 'mmmmm yeah clean me up bitch'he said after he stoped cuming wich I did he then pulled out and slaped his soft dick against my lips 'thanks buddy might have to do this again some time' I noded like crazy 'sure anytime but next time I whant you rougher' he looked to me and smiled 'ok bitch' he giggled on the last word.



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