My name is Danny and I'm 18 years old. I'm 5'9' with green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I only realized that I'm gay when I was 16, when my cousin raped me one night, my parents went out for a date and I ended up liking it. Nevertheless, I am also good-looking and girls drool before me. I have a 9 inches dick which I am so proud of.

My daddy, meanwhile, is 42 years old, 5'11' with blue eyes and jet black hair. He is so macho that no one would even think that he's already 42. I only saw his 8 inches dick once when I accidentally caught him jerking off in his room and after that, I never forgot his dick. Hairy, veiny, with big balls. Wow! I want to suck him and suck him and suck him and suck him forever! Man, his dick is the dick of my dreams! Luckily, I didn't have to wait for long, because what I've always wanted to do will happen tonight, but I have no idea that it will happen. Let start the story as I woke up.


'Danny, wake up already! Your breakfast is ready!', I heard my mom yell from downstairs.'And its already 7:30 so you better hurry up if you don't want to be late!', my mom added.

'Yes, mom! I'm coming!', I yelled.

I looked at the clock. Damn, its really 7:30. I'm going to be late if I won't hurry.

'Where's dad?', I ask my mom.

'Your dad has to get off early because of a business meeting. But I guess he'll be able to join us for dinner.', my mom told me.

'I hope so.', I muttered.



'Hurry up, then!'

After I finished breakfast, I took a quick bath, brushed my teeth and fixed my hair a little. Now I'm ready to go.

I arrived at school 5 minutes before 8 o'clock but I was told off by my professor nevertheless. My day went well. I stared at some jocks, stared a little more, strolled around the campus and stared a little more until it was time to go home.

'How's your day?', my mom asked me.

'Fine. Nothing new. Is dad already here?', I asked.

'Not yet. But he told me he'll be late, so we'll have dinner with just the two of us.'

'That would be fine.'

So we ate dinner, talked for some time, but daddy didn't came. So we started going to bed.

It was midnight when I woke up. I go down the stairs to eat something from the kitchen. It wasn't until I was about to go upstairs again when I saw daddy on the couch.

'Daddy?', I called. He didn't stir from his slumber.'Daddy!', a little louder, but he's in a deep sleep. I went to the couch to wake him and tell him to go to his room. I tried so many times but to no avail. That's when I smell liquor. 'Daddy's drunk!', I thought to myself. I guess this is the time to fulfill my dreams. To suck his dick.

First, I made sure that his really asleep, so he wouldn't wake up and find me sucking him. And then, I removed the polo his wearing and I saw, laying there in front of me, is a god. A god reserved only for me. He has 6 pack abs and dark nipples. I leaned a little closer so I can suck his nips. I heard him moan. I licked him down to his navel until I was near his tool. I removed his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled it down. I removed his briefs and laying before me is the dick of my dreams. It was rock-hard, leaking with pre-cum, and gorgeous. I placed it on my mouth and heard daddy moan.


I sucked his dickhead and his balls and sucked and sucked and sucked until he cummed into my mouth. His cum tasted great so I swallowed it. I sucked him a bit more until I heard a voice.

'That was great!'

I looked up and was surprised to see my dad smiling.

'Dad? Really?', I wasn't sure.

'Yeah! It was so great! Now, get out of my house, you fucking queer!'

I was so surprised I couldn't move. I can only stare at him.





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