For the last year or so, I've been trying to seduce a young man named Darrel. He's a twenty year old black wanna be thug from Chicago who is trying to figure out who he is and where he is going in life. Darrel is a little on the stocky side, not too bright, and not all that good looking. Even with that being the case, he's still a likeable young man with a cute smile, chubby cheeks, a really fat pink lower lip (in contrast to the dark upper lip) and an "I might be had" kind of air about him. I love his cornrows and big, meaty ass. Dark as night, Darrel was sexy as fuck in my mind. During the summer Darrel wears white undershirts that show a few curls of kinky chest hair which a lot of black people call "taco meat." There's nothing like a good challenge for an old ho like me and I wanted to show Darrel what a gay man's mouth can do.

I've given Darrel quite a few rides over the last year, bought him cigarettes, and tried to get in his pants. Something told me to be persistent though. Each time he rode with me, I would talk about sucking black cock and how much I like to be swore at, pissed on, throat fucked, etc. Darrel liked to hear these stories and one time told me he was curious but didn't want to do anything. I figured he would give it up sooner or later.

It didn't happen for a while. Darrel would walk the streets of this city hitting on some of the ugliest, fattest women (white and black) known to mankind. He would often wear sweatpants which showed only a small bulge between his legs. One of my friends said a female she knows had gotten with him and laughed at the size of his dick. It was on the smallish side (at least for a black guy).

This morning I stopped by the cigarette store and picked up a pack of Newport cigarettes. There are a lot of street people that hang out around there and it's a great place to strike up a conversation. I don't even smoke cigarettes but it helps to have them around as an ice breaker. Today was no exception. There were a lot of blacks loitering on the sidewalk... fresh meat!

Darrel was waiting across the street near a fast food place. He flagged me down and when I pulled up and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was running an errand to the grocery store. He asked if he could ride along. He was bored and just wanted to cruise around in the car with me. Could he be more obvious?

As we drove, I started talking about one of his roommates - a skinny black guy with a beard who is rumored to have a twelve inch cock. Darrel seemed a little irritated with the discussion.

"Is that all you think about man?" he asked. "Suckin' all the niggas dicks?"

"Yes," I responded. "I'm sorry but I think about cock like you love pussy. You do like bitches, don't you?"

Darrel nodded. I asked him how long it had been since he had any girls. Darrel responded "'bout two months man."

As we drove and talked I told him how good looking I think he is, how much I wished I could suck his cock and how I would swallow for him, let him ass fuck me, whatever he wanted to do. By now any totally straight guy would have punched me or told me to shut up. Not Darrel. He was just giving me that dumb looking pink lipped smirk.

We continued to drive around town talking about bitches and sex.

"What's up with some of dem squares, man? I seen you buy some Newports." There was my chance.

"I'll give you a brand new pack but you got to do me a favor," I answered.

"What kind of a favor you talkin'," Darrel bristled.

"No, you don't have to do anything. Just please spit in my face and call me a faggot," I asked. "Just tell me what a nasty white bitch I am."

"You get off on that?" he asked. "Man, I can't do that. It's disrespectful."

"Please," I begged, "Spit on me, hit me, call me names something. I want some black dick so bad you can do anything you want to me."

"You a hot mess," Darrel sneered. "You like black dick that much? Damn, I wish you was a female."

"Let me feel it at least," I pleaded. "Just let me feel that cock and dream about sucking it."

Darrel surprised me by opening his fly. I reached in and rubbed what felt like a nice thick hose. It was like giving a heroin addict an injection. Darrel and I both moaned.

"Yo, B, that feel so good." His dick got hard within seconds. I kept rubbing and complimenting him on his thick dick.

"Damn, this hurt like a mothafucka," he complained. "I ain't had mah dick sucked fo so long."

"Let me suck it," I begged. "Please let me swallow your nut. You'll be helping us both out. Cum in my mouth."

Then came the words I always hate to hear.

"How much money you got?"

I had hoped just once to suck a hot young cock without having to give him any money. But in this world of down low bruthas, most won't let you suck their black baby makers without a cash contribution.

"Gimme twenty dollas and you kin watch me jack mah shit off," Darrel said. "You can touch it but you can't put yo mouff on it. You can pay me first. Find some place mo private."

Fortunately, there was a private wooded location just a mile or so away. It was a place we could park with nobody watching. We found a perfect secluded spot to have some male to male fun. I removed a twenty dollar bill - some "excuse money" - from my wallet... Darrel pulled his thick black sausage out of his jeans. I liked the looks of it. It was semi-erect, uncut, and about five inches long. I'm developing a taste for the uncut urban dicks, maybe because it seems more are uncut than cut. His was dark colored and had a velvety foreskin that just covered the glans. It was a nice looking piece of meat... very suckable.

Darrel leaned the seat back and started jacking the cock. I rubbed his balls and reached just a bit lower. His rod stiffened but I was surprised to see that it didn't get much longer. The girls were right. It was a little undersized at about five and a half inches. But still it was a black cock on a young man that I really liked. Size doesn't matter unless it's a baseball bat trying to force its way into my ass pussy!

Darrel started to moan as I rubbed his legs, balls, and chest. I watched as the foreskin slid back and forth over the knob as he stroked. His eyes were closed. I'm certain Darrel was thinking about someone else, maybe some ugly fat bitch he wanted to bang. That didn't matter. His breathing became raspy.

"I gonna nut befo' long. You got a towel?"

"No," I responded. His legs started to tense.

"Use yo mouff!" he exclaimed.

I plunged my mouth over the tip of his cock and he pulled his hand away. The rhythm was broken and he lost the orgasm. I started bobbing my mouth up and down over this hard black ghetto dick, smelling the musky scent of his crotch and ass. Surprisingly, he was very clean under the foreskin. It was a delicious hunk of coal black hood meat. I could feel the dick stiffen.

"Yeah, bitch. Suck mah dick you nasty white mothafucka! I'm gonna cum in yo mouff and you gonna swallow it bitch! Here it cum. Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Fuckin' ooooohhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh!"

His legs tensed up and he held my head down as the dark head of his cock swelled and he unloaded five or size large spurts of baby makin' nigga sperm down my throat. Darrel's body went limp. After a few seconds he hung his head in shame and resignation.

I tried to talk to Darrel and he seemed really bummed out. "It's okay," I said. "I felt guilty the first time, too." "You jus' don't know," he said, dejectedly. "Do this make me gay?"

"No," I laughed. "Not unless you wanna suck me back." "Hell no!" Darrel exclaimed. "There ya go," I replied. "If you don't want to do it back, you aren't gay then are you? It's no bigger sin than letting some chick on the street suck your dick without marrying her. A dick suck is a dick suck." "Dat's true, I guess. But don't tell nobody. I can't believe I let you do dat. I don't even usually likes white folk. I don' trust da man. And I don' know why I liked doin dat."

"Darrel," I said with just a bit of irritation in my voice, "I feel guilty too sometimes. In this world people don't understand why I love black men. My own friends laugh and call me white trash. I don't fuckin' care what people think. I'm a nigga lovin ho. When you gonna let me lick that ass?" He laughed.

"You is a NASTY, DICKSUCKING, NIGGA LOVING FAGGOT!" We both laughed. I took his hand and held it to my face. He took the cue and slapped me in the face surprisingly hard. It stung a little bit.

"God, I want you to fuck the shit out of me nigga," I hissed in lust. Darrel laughed.

"You got mah number in yo phone? I'm gonna tear up dat ass nex' time!" growled Darrel. Apparently, he was over the guilt.

"Give it to me. I'll text you."

"Here it is. You can call me if you want. Maybe we can do dat. ###-###-####. Jus' don't be tellin nobody tho'. Maybe we can kick it again." With that, I returned him to a place a half a dozen blocks from where Darrel lives in the hood. He didn't want people to see him in my car. If I was younger, I might be tempted to develop an attachment for the young man. As it is, he looks up to me and gave me a taste of something that he claims no other man has gotten. Sure, he's a little pudgy, not especially good looking, and his dick isn't that big, but I like the person and want to be his bust down ho any time he wants. I wasn't sure if I should feel guilty for using Darrel for his hard black cock but... I really think he liked it.

Please let me know if you enjoyed hearing about yet another slutty act of debauchery from this nasty ho. Zenith



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