About three months ago after a hard workout at our athletic club, I was craving some fruits and especially bananas to replace my depleted energy. As I was at the counter of a large display of bananas, this young man that I later learned was 21-years-of-age approached looking over the bananas. I instantly began to feel my cock growing and a stirring in my groin. I'd never seen a more perfect body or gorgeous specimen of a man.

As I could not resist looking up and down his body, I noticed he stood about 5-feet and 8-inches, weighed around 165 pounds, had very well-groomed blonde hair, deep blue eyes, the most smooth beautiful face with a million dollar smile, and obviously a seductive personality. I got a great look at his hard body as he was dressed only in a short short pair of cut off pants, flip flops and a tank top that showed off his upper body with exposed shoulders and underarms. His hard blonde hairless legs ripped and laced with muscles; his arms revealed hard bulging biceps; his muscled chest was trying to burst out of that tank top with very large muscled breasts; the most white perfectly shaped teeth; his back was also riddled with muscles pressing against the tank top; and he had a huge bulge in those short pants advertising some big hot manhood.

I wanted to grab him, plant kisses on those sexy red lips, rip off his clothes and fuck him on the spot. However, being the shy type, I just began to select a bunch of bananas when I experienced the greatest moment of my 30-years when he said: "Hi there, have you ever seen bananas this big, large and long? I usually have two middle sized bananas a day but these are such huge ones that one banana will do. By the way, my name is Sean."

"Hi Sean, nice meeting you and my name is Jess. Yea I agree that I've never seen bananas this big. I don't think I could eat more than half of one of these giants."

I was so excited thinking what this might lead to with this hunk. Then he moved up close to me and opened the door when he said: "Yea, Jess, do these bananas remind you of a big dick on a muscled dude? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw these huge bananas.

This then had my cock steel hard, as I smelt the most intoxicating sweet smelling man odors from this heart throb. I guessed he had just come from a workout. It was now my turn to make the next move when I smiled, moved even closer until our legs touched and I replied: "Yea Sean, I had the same thought. I've seen some rather large cocks and by the way it looks like that is some package in your pants. Shit it looks like you are getting a hard on. Man you are really hot."

"Hey Jess, look at your crotch, that looks like some monstrous tool in your pants. Fuck, it is twitching. Are you gay and do I turn you on. Man you turn me on. I guess you to be about 30-years-old. I'm 21 and I like men about your age. They are more mature and experienced in knowing how to make me feel like a real hot gay trick. I love that light brown hair and brown eyes of yours. I guess you to be about 5-feet and 11-inches, weigh around 170 pounds, you have a hard body, handsome face, a sexy tan and of course a big cock. It is obvious that you work out just as I do. How did I do?"

"Sean, I can't believe how good you are at guessing. You got my stats perfectly correct. Man, I'm impressed. Yea I'm gay and yes I've had my share of hot men but never a guy this hot. You're a total heart throb. I think I could come just looking at you."

"Hey Jess, do you want to purchase these bananas and get out of here? How about coming with me to my cottage out at the lake? I'd love to get down and dirty with you. Man, we could have the hottest sex. It is early Saturday so maybe we could spend the weekend fucking our brains out. Man, I want you bad."

"Fuck yea Sean, I've never wanted sex with a man this bad. Maybe we should take a minute to see if we can get these cocks under control before checking out. By the way, my cock is 8-inches when totally erect and I have a beer can sized cock shaft. How about you?"

"Well Jess, I don't want to brag but my cock is almost unnatural and especially for a man my size. My cock is 11-inches when totally hard and my cock shaft is so large that most guys hands can barely reach all the way around it. I love being a top and seeing if a guy can take all of my wood up their ass. Shit, you have such a hot bubble ass showing through those tight pants."

"Great, I'm versatile but prefer the bottom. Man how I crave that big cock of yours. Lets go man."

I followed Sean in my car to his beautiful cottage on the edge of a natural lake. We went directly into his kitchen, pealed two bananas and fed them to each other in a playful way as we pretended those bananas were cocks. We licked them, sucked on them and gradually ate the huge pilled bananas. Our cocks were once again steel hard as we rubbed our crotches together while playing with those bananas. Soon our briefs and pants had developed growing wet rings of pre-cum. The smell of Sean's hot gorgeous body had me dizzy with lust for him to devour me and fuck my brains out. Even though I was older and more experienced that day I wanted to be his bitch. I could use my experience to suck his cock giving him a mind blowing blowjob and use my ass techniques to drive his monstrous cock wild inside my ass. I knew how to use my ass muscles and walls to drive a man's cock wild with an unbelievable orgasm inside my man pussy.

We could not wait any longer to get down to hot man sex. We undressed each other slowly to a hot strip music number as if we were doing a strip show in a gay bar. Sean moved his hips and crotch like I had never seen before. Man he was beyond a heart throb. Soon we were butt naked and our hard cocks were twitching and throbbing needing to find relief.

I knew our first round of sex would be brief as we were already near a climax even before we started. After this first round of wild sex, we could take more time or longer to fuck during the rest of the weekend.



As the sun was slowly going down in the West, Sean took me out on his balcony with the sun beginning to go down over the smooth glassy lake surface. I had him place his gorgeous muscled back and bubble butt up against the railing of the balcony, spread his sexy feet and legs far apart, I got don on my knees, had Sean put his hot hands on top of my head and I began my exploring of his beautiful crotch area. His smooth skin was highlighted by the most sexy fuzzy blonde pubic hair. His huge 11-inch cock was now fully erect and his large balls were hanging low. I began to use my lips and tongue to lick and suck up and down inside his steamy hot thighs while I took a lubed finger to rub between his ass crack and balls. The scrotum was so hot and smelt so manly. He felt my nose rub on his crotch and the hot air from my nose and mouth had him even more lustful.

Soon I began to use two fingers to fuck his asshole as I slowly used my tongue to circle around his red blood filled purple cock head. Almost instantly he began to stream warm pre-cum into my mouth. After massaging that cock head with my mouth for several minutes, I began to take that huge snake of his deep into my throat. After about a minute, I had managed to deep throat that cock. This set Sean off as he used his sexy hard legs and ass to began thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into my throat over and over. He became so turned on that he took charge as I knelt there while he gave my mouth the wildest and hardest fuck with his monstrous cock. I used my tongue and lips to bear down hard as he fucked my mouth with beastly like thrusts.

I'd never had my mouth and throat in that much pain as Sean fucked my mouth with that hard dick as he began to make wild sounds like I'd never heard before. I could feel his cock moving around the walls of my mouth and at times that big tool was driven hard into the inside of one or the other of my jaws. I could only breath through my nose as my mouth was plugged with the largest object to ever enter my mouth although I'd had some rather large objects and cocks in there before. Maybe this young 21-year-old was teaching this veteran gay guy some new tricks.

I began to fuck his ass with two fingers while he used his cock to murder my mouth. We continued this hot sex for what seemed like the longest time when suddenly he pulled his steel hard leaking cock out of my mouth, smiled and said: "Damn mother fucker, that is the best blowjob I've ever had. I wanted to shoot my load in that wet hot mouth of yours but I even more want to thrust this big now red hot aching cock up that pink bubble ass of yours."

I could hardly utter a word after that cock had fucked my mouth with such force but finally managed to say: "Yea, fuck that was so hot Sean. I love the taste and smell of your big dick and the odors from your sweaty crotch but yea please fuck me now. Where do you want me to get to be fucked?"

He had me get down on the carpeted floor of the deck or balcony on my stomach. I learned that this was his favorite position for fucking an ass. He took charge, spread my legs far apart, had me spread my arms out like they were airplane wings, and he got down on his knees. Soon I felt him pour lots of lube on and in my ass. He lubed his huge cock and began to play with my ass. I felt him run that greasy lubed cock up and down my back, up and down my ass crack and he even drove it under my balls touching my cock with this big tool. I was about to shoot a load from this sexy playful use of his cock.

When he had me crazy with all kinds of urges and lust, I began to beg: "Oh shit, Oh Yea, Oh Fuck, Oh mother fucker, please put that big cock up my man pussy. Please fuck me now. Oh give it to me. I need your cock inside me. I've never been more horny to get fucked. Please, please, please fuck me. I beg you to pound my ass."

He now had me just where he wanted me. He knew my animal cravings would make it easier for me to take his entire cock. No way would I ask him to stop driving that cock all the way in me no matter how bad it hurt. He was a wonder boys of how to cause a guy to lust after his horse cock. I was no different than his other subjects.

I felt his cock head began to part my outer ass rings and soon I heard his cock pop inside my ass channel. Man how I loved that his cock had finally hit its target. I think my craving for that monstrous wood prevented any pain. In a short time Sean had plunged his tool all the way inside my ass. Then he threw his entire hot body from his head to his feet down hard on top of my willing body as I lay on my stomach with my cock pressed into the floor of the balcony. He began to use his whole body to pound my body as he drove his steel hard cock in and almost all the way out of my ass. Sean liked to use fast hard thrust to fuck an ass. The feel of those hard thrust of his rock hard cock deep in me and his whole body pressing hard on top of my body was beyond any pleasure I'd ever experienced. He fucked me with total wild thrusts in this particular form of the doggy style fuck for what seemed like an hour. Man he had great staying power.

He finally said between his grunts, moans and hard breathing: "Man fuck yea, this is the best fresh meat my cock has ever had. Man your ass feels so awesome on my cock."

That did it as I felt his cock head swell inside my ass, his balls got tight against my flesh, his breath became more rapid and I felt his cock began to pulsate as huge blasts of his warm sexy semen flooded my ass. The feel of his warm cum soaking my guts set me off. I blasted load after load of my cum on the balcony floor and on my stomach. The wet feel of my own cum on my body and his semen in my ass was the best sex ever.

We kissed and used our tongues and mouths to clean up all the cum including Sean's semen as it poured out of my ass. We then took a long sexy shower together, had another banana and went out to dinner. The night was young and lots of wild sex still lay ahead both that night and on Sunday. Stay tuned guys.




Naughty Eric


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