First a Quick description of what I looked like as a teenager. I was always slim/slender built. At 5-7 I was about 125-130 pounds with shoulder length dirty dishwater blonde hair. Hazel eyes and a very little body what hair I did grow I used a razor or hair remover to keep the sleek look on my chest, arms, legs and ass.

Just always felt so nice being all smooth and sleek and guy and girls I knew seemed to like the look too.

The main way I discovered that the GUYS liked it was the way my gay older brother's friends would really look me over and compliment the way I looked each time they saw me. I started to enjoy the extra attention more and more as I began to have jerk off fantasies about a couple of his freinds I thought was really cute.

One was named Jerry a Brunette He was 6-2 and about 170-180 pounds with a nice firm toned body, nice brown eyes, and a NICE looking bulge when ever he was watching my ass like he did everytime He was over to visit. Those dark brown eyes would undress me no matter what i was wearing. The other one was named Shane and he was aboout 5-8 and 150 pounds with sandy blonde hair and green eyes and a nice package between his legs too from the look of the sweet bulge his cock made when I'd have fun flirting some with him at times.

Well anyways I began to wear my cutoffs and shorts alot tighter fitting and little muscle shirts or t-shirts enjoying the way I could get those cocks so good and hard by just showing off a little leg and ass not to mention knowing they could tell my own cock was hard as steel as I would flirt and tease them. I would have to jerk off after my little cock teaser shows always cumming so hard thinking of one of them fucking my mouth or one of those cocks up my virgin ass, even using a small fake cock my brother had stashed to fuck my ass as i would imagine it being one of them fucking me.

Ok then I got my chance not long after school had finished I was asked by Jerry to come over and help him with some yard work and a few other things. By this time I had read a bit of my bros. fuck mags and that nice book "The Joy Of Gay Sex" so I followed through a few steps to prepare myself if he made a move like i suspected he would. I sleeked up my chest thighs ass and used a enema to flush my fuckhole nice and clean. I had been told so often by my brother that Jerry really liked my cock teaser act, YES he knew I dick teased his friends!!

Anyways I slipped myself into the tightest cutoffs I had barely able to button them closed and they were cut off just below my asscheeks, threw on a this white t shirt and drove over across town to Jerry's place and I mowed the yard and cleaned a flower bed out before he told me to take a break, that entire time I kept catching him lingering close by sipping a beer and watching my ass as I mowed and did the flower bed.

We went inside and he said I was welcome to use his shower that it was too hot to do much more outside. I told him I didnt have a change of clothes and he said he had a few things a ex bf had left behind that he was around my size. So I grabbed a shower and changed into a pair of mesh gym shorts that fit me like a glove and a muscle shirt and slow walked back to the livingroom where Jerry now sat in just a pair of thin satin shorts! I sat back down beside him and we had a few beers as we watched TV. The more the booze hit me the more he began to openly flirt with me even more that usual, his hand started to rub my thigh as he told me he thought I had such nice eyes, a hot looking little ass and legs.

Before I was able to react he had leaned across me and was kissing my lips as he caressed my thigh running his hand up to my now growing hard on, as he found and squeezed my cock we were french kissing tongues and all. He told me he had wanted to kiss me for so long and I looked so hot in those sexy shorts but he wanted to see me out of them so bad. I was feeling so hot and was getting so fucking turned on by the way he was rubbing all over my chest thighs cock and ass, I stood up and slowly pulled down the mesh shorts and stepped out of them and he quickly took his shorts off too exposing a thick hard 6-7 inch cock!! He pulled me to my knees as he stood up and looking down at me he told me to suck his dick, that it was time I learned what being such a fucking dick tease got me.

He rubbed that big hard cock over my lips and i opened my mouth as he started to push it against my lips, I gagged as he thrust his hips pushing his cock into my mouth sliding past my toungue down my throat, he was holding both sides of my head and telling me he loved my fucking little mouth on his dick, that i was a cute little cock sucking bitch. I could hardly breath as he fucked my face for a bit then he released me and pulled me to my feet. He again kissed me hard as he grabbed my ass cheeks and fondled squeezed both cheeks.

He moaned in my ear that it was now time I got a hard dick all the way up my ass that he was going to love fucking me till i took his cum up my ass. He half way pulled me to his bed room and tossed me on the bed, rolling me over on my belly pulling my thighs apart and i felt his tongue rim around my virgin asshole and I was gasping moaning as he slid that tongue up my ass, he was also slipping a couple of fingers up me using some type of lube along with his saliva making my ass wet and slick. I then felt him stop what he was doing that had me feeling so hot and could tell he was positioning himself between my thighs and felt him run his cock between my asscheeks dry humping me as he asked me if i had ever been fucked before, He grew even more excited as i moaned out i had never even kissed a guy before i kissed him.

I did cry out as he grabbed my hips and aimed his dick at my virgin asshole, I lost my breath as his thick cock head forced it's way past my opening and slowly got worked up my ass. He was moaning loud as he kept thrusting his hips feeding my ass his swollen cock till he was ball deep up my ass, I thought I was dying it hurt so much!! But he stopped thrusting and began to caress my ass back play with my cock balls as he told me he had wanted this for so fucking long,wanted to fuck me up my ass ever since he first laid eyes on me. I could only grunt and whimper as my poor virgin asshole got forced open wide full of hard cock throbbing as he groped my body.

Then he began to fuck me with slow deep thrusts holding my hips and telling me he loved my tight little ass he loved fucking his little dick teasing bitch up his sweet tight ass. I was being rocked back and forth on my hands and knees as he kept fucking me my ass grew more relaxed the pain left replaced by a sensual full feeling his cock hitting my sweet spot making me start to moan and groan as he was using a steady pace his balls hips slapping against my ass as he went ball deep and pulled almost out then back up my ass.

Soon I could hear myself telling him to fuck me up my ass, moaning fuck me over and over, he was soon driving his dick deep up my ass fucking me harder as he grabbed my swaying cock jerking it as he did i exploded on his sheets, shaking as i shot my load and screamed louder as he just held my cock and drilled my ass hard,fast telling me he was going to cum up my sweet tight ass, and soon he was cumming his dick throbbing jerking deep up my ass as he held my hips holding my ass all the way on that cock as he erupted filling me with spurt after spurt of his cum. As he was finishing he released my hips I fell forward could feel his dick slide from my ass and his load oozing from my asshole on my thighs, balls as he rubbed my thighs ass telling me i was such a sweet tight little fuck.

I couldn't move for what seemed a loooong time, legs like rubber, feeling like my poor ravaged asshole would never be the same. I was finally able to move and took another shower chaning back in to my cutooffs n tshirt. He caught me as I was gathering my things, rubbing my face he told me he just knew I would be a nice little fuck, but i was even better than he had thought and wanted to fuck me again if i wanted, I kissed him saying damn it Jerry you are such a bad boy, I'll be in touch with ya soon smiling as I opened the door knowing he had just opened my eyes to the fact that i could be a cock sucking little fucktoy for guy to use like a cumdump.


Luv To Fuck


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