I lay on the small bed. Still covered in sweat, lube and cum remembering what just happened. How I lost my virginity to an unknown man at a bathhouse.

My name is Steve, I am a 23 yo man from Houston, Texas. I am 5'10' lean with buzzed hair. The rest of my hair below the neck has been waxed or shaved away. I guess I always thought I was gay that's why I never had any girlfriends. I had myself in an elaborate state of denial for many years as I knew my parents would never approve. But today was different, today I had to know. I had heard about this place downtown called a bathhouse where guys meet up for anonymous sex so I thought I would give it a try. I parked my car a few blocks away and walked. I nervously walked in and approached the counter. The man asked me if I wanted a room or a locker. Since I had some extra cash I said a room. I happily paid him got a towel and entered. The man told me where everything was and how to get around.

I slowly walked to my room, looking at all the men wearing only towels walk past. I reached my tiny room and proceeded to strip naked. My cock was already starting to harden just thinking of what was to come. I wrapped my towel around me and proceeded to the hot tub downstairs.

As I approached an older man, about 35-40 greeted me, as it was very late on a monday night I found out, business was slow. he was muscular, well defined smooth and hunky. His brown eyes looked deep into my soul. I put my towel and room key on the rack and slipped into the warm water.

'How are you doing tonight?' he said

'Not bad, you?'

'Can't complain, just relaxing.'

'you come here often?' he asked

'This is my first time here, you?'

'I come here off and on.'

He moved slightly, sliding in my direction. I slid closer to him as he put his arm on edge of the tub behind me.

I looked up at him and before I knew what was happening his tongue was in my mouth, I moaned in pleasure as his hand slid down my back. His right hand started to slip up my right thigh. I gasped

'have you ever had another man touch you that way before?'

'no' I responded

'that's ok, I will teach you everything you need to know.' he smiled.

His hand slid up further as he began to suck my nipples, I moaned in ecstasy as he began to play gently with my cock.

'feels good doesn't it?'

'Yes' I moaned.

He guided my hand up his leg to his semi-hard dick, it felt so good in my hand. The sensation was too much I came instantly into the water.

I blushed. 'I am so sorry'

'Don't be man, it happens all the time, you must have been really horny.'

'Yea, I still am'

'good, do you have a room?'

'yea, let's go'

We walked up the stairs to my room towels over our shoulders, we slowly entered the dark room, as I switched on the light he shut the door. We kissed again, more passionately this time as he grabbed my ass and moved me to the bed. When he pulled away I found myself staring at what must have been 7 inches of cut hard cock.

'Lick it' he said

I gently licked the head as he let out a gentle moan, I slowly began to suck his hard member. The taste was unforgettable so salty sweet with precum. He put his hands on the back of my head and began to fuck my face. I loved the feeling of another man's cock in my mouth, I knew then that this is what I wanted and I needed more. I pulled away and looked deep into his eyes.

'Do you want to give me your cherry man?' he asked.

I nodded, licking the precum from my lips.

'lay back and put your legs up.'

As I leaned back he pushed my legs to his shoulders as he reached for the lube. he slowly caressed my virgin hole with a lubed up finger and slid it in, I moaned gently as he fingered my hole.

'You like that don't you?'

'oh yea man, i love it.' My now hard cock leaking precum down my shaft. I heard him put the condom on his tool and felt him press it against my hole.

'This is gonna hurt a little' he said as he slid into me.

The pain was fleeting and the pleasure was instant as he slowly pushed his cock all the way in and started to thrust. The both of us moaned and panted in animal fury, our sweat pouring out of our skin. I jacked my cock hard as his tool filled me with his lust. I came hard like an erupting volcano spewing my hot load all over my chest and abs.

'I'm cumming' he shouted as he pulled his cock from my ass, ripped off his condom and blew his massive thick load on my chest, face and in my hair.

We both lay there for a while, loving the afterglow of a nice hard fuck, he leans over and kisses me one last time before leaving. I'll leave my number downstairs for you, if you want we can do this again. I smiled as he left leaving my door slightly ajar. I grabbed my key and towel and walked to the showers, getting some interesting looks from other people as they stared at my cum covered body. As the warm water ran down my back and scalp I thought about what happened moments ago, I loved every minute of it and could not wait for it to happen again. I was a full blown queer boy and I was loving every minute of it.



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