I am twenty. Girls say I am cute: 5' 6", curly black hair, smooth and cut.

I have a strong personality and if I see a guy I want, I go for it. If I'm

refused I don't give a shit, there are plenty more out there. I expect my

partner to be open to everything. If he is shy and skittish, I bail. At

least that was my MO until I met Casey.

I saw him sinking a very difficult shot on the 18th. He was with a older

man, his father I guess. I applauded. He looked around, saw me and

smiled. What a smile. Gorgeous teeth. That wasn't all, he was tall and

slim with pale blond messy hair. His face was beardless with a long sexy

nose and curly pink lips. What a package of male beauty.

Later that day he was in the locker room drying off after a shower. "Nice

putt" I said and reached out my hand for a shake. He had to drop the towel

a bit. His hand was cool and strong. We held hands more than necessary.

Finally he laughed and withdrew. I was to hear that laugh a lot. "Name's

Jeff." He supplied his name Casey. "You leaving?" I asked.

"Why did you ask? Yep, my Dad's giving me a lift."

"Stay on, we can talk in the sauna."

"Okay, his locker is around the corner. I tell him." He stopped a minute,

"I just showered."

"So what, you can shower again." I was starting my dominant personality

and he seemed to like it."

He returned in a moment and we talked into the sauna. Lucky no one was

there. It's a club sauna, small, only about three can fit in. I held the

door for him, hung up my towel on a hook and reached my hand out. "Hang

yours here." I didn't want to start this minute of taking all day to get

to the meat of the occasion.

He seemed reluctant at first, shrugged and untied his towel and handed it

to me. As soon as his towel cleared his front his long pale cock flipped

out. What a beauty. And his ball sack, full of two big plums. He was not

cut. Oh that ass! I began to get slightly hard at the sight of him.

We sat down together. He leaned back. It seemed like an invitation. "You

met any young guys here?"

"Naw, there are mostly older fucks with bellies and wrinkles."

I reached out my hand and placed it just above his knee, as I talked. This

gave him a chance to move away and I would not have invested too much risk.

"Is there any action here, in this sauna."

"I don't think so. I wouldn't participate anyway."

"You straight?"

"Not exactly but I have a problem."


"N-o-o-o. I'm healthy. It's more like a tic. A sex tic. It's better

that I don't do anything."

"Sounds interesting. You jerk off a lot I guess."

"Yeah when I am in a sound proof room."

I stared at him. "Whatcha mean"?

He took a deep breath, his excellently muscled chest expanding. I almost

jumped him, tic or no tic. "What's the tic?"

"I can't control myself from laughing when I get sexed up and when I

ejaculate I laugh out loud."

"That's not too bad. Except your lover must think you are laughing at


"Yes that's often the problem, so I just stay away from it all." He looked

hard at me. "I know that it seems that I am coming on to you, but I don't

want to risk laughing here."

"Let me check this out." I reached my hand further up his blond fuzzy leg

and moved it back and forth. He smiled and uttered a sharp "Heh." A

little more up to leg and the side of my hand touched his ball sack. His

face broke into a broad smile. It was real cute and fun doing this. All

for the sack of scientific discovery.

"You better stop. I'm going hard and that usually starts me off."

"Hard's good. Go for it pretty boy."

He sighed as if to say that it's my funeral.

I flicked his pale pink tits with my thumb nail. "Heh, heh, heh/" was

produced. His face was flushing so nicely.

I took his hand and put in on my now hard cock. He seemed eager and began

stroking me. I think he wanted to get me off so he would have to get into

his tic/ But I have good control. I'd get him off before I spooge.

I copied his motion and he began giggling. It was strange. The reaction

seemed so out of place.

We were sitting on the lower step. I reach out and pulled him to his feet

and stood him in front of me. His prick was lengthening and curving

upward. My favorite angle. I licked the head. He let out an explosive

"Hah." Then I licked again and moved his foreskin up and put his cock head

in my mouth and licked rapidly. He broke into peals of laughter, his body

shaking with gleeful sounds. "Oh, oh, I'm sorry." He put a hand over his

mouth but the laughs leaked out over the sides. I still thought it was as

cute as hell. He looked like a little boy.

I took his cock further into my mouth and began a real blow job. He was

shaking with laughter and I had to hold on to him like a bucking bronco.

Finally he pulled away, gasping and breathing heavy. "Let me do you." Oh

shit, he was a master. I don't know what happened to my supposed control,

but in a minute I was into a fucking motion and holding my hands against

his ears. "I can't hold on. You're just too hot. You want it in your

mouth.." He shook his head yes and hummed in delight and sped up. "Oh,

oh, uh, uh." Like short trigger kid I shot six times into his sucking

mouth. Finally I fell back against the bench.

"That was terrific Jeff. Thanks. That's the first sex a had in almost a


"But you didn't get off. Let me pleasure you."

"Jeff, you're too hot. I'd only get hysterical and the whole locker room

will hear me."

Each time I tried, he moved away. But he did chuckle when I felt his ass

hole. Finally I just gave up.

About a week later I was back in the sauna after a round of golf. It was

dinner hour and the locker rom was deserted, but there was one guy in the

sauna. I recognized him from a long time ago and we had messed around. He

a stocky, hairy guy with an average cock. Nice face though. About thirty

I guess. He's a kisser. I like kissing but he overdoes it I thought. As

soon as I came in he greeted me and began to rub his cock. I got hard

right away. I figured that we knew each other and could avoid all the bull

shit. I came close and he grabbed my cock. I moaned slightly. I hadn't

realized that I was so up for this. "Suck me hard," I growled.

He got on his knees and began a slow suck, very gentle. "I slapped his

cheek. "None of that faggy stuff. "Suck hard."

Just as he got into it and I was fucking his mouth, the door opened. We

jumped apart. It was Casey. "It's okay. I know him. Casey, meet Bill.

He's a terrific cock sucker."

"Do you want me to leave you two alone?"

"Naw," said Bill. "I've seen you around. You are just too cute. Stand

next to Jeff and I'll alternate."

"Er," Casey started. "Did Jeff tell you about my problem?"

I sketched it out to Bill.

"Makes no never mind to me, cum and laugh as long as I get your cum."

So there we were, side by side and Bill sucking one cock while he jerked

the other one. I turned toward Casey just as he was beginning to get his

giggle started and I pressed my lips against his. He put his arms around

me. Jeez, it was great. He was laughing into my mouth. I loved it.

Finally he broke away. "Oh, hah, hah, I'm getting close."

Bill looked up. "Give it to me."

He began gasping and laughing alternately, almost collapsing. "I can't do


"Don't you want to cum?" I asked him.

"Yeah, but I think it'll be better if you fuck me."

I'm always a cooperative guy. "Sure babe. I'm up for that."

Bill heard the whole thing and we placed the smiling and slightly mirthful

boy against the bench with his spectacular ass in the air. I leaned in and

gave his ass hole a lick. It was pulsing widely. He began to shake with


I looked at Bill. "He does make a lot of noise. Tell you what, slip under

him and get your cock in his mouth to cork him up."

"Great," says the happy Bill. In a moment he had his hard cock in Casey's

smiling face. He was blubbering and laughing around the cock. "What a

sensation," said Bill. "This is a new one for me."

I put a finger in the hot ass hole in front of me. Casey jumped and let

out an explosive "Hah" which dislodged poor Bill.

"Lister Casey, I'm gonna fuck the laughing out of you. Get ready."

"Yeah Jeff. Do it."

I put the head of my cock against his ass hole. My cock head isn't the

wide part of my cock and as I push in he began to cry out. Not laughing

but in pain I thought. I ignored him. Finally I was lodged all the way

in. He laughed a few times, I guess he was over the pain. "Okay Jeff,

move your cock in and out. Do it hard so it'll hurt a bit. That might

help a bit."

Meanwhile the brave boy never stopped sucking Bill whose eyes were rolling

up in pleasure. "I'm almost there." He moaned and shook and I could see

that Casey's mouth was sucking and his Adam's applle was jerking with

swallowing the big load. Finally Bill pulled away. "That was a good one

but I just can't take being laughed at. I almost lost my hard on twice."

He grabbed his towel and left. I began fucking Casey with all my strength

and put my finger in his mouth for him to suck it. He sucked like he was

going to get cum out of it, but it did serve to block some of his guffaws.

Soon my hips began to lose sensation which is a sure sign for me. I

reached out for Casey's long cock to get him off with me, but he swatted my

hand away. I figured 'fuck you, I'll just go for it.' I let out a scream

as my orgasm surprised me coming at me so fast. My body jerked many times

as I howled. I almost blacked out. A moment later Casey was stroking my

check. "You make the cutest face when you cum."

I opened my eyes. "You poor fucker. I left you high and dry again."

"Oh now, not this time." He pointed to his chest and belly. It was

covered with his own cum. "I came without even touching myself. You did

that thing inside of me and wow."

"Hey good. I notice you hardly laughed."

"Yep. I think that if I stick to being a fucked bottom I can get back into


"It's more than good with me." I leaned in and kissed him. Tomorrow same

time, same ass. He chuckled slightly.

"Do it dry like today. I want that little pain."

"If you want I can slap your ass a bit."

He closed his eyes and said "O-o-o-o-h."



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