I Just Fucked My Roommate

(Author's note: this story is long but, trust, it kicks into plenty of sex in the second half. Settle in and enjoy; patience will be rewarded.)

Wed. 9/09/2015 - COREY

I think it comes from my parents, all this fired up energy in me. My Dad is a real estate broker and triathlete, my Mom is a yoga teacher and life coach. Both of them are health and fitness obsessed, and I guess I am too! Phrases like "kale quinoa salad" and "power yoga with pilates" and "mango protein smoothie" were commonplace in our home. In high school I did sports and was intense about getting more muscular. That quest started when I was 14 and was getting bullied by bigger kids who said I was gay. I wasn't! So I thought, then. I threw my effort into getting stronger and training in karate, and I also did track/field and wrestling. I might be only 5'9" but I can kick anyone's ass if I need to!

I'll admit something about the gay issue. I now understand that, like, the bullies saw something I did not see in myself. I was secretly attracted to both boys and girls in my school, but it was much easier to just shut down the homo side and be straight, on the surface. Junior year, I had a girlfriend and we had sex and it was actually pretty good. Also it helped a lot that my parents adored my girlfriend. But in private I also thought about boys, a lot! And so in senior year I actually had sex with two boys for real. The first one was awkward but the second one was really hot. He was crazy about my body and my blond crew cut, and I kept wanting to kiss him all over and have oral sex and all of that. And we did! Sorry to be a bit graphic, you don't mind, right? Anyway that was high school, and now this summer I had sex with five more guys from online. No anal sex, I don't like that, I tried it once as bottom, it hurt! And tried as top, but, condoms are weird. But I like oral more and more. And I love when a guy massages my muscles really deep, after I worked out and I'm all sore. Anyway, I think college is going to be a time of new experiences!!

I just got here three days ago. Loyola Universty, Baltimore Maryland. It's great! Loving college so far! I've made a bunch of brand new friends already, the campus gym is freaking incredible, and there is so much to do! Not sure about my roommate situation though. The guy's name is Trevor, he's 20 because he took a year off to "hang out", he says. I swear, so far all he does is smoke weed and watch porn and movies and random stuff on the Internet. I'm not exaggerating, EVERY time so far when I come back to our room, there he is, slumped on the bed or at his desk, getting high and watching porn or other stuff on his laptop. He is about six feet tall and has thick shaggy longish brown hair and a scruffy beard on a square jaw, he would be kind of good looking if he cleaned up and got fit, but to be honest when I look at this guy I think he's a slouching, lazy mess. My Mom the life coach would tear into him about his habits! I am not going to say anything, we have to live together for the whole year. But come on, staying in your room and watching naked women get fucked again and again and sucking cannabis smoke out of a vaporizer, that's going to be Trevor's college experience? There's so much MORE to life!

Oh well - gym time, chest and shoulders and abs! Then first day of class, Psychology 101. Then meeting Kate and Misako for lunch - they are these girls I met in the line at the post office, I love them already, so funny and cool!

Thurs. 9/10/2015 - TREVOR

Okay. Been here four days, doing almost nothing but this one thing. And fuck it, I am not gonna make deadline if I don't crank out work even harder tonight and tomorrow. Website launch is this Thursday the 12th. I'm so fucked. Why did I commit to this and think I could finish before school started? I mean this is college, new chapter in life, right? And here I am, hunkered down like some OCD geek in my room. Because I promised I'd deliver. I should have folded. Can't now. I keep thinking of Keith, and my vow to give 100% to this thing.

What I'm talking about is a labor of love and anger. My older brother Keith is serving time in prison for marijuana, "possession with clear intent to distribute".  And the pain this has caused my family and Keith especially, has made me a legalization activist. I'm also a web design geek, been doing sites since I was 15. I'm 20 now. So this site I'm launching along with two collaborators, is the best one-stop resource for legalization efforts in my home state of Pennsylvania.  One of the harshest and most evil states in the US in terms of throwing young people into prison, lengthy sentences, for marijuana reasons. Basically Pennsylvania is the opposite of Colorado, a state where you can buy and enjoy weed anytime, same as alcohol, once you reach age. And even underage, they don't throw you into prison for a decade and destroy your fucking life, like they are trying to do to my brother.

My new roommate Corey is annoying so far and I think he might be a problem. He seems so squeaky clean. I don't want to flip him out and I don't want him getting in my business about the website. So I just throw porn up on the screen when he's around, so he'll be too embarrassed to poke his little nose in. I spent like two hours last night on my laptop coding the beta site and testing stuff while porn audio played in the background on my headphones, just loud enough for him to hear.  He glanced over at me disapprovingly a few times but, good, he didn't bug me with questions on what I was doing. And it was kind of fucking funny, a couple times I'd nail the right code and fix something just in time for the woman to go "AUUH!! UHHH!! OHHH!!!!" in the throes of a porn-overacted orgasm. Bitches be my soundtrack, yo. Ha ha ha.

What's also funny about the porn thing is, I used to be an insatiable horndog when it comes to sex, before this project consumed me. Hard to believe I haven't fucked a girl since mid-July. Before that, Jesus I've lost count, think I've fucked like 100 girls... and messed with 6 or 7 guys. I like to try it all. You name it, except for really twisted stuff like hanging by meathooks or eating a girl's shit, I'd probably try it. And probably like most of it.

So, yeah, my new roommate. His name is Corey and he's happy as a dumb dog... and, like I said, annoying as fuck. Chirpy fucking blond pretty-boy know-it-all. Always bounding out to go do something "fun!" or "going to the gym!" or "buying books!" The kid talks like he's selling something, and trying hard to make sure the whole fucking world is as "happy!" as he is. I don't know if this kid is gay or straight. I get a vibe he might be homo, which in and of itself is no big deal with me - I've experimented, like I said. But either way there is something about the kid, you just want to smack the happy off his face. And his fucking parents! The mother is hot, mid 40s and gorgeous and blonde and super fit, total cougar type, teaches "power yoga" or something like that. But she's the type of person who gets into other people's business and tries to fix them. She actually said something about my fucking posture when I was sitting in my own chair in this room. And his father kept spouting stupid motivational sayings about what's important in life. I was like, just get the fuck out of here. I wanted to throw them all off a cliff. Well, maybe I'd fuck the hot yoga mom first. Yeah, sometimes I'm twisted like that.

As soon as this deadline is over, I really need to get out more and do stuff besides just go to meals and go to classes. I don't usually burrow up like this, like a stupid fucking animal in a cave. I'm gonna need to just deliver what I can by midnight tomorrow and then give Rigger and Devin (the other two who are on this thing) my list of incompletes. I'm connecting with some of the guys on the hall though, since word is slowly getting out that I do have a steady supply of prime grade marijuana for purchase anytime. Mostly indica, great for chilling, taking your mind off stuff. Yeah, I chose a school in Maryland which is a lot more lenient on pot and crime laws. Misdemeanor stuff and they mostly look the other way at this school unless you're really blatant and stupid.

Sat. 9/12/2015 - COREY

Last night was interesting! I got back to the room at around 10pm after meeting up with some friends, and was going to go out to a party they invited me to, but I had also committed myself to a gym workout and other things this morning (Saturday), and was feeling tired, so I declined the party. I'm a morning person and it is hard for me to stay up late, even though this is college. Felt like I was missing out, though, and I had made the wrong decision.

Anyway, when I got back to my room, Trevor wasn't there. I took that as a good sign and did some vinyasa yoga moves (the kind my Mom teaches) on the floor in my underwear, then brushed my teeth and got ready for bed and went to sleep at 11 or so. I couldn't sleep though! I kept thinking I should have gone to the party. Mom and Dad always say not to waste mental energy on guilt and regret, just strive to do better and move on. I tried to think that way about it.

Trevor came into the room around midnight, flipped on the light, saw me and said "whoa! Sorry, man." I replied "No problem! I'm still awake." He flipped on his desk lamp instead, shut off the overhead light, and chuckled in his low rough voice. "Dude, if you're not sleeping, what the fuck?" I explained how I'd tried, and how I really should have gone to the party.

Trevor grinned. "Nice. It's a fuckin' relief to hear that something isn't perfect."

I realized at that moment that I'd been saying too many upbeat and happy things to Trevor as small talk. I guess I was trying to show him how great college is, so that maybe my positive attitude would rub off on him.  And at some level he knew this and he did not like it. I opened my mouth to speak... and found myself apologizing to him.

We started to talk for real, for the first time. Trevor told me he'd been working on a website and it was finally done. I asked "a porn website?" He laughed and told me more about his brother Keith, about how he got involved in cannabis law reform. I felt really stupid, I had a completely wrong idea about this guy. I wanted to apologize for thinking of him the way I had been. And then he suggested I share some pot with him. But I have never taken drugs before and I believe in being all natural, clean and healthy.

He cut in: "Dude, I am telling you, you will have the best sleep-- what? No, no, it's not addictive."

"But you smoke it all the time. Can you tell me you're not addicted to it?"

"I guess you have a point. But the research says it's not actually addictive like coke or meth. Like, maybe the habit can be habit forming, but the drug itself is not chemically addictive."

We went back and forth for a while and finally Trevor said, "Tell you what, here's a deal. Corey.. come on, have a smoke with me just this one time, and I'll go to the gym this weekend and do a workout. How's that for a deal. You been making me feel bad, bouncing around all fit and energetic the way you do, looking like some model on the cover of one of those fucking fitness magazines. You are shaming me, dude. And it's true I need to get some exercise. So? Deal?"

I smiled and shook my head. "I don't know, I have really been maintaining a drug-free approach. It's kind of a philosophy with me." He laughed. "Uh huh. Tell me somethin'. What's in that weird pink sports powder thing that you drink? Caffeine, taurine, guarana, what else? Those aren't drugs?" We ended up batting around a lightweight debate about what makes marijuana a drug but not the ingredients in my "Mega Surge" preworkout drink. It does give me a big surge of energy, and yes, I guess that is chemistry that gets put in motion by what I'm taking, as Trevor now pointed out. I was surprised how persuasive Trevor can be.

He cocked his head, scratched his scruffy reddish-brown beard, and spoke again. "A'right, how about this. I will go to the gym three times this week - *three* freaking times - if you just smoke with me this one time."

"Why do you want me to smoke with you so bad?"

That cat-like grin spread across his whole face, and he leaned toward me. His big brown eyes stared into mine as his voice rumbled soft and way-down-low: "Because... duuude... it's fucking obvious... you need to relax. And it will help."

Sat. 9/12/2015 continued - TREVOR

I was actually gonna go back out and hang with these upperclassmen dudes I just met at Sigma Alpha, but plans shifted when I came into the room. I started wanting to get this tightly wound-up "golden boy" stoned and chilled out for the first fucking time in his young life. Corey needed it, that was for damn sure. I mean there he was, lying awake in his new college dorm bed, at midnight, on a Friday night. Playing useless stuff over and over in his mind.

Also, here's the weird part. I'm straight, totally into girls, maybe a little bit bi with the times I tried it with a guy or with two guys one girl. But I have been watching way way too much porn, and I think it's started to fuck up my sexual wiring. Girls in real life, I don't respond as well lately. And talking with Corey while he sat halfway up in his bed, I noticed how much he looked like his hot mom. The same blond hair and blue eyes, cute little nose, perfect skin, and full red lips. Very pretty. And his arms and shoulders, all defined and muscular and golden smooth. I actually started to get just a little turned on.

This amused me. I mean, sex is sex, right? Like I said, I don't care if somebody is getting it from a she or a he or a they. It's 2015, homophobia sucks and is stupid. One of my friends from high school is a gay dude, and he's one of the guys I fooled around with (he wanted to suck my dick and he was amazingly good at it) - and it was no big deal. But this was the first time I personally kind of started to think about another guy, in a sex way. And it's my roommate? Fuck. Ha ha, life is fucking twisted, like I say.

Flash forward half an hour later. The two of us have vaped some fine stuff from my supply, talking more and more. Corey really does start to relax. Nice to see that. He slows down from talking, and stretches out in his tank top and shorts across his bed. I start to check out his body some more. His legs are muscular and all covered in a light dusting of blond hair. And damn, that is one perfectly round butt Corey is keeping in there. My dick starts to twitch a little. He goes quiet for a minute, then he says "So - uh - well, I have, uh, there's something I should probably tell you." I grin and jump direct to a guess; the guess I want. "Ha ha. Gay, right?"

His blue eyes go wide. "Oh my God!! you knew?!?"

So part of me is tempted to mess around with the kid right then and there. I want to stroke his spiky blond crew cut and his broad smooth muscular shoulders while that pretty full-lipped mouth of his sucks on my dick. But I hang back and leave it alone. Corey is wired pretty tight, and this is cool that he is being more honest and real with me. Besides, I don't want to fuck up our roommate thing and have drama. I try to steer my brain away from sex thoughts, and we just talk some more. He tells me how hard he tried to be a jock and popular and a good student in high school. He says "I want to not have to TRY so hard at everything all the time, you know?" I do know. I laugh and say "Yeah, well, I could stand to try harder. So gimme one third of all that fuckin' boy-scout achievement-type energy you got, and we'll both be all good."

Eventually we hit the lights and go to sleep.

Tues. 9/15/2015 - COREY

Yesterday (Monday) I went to the LGBT Student Association's open house. Oh my GOD! So many gay guys staring at me! It was embarrassing but I also loved it. It's confusing though, some of them have this mean bitchy sense of humor that I don't like. I want to find which ones could be a good boyfriend. Some of my thoughts are how much I want sex, and then some of my thoughts are how badly I want to be in love with a boyfriend for real for the first time! It's hard to be patient, I have been waiting for college for years now, and here I am, finally! Now it feels like all these opportunities are popping up everywhere and I can only take a few of them! So at the open house I met this really hot handsome Latin guy named Aldo (I didn't catch his full name, he told me and it was something like "Oz-valdo"). He's a Senior! We exchanged texts and I think we might hook up soon! He is beautiful.

Getting high with Trevor was so good for me. I cannot believe he guessed right away that my being gay was the thing I wanted to tell him. I guess I don't pass as straight, quite as much as I like to think! Anyway it was really good to lay back on my bed, in our room, and just talk with him. I needed to realize that I really didn't know anything about him, and to stop mentally trying to fix him and change him and stuff, the way my parents would try to do. The way they always do, with me and my two sisters, ever since we were born. My new goal is to not be like that. I am going to just let other people be who they are!

I liked the feeling of the marijuana, it was very warm and mellow and everything felt easy, like really the whole world was gonna be just fine, my life already is just fine. Trevor was really cool about the gay thing. I am so lucky. I still think he needs to spend less time in his room and on the Internet, but he said his website launch is over and he's already starting to do more college stuff. And even if he didn't, I need to keep reminding myself to not try to change other people and get into their business about what choices they make. Even though I still want to sometimes, LOL!

I'm trying not to be a narcissist but it is striking to me that I am the only freshman gay guy who has worked out with weights this consistently for so many years. Plus the yoga stuff I do on the side, which Mom taught me. My body is looking amazing. But I don't want to be one of those guys who thinks too much about how attractive they are. Which I guess I am doing right now! Funny, the thing that comes to my mind is, Trevor would know what to say right now about this, to put me back down on earth in a good way. I like his voice a lot. I wish mine was low and rough like that. It's sexy.

Trevor did his end of the bargain: he went to the campus gym and worked out. I am not going to ask exactly what he did or for how long. But yes, he went and did! Today was the second time, and he just texted me a few hours ago:

  Gym just kicked my ass

  Feels fucking good tho

  thx bud

For some reason, seeing that text puts me in like the best mood ever. I walk into English literature class and my friend Laurel (she's in the class with me) is like, "What?" I didn't even realize I was smiling.

Fri. 9/18/2015 - TREVOR

I gotta say, it's a good feeling, soreness and aliveness tingling in the body. I worked out for real, dude. Three times as agreed upon. Lifted this, pushed that, squatted and crunched and did cardio. A couple times when I started to lose focus, I imagined Corey's hot mom in tight yoga clothes staring at me with pale blue eyes. Give it 100%, she said, in my imagination. I'd focus back on the move, the muscles being worked, and I'd crank out a few more reps. Solid and slow. I did it!

The full story is that I worked out a few times before, in high school, in my friend's home gym sometimes. And the muscle never entirely went away. I'm six feet tall and lean/lanky built, but I'm kind of fit and toned considering I don't do weights. It's probably because I bike everywhere and also skateboarded a lot in my teens. When things were bad or I was depressed, I'd get stoned and then just go out on my bike for like three hours, down random roads until I was totally lost. It was cool to find out eventually from my phone, where the hell I was, and how to get back home. One time I was like five or six towns away, and it started to rain. That sucked.

So I get to thinking, Friday night again tonight, and plans are up in the air. And when I get down to thinking more about it, I really just want to smoke with Corey again. And maybe even mess around if he'd be open to it. I think he might be.

I text him from the dining hall. "Friday nite. Want to chill later in room?" He texts back a minute later:

  :-) I was thinking the same. 10pm or so?

I shoot back "k sounds good". My dick twitches between my legs. I am getting horned up for this. I think how Corey hasn't actually seen my dick yet. We are on different schedules, when I shower and dress late morning he's already out doing stuff. But yeah, my dick. It's good sized. A solid 7" long, in real inches, not porn or online bullshit. It gets real hard and thick. Juts out upright real nice and stays like that, when it's ready to go. I think he would like sucking on it.

Okay, I have just decided. Corey.. boy, it's on tonight. If I have my way, and I plan to, you are gonna give me one seriously good blow job.

Fri. 9/18/2015 continued - COREY

I come to our room at 9:45 and Trevor's already there. His desk lamp is on, just like last week. I kick off my sneakers. I realize how much I've been looking forward to this, ever since we texted a few hours ago. Just to sit back with someone you like, and spend quality time together, it sounds so simple but I realize it's all I want.

Trevor says "Heyyy" in that nice low smoky voice of his. The past two days have been a heatwave, our room is still warm with the window fan going, so Trevor is wearing just a tank T and shorts, and I realize he has a really toned runner's body with long lean muscular legs, naturally hairy and masculine looking. I never really saw his body until now. He grins and runs a hand through his thick shaggy overgrown dark brown hair and I notice he's trimmed up his beard. It looks good, the reddish element gleams in the lamp light, and the shape of his angular jawline and his lips is clearer. He is really kind of handsome in a quirky, geometric kind of way.

I'm in a T shirt and jeans and I am kind of sweating from the heat. I say "Good going on the workouts!. I'm impressed you really did it." Then I feel shy because that sounded kind of insulting. I hastily try to correct it. "I mean, uh, I didn't mean you wouldn't keep your promise, I just meant like, you really trained a lot each time, and-"

Trevor cut me off with a chuckle and raised a finger in mock warning. "I *can* actually get shit done, ya know. Check this out." He lifted his long right arm and flexed it. The muscle definition was absolutely there, lean and rangy, but strong for sure. I smiled. "Nice."

His big dark brown eyes looked into mine for a moment and I felt my genitals stir a little. Oh my god, I'm starting to get the hots for my straight roommate! I feel the sweat on my forehead and back from the heat. I hurriedly try to change the subject. "So you like your classes and stuff so far?" He grins. "They're alright. One's really good. Let's light up and kick back and talk. I wanna hear what you've been up to. Hang on a second."

He goes to his laptop and puts on a mix of what he calls "chill" music. It's mellow, electronic or whatever. I like it a lot. "Who's this?" I ask. He says in his low soft husky voice, "Some guys my friend met at Burning Man. Amorpho & Riz. I got all kinds of good downtempo tunes like this. Mood music." I feel stupid, I don't have a clue what he's talking about. He grins again.

This time I know more what to expect from our friend the vaporizer, and when those really good feelings start to come up inside me after a few tokes (as Trevor calls it), I know them as familiar. And wonderful! I take a longer, deeper inhale from the vaporizer. Trevor notices. "Awww, that's it", he drawls. "You're gonna be feeling good now, my friend."

I can't help it, I smile as wide as the moon. "I already am!" Feelings of ease and bliss and just mmmmm good stuff are rising in me. The music pulses and flows at low volume, really nice, melodic and echo-like. I get up to give Trevor the vaporizer, then fall back onto my bed, and prop a pillow up beneath my head so we can still see each other as we talk across the room.

"So tell me about your good class," I say. "Film Studies" he answers. "But fuck classes, I wanna ask if you been connecting with any boys yet."

I feel my face flush, and I laugh. I mean, I am feeling so good right now, and I want to answer anything that's true, but I don't know if I should really start blabbing to my straight roommate about gay stuff and sex stuff. I say "Well, I went to the LGBT group on Monday, when they had an open house, and, well, I might hook up with a guy I met there. We'll see!"

Trevor looks across at me again with his dark brown eyes, tokes again on the vaporizer, pauses for a moment -- and says "If you do, he's lucky. You're fuckin' cute."

Fri. 9/18/2015 continued - TREVOR

Corey leans back on his bed. I wish he was wearing just a tank top and short shorts like last time; he has a regular shirt and jeans on. "So tell me about your good class," he says.

I tell him, "Film Studies." I pause in silence for a moment. "But, fuck classes, I wanna ask if you been connecting with any boys yet."

Corey laughs uncomfortably, like he doesn't know how to respond. He probably doesn't, ha ha. Just shakes that cute crew-cut blond head of his back and forth slowly, laughing. Man, he's kind of stoned now. Nice. A bead of late-summer sweat slides down the side of his forehead, down along his ear. After a few seconds he says, "Well, I went to the LGBT group on Monday, when they had an open house, and, well, I might hook up with a guy I met there. We'll see!"

I decide now's the moment to play a move. I glance across at Corey with intention, inhale again slow on the vaporizer, pause for an instant. Then, looking into his adorable blond puppy-like face, I say it. "If you do, he's lucky. You're fuckin' cute."

Corey is flustered but turned on, I can tell. He smiles big and wide again, lifts his arms and covers his face. "Trevor, now you're embarrassing me."

I move off my bed, and slide across the room, going over to Corey on his bed. His face is still covered by his arms for a second. I grin and say, using my best low sexy voice, "Corey... lemme kiss you. I wanna be the one who kisses you first, before that other guy does."

Corey drops his arms, looks directly into my face and murmurs "ohh wow" in surprise. I move in closer and lift his chin to meet mine. I kiss him softly, sensually, in a way I am sure he did not think I could do. His mouth tastes earthy from the weed we've been smoking, but not in a bad way: it's real, it's us, it's good. Me, I strategically brushed my teeth and got all minty fresh beforehand. I'm sure my kisses taste good to him. Corey responds with a soft hunger, his full sensual lips definitely want another kiss. It escalates fast and natural and easy, yeah, we start to really fucking make out. My hand cups and caresses the back of his head. His neck is very warm and slick with fresh sweat, and his cropped blond hair feels baby-soft. I don't have big full lips like Corey's but somehow I learned how to be a really good kisser. What can I say, I come with experience and older girls are good teachers. Corey loves what's happening, his warm thick strong smooth arms wrap around me and he's softly mumbling "mmmf mmmrmmm mfff" into my mouth as we kiss and kiss each other full-on, over and over, warm and juicy.

I am wearing sweatpants and by this point they are tenting out like I have three fuckin' legs. I reach down to adjust and Corey looks down at my crotch. "Oh!" he whispers. "Trevor - it's big!" I pull the sweatpants down and my big thick dick bounds out and bounces up perfect and erect, free at last in the open air. I lean in and kiss Corey's beautiful mouth again. I take his hand and put it on my thick upturned dick. He strokes its big mushroom head in admiration. "ohhh wowww" he keeps saying softly. I lean in again and start unbuttoning his jeans. There is some bulging going on there too. I pull his jeans and underwear down. His dick pops out, it's kind of small to average size, maybe just under six inches, but thick and meaty and rock hard. And it's uncircumcised with a lot of foreskin, which fascinates me. I'm cut, and I often wonder what it would be like to have what uncut guys have, what it would feel like.

The plan was I'd be the blowjob recipient. But in real time, sex urges go where they go, and now I want to suck Corey's dick. I go for it. I swirl my tongue around the head, getting it all wet and juicy, and his strong smooth muscular hips buckle. Basically I start doing to him what I know I like when girls do it to me. Plus my tongue is curious to play with his foreskin, nuzzling in there to see if he likes that. "Oh WHOA! that is so GOOD" he exclaims. This is his first time having sex while high, and it's only the third or fourth time I've sucked a guy's dick. And I want to make it fucking great for both of us. I give him the juiciest, wettest, awesomest fellatio I can think to deliver. I start to taste the sweet mellow honey taste of pre-cum, which I know well because I taste my own sometimes. I love that he's this turned on and dripping with lust for what I'm doing. And for me, riding a really good feeling from the weed, it's great to feel his warm throbbing juicy dick full in my mouth. A thought crosses my mind, fuck, have I always wanted this more than I realized? Because it's fucking HOT what we are doing. Corey's hard dick is big but not too big. I can take it all the way to the back of my throat. And hell yeah, it turns out this boy fucking loves that. He grabs the back of my head and runs his hand through my thick longish hair. Before I know it, he goes "UHHH!" and starts pumping cum into my mouth. I've tasted my own before - I try a lot of things when it comes to sex - so it's not a total shock, the feel and taste of it. I keep sucking and go "mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm" with my voice as I suck each gush of semen from his pulsing dick. The cum swirls around in my mouth and I notice the taste in more detail. It fascinates me, probably because we're stoned. Corey's semen tastes funky, raw, alive, kind of like a smooth liquid concentrate of bean sprouts and mushrooms. I dig it. I look up at him, and murmur "mmmmmmm" slow and low again, my warm wet mouth still wrapped around his dick as the orgasm subsides.

9/18/2015 continued - COREY

Oh My God. I am trying not to think too many thoughts, because what's happening right now is amazing. As soon as we started to get high, Trevor came over and kissed me on my bed! He said he wanted to kiss me first before that other guy did. LOL, the other guy (Aldo) stopped returning my text messages two days ago. So wow this is crazy, my roommate who I thought was straight makes a pass at me and it turns out he is an unbelievably sexy kisser, his lips and beard feel so so good kissing me! I did not want him to ever stop. But he stopped - because he started sucking my cock instead! I cannot believe this is actually happening. It was so good, he sucked it like the best I ever had, and before I knew it I lost control and came in his mouth and he LIKED it and he swallowed it!!

Trevor is still sucking my cock as it slowly goes soft, and I'm trembling from aftershock feelings from this HUGE orgasm he gave me. My t-shirt is soaked and my jeans and underwear are around my knees. We fall back on my bed together and I keep babbling half incoherently. "Oh my god that was so good, ohhhh, this feels incredible-" Trevor leans in and kisses me again to shut me up. I taste a hint of my own semen on his kiss, which is weird but it's kind of sexy in a way.

The music keeps grooving and burbling along, really nice. I remind myself to copy it from Trevor sometime. We just lay together breathing, close and warm, a little overheated in the dim light. Minutes pass. I am finally calming down a little from the biggest cum explosion I've ever had. Trevor is kissing my neck, nuzzling my sweaty skin with his beard and lips. I need a shower. "I need a shower", I say.

Ok, he says. And he starts to peel off my clothes. First the socks, one then the other. Then he unbuttons my jeans all the way down and pulls each leg, and eventually slides the jeans down off of me. Then the underwear. He grins. "Shirt-cocking" he says. I guess that must be an expression for wearing a shirt and nothing else! "Yup" I say back, laughing. "Lift your arms" he says. I raise them up overhead and he gently peels the sweaty t-shirt up and off of me. He throws it onto the floor next to my jeans. I'm now totally naked on my bed. Trevor's shorts and underwear are still around his knees, his thick dick is still hard and there is pre-cum dripping from the big round rosy-red head of it. He leans in and kisses me again and his hands slide slow down my smooth sweat-drenched chest. "Fuck ,you got a nice set of pecs here, Corey" he murmurs. He massages and squeezes my full round chest muscles, and his fingertips start to tweak my nipples. WOW!! The sensation was like an electric jolt. My body shook for an instant. He tugs on my left nipple again, twisting it. "OHH!" I yelp out loud as that jolt of electricity fires up from my nipple out through my whole body. "Fuck, you're sensitive!" he says, chuckling in that low rough voice of his. The truth is I always knew my nipples were a little sensitive but somehow the marijuana and the intensity of orgasm I already just had and maybe working out so much this past year, somehow my nipples were just crazy "On!" buttons tonight. I had no idea this part of my body could be so reactive. It's too much actually, I'm feeling a little dizzy and my body temperature is surging little flashes of heat and shivers. I push gently away and said "I need a break, let me go take that shower." He keeps grinning, his big brown eyes staring into mine, and he whispers "okay" - then flicks my left nipple one more time. Again a jolt of current shoots through me, milder this time, and I utter another little cry of surprise. I push his hands away. "If you keep doing that to me, I might go crazy, like really crazy! I can't handle it!!!" He just grins. "Yeah you can." But he lets me get up and get my towel. His dick is still rock hard, big and thick. I say "I promise, let me go shower and when I come back, I want to give you a blowjob." He likes the sound of that. I throw on shorts and my toiletries bag and towel, and head down the hall to the dorm bathroom.

Two doors down some guys grin at me. Oh no! I bet they heard my yelping and stuff. Yes, they definitely did. I'm embarrassed but also from being high, I think it's hilariously funny. I saunter into the bathroom shirtless in shorts, laughing at the sexual intensity and surprises and overall unrealness of the past hour in our room.

9/18/2005 (continued) - TREVOR

Damn, this is a surprise. Humpy blond Corey, my roommate, is hitting all my buttons. I am so fucking turned on for this boy right here. He's down the hall now taking a shower. I can still taste the freshness of his cum on my tongue. He went fucking wild when I played with his tits. Does this boy have a fucking clue how beautiful his chest is? The muscles are big and powerful, but so smooth and round and pillowy when he's relaxed. I could be happy just massaging those pecs and kissing them. And these pointy little caramel brown nipples that I just want to play with. I would have chewed on them but he already went so fucking ballistic just from my tugging on them.

While he's down the hall soaping up, I adjust the weed in the vaporizer. Putting in a mix with more sativa, which is energizing and good for creativity and doing stuff, to balance out the indica which heightens sensory experiences and brings bliss but can make some people passive and sleepy.

A few minutes later Corey comes back to the room and closes the door behind him. He locks it and says "in case anybody tries to barge in. I think some of the guys might have heard us." I chuckle. "Maybe you made 'em jealous." Corey stands there in the middle of the room, in his shorts and nothing else. His blond crew-cut hair is half-wet and combed neat. He looks fresh and clean and strong and smooth and just fucking beautiful. I look again at his pretty face and those big round pecs with the hypersensitive pointy nipples. I stand up in front of him and, in two quick motions, whip off my tank t-shirt and pull down my shorts and underwear to my ankles and kick them off. I step to him, I'm three or four inches taller and I lift his face up to mine with a finger, and kiss him again. This time his kisses taste all fresh and minty, really nice, he cleaned up well in the bathroom.

I pull Corey's shorts down and he kicks them off. Finally we are both completely naked. I say "wait" and reach over for the vaporizer. We both take a deep toke and inhale. We kiss. I say "one more, and let's make it count." He inhales deeper than ever, and coughs for half a minute, he took in so much. I inhale too, yeah, this is the good stuff. I put the vaporizer down and embrace him completely, he returns it, we are way deep in a hug as I kiss him again, loving those juicy full lips of his. He coughs a little again as we kiss, I stop and go to our new mini fridge and take one of his big yellow Gatorades. "yeah?" I ask. "Please!" he says. I open it and before long we've gulped it all down, half each. My tongue slides into his mouth and his own tongue slides alongside it, dancing tongue on tongue as we keep on kissing. His hands reach out and touch my chest. It's not as pumped up and muscle-pillowy like his but it's strong and lean and well toned. He admires the light coat of brown fur running across it. He's smooth as silk, in contrast. My hands slide down and for the first time, start exploring his ass. It's so fucking full and round and strong and smooth, just like his chest. I squeeze his butt muscles and he moans in pleasure. My dick is pressed up hard onto his abs and I start to grind gently without even realizing it. Ohh yeah, I'm shifting into territory I know well. "I Want To Fuck You" mode. My whole body and energy are wanting one thing now. To fuck this beautiful boy and cum deep inside him.

I pull Corey over to my bed and we roll around kissing. He's getting hard again to match my own erection which has been mostly steady hard for like an hour now. This dick of mine is really needing some attention. I guide Corey's head down to it and he starts to suck it. He uses a technique where his hand strokes the base while his mouth gets busy and juicy on the head and the first few inches. It feels really good. I stroke his hair and his shoulders, it's just like I fantasized it would be. Real nice. I could get used to this on a daily basis for sure.

But then I get the urge to fuck him again. It's strong, I want to be inside him so fucking bad. I pull him up alongside me, kiss him again for a minute, and then say "now turn over." He hesitates with an awkward smile - "Trevor - um, I don't want to do anal stuff. I tried it once and it didn't go well." I say, "relax, we won't do anything you don't want. Only things you want. This is feel-good time." I can't help grinning wickedly at him as I say it, though. Because I'm thinking, yeah boy, this is feel-good time, and you are about to feel a good dick, feel it all the way up in your beautiful fucking hole.

Corey rolls half-over and I maneuver us into the ideal "spoons" position. I reach over to my desk drawer and pull out some lube, and slather it all over the head and shaft of my erect thick dick. It gleams in the low half light, and I think, Jesus, that is one fine dick; I would fuck myself with it if I could. I squirt another jet of lube into my hand and slide it into the cleft of Corey's beautiful soft round butt. Fuck, his butt is turning me on more than his chest did. Like, ten times more. I want to slide up in there so fucking bad right now. He hesitates again - "what are we doing?" I wrap around him and slide my hard wet dick up along the slippery cleft of his butt. "Spooning, baby", I say with a soft low chuckle. "Don't worry, you have so much ass on offer, I can enjoy it just like this without fucking you at all." It's actually true. Just fucking on the cleft of his big meaty butt is heaven. But in my plan, this is foreplay. He relaxes into my embrace and I reach around, gently stroking his cute thick little uncut cock. It's half-hard and growing. He takes a deep breath and says "ohhh.. NICE." I slide my dick up... and down... up... and down in between his butt cheeks. While humping on him nice and slow like that, I wrap my whole body around his like a glove that fits perfect. He feels so warm and good. I softly nuzzle his neck and earlobes with my lips and the tips of my beard and mustache. "uhhh!" he moans softly. I slide my dick all the way out from the cleft of his ass, then real gentle I chew on his earlobe and breathe into his ear as I slide my dick back in there, long and thick and slick and slow. He moans deeper again. "uuuuhhhhh, yeeeeahhh". His head is turned away from mine but I can feel he is smiling that big yummy smile of his again. I wrap my left arm around his shoulders and chest as my right hand gently strokes his dick. It's now hard and leaking precum again. We are getting hot, I feel a light sheen of sweat on his back and in that cleft of his ass, mixing with the lube I put in there. I'm sliding long and slow, in and out of that warm wet cleft of butt, like a well lubricated piston engine. With my left hand I gently caress his nipples again, just running my hand across them. They are perked up and hard. He moans even more.

9/18/2005 (continued) - COREY

Oh WOW I am getting lost in a big ocean of ecstasy right now. Trevor is wrapped around me from behind, we're in his bed, and I don't know what kind of weed we are smoking now but it is even better than the other stuff. I am feeling so stoked and happy and turned on from head to toe, right here and right now! All these sensations. Trevor's big warm dick is slip-sliding up and down in between my butt cheeks where he put some lube. He's all wrapped around me and while his dick slides on my butt, he's stroking my dick with one hand and my nipple in the other and tickling my neck and the side of my face with little licks and kisses. He's doing all of this really s l o w l y . . . and I am feeling so much sensation in every second. I feel like I could cum again but it would be coming from all over my body somehow, not just my dick. I want this to go on and on and on forever! It is HEAVEN.

Trevor says "I have a new idea." He leaves me where I am and comes around to slide in front of me, but opposite head to toe. I think he wants "69" where we both suck each other's dicks at the same time. We start to do that and it feels so good. His dick is wide around and it fills my mouth and feels and tastes so good. I suck and suck like I'm delirious. His warm hungry wet mouth is on my dick at the same time, and he already made me cum so hard the last time, I can't believe he is doing it again! But then he continues. He says "keep sucking my dick" and I do, while his kisses and the tickling scratch of his beard start to go lower and lower... now he's sucking gently on my balls... now he's even going further... and then Oh my God his tongue is in my butt! He grabs hold of my ass cheeks more strongly and pulls them open and really nuzzles his face up in my ass. His tongue is so warm and wet and LONG! It goes up into my butt and licks around and I have to stop sucking his dick because I'm so focused on the amazing feeling his tongue is doing to me. My butthole feels like it's glowing and so turned on and alive. Trevor's low rough voice starts murmuring up in my butt as he licks and kisses and bathes my butthole with his mouth... "rrrmmmmff.... mmmmrrrmmm... " I start to stroke my own dick and it is dripping so much pre-cum right now.

And this huge urge comes barreling up inside me: OH GOD TREVOR PLEASE FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME I WANT IT SO BADLY PLEASE FUCK ME!!!! I want him inside me, like I have never wanted anything before in my life. I feel so warm and wet and open down there, I feel like he can go ahead and enter me and I WANT HIM TO DO IT OH PLEASE!

Trevor slides his face out of my warm wet butt, stops what he's doing and laughs out loud. Because apparently I'm so stoned right now, that what I thought was just thoughts, I was babbling OUT LOUD.

He slides back around and up into spoon position again. His big dick is nestled in the cleft of my butt again. He wraps around me. Then he says, "Two things. First I just wanna be sure you know that this is special, I mean me inside you, no condom or anything. Special 'cause you can't just go and do that with everybody. Ok? HIV is out there. You know that, right?" He strokes my chest muscles and flicks my nipple again and I gasp and just nod, Yes Yes Yes. I do know. He's right. "Special", I blurt out softly. " 'cause I fuckin' care about you", he growls softly into my ear. I nod again. Oh my God, this big feeling of love is coming up in me now. Trevor is going to fuck me and he cares about me and he feels so incredible everything we are doing and this is so amazing and I almost can't handle it!!

His second item pulls me back to earth though. "When's the last time you took a dump?" I'm taken aback. "What?" "Just try to remember and tell me. I mean, do we think you're clean enough inside?" "I, um, I don't remember. I think this morning. Or maybe afternoon? I have, like, only half my memory right now!" I laugh apologetically.

Trevor climbs up off of me and goes to his closet shelves and reaches way in the back. "Ha, found it. This is a Fleet enema. Let's use it just to be sure. I want this to be good and not messy." I don't know what it is, I mean I know what an enema is supposed to do, but how do you perform one on yourself? I never did this before.

Again I realize a moment later I've said all of that, right out loud! It's like I have no filter, I am so high and blissed out and buzzed up that my thoughts become voice before I know it. Trevor laughs, "Don't worry, this is so fuckin' easy." He pulls it out, slips a bit of extra lube on the tip, then says "get back in spoon position." I do. He gently lifts my upper leg, and I feel the little tip of the enema bottle sliding into my butt. It glides in there like nothing, after he's been tongue-bathing my hole and getting it so wet and open all this time. He squeezes the bottle and I feel a bunch of liquid rushing up into my insides. It is a nice feeling actually! He squeezes the last of the bottle and says "Now I'm gonna slide it out, and as I do, clench that hole good and tight." He does and I do.

And that's that. He tells me to lay there and he gets my shorts, slides them up my legs, and gives me a fresh t-shirt to wear with it. "Slowly walk down the hall to the toilet. Take a seat. Hang out there for a few minutes, and when you feel it's time, let go like Niagara Falls. Got it?" I realize Trevor is a lot less stoned than I am, despite how we've inhaled the same. I'm grateful for his total command of intelligence right now. He knows what to do, whereas I'm all blissed out and floaty. He says "come on, easy, let's get you up. Remember, clench it tight." A minute later I'm on the toilet and a few minutes after that, WHOOSH! And it turns out I was like 99% clean anyway. But it feels good to feel like 100%. I hug myself for a minute. I start whispering his name. "Trevor... Trevor..." I reach down and stroke my butthole, it feels so wide open and soft. This is my butt? It feels so different. I suck on a finger and slide it in. It goes in so easy! I suck on two fingers and slide them both in and up my butt. They both go in easy! I slide them in and out, whispering his name again. "Trevor... Trevor..." Oh my God I definitely want the real thing!! I clean up and wash up and come back to the room.

9/18/2015 (continued) - TREVOR

Corey comes back into the room and locks the door again, gently. He turns to me and smiles that big full lippy smile. "Ready", he says with a real intention behind it. He is not babbling like a fool now, he is quiet and hungry, I see it in his eyes. I stand up again and move to him and again we kiss. He kneels and sucks my dick and it goes back from half-hard to maximum hard within half a minute. Fuck, finally we are gonna do this.

We slide back into the bed and slide instantly back into that Spoons position. It's like we have been together for months and know what to do. I get more lube and slide a finger up his butt, it's already wet and open. I slide two fingers, then three, very gently, coaxing. My trio of fingers, covered in lube, slide up in there and stay there for a while, gently prodding, sliding, confirming. Corey boy, you are so fucking ready.

I slide just the tip of my dick in at first. He takes it with ease and murmurs 'uhhh Yes". I hold him strong from behind, just an inch or two of my dick nudged up in his slick lubed ass. "you like that? Want more?" "PLEASE" he says - and I deliver. I mean to go slowly but there's that ring that nudges and then gives way, and WHOOP! My whole thick dick just goes on up into him. "Oh Wow YEAH!" he softly cries. I stay there, balls deep inside him, feeling that perfect warm hole wrapped around my dick. I kiss his neck and purr into his ear, "I wanna fuck you so bad, Corey. Want you to open up all the way for me. Let me really give it to you." He just nods in silence, breathing deep. I begin to glide out of him just a few inches, then gently plunge back up and in, all the way. He goes 'uhhh!' each time I slide back in. His ass starts gently rocking up and down in rhythm, fucking me right back as I fuck him. I can't believe he did not know how much he would love getting fucked - and how it's like his whole beautiful body and his whole energy are like made for this moment, this thing we are doing. He belongs in my arms with my dick plunging up into him. Fuck, Corey, you are so fucking beautiful. I step it up, fucking him a little faster and stronger. He stays soft and open, taking it so fucking good. "uh! .. uh!.. uh!" he moans softly. I feel sweat between my chest and his back as I fuck him, and taste fresh salty sweat on his big strong smooth shoulder as I kiss and lick his skin. I love the taste of his sweat. I start fucking him even more vigorously, and reach around to stroke his dick while I'm pumping his warm fuck-hole. His dick is semi soft but when I start stroking it he goes crazy. Makes me want to play with his nipples again. I reach up and flick one and, holy fuck, his body jolts and his ass clamps down on my dick real tight, then it softens again. Really intense sensation, I decide to try touching the nipple even more softly. He thrashes and bucks in my arms "Ohh OHHH OHHHH!!!" as I fuck him and caress his chest. I reach back down to his dick, it is absolutely rock hard and I steer us both toward cumming at the same time. Almost! Corey bucks even more and loses control and cries out as jet after jet of his cum shoots out of his cock while I'm fucking him deep and strong. I keep on, SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! as he gasps and cries out. He's still bucking and trembling when I feel it surging in me. I hold onto his bucking body even tighter as my dick blasts the biggest fucking ejaculation I can ever remember. Five, six, seven, eight gushes of my cum shoot up deep into his warm wet fucking hole, as deep as my cum can go. I am gasping for breath and my hips are going crazy, they don't want to stop fucking his ass, relentless and hard and deep. He cries out 'ohmyGOD I can feel it in me, your cum, so much of it, ohmyGOD." I finally slow down, panting like a fucking dog. I hold him tight, we are both drenched in sweat. I take a deep breath and just fall onto Corey, completely spent and limp. His body is strong and I feel him kind of carrying me, holding my weight on his back, as we breathe. My hand caresses his wet hair as my dick softens, comes to rest, still inside his warm juicy hole. I murmur into his ear the truest thing I can feel or think to say.

"Corey... Fuck... I love you."

He nods slowly and a few moments later, he sniffles his nose gently. Tears. I made him cum, I made him cry.

I need to be good to this boy. He's so sensitive and tender underneath all this muscle. I don't tell him this but I love the soft tender side of him and the strong goal-chasing side of him, it's like being with the best parts of a guy and a girl at the same time. I don't know if he is ready to hear that I am tapping into a soft feminine side in him, mixed with the masculine, but that's who I fucked and who I just said I Love You to, and I will say it again. "I love you Corey, holy fuck, I love you so much." He laughs and nods and sniffles even harder, resting in my arms. He doesn't need to say it back. We both know. We breathe another breath together, a deep one. I'm still inside him, soft now, but I want to stay just like this.

I don't know what the rest of this year will bring but I know this is the biggest strongest deepest feeling of love or lust or both that I have ever felt for somebody. I promise... I promise what?

I promise to bring you my best, and to just fucking love you, Corey, and we'll see where this goes.


Paul Lantoro

[email protected]


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