It was my work’s Christmas night out. I’d be dreading it all week. It wasn’t anything official booked, just a few different teams from the company going for drinks. I’d been in work that day; I woke up with the mindset that I wasn’t going. I didn’t finish until 7 and would probably be knackered by the time it would take me to get home, dressed and then straight for a night out drinking. It got to around 5pm in work and everyone was still trying to convince me to go. I’d had a shit day by this point and I figured drowning my sorrows couldn’t hurt. I’d go for a couple, just to show my face and head home for an early night.

I rushed home to get showered and dressed. Changed my work shirt for a muscle-hugging black one, tight black jeans and white Calvin Klein briefs (briefs for some reason briefs always make me feel sexier, even if nobody is going to see them tonight). Finally, I jumped into a taxi and headed into town to meet everyone in the pub. I arrived to see only a handful of people there, most of which I’d only ever spoken to once or twice. 11 guys, 1 girl and me. I grabbed myself a pint from the bar, sat down and started to make polite conversation. This was going to be an earlier night than I originally expected. I must’ve smoked a pack of cigs in the space of an hour. If I wasn’t smoking I was running to the toilet for a piss. Basically I was doing anything to avoid awkward small talk. After a while a few more lads turned up, this time 3 that I got along with really well and my manager, Chris. A few more drinks, I thought.  

We were all sat around a small table in a really crowded pub. After a while somebody suggested playing “I have never”. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous the idea was, a bunch of 20-something-year-olds confessing through the medium of drink about all the sexual things they had done. I didn’t say anything though, I didn’t want to be the boring twat at the end of the table, plus everybody else seemed to be up for it. The questions started out with the usual - “I have never had a threesome.” Drink. “I have never had sex in a public place.” Drink. “I have never had a wank at work.” Drink. I started to get tired of it (and slightly drunk). The game continued, by this point I was just drinking for the sake of it, regardless of whether I had or had never whatever the question was. 

“This one’s for you, Alex,” a voice said loudly in my direction. I looked across to see Ryan staring in my direction. He was a great-looking guy, but not somebody I had particularly bothered with in work. Ryan was about 5”10/11, definitely slightly shorter than me anyway, a muscular build and tattoos everywhere. His face was chiseled, hazel eyes and buzz-cut hair. His tattoos crawled from his arms up around his jaw line, framing his face.“I have never had a gay fantasy” he smirked. Ryan was straight and wasn’t shy of telling anybody about the amount of girls he had gone through. He’d even managed to fuck his female trainer in the training room when he first started and then pretty much any good-looking girl that looked in his direction (and every girl looked in his direction). Ryan smiled at me after finishing the question, grabbed his glass and downed whatever was left of his pint. I started to take a swig of my drink. I wasn’t phased by the question, everybody knows I’m bisexual, so I had nothing to hide. I looked around the table to see only one other guy drinking: my manager, Chris. I had always had a thing for Chris, tall (about 6”3), clearly ripped, blonde-boyish good looks, hetero to the point where it’s annoying (the kind of idiot that talks about pussy all day with his ‘bros’) and, most importantly, in a position of power (I love guys with authority). Nobody really said anything and the questions continued to roll around the table, finally arriving back at me. I was determined to see how far I could push the questions. “I have never had a finger up my arse” I laughed and drank. Again, the only other two people drinking were Ryan and Chris.

“You should honestly try it,” exclaimed Ryan to all the other guys, “it feels fucking great. Get your birds to do it to you next time.” Someone brushed past the comment, clearly feeling uncomfortable, and moved the game forward until it came to a natural stop. We finished the rest of our drinks and decided to move on to a club around the corner. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan’s answers in the club and now had my hand in my pocket trying to reposition my semi discretely. I was completely pissed at this point and stopped drinking so I could carry on and just ended up dancing like a complete idiot. Ryan ran from the bar, with a drink in both hands, and towards where the rest of us were dancing. He pushed his arse up against my crotch, grinding in a joke-like manner while dancing, moaning loud enough for the club to hear and spilling both of his drinks everywhere. My dick went immediately hard and I had to move away from him quickly before he realised how much this was turning me on. The night grew on and Chris came over to me “You ready to head off now?” he said. “We may as well share a taxi ‘cause I don’t live too far from you.” The timing couldn’t have been better, the place was swarming with idiots and I couldn’t wait to get in and have a wank. I said goodbye to everyone, telling them I’d see them in work on Monday morning. Ryan came up to me, shouting over the music, “Are you going? You were gonna be my first gay experience, Alex” he laughed. “Ahh sorry,” I replied “I’m sure I’d rock your world, but maybe next year” I joked back. I figured that was enough to make me not seem keen and if he was joking (which I assumed he was) he would know that I was playing along. 

“I hate to be cheeky, but can I can actually sleep on your sofa or something?” he asked “It’ll cost me a fortune to get a taxi on my own now. Just say no if you can’t and I’ll just ask someone else”. I obliged, I figured I’d just put him up, let him sleep it off and remind him of the dumb things he said while he’s nursing a hangover in the morning. 

We grabbed a taxi, I was squashed between the two of them. Even just their thighs touching mine at this point made me want to explode. I did anything I could to distract them from looking towards my crotch and seeing the outline of my hard-on through my jeans. The taxi pulled up outside my house, and Ryan and I got out. “I’ll just get out here and walk now,” Chris told the driver as he started to pay him “It’s only a 2 minute walk anyway.”

“Come inside and have a couple of drinks,” Ryan said, inviting him into my house “I’m not tired so will probably stay up.”

“That okay with you, Alex?” asked Chris, knowing it wasn’t Ryan’s place to offer. 

“Sure” I replied, now stumbling towards the front door.

We all sat on the sofa in the living room, me on the complete opposite end so that neither of them thought I was going to try anything on with them. We sat recalling the night’s events, laughing and joking about some of the questions and answers during the game, all carefully avoiding the ones that only us three drank to. Chris lay down on the sofa, spreading his legs out over Ryan. 

“I’m staying here tonight, Alex, I’m too wasted to be bothered walking home” he told me. I didn’t say anything, I just nodded my head and smiled. Ryan got up from the sofa, “I’m going for a leak, don’t be fingering his arse while I’m gone, Alex,” he joked, falling over his own feet and out the door.

“Managed to get that boner down that you had in the taxi?” Chris laughed, his arms now behind his head as his pillow. 

“Just about. I thought it was too dark in the taxi for you both to notice” I had chuckled back. 

“I saw that from fucking space, mate. It even got me slightly hard” he smiled. 

The door to the living room sprung back open. Ryan stumbled in, his shirt and trousers were completely off and was only wearing one of my white jockstraps. He had more tattoos than I realised, completely covering his entire chest and arms. I’d never realised just how great a body he had - no abs, but large pecs, muscly arms, flat stomach and that perfect ‘V’ point towards his massive bulge in my jock. 

“You have some fun fucking shit in your bedroom, mate.” I hid my face behind one of the pillows in complete embarrassment. “How does my arse look in this, Chris?” 

“Impressive” he responded. 

Ryan sat on my lap, grinding his naked-arse on me like he did in the club. He leaned back on me, grabbed my hand and slowly sucked my finger before leaning forward again, perching his bubble-butt towards me and pushing my hand down towards his tight hole. “Go on, you know how much I love it” he grinned. By this point I didn’t care whether he was still joking or not, I slowly slipped my finger deep inside him and he let out a soft moan. I moved my other hand around his waist and felt his rock-hard dick through the material of my jock-strap, rubbing it slowly as I continued to slip my finger in and out of his warm hole. I hadn’t noticed, but Chris had already sat up and was brushing his hand over his crotch as he watched us. Ryan gently pulled my finger out from inside him, stood up and gave us both a gesture to follow him upstairs as he walked off.

We both quickly followed. Ryan was stood at the end of my bed, grabbed the collar of my shirt and roughly threw me down onto my bed. Ryan joined me, kissing me whilst Chris stood at the end of the bed watching us and slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Ryan’s tongue moved down towards my neck, lightly biting down on me every so often. I caught a glimpse of Chris now completely shirtless, his huge pecs, defined washboard abs and perfect biceps. He was stroking his crotch through his trousers and I gestured with my finger for him to come towards me. I took off Chris’ belt with my left hand and Ryan literally ripped all the buttons off my shirt, revealing my body, which, though muscly, made me look tiny in comparison to Chris. Ryan was now licking down my body, quickly unbuttoned and slid down my jeans and pushed his face into my white briefs, sniffing my balls through them and rubbing the palm of his hand over my hard cock through the material. Chris’ trousers were around his ankles now. Just a pair of blue skin tight boxer-briefs stood between me and his meat. His bulge was huge, but I could tell he wasn’t fully hard yet. Ryan pulled down my briefs and pressed his lips against the tip of my cock, flicking his tongue over it to tease me. He slowly worked his hand around it as his warm mouth slid down my throbbing dick. Moaning with pleasure, I bit the band around Chris’ boxers and pulled them down with my teeth, feeling his semi-hard dick brush up against my cheek. I opened my mouth and started to take him all in feeling him grow harder and harder with every suck. His dick was about 8 inches and unbelievably thick. He started to thrust his hips, grabbing the back of my head to take control. Ryan licked my sweaty balls, breathing in the smell and slowly started to suck them as his hand worked up and down my dick. Chris now climbed onto the bed, his cock still deep inside my mouth, his body completely over my head which lay flat on the bed as he pounded my mouth, holding the headboard for support. He forced his dick deep into my mouth and occasionally pulled out completely to let me come up for air as his spit-soaked cock dripped back onto me before face-fucking me again. Ryan began to climb back towards the top of the bed now and Chris pulled his dick out of mouth, moved towards my legs and flipped me over. Ryan knelt in front of me now and I followed his action. I spread his perfect arse, which was still being tightly squeezed together by my jockstrap and began to rim his tight pink hole. I felt Chris at the bottom end of the bed pull his body up between my legs. He lay flat on the bed, grabbed my cock and pulled it down towards his face as he started to taste his first dick. He was surprisingly excellent. He sucked it deep, lifting his head up off the bed to take all of me in and would occasionally pull out and run his tongue smoothly around the head of it, causing me to shake with ecstasy. He moaned so much as he sucked me, clearly enjoying the taste of it in his mouth. Ryan started to thrust his arse against my tongue now. I made him suck my finger again and pushed it back inside him slowly, still licking his hole and pushing my tongue slightly inside him. With every push of my finger Ryan would lightly moan and push back on it so it went deeper; each moan would make me nearly blow my load into Chris’ mouth. Ryan span around, pulled off the jock strap completely fully revealing his dick. It was about 7 inches, uncut and needed to be deep inside me straight away. He grabbed it with his right hand, pulled my head back by my hair with his left and repeatedly slapped it across my face. 

“You want this inside you, Alex?” he laughed. 

“Yes. Right now. Please,” I moaned, as Chris just deep-throated me again. I opened my mouth, tongue out and he slid down my throat, pushing harder each time. He was relentless. I grabbed the base of his cock to gain control and slowly started to suck the head of it, my tongue firmly underneath and sliding deeper down on it as I tugged on his balls. 

“I need to fuck you now before I cum everywhere,” Chris panted, finally coming up for air from between my legs. 

I lay on my back, Ryan grabbed my head, lifting it up off the pillow. I opened my mouth, begging for his dick again. He forced his hard cock deep into my mouth and kept it there, forcing me to gag before pulling out again and repeating. Chris grabbed my legs, putting them over his shoulders. He spat onto my hole, sucked his fingers and slid them inside me to prepare me for his cock. My entire body clenched as his fingers penetrated deep inside me. I could feel the tip of his monster dick now pushing against my hole. Ryan continued to face-fuck me hard, both of my hands squeezing his tight arse as he pounded faster into my face. I now felt Chris slowly push his dick inside me, I started to scream in pain, my mouth opening wider, but Ryan quickly shut me up by stuffing his cock deep into my mouth. Chris continued to push inside my arse until all 8 inches of his thick cock were deep inside me. He started to slowly pull out, making me moan even louder this time. The pain was almost unbearable. Chris started to quicken up the pace, now in time with Ryan thrusting his cock down my throat. He would completely pull his dick out and force it all the way back in.

“Let me ride him” Ryan said to Chris. They both completely pulled out of me and moved to the opposite ends of the bed. Chris flipped me over and they forced me onto my knees again. I immediately started to suck Chris’ throbbing cock. It tasted amazing. His body was completely covered in sweat from ramming my hole so hard, but he wasn’t tired yet. He pushed my head down the length of his cock and started to thrust into me again, treating my mouth in the same way he did my arse. Ryan was behind me, his hands on my waist and the head of his dick aligned with my hole. “You ready?” I mumbled “yes” with my lips pressed firmly around Chris’ soaking wet cock. Ryan forced his way deep inside me immediately, knowing Chris slightly loosened me up for him, but I still let out a loud moan. He drilled my arse like he did my throat, deep and fast with no sign of slowing down. His cock felt amazing inside me. I could feel Chris’ sweaty balls banging against my chin as he continued to slam my throat. The headboard banged loudly against the wall in time with the sound of their sweaty bodies slamming against me. The two of them high-fived over my body mid-pound, which somehow caused them to fuck me even faster and harder. My own cock was sore from behind hard for so long and I started to pre-cum. Ryan reached for my dick, gathering the cum on his fingers and leaned his hand towards Chris as he licked it off his fingers. 

Chris pulled his dick out of mouth and slapped me across the cheek with it a few times. “You think you can take both of us?” Chris asked. I shrugged my shoulders. I’d never been double penetrated before but I knew I wanted to try it with these two. “Well let’s find out,” he said. 

Chris lay on his back. I climbed on top of his shiny, sweaty, muscly body and started to kiss him. Ryan grabbed Chris’s dick, directing him back inside me and I slowly started to slide deep down him again. Chris put both of his arms around me, embracing me tightly as we continued kiss. Ryan was stood behind me, his dick now ready to fuck me again. He slowly pushed the tip inside me, this was enough to make me scream. Chris bit my bottom lip, embracing me tighter so I couldn’t pull them out of me, and Ryan continued to slowly push deeper and deeper inside my already dick-filled hole. Chris and Ryan’s hard cocks were now both deep inside of me. Chris looked up at me and inhaled loudly. “This feels fucking unbelievable” he said. 

“I’m doing my best not to cum, I want it to last all fucking night. So fucking tight.” Ryan replied, panting. Chris started to thrust inside of me and his dick pulled completely out. He forced it deep back inside, making my arse clench tight which caused them both to moan loudly in unison. This prompted Ryan to start to fuck me like me was before with absolutely no mercy. Faster and faster he thrusted inside me making me clench each time his dick completely filled my hole, causing Chris to moan. I could feel both of their dicks start to throb inside me. 

“I gonna fucking cum” Chris said. 

They both pulled out. Chris pushed me onto my back and they both kneeled on the bed next to me, either side of my face, rapidly stroking their dicks. Ryan’s breathing quickened and got louder with each stroke “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” he moaned. He shot his warm all over my face, still stroking his dick and making sure that he covered me with every last drop. Chris looked down at my cum-covered face, my tongue out ready for his load and this seemed to somehow turn him on even more. He carried on staring at me, using his hand like he used my arse, clenched tight around his dick. He let out the most arousing loud moan and I felt his hot cum spraying over my face and tongue. He pushed his pulsating dick in my mouth and his cum was still leaking a massive load. Ryan licked the cum off my face and kissed me, getting the rest of Chris’ load from my tongue. Both of them moved towards the other end of the bed, now ready to let me finish. Ryan spat the cum in his mouth onto my dick to use as lube whilst Chris lay side-ways wanking me off, his lips now pressed firmly around the end of my cock ready for to finish. Ryan, his dick still rock-solid, lifted up my legs and started to push his dick back inside me, knowing this would make me cum harder. Chris deep-throated my cock as Ryan pushed deeper inside me. My dick started to pulsate in Chris’ mouth and he sucked me harder. I inhaled as Ryan slammed inside me and I started to spill my load inside Chris. I couldn’t stop moaning, Chris continued to suck me hard and Ryan slowly pulled out of me again. It felt like I was going to cum inside Chris’s warm mouth forever. 

“Share” Ryan said to Chris. Chris sat up and started to make-out slowly with Ryan, my cum was now all around their mouths. They crawled either side of me. I slowly kissed Ryan before turning towards Chris and doing the same. We all lay flat on my bed, completely naked, panting heavily and drenched in each others sweat and cum.

“I’ll try and take your dicks in the morning, guys. No promises though. Alex might have to get destroyed again” Ryan laughed.




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