I was back home from duty out in Afghanistan. A different world, and a new experience out there. 21 years old still in many ways a boy, I soon grew into a man. I shared living quarters with 3 other guys. We grew very close and I mean very close. We were in a hostile environment we did not know who were friends and who were foe. The so-called enemy could be any age and any sex.

The entertainment as good as it might be could never replace what we had back home with our family and friends.

We were all fit young guys, testosterone pumping through our veins. The few women that were there were not available. We at to be satisfied with a hand job and fantasies conjured up in our minds.

The guys I shared with became like family we looked out for each other. After awhile we became less inhibited, jerking off was something we did not need to conceal, we all did it. We all had girlfriends at home and missed our carnal pleasures. Walking about just in our briefs or boxers or even nude became the norm, in our own quarters. The relaxed atmosphere and fooling about helped to relieve the tensions we lived under.

Brad was the oldest by a few months and asserted himself as the alpha male. Any little frictions we did have, he sorted. The stress of not having sex was making us all feel frustrated. At our age sex was a must.

It had been a particular stressful day. Not to go into too much detail, we had engaged with the enemy. Adrenaline had been fast flowing through our bodies whilst dealing with the problem.

It was that day that Jed and I walked in on brad and Ben. Brad was laying on his bunk, Ben was between his legs sucking his dick.. They didn't care that we had caught them doing it. As a matter of fact I felt my dick boning. Brad looked up and said, "if you guys want him to suck your dicks drop your pants.

The thought of someone doing that for me was too much of an invitation to refuse. I looked at Jed he was already unbuckling. We both dropped out pants and waited our turn.

We both stood there looking on and stroking our hard dicks waiting our turn. Ben was taking brad's entire erect penis deep down his throat; now and then he would gag. His saliva was running down the shaft and getting matted in Brad's pubic hairs. Brad beckoned us nearer. Let him taste the precum trickling out ya pee slits. As soon as Ben touched my dick and started to lick my precum the sensation made me shudder. It had the same effect on Jed. It had been sometime since we had had our dicks played with.

Ben then concentrated on sucking Brad's dick. Brad had his hand on the back of Ben's head and was forcing it down onto his hard dick. Ben was gagging and giving out a muffled moan as Brad's body went into uncontrollable spasms as he squirted his juice down Ben's throat. Ben was struggling and trying to pull away as juice spilled out his mouth and down his nostrils. Eventually Brad released his hold and Ben pulled away as he did he got a full blast of Brads juice into his face. He didn't need to suck on my dick long before I squirted. It felt so good to have someone play with my balls and suck my dick. Even though it was a guy doing it. My first with a guy it was awesome.

All three of us used Ben to relieve our sexual tensions. Ben was bisexual. He became our cum-bag. He enjoyed sex with guys and knew how to make it really good. We all eventually fucked his ass.

I had experienced gay sex and liked the intensity of it.

Back home my girl had missed me so much that she went with another guy and didn't want to see me anymore. For a start it hurt me to lose her. I soon got over it and had a few one night stands. I kept thinking back to Ben and how intense and good sex had been with him.

My brother was a year older than I was, he had a buddy Jon, Jon is 24 years old about 5'10" to my 6' 2", about 120lbs and skinny to my 220lbs of hard muscle. I always thought that maybe he was gay. The smile and the looks he gave me. Maybe he more than just liked me. I had ignored it I wasn't interested back then. Now I was thinking differently. Sex is sex; I had experienced intense sex with a guy. Sex with girls was good but not so intense like it had been with Ben. I was missing it; maybe Jon could give me what I craved for.

I at to come up with something to make Jon come onto me. Tempt him in such a way that he would not be able to hold back. I arranged to meet him at a bar have a few drinks and see how it went. I wore a tight fitting shirt, one that would show of the contours of my torso, tight jeans to show off my bulge and firm ass. I smiled when I realised what I was doing, dressing to attract a guy lol.

I was in the bar waiting for him I had a few glances from girls in the bar. I was finding it difficult to ignore them, until I saw Jon. I waived him over . I kept plying him with drinks. I sat on a barstool with my legs wide open facing him hoping the drink and my appearance would eventually have some effect on him. It was slow going. Had I got it wrong? Maybe he is straight.

Nothing was working he made no move to touch me the drink and all my efforts were failing. I needed to piss, I went to the washroom. Jon came in and stood by me. I had my dick out pissing. He stood there with his dick out he wasn't pissing he was stroking his hard dick. He reached over and ran his hand over the shaft of my dick I did not move away. "Not here, lets take a ride." I said. At last I was getting somewhere.

We got in my car and drove out into the desert. In the car Jon ran his hands over my thighs and over my hardening dick. I was looking forward to him sucking my dick. He unzipped my zipper and ran his hand inside my boxers and started to play with my balls and dick. My dick was rock hard. I pulled over to a secluded place where I had taken girls. I unbuckled my belt arched up my ass and lowered my jeans. Jon knelt between my legs I felt his coarse tongue licking the shaft of my dick, "mmmmm pre cum", he said as he sucked on the glans of my dick, sending sensitive shivers through my body, making me inhale deeply,

He was stroking my dick and taking it deep down his throat now and then he would stroke my thighs and run his hands over my abdomen. I was getting close to ejaculating. Jon started to stroke his own dick. I squirted my load into his mouth. He was cumming at the same time. I could here him moaning, his body was convulsing. Feelings of ecstasy were shooting through my contorting body. Yeah I felt good I had that same feeling of intensity that I had with Ben.

Driving back we talked, Jon was surprised at what we had done after all I had showed no interest in him before. I must have made it very obvious to him at the time that I was not interested. I asked him what he had done sexually He told me I was the first guy he had had any kind of sex with.

I told him about my time out in Afghanistan the sex part, sharing with 3 other guys and one was bi-sexual, how he sucked our dicks and how the three of us had fucked him. Sometimes he could only craw after, but still wanted us to fuck him some more. Sometimes he would walk funny when on patrol after a hard fucking session. Only we knew he was full of our juices and plugged his ass to stop our juices trickling out his man pussy. Ben loved every moment having three fit guys to fuck him, he sure made it good for us.

I told Jon I still like having sex with girls, now though I like to fuck a guy too. I could see by the look in Jon's eyes and the movement of his body that what I was telling him was making him horny.

I said we could spend a weekend together stay at a motel maybe. "When! Erm when!" Jon asked excitedly. "When you're free?" I replied. "This week end," he was quick to say. "Ok lets do it,." I replied.

That weekend we drove some distance before we picked out a motel. As soon as I closed the door behind us I reached out and started to unbutton Jon's shirt and strip him. He tore at my belt unbuckling it then he un-zipped my zipper. We were soon both naked, both with a hard boner. Jon was trembling with excitement at the thought of what I was going to do to him. I was lusting for his body.

His smooth skinny bony body felt just like a girls. I forced him down onto the floor so he was laying on his back, I could feel his hands stroking my back and my ass I licked and sucked his nipples. I ran my hand down and between his legs. He was inhaling deeply, my every touch was sending him crazy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, I wanna feel your cock inside me," he cried out. I grabbed his ankles and lifted his legs up and spread them apart as I did his ass arched up. I could see his tight man pussy already lubricated to take my 7" plus hard cock. I leaned into him and pressed hard with my cock on his hole until the head of my cock slid in making him yelp out loud. I looked down at him as I continued to thrust inch by inch deeper into his virgin man pussy.

"You ready for me to fuck you?" I asked "Yeahhhhhh man, fuck me good," he screamed. The look on his face was a mixture of smiles and grimaces as I slid deeper into him. One last thrust and I was all the way into him. My cock felt warm and wet inside his tight ass.

Jon gave out moans of delight as I thrust gently into him. He ran his hands over my shoulders and down my back slightly scratching my back with his fingernails, sending ripples of delight through my body. He wrapped his legs around my waist tightly as I thrust harder and more vigorously into him. At each thrust he moaned with delight. I told him I was about to cum. "fill me man, fill me with your juices," he said with a look of delight on his face.

I thrust hard into him and held, then thrust again. My whole body convulsed, I sudden feeling of ecstasy shot through my body as I squirted my load into him. I pulled out and squirted over his chest and face then re-penetrated him so my cock could soak in his warm wet man pussy.

I lay on him to give me time to rest before I fucked him again. He ran his fingers through my hair and French kissed me. I was enjoying the attention he was giving me. I had the whole weekend to fuck him some more, and I did.



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