Christmas day. We had elected to go to family for the day. Some families collect other families. We were one of the collected families. That is: me, a 52 year old quite buff (secretly) bisexual guy, my beloved wife, our 17 year old daughter and our disabled 16 year old son. We always ended up with family and when it got too much we could leave and retreat to the safety and sanity of our home. If all else failed would use our disabled son to beat a hasty retreat if things got to be too much.

There were all sorts of other "collected" families. An overweight diving instructor and his wife and two underfed teenage sons (guess how they stayed slim?), some older friends of the resident gran and grandpa, and an overweight mother and her GORGEOUS son.

When we arrived (1/2 hour late, unusually, for us), everybody was just about to hand out presents. The family we were visiting were the cousins of my wife, so the kids were grandkids of grandparents if that made sense, grandkids of brothers. You know what I mean. When we walked in everybody was seated in a small lounge that was festooned with Christmas teddy bears. I mean creepily festooned but nonetheless festive. When we walked in I took stock of all present as I do when I know that I would be in an unknown situation. Who do I know and who not? I knew the fat guy and his boys. They were cute but skinny. I knew my wife's cousin's boys, tall strapping boys that I would fuck if I had the chance but, hey, no chance was all around and I had kept my secret for 20 years, so how was it to change now?

Who I didn't know was the blonde boy sitting on the floor by the piano. Spiky hairstyle, short pants and clearly beefy arms, not able to make out much more but I was intrigued, hiding it as I was used to doing due to 20 years of incognito boy-love. He was obviously into himself, flashing that smile all around, not even aware of my presence as I looked at his interaction with the "cousins" (God what would you call them?).

Once we had distributed the presents (biscuits to me and my gluten intolerant wife- a battle also of 17-odd years to get people to realize pasta also contained gluten), we separated into age groups. The greybeards (three old ladies over 70) stayed in the teddy bear lounge to watch the Queen's Christmas message, the young ones, (my daughter, the two under-nourished boys, the "cousins" and Ross, the beautiful boy) played video games in the lounge, and the rest of us sat around the garden table outside eating our Christmas lunch. Periodically I would go in to 'see' what the kids were doing. Ross was sitting on the floor with his back against a couch with his hairy legs stretched out before him. I sat behind him to one side and I could see his neck right in front of me and saw that was hairy too. I could image my hands in his hair gripping a fistful as I guided his grinning mouth to my leaking cock. I couldn't make out his package, as his shorts were quite loose. I looked around at the cousins who had beefy asses and tree-trunk legs (both of them were close to 6ft 5 or more) so I could imagine that if they were in proportion they should be impressive. I had often fantasized about these two and wondered if they thought of me as the creepy gazing uncle. Ross was drinking a beer and had his legs crossed at the ankles as they stretched before him. Oh well, I supposed I would just have to fantasize quietly and jack off later to the made-up details.

To my delight the boys came out for a swim, in spite of the fact that it was mizzling out, the weather having been yuck for a couple of days. They played piggy in the middle, the tall boys being obviously better suited to that game due to their altitude. Ross was till flashing his smile and spreading his lats. My wife's cousin whispered in my ear that he was quite into gymming. I answered that I could see that. (It now occurs to me that it is odd that she should have thought it necessary to tell me that-maybe I shouldn't read anything into that?) One of the old ladies remarked loudly that Ross had hair on his back, a detail which I had noticed too, and his mother was quick to shush us because apparently he hated it and she had neglected to remove it with Veet before they came. This boy was quite sensitive and the fact that his mother was involved in his 'hair care' was of some interest to me, I have to say.

Anyhoo, the play got quite rough and Brian, the younger of the two cousins, the tallest of them all, was manhandling Ross easily by lifting him out of the water and flinging him into the deep end like a dishrag. I later heard from my daughter that Ross was 6ft 1 (which he considered to be average for a man). I was quite envious of both of the boys and wondered if their soft manhood had pressed against each other at any point. My manhood was feeling distinctly less soft as the mere thought of the innocent straight boys rubbing themselves against each other in rough play chubbed me up more than a bit.

I decided to go inside to the toilet and take care of myself before I popped a legitimate boner and gave away the situation. I was just going into the bathroom when I hear the pitter patter of wet feet and looked behind me to see Ross drying his face with a towel and polishing that dazzling smile.

"Draining the lizard?" he asked. "Mind if I have a quick shower while you do?"

"Not at all, if you don't mind me pissing while you shower...?" I tried to sound nonchalant, as if it was normal for perfect strangers at least 30 years apart in age to share a bathroom in this way.

"We can watch each other." He smiled.

My heart leapt.

"We could," I stated simply.

He pulled the door closed behind him and locked the door. Maybe he was like me; maybe swimming and then taking my cozzie (bathing suit) off after, always got him horny too.

I stood at the toilet and started to unbutton my fly to do what I assumed he thought I came here to do -have a piss.

"Mind if I join you? I didn't want to use the pool."

He didn't wait for an answer but undid his board short style swimsuit and dropped them to the floor, revealing his seriously shriveled dick, uncut and about and inch and a half in length, cowering in the dirty blonde pubes above his equally sorry-looking balls.

He saw the direction of my gaze.

"He should relax soon, when he sees yours. Swimming always makes him hide away. I'm a grower, not a shower, anyway." Again, that smile. He stood alongside me, naked as the day he was born. He was a hairy boy. I didn't mind and neither did my dick, which was doing it's best to show the younger counterpart that it didn't object to any aspect of his presence, hairiness or size.

I was 5ft 7, almost 8, and he was about half a head taller than me. At that altitude he must have a great view of my completely bald head, a fact which I didn't mind as I knew I looked a lot younger than my age due to some muscles and good genes.

Our streams connected and we did a bit of battle and the fragrance of our piss mingled in the water. The sound was also making me really horny; nothing quite as masculine as the thunder of a good piss into the toilet bowl, and now multiplied by two.

"I saw you checking me out," he said quietly. "Did you like what you saw?"

I nodded to my lengthening dick.

"What do you think?"

He nodded at his also now less shy member, who was beginning to enjoy the attention.

"Little Ross wants to play. You up for that?"

"As long as nobody suspects and it stays between us, sure, why not?"

He reached out and squeezed the last drops from my cut 7-incher.


He was till pissing and had not pulled the foreskin back so he was making a bit of a mess. I reached over and pulled it back to reveal the progressively healthier glans, now that warmth and blood flow were being restored to the area.

"I like skin," I said. I stuck my finger in the flow and enjoyed the warm liquid for a moment. Then I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked the piss off.

"Kinky," he whispered.

I repeated my action but this time brought my finger to his mouth. He pulled back slightly and then with a grimace, relented and sucked on my finger.

"Mmm, not bad," he commented. "I've never tasted piss before."

This kid had a bladder like an ox. The flow just continued on and on. Must be the beer.

"You wanna get it from the tap?" he asked nodding at his cock, from which the light yellow liquid still flowed unabated.

"Don't mind if I do," I answered and went on my knees in front of him as he changed aim. Sensibly he restricted the flow so that we didn't soil the floor or my clothes. I swallowed the light tasting piss with relish and loved the feeling of my mouth on the rapidly lengthening cock. I rubbed my tongue around the head, which helped as well. At last there was one more spurt, which I retained in my mouth and stood up, leaning up to share it with him mouth to mouth. Once more he pulled back and with a grimace (whether from the kiss or the piss, I know not) leaned in and received his body juice from my mouth. Once the piss had been transferred and he had swallowed it, the conundrum was solved as he practically devoured my mouth in a hot stubble to stubble kiss, breathing noisily through his nose all the while. We made out for a while, but then I pulled back.

"I can't be away too long or my wife will wonder what happened to me. What do you want to do?" I asked between the tongue dueling.

"Can you fuck me?" Just the words I wanted to hear. I had dreamed of sticking my cock into the hairy boy practically from the moment I saw him.

"I would love to fuck you. Turn around and put your hands on the basin."

He did as he was told. I stroked his hairy back, down to the meaty, fur-covered ass cheeks.

"I have hair on my back," he stated the obvious.

"I don't mind a hairy back," I answered, "as long as I can see and fuck the hairy asshole below." I loosened my belt and the top button of my jeans and dropped them to the floor. Next I pulled my under rods to one side and fished my iron hard boner out.

I continued rubbing his ass cheeks as I kneeled behind him and pulled them apart. I sniffed the furry pink trail and knew it would taste and smell of chlorine. I found the pink hole with my forefinger and decided to go for broke. I licked my middle finger, fiddled a bit with the pulsing ass-lips and shoved it straight in up to the second knuckle. Ross exhaled sharply and bore down with his ass until my digit had disappeared completely inside of him. I could feel the folds of his colon around my finger, the warm sliminess enveloping my probing digit completely. I pulled it out and put my mouth to his cunt as he ground backwards with his hips, as if to envelop my whole face with his back door. I tongued his pink folds, slobbering as much as possible to get him as wet as I could. He was struggling to keep the noise down but he was obviously enjoying his ass being rimmed.

"You like that, boy?" I asked, once again working my finger into him to transfer some off the juices inwards for lube.

"Yes, sir, I do, I really, really do," he responded breathlessly.

The "sir" surprised me and I knew this was going to be more fun than I anticipated.

"Get on your knees and get my cock wet." I ordered in a soft, but harsh voice.

"Yes sir," he replied and turned, fell to the floor and complied. I stuck my cock straight down his throat with my hand behind his head, forcing into him as far as I could go, not waiting for him to get used to it because I knew that we needed as much goo as possible. I was rewarded when he gagged quietly and a whole lot of throat snot came out of his mouth in one go. I pulled out almost all the way and repeated the process, with the same results. I held my hips to his convulsing mouth for a few seconds this time, reveling in the warm contractions as he fought to expel my dick and not choke. At last I let him go and his face was not so pretty any more but infinitely hotter with snot and goo and tears messing with the cute boy face. I took my hand and wiped all the goo off his stubble and nose and worked it on my cock.

"Get up and turn around," I ordered quietly. He complied. "I'm not going to do this slowly. We will be missed if we don't hurry."

He just nodded and stuck his ass backward at me. I took one last moment to transfer some of the throat snot onto his hole, positioned my cock, found the hole with the tip and thrust forward, immediately bottoming out with my pubes against his blond furry ass cheeks. His breath came out with a whoosh! Time was running out so I proceeded to fuck him quickly and harshly.

"Is this what you want, boy, me to fuck you like the dirty, hairy boy that you are?"

"Yes, sir, fuck me please sir, fuck me hard!" He said quietly but urgently.

"Bend you knees a bit," I said because I was struggling to get leverage into the taller boy.

Immediately he complied and now I could let rip. Relentlessly, like a pile driver, I went at it, trying to keep it as quiet as possible. The fact that somebody could hear us if they passed the bathroom door, or my wife could come looking for me, or one of a dozen other dangerous possibilities, enhanced the moment for me and I fucked as if my life depended on it. In a sense it did. There was no way I was going to leave this job unfinished.

"I'm about to come in your hairy boy cunt, boy. Are you ready for my man-dick to fill you up?"

"I'm so ready sir, fill me up with your hot sperm, sir. Make me your bitch."

Jesus, this boy was turning me on big time. "Here it comes!"

I gripped him around the waist and pulled him into me as I bunny-fucked him with short sharp thrusts as I came and my world tilted. At the same time I could see his cock, which neither of us had ever touched, spurted volley after volley of boy cum all over the basin and tiled floor. His ass convulsed around mine as he orgasmed. I held him like that and he leaned back and kissed me over his shoulder. We made out for about thirty seconds as my heartbeat slowed and I could feel the slick of his hairy back-sweat against my shirt. Finally the two of us calmed down and I pulled out of his hairy ass. Cum immediately started to drip down his inner thigh through the hair and sort of stuck there.

"I have to shower."

"I think I'm going to need to have a swim to get your stink off my face."

"Use my cozzie." he said as he turned the water on to warm up.

"Let me out and remember this is between us," I said as I put his cold wet swimming costume on my bare flesh.

I made my way outside and winked at my wife as I jumped into the pool next to Brian. I stayed under the water as I rubbed Ross' ass-juices off my face. As I came up Brian's face was near mine. He looked into my eyes and said "You were away for quite a while. Did you fuck Ross?"

I caught my breath and suppressed my shock. I nodded.

"Will you fuck me too, please? I've seen the way you look at me and I think you like my meaty ass."

I nodded. How was I going to swing this one? Maybe he would have to wait until next Christmas. Pity it only comes once a year.

Fuck. It wasn't often I was going to get this opportunity. To fuck I mean. Ten minutes ago I had been fucking a self-obsessed 'straight' guy with a hairy back. A moment ago I had been propositioned by the 6ft 5 teenage son of my wife's cousin. Jesus, sweet Jesus, thanks for this Christmas thing.

I turned to Brian. (He couldn't have looked less like a Brian if he tried- every one I has ever known looked like a horse's ass ...sorry if your name is Brian, just my experience. Besides, here was Brian meaty ass 6ft 5 teenager proving me wrong).

His bright, handsome teenage dimples were inches away from my face. He had those ruddy pink teenage cheeks now enhanced by cold pool water. His lips were grinning and his fucking awesome teenage eyes were brown and twinkling.

"So will you fuck me too?"

"I would love to, but how do you think we're going to swing that?" I felt a hand on my dick under the water. Then I felt the Velcro of the fly go and a hand entered and gripped my recently hard and now rapidly inflating dick. A shit-eating grin was plastered across this 18-year-old's face. Yes fucking 15. Who was I too argue? Jesus, thanks again for Christmas.

"I'm going to have to take this cozzie off at some point- it belongs to Ross." I whispered. "Let's play around for a while and then I'll go over to my wife and tell her I will take shower to warm up and then you follow in about 5 minutes. Meet me in the bathroom. That's where I fucked Ross. It isn't comfortable but we don't have a lot of time."

"We could go to my bedroom. I have a double bed. And a door. And a key, so nobody could come in." He dove under the water and pulled me under with him. He pulled me closer and kissed me where nobody could see. My wife and disabled son were feet from where we were and he was snogging me under the water like a teenage whore. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and tried to suck mine right out of my head. I could only hold my breath for so long and fought the randy teenager off of me and came up for air. He then grabbed me in his muscular arms threw me up in the air and flung me across the pool where I landed in the deep end. Immediately I dove deep and like an elderly eel I swam between the legs of the horny teenager and stuck my hand up his cozzie. I found... God... the size of the thing...yes it was in proportion. Jesus, thanks that he didn't want to fuck me, although I would consider it just to say I had. The baby python between his legs woke up as I touched it and seemed to swell in my hand.

The teenager on the other end of the giant trouser snake dived and found me with my hand up his shorts. He wrestled me down further and once more forced his tongue down my throat and did his best to suck my face off. God this kid is so sexy! I took my hand out of his pants, and stuck it down the back of his shorts and found his beefy ass. As fast as I could, because I was running out of breath, I stuck my finger in his hole and almost caused a drowning. He propelled himself to the surface like and eel taking me with him and when we broke the surface he let out an epic roar. All on the sidelines laughed as they imagined what antics they thought they were seeing us get up to. We laughed too, and cavorted some more and then, as agreed, I called 'time' and went up to my wife, grateful for the fact that the cold water kept my cock soft.

"I need a shower, will you be alright?"

"Sure love," she said, carrying on with our son.

Well so be it. I went to the bathroom and closed the door. It was most definitely not five minutes later when a silly grin poked its head around the door and whispered, "Let's go to my room!"

He grabbed my hand and dragged me around the corner to another room, and softly closed the door after I had quietly entered.

He then proceeded to grab me and physically lifted me off the floor and brought me up to his face level. He was like a giant baby- not quite in control of his huge strength, but over-enthusiastic, and to boot, super-sexy.

"So will you fuck me now?" He breathed into my face.

"I will fuck you so hard your eyes will water."

That seemed to make him happy. He put me down. The irony was lost on him, I think, but not on me.

He didn't wait and took his trunks off. He grabbed a handy towel and dried between his legs. What I saw flapping in the breeze was very impressive. For one, he was uncut, my favourite. He pulled the foreskin back and revealed a purple cock head that shone with juiciness. The attention was doing its job as the baby python awoke and started to swell. Still, the foreskin, when it was pulled back, barely covered the piss-hole. A shining drop appeared, which turned into a long silvery strand of precum once gravity exerted its pull.

Once he was done drying, he dropped the towel and stood before me with his hands on his hips. My breath caught in my throat. Oh lordy lord lord... This was xmas without a wrapping. He stood in front of me, all 6ft 5inches of him, with his 6inch soft and rapidly growing cock dangling between his thighs.

And he wanted me to fuck him...I took the towel from his hand and started to dry between his legs as well. I put my hand up to his big nipples and rubbed down his chest. I came up to those same nipples when I stood as tall as I could. I stooped down and reached back between his legs with my hand and the towel and dried his asshole. I rubbed around the back a bit and he started moaning a lot. I dropped the towel and started rubbing between his legs, pulling his balls forward quite aggressively, and then reaching behind him and rubbing my hand and then specifically my finger over his asshole. He rooted backwards towards my finger, searching for my digit to impale him. His eyes lost focus and I knew, no matter how big they are, if they want cock, they want it. I caught him as he leaned forward and kissed him sucking him into me and grabbing his huge head by the hair and pulling his mouth into mine. He started mewling like a baby that was looking for a titty to suck; I thought I would help him with that.

I undid the swimming trunks that had so recently housed Ross' package and pulled it down. I am 'only' seven inches, cut, but I knew how to use them. His eyes immediately riveted to my cock and he fell to his knees in front of me. My cock was still soft and he slurped it into his mouth without further ado, the incredible warmth of his mouth contrasting with the cold of the cozzie just a moment before. I needed to piss. I decided not to ask permission and let rip.

If I thought that this was going to bother Brian, I was wrong. Immediately he swallowed and I could see his throat work to keep up with the flow. When I was done, he took a deep breath and let my now hard cock out of his mouth.

"That was awesome! I've always wanted to drink piss!"

"You mean you've never done it?"

"No but I've begged Ross and Steve to do it but they said it was yuck. It wasn't, it was HOT!"

"YEAH, IT WAS HOT, BOY. Now lie down on your back on the bed and let me fuck your meaty asshole. Put your legs up so I can see your brown eye."

He grinned at me and did as he was told. He had olive skin and so his eye was indeed brown and quite big. It was no pink little pucker but looked like it couldn't wait to suck in my dick. He reached over to the bedside table with his long arm and retrieved some lube. I pushed my cock forward towards him and he did the honors, lovingly applying lube to my rock hard, precum-spewing dick. I thrust into his hand and he flashed that boyish grin in my direction.

"Save it for my ass, uncle!"

Then he handed the tube to me and obviously couldn't wait for me to shove some up his bunghole. I was happy to oblige, just not quite yet. The brown orifice drew me like a veritable black hole. I plunged my face into the moist spot and slurped at it with gusto. This seemed to have quite an effect on my 15-year-old fuck-buddy. He moaned like a cheap whore and gyrated his hips, working my face deeper up his back door. Indeed, he grabbed me behind the head and shoved my head in there with such force that I was able to shove my tongue all the way in and work it around inside his guts. I French-kissed his shithole and ate it like a feast.

"This is great, but fuck me now, uncle, I want you inside me PLEASE!" he hissed.

With and obscene farting noise I squeezed some lube onto my fingers-although after my fingering experience I doubted I would need it-and started carefully working it into his anus with my forefinger. It was clear that I needn't have bothered. I was sure, with a little practice I could put my whole hand up there. His asshole was hungry, all right. It was pliable and warm in there and his meaty ass cheeks, which he eagerly held apart with his big mitts, framed the hairy hole beautifully. I positioned my thick dick at his entrance and shoved it in to the hilt. I didn't pause but started shoving into him straight away, my hairy balls slapping against ass cheeks, every time we connected eliciting a groan from the cock-hungry teen. In spite of the fact that he could easily take my hand if he tried, his ass was incredibly hot and tight. He knew how to use his anal muscles to milk my dick and used every opportunity to do so.

His breathing increased in pace and intensity and I knew the youngster was close, so I slowed down and began long-dicking him slowly.

"Oh..." he moaned, disappointed. I did make sure to hit his prostate every time, and that seemed to satisfy him. "Oh uncle, that's gooood!" he moaned. "Fuck me deep and slow."

I leaned forward to kiss him, while my hips tilted in and out of his hole. Between our abdomens I could feel him slide his hand up and down his big boy-dick. I replaced his hand with mine because he had a truly beautiful specimen; thick and long and like his pucker, dark. His ball bag held duck egg-sized nuts that jostled each other in the loose sack. He didn't have much pubic hair with a light treasure trail leading up to his belly button. I had indeed ogled this young morsel lots at family gatherings.

I the meantime I loved the luscious, warm, tight feel of his shitter around my tool. We were working up quite a sweat as his asshole sucked at my dick. The friction on my fuck-tool and on the inside of his asshole was getting to both of us. I pulled out every time until just the head was still inside so the frenulum was stimulated by his ass-ring. My breathing was accelerating and so was his. We were getting seriously into the rhythm and it was getting faster and faster. The sheer pleasure of his cock around my dick like a tight meaty hand, squeezing it as I pulled almost out, was building a pressure in me that was threatening to pop a vessel.

Suddenly, together, our orgasm overcame us and as I thrust into his bum for all I was worth, his boy-man cock catapulted the copious contents of his large nuts all over his abs and my chest and even as far as his mouth, where I leaned down to kiss him deeply while we shared our moment of passion.

I leaned down and licked every morsel of cum from his abs and then went forward to his mouth to share it with him, sometimes just letting my spit and his cum drip down into his waiting mouth with his big pink tongue. Then I would connect with his big puppy mouth again and we would try to suck each other's tongue out by the root. He was still spasming around my cock, even though it was already beginning to slip out of his used hole.

He held me by the shoulders and pushed me back holding me at arm's length.

"That was awesome unc. I've wanted you to fuck me since I was 12. Steve is going to be so jealous..."

God helped me if Steve wanted me to fuck him too. I dunno if I was up for three a day. But if I was asked I would do my best.


I was sure that by now my wife had to suspect that I was up to something. I had spent half the afternoon fucking teenagers in the bathroom and in Brian's bedroom. I had not had so much fun in years, that's for sure. I was just finishing Brian off, when there was a whisper at the door

"Brian! Brian... are you in here?"

Brian disengaged himself from my softening dick with a squelching sound, have me a quick snog as he passed me, and stood by the door.

"Yes, but I've got somebody with me...what do you want?

"Well, if it's uncle Dampies you have there, you better clean up and get out there and show your face. Aunty Grace is asking where he is."

"Shit," I hissed. "Let me out quickly, I need to go to the bathroom and wash the sex off me."

"Then come to my room and the two of you start playing a video game, so she will think that's what you were doing all along."

Brian opened the door bare-assed; I pulled Ross' swimming trunks up and scampered to the toilet. I did a quick shower, dried off and left the trunks on the floor there, put my clothes on and made my way to Steve's room. We had just started playing a video game when I heard my wife coming down the passage.

"Where's my darling husband? I've been alone with Joel (my disabled son) for most of the afternoon and... Video games, I should have known!" she chuckled. "Just an overgrown boy, that's for sure."

"Hi love," I said, blushing can you believe it, for so many reasons. Little did she know that I had been fucking overgrown boys all afternoon.

"Aw aunty Grace, let him stay a bit longer! I'm whupping his ass over here!" Steve piped up.

He was whupping my ass, as I'd never played a video game in my life before.

"Mmmmm. I'm sure you are," she said, sounding a bit suspicious, but chuckled and relented. "Ok, I'll be outside. We're talking about scrapbooking and Joel seems to be enjoying the topic."

I laughed and she just rolled her eyes, and disappeared back to the scrapbooking discussion.

"So why didn't you let me go and sit with the old folks or talk about scrapbooking?" I asked, all innocent-like.

"I hear you fucked Ross' brains out and stuck your cock up Brian's hungry hole. I want my share too!"

"Jesus Steve, I have been at it all afternoon. I think my heart might give in or something!"

"Well, maybe I could really whup your ass?" he suggested, also the picture of innocence. He got up and closed the door and locked it. He leaned back against it and gripped his apparently impressive crotch through his swimsuit. "Can you take as well as give?"

"That might me what you've got on offer..." I taunted.

"I think you'll like my little boy, uncle Dampies." He undid the top button of his suit and gyrated his hips a bit. Remember, Steve and Brian, unlike Ross' mere 6ft 1inch, were both about 6ft 5. Big boys, they took after my wife's side of the family. My father-in-law is about 6ft 4inches in his socks, and he's the short brother.

He turned around and put his right hand against the door and leaned out, thrusting his ass in my direction. I was drooling. He had a meaty bubble butt, which strained at the still damp material of the swimsuit. He put his left hand backwards and started working the cozzie down an inch at a time. His tree trunk legs were planted wide and the V that came down from his extremely broad shoulders plumped out nicely to join that mouth-watering ass. When I could see his ass crack above the top of the suit, he swiveled around and faced me again. He started to sing a sort of stripper theme as he thrust his hips in my direction in time to his singing.

"Tum ta dum, ta da dum ta duhm," he raunched sexily. "Does uncle like Stevie's dance for him?" he said in a baby voice. He looked at me through slitty eyes, and undid another button of his trunks. I could see that he shaved his pubes, because the top of his cock was visible. The whole performance could have been could creepy but this kid was turning me on big-time.

He opened his buttons one by one and his shlong broke free. I had never seen such a big cock in the flesh, so to speak. It was completely in proportion with his body because he was a big boy to be sure. It was half hard and it must have been 9 inches already. He took it by the root and kicked himself free of his shorts. Then he waggled it from side to side and started rhythmically walking towards me in time to his stripper music. I was still completely clothed although my cock was straining at my jeans. When he got to me he took my hand and through a sexy grimace said "yeaaaah, yeaaah, grab hold of a real piece of meat unka Dampies," and took my hand and placed it around his rapidly thickening and lengthening shaft. He was uncut and the foreskin gripped the huge head tightly, leaving a tantalizing glimpse of the exceptionally long piss slit as it peeked out at the tip. I couldn't put my hand around it completely. It was like a baby's arm holding a helmet. How the fuck he managed not to scare the living shit out of every person that came within ten yards of his pants, I would never know. This beauty was obviously the best kept secret in the western world because if anybody knew what he was packing he would have a line of men and women from here to Timbuktu waiting to have a shot at it.

"Do you like what you see unka Dampies? Does Stevie make you hard?"

Now that he had my hand gripping his impressive member, which by this time had grown to at least 11 inches, he reached down and touched my pants lightly, running his nail over the edge where my frenulum was hiding, and sent shivers up my cock to my now aching balls, and down my spine.

Then he turned around and bent over, exposing his obviously also shaved asshole to me and looked over his shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't wanna take a stab at this cunt, uncle? You wouldn't have to do anything, just lie back and let me fuck myself...?"

I couldn't stop myself. I leaned forward and separated his ass-cheeks and dived in to feast on the throbbing hole in front of me. Dear God, there is nothing as tasty as a man's asshole. And the smell! Why a God who apparently didn't care much for men who liked men would put something like that there and make it smell like that and taste like that, I wouldn't know. They had to be wrong about Him, that was the only explanation! So to honour Him I stuck my tongue as deeply into Steve's ass as I could and sucked for all I was worth, making out with his hole like there was no tomorrow.

Steve stood up and had trouble disengaging my mouth from his cunt.

"He's getting all lonely out in front here unka Dampies..." He thrust his hips forward and I eagerly opened up to try and suck on his humungous truncheon. I couldn't take much as he was just too big, but I loved to suck the dripping head and feast on the cocksnot that was oozing out in clear globules of pure goodness. Bizarrely, he was still humming the stripper theme from earlier and it turned me on even more, `cos he was so obviously into the whole scenario that I was completely taken in by it.

"Ok unka, we have to do this quick because people will wonder what video games we playing behind closed doors, hey? Lie back on the bed so I can take you clothes off."

He set to work quickly and stripped me. The he leaned over me and took my cock in his mouth and deep throated me, leaving a generous amount of goo in place. I almost came on the spot. He clambered up onto me and positioned himself over my cock, and simply sank down. I felt every fold of his sphincter over every ripple and vein of my cut 7inch cock. He took me up his butt like a pro and immediately clamped down on me with his muscles. He had his hands on my shoulders for support and started fucking himself on my rod with gusto, all the while varying the direction and angle of my dick in his ass. This was a power bottom on a mission. He wanted to get me off in a hurry and he knew how. Faster and faster he went, never forgetting to use his sphincter and the velvety inside of his beautiful ass to grip and massage my rapidly expanding cock. Dear God, I though, please let nobody walk by the room now, as I'm sure it would be clear what was happening inside the room. The bed was bouncing, adding to the momentum of the self-fucking taking place on it.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered through clenched teeth as I felt my balls pull up, the tingle start in my thighs and deep in my ass, and my knackers tried to expel themselves out of the tip of my cock. "Gnhgng," I groaned incoherently as I pushed into his waiting hole, just as a hot fountain of cum sprayed out of his cock, which to this moment had not been touched. It shot high above my head and sprayed wildly like an unattended hosepipe, because the fuckee attached to it was still bobbing wildly up and down on my cock. Together we groaned in concert, and he dislodge himself from my cock and kneeled forward onto the bed with his legs on either side of my head and fed the still wildly firing cock into my waiting mouth. There was so much spooge that I almost drowned, and if I had I would have been a happy man.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is as tasty as boy spooge. His was chunky and thick, and came in HUGE quantities. The fire hose he had between his loins was a cumfactory. When finally the last drool dribbled out of the tip of his majestic teen tool, I was well and truly sated.

"Jesus, Stevie, can I marry you? Please say 'yes'?"

"Haha unka Dampies, there is too much of me for just one man."

I could 'get' that. Today had been a true experience, a Christmas to remember. I just knew I could NOT GO BACK TO ORDINARY LIFE. I had had a taste of boy-sex. They were insatiable and ILOVED IT!!!!


On the way home that day my wife was driving because she was the sober driver.

"Did you have fun today?" she asked.

"Ya, it was ok. I liked spending some time with the boys. Nice guys."

"Yes, I could see that you got on with them."

Got on or got it on?

"Yes, nice boys. Can't wait for next Christmas!"


Oh Lord, when will the Christmas season be over? Still basking in the afterglow of three hot teenage fucks the previous day, my wife and daughter almost sucked even that joy out of me by insisting that we do a Boxing Day shop. I know, right? Why the fuck are shopping centers even open on a public holiday anyway? Doesn't anybody want to stay at home and use the off-time to fuck like bunnies? Except if I had stayed home with my wife I would have spent the time on Whatsapp with the three boys I sampled yesterday, and my wife would have used the time to do some much needed scrapping.

Look, I love my wife and wouldn't swop my life with her for all the tea in china. But that's the problem: who wants tea when you can have a teenage cum-shake straight from the tap? But instead, I won the booby prize and got to hang around outside shops while my wife and daughter window-shopped until I dropped. Well, almost. And the fucking mall was so busy that just making it from one side to the other took a commitment I was hard-pressed to generate.

What WAS hard was my dick, thinking about Ross and Brian and Steve's winking assholes and the awesome time I had spent with them, because boys just like to fuck and there was no mistaking that. So as I trudged along behind the two women in my life I was reasoning thus: if I could find threerandy young bucks at one Christmas party, somewhere in this mall there had to be at least one such a randy boy that would be prepared to let me give him meat shots up the bum.

And where would you find such a candidate for my urgent sexual ministrations? Well he was walking right in front of me, if there was a God in heaven, that gave two hoots about what just LOOKING at this boy's two ripe melon buns, jostling each other in his shorts, like two bulldogs fighting in a knapsack, did to me. I know that was a long sentence. Read it again, it is worth it. Observe the commas.

The poor boy in question was also here under duress, judging from the way he was tagging along behind his dear mother and long-suffering father, the rubber beach thongs on his feet (slip-slops, where I come from) dragging out his boredom and frustration as he shuffled behind his parents. His blonde spiky fringe (bangs) poked out from underneath his peak cap, which was positioned towards the back of his head. I could see his eyelashes from where I was, some paces behind him as he turned his head this way and that, trying to spot something that would ease his terminal boredom and frustration.

His eyes, from where I was, were blue and were set on either side of a ski-slope of a turned up nose that in turn, perched above two of the pinkest, juiciest lips I had ever had the pleasure of imagining around my cock. On top he was wearing my old favourite, the multi-colored wife-beater, so I could see that his arms were nicely shaped and tanned, with a light dusting of blonde hair on his forearms that glinted invitingly as the light from the huge overhead shopping center skylight caught him, in a beam that made him look like he was being displayed for my enjoyment and delectation. Yes, I know that was a long description, dear reader, but it was a long day at the mall, and this little vision of teenage glory brightened up my otherwise life-threateningly, mind-numbingly, boring afternoon at the mall, considerably.

His mother stopped at yet another shop to salivate over the trinkets she beheld there and thank God, my two ladies stopped to behold whatever had attracted the mom's attention with equal delight and desire. Their oohs and ahs gave me an opportunity to stand next to the boy and take in the radiance of his virile adolescent glory. The long, hot day of a South African summers boxing day had obviously taken its toll on his deodorant, so his sweat was very apparent to me as I inhaled his essence deeply. Boy stink is like cocaine to me so I was just about snorting him and would have rooted under his arms for more if I was able to. I was just savoring his smell by turning my head slightly in his direction while I inhaled deeply.

A little too deeply, it seemed, since he turned his head in my direction a bit and rested those blue pools, languishing in the shadow of his dense black eyelashes, on me. His equally dense eyebrows shot up in the middle in and expression of quizzical puzzlement. It didn't last long because he caught me smiling at him like a lovesick puppy, and I dropped my eyes down to his crotch, so he looked away quickly as if caught in the act of thinking something naughty.

I had, him, I was almost certain, and he knew it. I leaned over my wife's shoulder and said audibly, "Love, I'm going to the loo." She nodded absently. "I'll catch up later, so don't wait for me."

I walked off in the direction of the facilities and didn't look back. When I got to the toilets I walked in and positioned myself in front of the urinal in the middle and prayed that he would take the bait. I fished out my semi hard cock and waited. I didn't start peeing because I wanted to save that in case Blondie put in an appearance. My heart was just about to drop into my shoes with disappointment when, sure enough, a moment later Blondie walked in and positioned himself, not one away from me, but next to me.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he mumbled, Great! We were talking.

He fished his cock out. Where I was leaning back and thrust my half erect dick out for all to see, looking obviously at his maneuverings in his nether regions, while he huddled over his, and fumbled, avoided my eyes. A newbie. Niiiiiiice!

He obviously wasn't piss-shy because he started straight away. I reached over, (I have to add that it was only the two of us there-impossibly, in this madhouse of a boxing day mall) and pinched off the flow of his urine squirting out of his more or less 15-year old cock, and said, "Don't waste it."

My hand was sprayed with his piss as he struggled to control the flow that I so rudely interrupted.

"I'm sorry!" he said, blushing a deep pink under his blonde skin. I simply lifted my hand to my mouth and licked the drops off my fingers with relish.

"Come with me." I said. I led him into the nearest stall, which merciful was clean and the floor was more or less dry. I didn't mind kneeling in somebody's piss anyway; I thought it was quite hot.

I sat down on the throne and pulled him over by his cock. Before he followed he was quick to lock the stall door and then stood in front of me with his flaccid member hanging out of his fly. I put my hands on his hips and took a good look at him. He was truly gorgeous. His hips were slightly wider than his waist, which meant that he had a biggish bum, which I found insanely attractive. His pecs were nicely developed but not 'built' which meant that he wasn't so into himself that it was unattractive. He was bout my height, 5ft 7, and his neck was like an erect cock: muscular. On it perched his gorgeous boy-man face. His jaw was clean-cut, his lips were thick and generous and juicily pink and his nose was perfect.

But the piece de resistance was his eyes. They were wide and long, deep blue, and framed by the longest black eyelashes I had ever seen on a blonde person, male or female. And above the beautiful eyes rested the two black, black caterpillars he had for eyebrows, now at rest as he looked at me as I admired him.

I whispered, "You are so fucking beautiful it hurts to look at you."

He blushed again and mouthed, more than whispered his thanks. "I like you too," he then added only just audibly.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Eighteen," he said. Bingo!

"Come here," I said as I pulled him closer. He straddled my seated form with his legs on either side of me and, leaning forward, I commanded: "Piss", pulling his foreskin back from his soft 3 inches, and sucking his cock into my mouth.

His black eyebrows shot up into his blonde hairline in a question mark and I nodded my head as I waited. He shrugged uncertainly and pushed his hips forward and concentrated. The trickle that started slowly, gave me an opportunity to taste his offering, and he tasted GREAT! As I swallowed, I was massaging his cock with my lips and sucking on him like a hoover, so he was growing as he was pissing, which made it easier for me to lock my lips around his teenage dick to make sure I didn't waste any.

He was getting into the idea of feeding me his urine so he began to make soft moaning noises. While he pissed into my mouth I lifted his shirt up and exposed his lean stomach. He was mostly smooth with a slight treasure trail leading into the waistband of his shorts. With my other hand I fished his balls out of his zipper and started to play with the nice sized eggs I found in the loose bag that dangled out. This elicited another appreciative moan from his oh-so-kissable lips.

With a last few squirts, he emptied the remnants of his bladder into my thirsty mouth with his now fully erect 6-inch dick and I swallowed with relish. He made as if to pull his prick out of my mouth but I put my hands behind his butt and pulled him forward. I worked his foreskin backwards and forwards over his cock head with my lips and started blowing him in earnest. I could easily deep throat him and I did so, sniffing his blonde pubes every time I buried my nose down there, smelling the teenage testosterone in the slight mid-summer stink. I was determined to get his cum, so I intensified my efforts, sucking like my life depended on it, while I worked his balls with my left hand. With my right hand I reached into his shirt again and found his pink nipples and pinched the erect nubs hard. He gasped as he got into the whole performance so he started face fucking me in earnest. His hips thrust forward and as I put my right hand behind his gorgeous butt to grip onto his one ass cheek for stability, I could feel his glutes contract and release in time to his fucking my mouth. I slipped my hand into the bottom of his shorts and worked my way up under his underwear and found his moist hole nestling in his teenage butt fur. He growled as I found his hole and stroked his moist pucker as best as I could, given the limited access I had. We were making quite a bit of noise by now, but from what I could tell there had been no other bored husbands or sons to enter as yet.

I pulled my mouth off his cock and while he groaned in disappointment, I quickly opened his shorts and pulled them off and down with one movement. He stepped his right leg out, as I deep throated his dick again, and now, with much more ease, wriggled my four fingers in the moist warmth of his most secret place. I worked them until he stuck his butt back as if to find the intruders, to give them access and I could feel the wetness of his hole find my questing digits. I rimmed his ass with my thumb and found that the hot summer's day and his sheer horniness had left enough moisture to provide lube so I roughly thrust my thumb into his warm back door and thumb-fucked him to orgasm.

With a muffled roar he thrust his hips forward, trapping my thumb and hand in his clenching ass cheeks as fired squirt after copious squirt of sweet teenage boy-jizz into my waiting mouth. I made sure that only the first volley went directly into my throat although he was doing his best to bury his fuck-stick deep, as instinct compelled him to try and get his baby-makers as deep as possible to ensure insemination. I wanted to savor the taste of the liquid life-juice being propelled out of his piss slit into my boy-hungry gullet, so I collected as much of it as I could after the initial gushes, to swirl around, getting the sense and measure and bouquet of my boy-joy-fuck-buddy.

As he shot his last load into my mouth and sighed, I stood up and grabbed him behind the head and forcefully shoved my erect tongue into his mouth and snogged some of his own 18-year old load into his mouth. He sucked at my mouth snake and almost ripped it out by the root with the suction of post-orgasmic horniness. I knew we had made a whole lot of noise but I prayed that nobody had entered in the final phases of my epic BJ.

My worst fears were realized as I heard a gruff giggle just outside the door of our love cubicle and two whispered voices. We froze and held our combined after-BJ breath.

"Sounds like somebody is in there having fucking sex," the first voice said.

"Jesus it sounds hot. Do you think they would let us join in?"

I heard a shuffling noise and then a face, that I judged to be about 18 appeared under the cubicle door. He had lively green eyes and scruffy stubble that covered his handsome, butt-chinned jaw.

"You guys sound hot. Mind if we join you?"


I knew that I had a limited window. Sooner or later somebody was going to walk into this bathroom and we would all be fucked and not in the nicest way. Besides that my wife and Blondie's parents would soon be looking for us and the last thing I wanted to do was leave my own needs unattended. I quickly opened the cubicle door, eliciting another furious blush from my recently relieved young friend. Two hunky Afrikaans boys jostled their way in. They were both built like brick shithouses and sported grins from here to kingdom come. The first one had to be about 5"11' and the second one was a stocky 5"7', just my size, but twice as broad.

They were handsome suntanned blokes, not your typical boy-on-boy encounter, but seemed up for a bit of fun. The cubicle was bursting at the seams, much like an over-stuffed sardine can, but with the best possible content. The blonde boy was overcome when the bigger of the two boys swung him around and started eating his hairy blonde butt out, so he hastily pulled his pants up and whispered an excuse and exited the cubicle post-haste. I didn't even get a chance to whisper a goodbye as I heard him all but dash out of the empty restroom outside. The other two were not so shy and immediately pulled me to my feet off the throne and started kissing me in a slobbery 3-way that threatened to stop my clock.

"Can I fuck you?" the larger of the two boys asked in a stage whisper and I quickly nodded. The shorter boy had other plans and started undoing my belt, since I had not had the opportunity to do anything but suck the delicious juice out of my shy blonde friend. He turned me around with my but facing big boy, who, in the meantime had divested himself of his khaki shorts, to reveal a magnificent uncut cock dripping with anticipation. He wasted no time and put his scruffy face to my asshole and started opening me up with an eager tongue. Short stocky boy had his pants down around his ankles and kneeled on the toilet facing the wall and indicated that he wanted me to fuck him. I reached around his naked waist and gripped his leaking cock while I dived into his pink hairy pucker with my mouth like a starving sailor.

There was a fair amount of groaning going on and if anybody had entered the rest room they would have been in no doubt as to what was going down. Short boy seemed to think that I had prepared him enough, found my eager dick with his hand and guided me to his waiting boy-hole. He pushed himself back onto my drooling cock, which entered him effortlessly, sheathing my length in a velvety, warm glove of boy-chute. Once this had been accomplished, big boy proceeded to skewer me on his heroic uncut piece of Afrikaner boerepiel (farmer cock- Afrikaans cock), which entered me with considerably less ease than I had his companion. He knew how to wield his tool, because he waited just long enough to let me get used to the considerable girth before he entered another inch or so. I must admit I was pleasantly distracted by short boy who was fucking himself on my own cock by pushing back and forth and rotating his ass in the most delicious way. At last my large fucker was all the way in and we set up an agreeable rhythm of me fucking myself on the young man behind me and then fucking the stocky youth in front of me. The tall virile youth behind me was obviously into it as he was sucking at my neck and nuzzling my ears, and forcing my head around to kiss him passionately. He was reaching frontiers inside my bowels that had never been traversed before as he expertly changed his aim to touch me in a new place each time. I was doing my best to do justice to the boy in front of me as well, who seemed to be quite satisfied with my less enthusiastic ministrations. I tried to still concentrate on stroking his very thick short cock as well and it was like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. Not that I was complaining. I was in heaven. I was the filling in a boy sandwich of epic proportions. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the boy behind me reached around and clasped me and the boy in front of me to him and enthusiastically started fucking me in earnest. He did it with such force that the chain reaction transferred some of the momentum through my ass, my cock and into the obliging boy-cunt in front of me and we were effectively both being fucked by the boy-man behind me. He hissed every time he skewered me and the force of being held so tightly between the two of them forced the breath out of me every time. He started grunting as well as hissing so I assumed that he was entering orgasm.

"I'm going to cum..." he growled into my ear, which set me off and I felt my own orgasm approach. I knew that boy number two was also going to shoot as I felt his delicious ass begin to contract around me fuck-stick. Our collective worlds literally rocked as we all came at the same time, me from being expertly fucked to orgasm while at the same time being milked from the front by the expert anus in front of me. There was a fair amount of huffing and puffing going on in that over-occupied cubicle. When everything calmed down a bit, if felt that the cock of the boy in front of me was beginning to get soft. I pulled out of him and my fucker did the same.

"Ek moet pis," (I must piss) the boy in front of me said and made as if to stand up to urinate in the bowl. I quickly nipped that thought in the bud by pinching his soft cock closed. "Wait," I said. I stood him up and knelt next to the bowl. I guided his soft member to my mouth, and sucked the cum off it.

I pulled my mouth off his cock long enough to say "In my mouth," before reconnecting with the delicious hose.

This encouraged the young guys to proceed and he let loose with a stream of delicious boy-piss. I gulped it all up greedily. The pale yellow stream tasted of mountain streams and hay, confirming my fantasy that these were two corn-fed blokes from a nearby farm. As I caught the last drops, the other boy pulled me to my feet and kissed me passionately, sucking his companion's piss from my mouth. He then knelt in front of me and took my now soft cock in his mouth and nodded to me. My relief knew no bounds as I released my flow into his handsome mouth and his beautiful lips worked around my dick to ease me of my urinary burden. He then stood up and pulled both me and his friend (brother?) closer and we ended the perfect encounter with a kiss.

I could face the mall again.


Ben Highlander

[email protected]


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