I Don't Cry NO More... By : A. Williams

    "What is love but 4 simple letters encapsulated by the tides of time? So, I don't cry no more. I have been the fool. I have been laughed at. I have been lied to. I have been left alone with no answers....So, I don't cry no more. I took the picture and saw the truth. I am not a stealer, I am a healer. I am not the smartest man but I know the deal. There's only so much one man can take. So, I don't cry no more. I have given up on you, the one for me. Maybe you never were the one, I regret thinking you were.

    I had him... my one true love and he slipped through my fingers back to some other man that he had before me. Not the right man... but he does not see that. I had my man, for a short time. I thought we fell in love... deep love, I thought. Our sex was out of this world. We had a lot in common but he didn't like my neediness or the fact that I would jump to the wrong conclusions sometimes. He thought I was time consuming and exhausting because I needed him so much.

    So I am alone again...like always but I am strong. Stronger than he knows. This hurt will fade and my MR. RIGHT will come along. That one special man that craves deep love, romance and strong passion. Yep...that's him alright... he is out there somewhere waiting for me like I am waiting for him. Now all I have to do is find him, in that endless sea of possibilities. So, I don't cry no more.

    With millions of men in the world... why does it seem so hopeless? It seems so hard, the search seems endless. So many faces, so many bodies and so many choices. Why do I always seem to choice the wrong one? I always have high hopes... maybe HE is the one.

    They all begin the same way, full of hope and full of excitement. But as time goods by and I get older, that fun feeling fades. I began to realize I chose wrong yet again as I hear the same words all over. You need too much of my time... you love me too much... you are too sensitive... You need too much sex... I am not THAT romantic... and on and on. Then the hurt, the crying and then the break-up. And then, I am alone again and I cry, I cry until I don't cry no more. I am sure...very sure ... this will start all over again... and again... and again until I find him, God I hope I'm not too old to enjoy him when I finally find him .......

My MR. RIGHT, then I will never ever .... CRY NO MORE..........

                                              >>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<


A. Williams

[email protected]


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