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"Jason is such a douche! I mean, who says Nickelback is a good band?" Just another one of my rants. My name's John. The guy I was talking about is considered the office jerk. He's sexy as hell; I can't lie, but his attitude is so unattractive. But lately, I can't stop thinking about him. His brunette hair, his light blue eyes, his five o' clock shadow. Like I said, sexy as hell. I'm in a committed relationship though; even if I could have gotten past his terrible attitude, I loved Sierra.

He came over to my cubicle and asked me to follow him to the supply room. I wanted to say "fuck off" but I just stood up, as if I was a puppet, and went with him. What the fuck was I doing? He grabbed my hand and my dick went hard instantly.

We walked into the supply room and he locked the door.

"Okay, what the hell do you-"

"Say you want my dick."

"I want your dick. Wait! What the fuck?"

"Say you need my cum in your mouth."

"I need you cum in my mouth. What's going on here?!" It's like I had no control over what I said.

"Looks like everything's in order."

"What's in order?"

"Take off your clothes." I immediately shucked of my shirt and slacks. I didn't understand what was happening. "Now take off my clothes, but only use your teeth."

"No," I said as I walked over to him and unzipped his pants with my teeth. His shirt had many buttons so it took a second, but I got it done. I stood.

"Oh no. You're not done yet." I looked down at his crotch and saw his briefs. I bent down and proceeded to take of his briefs with only my teeth. As I did, his boner slapped my in the face. "Now suck my cock."

And I did.

I didn't want to. I'd never even done it before. But I just devoured his cock like I'd been doing it for years on end. It was like I was an expert. When in ran my tongue over his head, he almost doubled over in pleasure.

"Look at me while you blow me."

Now I couldn't avoid the fact that I was sucking the person I loathed. Is it possible to hate the person, but love his dick? I was so turned on that I started stroking my own cock. His cock started to swell.

"Keep your mouth on my cock, but don't swallow."

I did as I was told. He spurted about ten or eleven times. I wanted to swallow so badly, but I just couldn't. He put out his hand, so I spat his cum into it. He turned me around and lubed my ass with his jizz. He slipped in a finger; this made me moan.

"Tell me you want to ride my cock."

"I want to ride your cock."

"Beg for it."

"I need that cock in my as now. My ass is in fire. Please put me out of my misery and just fuck me!"

"Fine. If you really want it." He removed his fingers and replaced it with his cock. I hated myself, but I knew something was up. There is no way I would say something like that. He plunged into my ass with no consideration for adjusting. He immediately started fucking me. Oh how it felt so good to have something in my ass. But knowing who it was made me seethe with anger. He came once and then stood me up. He started fucking me against the wall. It was so erotic I wanted to cum on the spot. Actually, I tried my hardest not to. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. He came again and pulled out.

"What did you do to me," I asked.

"You'll learn soon enough. For now. Shove this in your ass, and don't take it out until I say you may." He gave me the biggest butt-plug I've ever seen. How was I supposed to be intimate with my girlfriend with this thing in my ass? But, for whatever reason, I did anyway. It took a second, but after that rigorous fucking, it slid in. He pulled out a control. He turned the right knob slightly to the right, and the plug grew inside my ass. I didn't even know that was possible. "How does that feel?"

"Absolutely terrible."

"Oops. Wrong answer." He turned the left knob to the left and the plug began vibrating. He turned both of them back to normal and commanded me to get dressed and back to work. Like always, I did as I was told.

After two hours of work, I remembered I had to give a presentation to the board of executive. I got all of my supplies and headed to the board room.

"I hope you're ready to wow us," said my boss,"because I convinced them to give you a promotion if you do."

"Wow. Thank you, sir!" Everyone took his or her seat; all eyes were on me.

"Thank you all for coming today. I'm here to show you an amazing product. One that will REVOLUTIONIZE the work area." I realized I would have to give the presentation with a vibrating butt plug. "Right now, the WHOLE office uses paper clips. But, WHY!!! They've been used for YEARS!!" Jason was turning the other knob. He plug was growing. "We should use PAPER BINDS!! They are more fashionable than regular paper clips. They don't get in the way of binders....." Just then, I started cumming. Six spurts of cum started shooting out my dick and into my briefs. "and they are cheaper to buy. There is no reason to stick with paper clips."

"Excuse me. Can you show us how they don't interfere with binders," asked Gladys, Vice President of Foreign Clipping.

"Sure." As I went to get the binder from the back of he room, my cum began running down my leg. I got so hot, my dick grew again. I think Jason knew. He turned both knobs up again and I had another orgasm on the spot. I'm sure my slacks had dark spots on them. I demonstrated the binder clip, and they loved the product. They thought I had enthusiasm in my presentation.

I got home to my girlfriend. She immediately started feeling me up. I wasn't in the mood for sex. I just felt so dirty. How couldn't I? I just sucked and got fucked by the person I hated the most. And I let it happen. She broke up with me that night. Well, it looks like I'm single again. At least now I'm not cheating on her. I slept all night with the vibrator on. I came seven times. It was like I wasn't allowed to sleep until he said I could.

*The Next Day*

I went straight to my cubicle and kept my head down. I did all my work early and tried to take an early lunch. I just wanted to get out of there.

"Mr. Price. May I have a word with you," asked my boss.


"Your presentation yesterday WOW'd us. You got the promotion! You'll get your own office."

"Great! Where is it?"

"Come, I'll show you." He led me down the hall and showed me a office with the view of a lifetime. The room was so big there were couches and living chairs. There was even a refrigerator.

"I love it."

"I knew you would," he said with a smile on his face. "Don't forget to say hi to your neighbors!" And with that, he left. I sat down in my comfy chair, turned towards the view, and just thought about how lucky I was for this job. Just then, there was a knock on on my door.

"Come in!" I didn't see who came in, but I knew my what happened.

"Take off your clothes." And I did. It was Jason. I closed the blinds and locked the door.

"You have got to tell me what's going on. I'm sick of this. I will not-"

"Blow me." I dropped to my knees and obliged. "Okay, here's the truth. I'm a sprite." I tried to say "what", but it's really hard to speak with a mouth full of dick. Something told me he knew what I was trying to say. He replied, "Yes a sprite, and I control minds. And so do you." I got the strength to pull off his dick.

"What are you talking about? You can't me serious."

"Okay, watch this." He called Kim into the office. Kim is the most conservative woman to ever hop out if the GOP. Kim's cunt probably has cobwebs. "Okay Kim, take your top off." She did gladly. She almost seemed happy to do it. "You tell her to do something," he whispered to me.

"Walk out if the office like that." And she just did! Sadly, Kim was fired that day and arrested for indecent exposure. "So what now?"

"Now that you know, I can't make you do anything anymore."

"Who says that you have to make me?"

"Don't you hate me?"

"Wait a second." I pulled the plug out of my ass. "Now I like you." I bent over my desk and propped my leg up. He entered my slowly this time. He kissed the back of my neck and bit my ear. He whispered, "This time, I want to make love to you." He slowly exited my man-pussy, but entered again. He made me feel like I was his. He grabbed my chest from behind and started groping my pecs. He kept pumping in and out of me until I couldn't take it. I blew my load all over my desk. Then, right as Jason was coming, my boss walked in. We forgot to lock the door behind Kim.

"You will forget everything you see here," Jason and I commanded simultaneously. The boss left quickly without a word. Jason slipped out of my ass, and turned me around. We kissed for ages. We agreed we were just spritely friends with benefits. But I had one more question.

"Before you leave, could you give me the butt plug and remote control?"

"Sure thing, buddy."




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