I was in my bedroom on my computer watching these two men fucking each other. Then I heard my door open and I see my Dad standing by the door. He slowly walks away but I see a boner forming In his pants.

I'm majoring in the medical field in college but I've been practicing hypnotisim on my free time. I've never really tried it but this is the perfect time to try it on my father.

"So son... I think its time we have a talk about your sexuality." 

"Listen dad before you go any further I've been practicing hypnosis and I want to try it out. Can I try it on you?" 

"I suppose. But don't make me look foolish"

"Okay just keep an eye on this watch. You are getting sleepy... Every second you hear my voice, your eyes gets heavier and heavier."

My father's eyes are now fully closed. Now its time to have my fun.

"Okay dad. I'm going to play some music. When you hear this music you are going to strip for me. Do you hear me?"

"Yes master."

I play the music and my dad gets on top of the sofa and begins to remove his shirt. I see his six pack, his hairy, muscular chest. 

He starts dancing. While he unbuttons his pants. 

"Come over here." Once my dad came I said, "Take off your pants." 

He obeyed, and I saw a sexy, purple thing with his bulge right on my face. I take a whiff and I got hard over the smell of his musk.

"Okay dad, bring me the lube and put some on my fingers."

My dad came with the lube and when he was about to put some on my finger he missed and it spilled on the floor.

"Dad you got the floor all messy! Come here NOW!"

"Lay down on my lap!"


"Ohhh...." My dad moaned.

"Say you want me to spank you harder."

"Please spank me harder master..."


Then my dad starts bursting of laugher.

"What the hell?" 

"You actually think that works on me?" 

Then my dad sprang up and tackled me on the couch.

"Okay you little bitch. Let's see how you like being spanked."


"Say you like it. Beg for more!"

"I like it. I want more"


"Ohhhh. Fuck me daddy please!"

Don't need hypnosis to make me.

My dad grabs the lube, places it on his finger and starts fingering me.

"Do it faster."

"Sorry son, now its time to take in this dick."

Dad flips me over and I can feel the head of his dick on the mouth of my anus. And inserts his penis and starts fucking me"

"Ohh dad.... You're so huge"

"You're not so bad yourself"

"Can you do it faster? Please? I need it."

Dad flips me face down and reinserts his dick in my ass. And fucks me so fast that it hurts.

"Oh son.... I'm about to cum." 

"Cum in my ass dad. NOW!"

"Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, cum in me dad."

I felt his load shoot up inside me.

My dad pulls out his dick and starts sucking out the cum right out of me. Then he kissed me and I could taste his cum.

He layed beside me and we cuddled all night. 

"Let's bring Joey into this next time."

"Who's Joey?"

"My boyfriend."

"Looking forward for it."


Anthony V.



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