I read an article in some medical magazine the other day about hypnosis being used experimentally to treat certain diseases. After reading, I went to the Internet looking for more information about hypnosis.

I spent days checking articles and sources online. In the process, I stumbled upon something that would change my life.

There was such a thing as erotic hypnosis. Supposedly you could make a straight man suck dick and wear women's panties, with trigger words that give you raging hard boners. There were all kinds of crazy claims and I didn't buy it for a second.

I'm straight. 24 years old and still looking for a job in this economy. I'm 5'9" 162 and my cock is a proud plump 7 inches and change. I've never though about men sexually, so the idea that some crackpot hypnotist could change that was so outrageous...I just had to try it,


No way would that crap work on me. It's just so silly. I can't believe how many people fall for this garbage.

After some searching, I found a local adult personal ad for a man that claimed he could turn any straight man gay "with the snap of his fingers".

We exchanged information, swapping back-stories. I told him my position and that I didn't buy this thing for one second. He told me he had been doing it for years to straight arrows like me.

"Be warned," He said. "This will alter your being. You will be a slave to cocks forever. Just give me the chance and you'll never crave pussy again."

I laughed off the warning and arranged a meeting at his place like he recommended. Just as well, I didn't need anyone finding out about this lark. It was just silly fun. No way anything serious could come of this, right?


Friday came and with the weekend, our strange meeting was on the docket. I went to his apartment, which seemed to be in a nice area of town. He warmly greeted me at the door of his house and brought me inside.

We went in his kitchen where he made me a drink.

"To help induce relaxation," he smiled.

I shrugged and took it without thinking. It was really good and I quickly finished it while chatting.

"You're straight. How would you like to be changed with hypnosis?"

I hadn't actually given it any thought. Obviously I didn't really want to change. I was straight, no question about it. It had been a while since I had been with a girl but I had laid a few in my day.

One question kept popping up in my head though. If I didn't actually want it, why was I doing this? I mean, unlikely as it may be, it could work.

I pondered what it would be like to be under hypnosis if it actually had its effect on me. Could it really change who I am?

As he refilled my drink, I started thinking about all the weird kinky stuff I had read about while doing my research.

"I want to be a blow-job slut who can't resist a cock in his mouth or his ass!" I blurted out suddenly.

"Go on," he said.

I was being goofy with the drink now, I started to make even more outrageous demands.

"mmmmmm I want to be a sexy slut and wear women's panties. I want to get off on

hot women's clothes and being beautiful."

"And what about women?" he asked.

I waited a moment.

"No. Just men from now on....I'm a hot girlie slut who only likes big men with thick cocks and messy loads of cum for my bitch mouth and ass."

He smiled and came over to me and patted me on the back.

"We can do that, but it will take time. We don't want to rush these things," he said.

"Haha yeah whatever. Let's just get this over with," I said suddenly overcome with curiosity.

We went into another room that was dark with a soft looking leather couch in the middle.

I was instructed to lie down on the recliner and I gladly did as my head slowly started to spin and get fuzzy.


I don't remember anything else, but I woke up much later to the snap of fingers.

He was waiting for me.

"Hello, welcome back! The first session is always pretty intense, how do you feel?"

"Ugh groggy," I managed.

"Haha completely normal. You should see the effects in a couple days."

I went home. He said to come again, same time the next week. I told him I'd let him know.

I went about my business for a few days without noticing any changes. I figured the guy was a nut and brushed the whole thing aside. No way was I going back there.

My luck turned positive mid-week when a really sexy girl I used to know named Meagan got in touch with me.

She was bored in town for a few days and wanted to go out to the bars. I jumped at the chance.

As I was getting ready to go meet her I thought about what she was doing to get ready. Probably slipping on some sexy little undies. God, I would just love to get my hands on those.

Cutting to the chase, we met up and got smashed. I managed to say enough semi-charismatic things to not turn her off and we headed back to my place after closing time.

We clumsily stripped off each other's clothes and when I pulled he jeans down I was met with my reward.

She was wearing a beautiful green and blue g-string with just a small patch of fabric covering the prize.

Since I was already kneeling down I leaned forward and kissed the fabric right where her pussy lips were. I continued more vigorously licking and kissing all over the dainty garment until finally I took a string in my teeth and pulled them down off her.

We proceeded to fuck and I don't think I was too bad considering my lack of action recently, but my mind seemed to be somewhere else the whole time.

She decided to spend the night and we cuddled for a while before falling asleep. Later, I woke up and realized Meagan was on the other side of the bed.

The pale moonlight shone through the window as I eased out of bed still naked and crept around to the other side.

I saw what I was after in the light. I reached down and picked up Meagan's panties. They looked amazing. I held them to my face and inhaled her delicate musk.

Almost on instinct, I pulled the sexy g-string over my ankles and adjusted until my junk was snugly nestled in the sexy attire.

I turned to my stand-up mirror and looked at myself. I looked amazing. I strutted and posed in my new undergarment getting a massive boner from the show, all while Meagan slept just feet away.

Wearing these panties somehow felt natural to me. It didn't make sense, but I loved the way they felt.

After a few minutes I went to my dresser and pulled out some sweatpants and a t-shirt. I pulled them on over my stolen panties and went back to sleep.

In the morning, Meagan was very hung over and confused regarding the whereabouts of her panties, but appeared too embarrassed to mention it.

I made her breakfast all the while wearing her thong. After eating, she thanked me for everything and we kissed for a few minutes before she left. We said we would stay in touch.

I shut the door and instantly stripped down to just my undies.

"I really need to get off...these panties are so fucking sexy," I said to no one.

Let's go find my computer.....


Knox Overstreet

[email protected]


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