Hypnotizing isn't as simple as some may think. I should know, i do it for a living. Every case is different, no two people are exactly the same. Well, to an extent of course. The similar characteristics make it easier to change things.

Take note that the story I'm about to tell is only for one of my many patients. I try to only better my subject's life with there best interest in mind.

The name of this subject is Khile Normance, he is a well built young man with a toned muscular physique. He has black hair and brown eyes, I didn't now his crotch size at this time so i wont say. The man had a peirsing in his left nose witch always cought my attention, all the  places on the body they chould pierce now was desturbing. 

Back to the patient, he was having trouble with his girlfreind. Yes, he is straight, but that aside he complained about how she wouldn't suck him how he asked. That was it, nothing more.

This was irritating me mostly because all the men that came in couldn't get any and he just has a problem with the sex. He wanted me to make her into a slut, which i could do. However, i didn't think it was right. I brought her in for a seminar and asked her about there relationship in order to get a better handle on the situation.

Naturally, I found she was a nice girl with a beutiful face and body to match. She had no problems with the situation exept she thought of him as too controlling. I pondered over the outcome of the seminar and saw many ways of approaching the problem.

I desired to change only a small part in her so she'd be more cooperative during intercourse, through hypnosis of course. Later that following evening Khile came back.

Unsatisfied with what I'd done, he demanded i turn her into a slut. I was furious with his aditude toward his girl friend and his thoughts on treating others such as myself. I told him that I'd only change what I saw was the problem and i did. I showed him the door with as much decency as i could. That was that and i was done with him for the day.

The following day he came back, this time it was his girl friend that was unhappy. She told me about how he hit her for being so useless. She didn't want to involve the cops and she also didn't want to be with him anymore. However, she was afraid he'd come after her.

This made me think of many ways to come about a logical solution, but i figured there was a better way to guarantee he wouldn't go after her. I didn't come to this conclusion at first, but the more i thought about it i knew it'd make him completely forget about her.

Khile already had a record of abusing women, so I thought up a way to pay him back for wanting a slutty girlfriend.

I began the first seminar with the basics making him want to come back was easy since i just made him think of wemon while he was under.

The next session was more towards the changes, i made him hate hitting women. That was the first step, the next change was shifting his mind set. Just making him focus more on how he did his wemon.this went on for a few weeks because he seemed to have a lot of preferences on how he did a women.

After that session came to an end he seemed much nicer. His girlfriend seemed less brused the next time i saw her. However, she still wanted to get away. She thought the hypno therapy would fade with time. I assured her that after todays session she could leave without fear of him following.

The session began like always, i put him in a trance with the code word and he went down. He was naturally easy to hypnotize because of his narrow mind. Back to the session,

"How do you feel," i asked khile.

He responded with,

"I'm doing fine."

I was reluctant to do the final change,  mostly because it'd make him a completly different man.

I asked him if he still wanted to have his wife as a slut, to abuse and fuck as he pleased.

"Hell yeah, that bitch is too sexy for anything else," he replied.

Yes, the unconscious mind is vulgarly blunt. At least it helped me deside on what to do.

"Ok, your walking into a bar. What do you see?" I asked him.

He replies with a mixture of words that seem to be backwards, a common occurrence with him.


Putting words into thought i made out that there was two wemon in the bar drinking and kissing eachother and it was making him horny. I really didn't like how he thought, but i continued the session.

"You see thoughs wemon," i said in more of and demanding tone.

"Go up to them and ask for a Rick," his legs started shifting which i assumed was his moving.

He yelled, "is there a Rick around!"

I felt my ears ring from the noise, thankfully the room was sound proof for pateint descression.

"The girls say he's in the back and that you should herry if you want to catch him" i say implanting the thought into his head.

He starts to seffle his feet again.

"When you find Rick he will apear as a buffer African American, ask him for the special drink for muscular men wanting to fuck"

He repeated my words about the drink and i filled in the rest saying,

"He takes you to a small room with little lighting, you find yourself getting really horny as he closes the door and locks it."

Clearly he was starting to pitch a tent in his pants. I slowly removed his pants and said that rick did it.

"Rick has started to take his clothes off and you find your eyes atracted to his big muscles, you see that they're bigger then yours and you find that sexy."

I had taken my own clothes off at this point, i wanted to be extra sure he felt the full experience.

"You get down on your knees and start licking his nipples,"

He started licking mine as I was on top of him now.

"Your being turned on even more as you make your way down his toned skin, kissing every inch, hopeing to get every part."

I myself began getting into the steamy action as i slide up his body,

"Before you now is his cock, you find it is bigger then yours, (he was 8" fully hard)."

"Your mouth waters, aching for his meat to fuck your mouth"

I noticed drool flowing from his mouth, i placed my cock on his face and he opened without hesitation. He starts sucking my dick and it feel like my cock will melt into the warmth, but i didn't keep the thought. I still had work to do.

"As he's fucking your mouth you stroke yourself, injoying every moment."

I say as his hands go for his crotch. Soon he's stroking like his life depended on it. I pulled my cock away after several thrusts. He begans to puzzle,

"He takes his cock away and glides his hands down your abdomen," which i did.

"He reaches your crotch and strokes it while he grabs a clear bottle," i said pulling the bottle out of the cabinet.

I started to finger him telling him to relax and that he'd injoy it soon. Around this point i got the real Rick to come into the room and continue what i was doing. He knew the situation and was more then happy to help, especially if it ment he could have some fun.

"Your pain is becoming mixed with pleasure, you will soon want more, you ass will burn with need as his fingers no longer satisfied your burning need. You start beging him to fuck you."

He started pleading with an erotic voice, declaring he'd do anything to get it. I took pleasure in nowing how far we had come in this session. With Rick following my lead i said,

"Rick will start tormenting your burning need by rubbing his cock inbetewwen your ass cheeks. You will plead and when he slowly enters, your need will grow."

Rick put on a rubber and started entering him. I noticed khile had gone soft for only a moment before becoming fully erected again. Rick started pumping him slow with his member, he put more lube from the bottle onto his dick and started hitting his ass harder. The relentless pounding went on for a good hour, trying multiple positions and all while i narrated.

Doggy style, cowgirl, up the wall, sideways, and all reversed as well.

By the time rick had finally started showing signs of exaustion i asked,

"Do you injoy being fucked?"

He replied with a lound erotic moan saying "yeah."

Rick was hitting his ass with everything he had at this point, clearly trying to destroy his virgin hole.

"Do you want your girlfriend to still be a slut?" I asked.

"No" he said as his voice started to get chopped by Rick's pounding.

"Do you want to be Rick's slut?" I asked.

"Yes, please" pleaded Khile.

"When you cum you will become Ricks lover and his horny slut. You will leave your girlfriend and you will live happily with Rick. Is that clear?"

"Yes, oh yeah, oh! Please, let me cum!" His reply was over the top. However, he had be fucking for hours.

Anyway, they both came to a climax. I had Rick clean and dress his new lover before he slipped out the door to the waiting room.

"You met Rick two days ago at that bar and haven't seen eachother sence then, one of your friends told you about him and became curious sence then."

This is more of a rap up part to the session to fill the blanks. Naturally, after i brought him out of the trance he had changed completly. He was nice and decent. I didn't want to let the girlfriend to see him so I told her that Rick whould come by and get his things.

I truely felt it was a beter course of action, besides Rick was a wealthy men looking for a true lover that wouldn't try to take his money. So i helped, not really a bad deal. He gets a lover, the girlfriend walks away from a bad relationship, and khile stops abusing women. As for me, it has been a long day at work and it's time to go home to my husband. 

Aouther's note: this was not my idea of a good story i just figured my readers wanted a story with actual sex. So hear you go, ps don't forget to try reading my story "pandemic of men" 


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