DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] Birds were chirping on the trees as Han Xi walked through the forest. A bow was in his hand as his hunting weapon. On his back was a bamboo container which was used to keep his arrows. For a man who lived during the reign of Zhou dynasty, Han Xi's clothes were very unusual. Being a hunter, Han Xi made his own clothes using tiger skin. His torso was covered by a vest and his crotch was concealed by shorts. Although his outer appearance was very eccentric, the villagers respected him for he always helped them get rid of wild beasts. In his late 30s, Han Xi still had no wife. No one could guess that the macho hunter was actually a gay man. As a man, Han Xi possessed all the quality to be a real man. Muscles were well developed. The biceps was bulging even though he did not contract them. The tiger-skin vest he wore did not conceal his pectorals as it opened in the middle. The narrow valley between two hard chest mounds could be clearly seen. Han Xi's nipples were always erect, pointing out through the vest. Soft short hair grew around the brownish areola. Han Xi's handsome face was framed by stubble and sideburns, giving him the aura of manliness. If he had lived in modern world, Han Xi would have looked like a ruffian. Body hair also grew on his arms and legs. With his masculine looks, he could have easily picked up any guys he wanted, but there was no gay man in his village. That hunter often thought that he was the only gay man left in that forsaken small village. Suddenly, Han Xi heard a low growling sound. It belonged to a tiger's and it seemed near. Taking an arrow from the bamboo container, Han Xi prepared his bow. Walking carefully, he observed the surroundings. As the wind blew, it rustled the leaves. Some of the dried ones fell down onto the ground. And the tiger that he was looking appeared before him. Han Xi's heart throbbed harder as he laid his eyes upon a terrified scholar. If Han Xi was too late, the tiger would have eaten the scholar up. Without any delay, that hunter aimed his arrow at the large tiger and shot it. Growling, the tiger fell on its side before it had any chance to attack the scholar. With a loud thud, that beast hit the ground and died. The terrified scholar could barely move or talk, his face white and pale. 'It's ok. You're safe now,' Han Xi said, stretching out his arm to help the scholar get on his feet. But the scholar apparently could not overcome his terrifying near-death experience. Thus, Han Xi thought that he should sit down and talk to him until that young man regained his senses. 'I'm Han Xi. What's your name?' he asked, placing one hand on the scholar's back. A weak reply came, saying that the name was Sha Hua. At that point, the hunter could get a closer look at the scholar's face. And what he saw mesmerized his eyes. 'Wow, this scholar is very handsome. I really like his face. But can I ever get close to him sexually? Maybe he doesn't like men. But I want a lover to copulate with. I'm tired of making love to my fist,' Han Xi thought, contemplating. Absentmindedly, Han Xi rubbed the scholar's back. The scholar was in his mid 20s. When he met the tiger, he was on his way to the capital city to participate in the emperor's test. Sha Hua's face was indeed handsome. Unlike Han Xi, Sha Hua did not have any bulging muscles in his body. Although he was proportionally built, his body comprised mere flesh. The skin on Sha Hua's neck revealed that the rest of his body was soft-skinned. As he spent most of his time studying, Sha Hua seldom exposed himself to the scorching sun. Thus his skin complexion was somewhat lighter compared to Han Xin's. When Han Xin squeezed his back, Sha Hua did not resist it. Gulping down his saliva, Han Xin fought hard to restrain his desire. There was not much to talk about for Sha Hua was very reserved. Thus, Han Xi left him for a moment to skin the tiger. Sitting on the leaves-covered ground, Sha Hua fixed his eyes on Han Xi. Secretly, he envied that strong macho man. 'I wish I could be like Han Xi. He could go anywhere he wants to without being controlled by anyone. He doesn't have a controlling father as I do,' he thought sadly. Previous memory was replayed in his mind. Sha Hua remembered how his father caught him red-handed fucking with a man. Ever since his father forced him to study to get rid of the disgusting notion of man-to-man love. Sighing, he continued to watch Han Xi working. That hunter did not mind blotching himself with tiger's blood as he skinned that dead creature. 'Oh, I want that hunter. I like his athletic body. Strong handsome guys always excite me,' Sha Hua said to himself. Uncontrollably, his dick hardened. The underpants, underneath the white scholarly robe he wore, were bulging obscenely. Through the fabric, Sha Hua massaged his hardening meat. 'Oh, that hunter makes my penis hard. I want to sleep with him. I want to become his.' Squatting next to the carcass, Han Xi had finished skinning it. Blood was smearing his hands, emanating disgusting smell. After hanging the skin on a tree branch, he headed for a small river nearby. As there was no one else in that forest, the hunter was not embarrassed to strip himself. The dirty vest and pants were off his muscular body. Taking them into the water, Han Xi cleaned his naked body as well as the clothes. But without his knowing it, Sha Hua was following him. That scholar hid himself behind a tree as he peeped at Han Xi's naked body. Needless to say, Sha Hua's cock grew much harder. His desire to be in Han Xi's arms forced a globule of precum to ooze out of the slit. Soft erotic gasps escaped his lips as he milked the hardness through the robe. Han Xi still did not know that Sha Hua was peeping at his naked body. The hunter dried his clean wet clothes a rock as he continued to wash himself. The river itself was not deep. But when he sat on the rocky bottom, his crotch was hidden from the view. 'Ah, the water is so refreshing,' he thought, stroking his hard dick. 'I have to calm my manhood down. I can't go back with a noticeable erection in my pants. This is all Sha Hua's fault. He makes me lustful towards him. Oh, how I wish I could hold his naked body and copulate with him.' If only Han Xi knew that Sha Hua was as gay as he was, he would have jumped at Sha Hua and plunged his cock repeatedly into that hungry ass hole. But Han Xi did not know that. Thus he could only satisfy his gay desire by jacking off. 'Oh, I bet Sha Hua has smooth white skin. I could smell his body from here,' he imagined, closing his eyes. 'If only I could plunge my penis into his body, I'd be the happiest man on earth. I'd kiss his neck, inhale his body scent, grope his chest... so many things I want to do to him.' Water continued to flow, washing down his lower body. Somehow, its current was almost erotic. 'Ah, Sha Hua,' he sighed, running his hand on his own wet chest. 'Oh no, I get too wet,' Sha Hua sighed, noticing that the precum had stained his scholarly robe. Lifting up the robe like a skirt, Sha Hua found that the front part of his underpants was soaking wet with slippery liquid. 'I can explode if I don't masturbate,' he thought, desperately trying to lower down the underpants. A throbbing dick jumped out and hit Sha Hua's robe-covered stomach. Being uncircumcised, the foreskin was stretched by the shaft to cover the head. Sha Hua had to hold the end of the robe with his neck so that both of his hands were free to jack his dick off. The right hand grabbed the foreskin and pulled it back. Thus, the dick head was exposed. 'I'm so aroused. That hunter's body is so sexy. I like him a lot.' The left hand was brought to the slimy knob. With one finger, Sha Hua scooped the precum up. 'Ah,' he gasped as his finger rubbed the sensitive glans. It caused another globule of precum to ooze out. 'I'm getting more aroused. I really have to empty my balls.' Standing with his back against the tree, Sha Hua let his underpants circle the legs. Since they started to make him feel uncomfortable, he shucked them off. 'Oh yeah! Ah!' Lewd gasps constantly resounded through the forest. The cock in his hand hardened as lust filled his mind. Sha Hua's mind wandered around and created an imaginary world where only Han Xi and he existed. As Sha Hua began to milk his aching dick, he imagined that Han Xi was kissing him. 'Yeah, kiss me, darling. Seduce me, oh!' he gasped, closing his eyes. Sha Hua's left hand slipped under the robe. It kept trailing up until it found the chest. Both of Sha Hua's chest mounds were fleshy, hanging down the torso. His nipples were erect, creating two small pointy tents through the thin robe. 'Ah, yeah,' Sha Hua gasped again as his mind was running wild. The hand on his chest started to do its job, gently squeezing the mounds one at a time. As he got hotter, he stroked his right hand up and down the shaft. 'Han Xi, oh.' Carefully, the scholar craned his head to take another peep at the hunter. Han Xi was experiencing the same pleasure. That hunter straightened both of his legs under the water. The smooth yet slippery rocks were pressing against his butt. Since left hand hardly had any use, Han Xi used it to support his body. Leaning slightly backward, he used that hand to take a good hold on the rocky bottom. Water kept rushing through his body, massaging it. 'Oh, it feels good. Yeah,' Han Xi gasped, furiously jerking his rock-hard dick. Looking down, the hunter could clearly see his aching pecker through the clear water current. As it throbbed, Han Xi could feel a globule of precum oozed out of the cock slit. Yet, as soon as it was discharged, it was carried away by the stream. 'Yeah, I'm very aroused. I wish I could penetrate Sha Hua's ass. It must be tight and warm. Oh!' Not being able to see Han Xi's dick, Sha Hua was a little disappointed. But at least, he could still watch the hunter's awesome torso. The stroking rhythm got faster. Pressing the dick harder, Sha Hua tried to wring out every drop of precum that he might have. 'Oh, I want you so much, Han Xi. I want you to enter me. Ah! It'd be great if we could copulate and make love. I badly need sex.' From behind the tree, that scholar noticed the familiar stroking movement that Han Xi performed. 'Oh, Han Xi is masturbating. He is milking his manhood. I wish I could see his penis. I would love to mouth that meat. He gets me so aroused sexually. I can reach orgasm sooner than I thought,' he whispered to himself, fixing his eyes intently on that naked hunter. Hearing noises, Han Xi suddenly quit jacking off. 'Who's there?' he yelled out, his heart beating fast. Cautiously, he observed the surroundings with his eagle eyes. But he could see nothing but trees and bushes. 'That's strange. I swear that I heard gasping sounds. Were they mine? Could have my own gasps echoed through the forest?' It took him minutes until he relaxed himself and got back to his jacking off session. Assuming the previous sitting position, Han Xi grabbed the foreskin and brought it up and down the shaft. 'Ah, I wish Sha Hua were here now, watching me. I really like that young man a lot.' Pulsating, the dick throbbed. Another drop of precum left his dick. It was soon washed away by the stream. The water was rippling around his stroking hands. Glancing down, Han Xi focused his eyes on his erect nipples. The upper torso had dried up. Thus, he splashed water upward to wet the torso. The water drops felt so cool as they touched his bare skin. Using his free hand, that hunter fingered the nipples. 'Ah, yeah! I love fingering my nipples. I just wish that Sha Hua could do this to me. Maybe I would cream before I had the chance to penetrate him. Oh, Sha Hua, you're so sexy. I want to have you in my arms. Yeah!' Intentionally, he pinched one of the nipples. His body shook as the nipple head radiated pleasure. 'Oh yeah!' Closing his eyes, he imagined that Sha Hua was licking his nipples as they both made love. 'Sha Hua, I want you. I love you, oh!' Han Xi did not know what was going on, but he was pretty sure that it was an instant love. 'Yeah, I want to fill your bowels with my manhood and cream in you. Oh, Sha Hua, my handsome scholarly young man.' The hand continued its duty. Taking turns, it fingered each nipple fairly. The more the nipples were fingered, the harder they became. Throwing his head back, Han Xi growled. 'I'm really turned on. I'm going to masturbate until I shoot. It's the only way to lighten up my balls. I can't have an erection near Sha Hua. If he knew I like men, he might freak out,' Han Xi said to himself. Too bad, his voice was too low. Thus, Sha Hua, hiding several feet away, could not possibly know that the man he liked was also a homosexual. Still being not aware of the scholar's presence, Han Xi threw himself at the joy of masturbation. Shamelessly, that hunter was groping himself, focusing on the torso area. Soft moans echoed. The wind carried them to Sha Hua's ears, making that scholar hornier. 'Han Xi, I wish you would make love to me,' Sha Hua whispered, keeping his voice as low as he could. 'You make me hard. I'll willingly give up my ass for you. Oh, I miss having sex. It's been so long since another man shoved his throbbing manhood into me. I want to feel the pain and the joy of anal sex. Oh, Han Xi.' Precum had been oozing out profusely. The slippery liquid flowed out of the slit and down Sha Hua's stroking hand. Some was rubbed off. The rest managed to run down the cock and dripped onto the ground in long stretching strings. His body squirmed as the hand brushed against one of the nipple heads. 'Oh! I must ejaculate. I can't hold it off for much longer. I'm just too aroused. Ah!' Sweat beads poured out of the pores. The robe he wore was dampened by sweat stains. Noiselessly, Sha Hua fisted his dick incessantly. Precum was continuously wrung out. Each time, he accidentally brushed the sensitive dick head with his fingers, he would gasp louder. 'Yeah, I'm so hot,' Han Xi groaned, thrashing his head. The biceps bulged as he exerted more strength to bring himself closer to orgasm. Not having sex for years drove his wilder with pent-up lust. Imagining that he was fucking Sha Hua's tight ass hole, the hunter thrust his hips upward repeatedly. As the hips moved up, Han Xi's dick emerged from the water. Sha Hua's eyes widened as he took in the details of the most erotic view he had ever seen. Groaning, the hunter indulged himself in his perverted fantasy. Water splashed about as his hips moved up and down. Large amount of precum exuded from the slightly gaping slit. 'Ah, I'm going to spurt my seeds. Ah! Yeah, I'm really close.' Closing his eyes, Han Xi pictured himself fucking Sha Hua's butt. As the fantasy became too real, Han Xi lost control over his dick. Uncontrollably, his muscular body started to shook. 'Oh, I'm ejaculating!' Han Xi growled, his head thrown to the back. Muscles in his hands and torso contracted, looking half bigger. With a deafening groan, that hunter thrust his hips upward, exposing his cumming cock. A thick gooey cum shot flew out of the slit. It hit Han Xi's heaving chest. 'Ah!' he groaned as the warm cum clung onto his torso. But when he brought his hips down, the dick was submerged. Yet, it was still cumming. White gooey substance was wafting in the water, coming out of the drowned dick head. Strong water current swept it away. 'Yes! I'm ejaculating! Oh! It feels so great! Ah!' When the dick head emerged out of the water, the cum shots had been reduced to weak dribbles. Again and again, the dick pulsed hard, releasing its cum loads. Han Xi's lecherous groans echoed through the forest, scaring the birds. The force of the orgasm was quite strong. Han Xi's body was convulsing, splashing water to various directions. It happened for several seconds until the climax finally stopped. Watching the sexy hunter shoot his cock juice was too much for Sha Hua to handle. That scholarly man soon reached the point of no return as his hand continuously milked his pecker. 'Yeah, I'm going to ejaculate. Oh, Han Xi. I wish you could enter my ass and dump your love juice in me. I really like your body. Ah! Yeah!' All of a sudden, the dick head bulged slightly. Sha Hua kept jacking off, not slowing down at all. White gooey cum was then squirted out. The cum shot did not reach far, only a few inches away from the spurting dick head. It landed on the ground, staining the dry leaves with white substance. 'Oh, Han Xi! Ah!' he groaned, taken over by desire. Repeatedly, more shots followed, although they soon turned into dribbles. Convulsing, Sha Hua was writhing with his back against the tree. The orgasm he was having was too much. Accidentally, his voice was too loud and it attracted Han Xi's attention. 'Oh no! he's coming over here,' Sha Hua thought in panic. 'Oh! Ah!' he groaned as his dick continued to spurt out the rest of the cum. Still milking the cock, Sha Hua ran away. His dick was dripping cum all over the ground. Violent convulsion continued to wrack his body, almost immobilizing the legs. But Sha Hua managed to get away. That scholar quickly ran back to the place where Han Xi saved him from tiger. Leaning his body against a tree, he rested to catch breath. Panting hard, he examined his robe and found cum stains all over it. 'What to do? What if Han Xi saw my cum stains? Would he know that I was peeping at his naked body?' Groping the crotch through the robe, suddenly he remembered that he forgot to grab his underpants. Cold seat ran down his forehead. 'Oh no! I forgot my pants. Han Xi must have found them. This is a disaster!' Sperm was clinging to his palm like glue, emanating acrid smell. Having no choice, he rubbed it to the robe. Meanwhile, Han Xi had stepped out of the river. Although the tiger-skin pants had not dried out completely, Han Xi still wore them to conceal his limp dick. Needless to say, he did not find anyone, except a pair of underpants and traces of fresh cum. 'Someone indeed was watching me. But who?' he asked himself, kneeling to examine the cum drops on the leaves. Without any disgust, he dipped the tip of his index finger into the cum puddle. 'It's still new. The cum is still warm and gooey.' Bringing the cum-coated finger to the lips, Han Xi snaked out his tongue and lap it up. 'Mmm... quite delicious. I have to find him. Whoever he is, at least he is into men. I can use his ass for my sexual pleasure.' Not far from him, he saw another cum puddle. As a hunter, Han Xi was expert in tracking traces. It did not take long until he noticed that the clue was leading him to Sha Hua! 'Sha Hua? He was peeing at my body?' the hunter froze. Hiding behind a tree, he watched that scholar clean is cummy hand. Knowing that sex might happen them, Han Xi's dick was stirred to life. 'I'm gonna get your ass, Sha Hua. I will shove my male member into you until we both ejaculate again. Oh,' he thought, licking his cummy finger. Not wanting to scare Sha Hua, Han Xi came up with a seductive plan. One way or the other, he had to plunge his dick into that tight ass. Minutes later, the hunter walked back to get Sha Hua. He pretended that nothing happened. 'It's going to be dark soon. Let's sleep here for the night,' Han Xi said. Sha Hua did not say anything, casting his eyes to the ground. The sun finally set down as darkness enveloped the sky. It was such a beautiful starry night, with the moon shining down upon them. The bonfire kept Han Xi and Sha Hua warm. Han Xi could hardly hide his erection. Hours had passed since he ejaculated in the river. Regaining his strength, Han Xi was more than ready to breed Sha Hua's ass. Sitting not far from the scholar, Han Xi started to seduce him. Shamelessly, he spread his legs and let Sha Hua's eyes see through what was hidden inside. Sha Hua did see it; he could only gulped down his saliva. Han XI's dick shamelessly throbbed, creating noticeable bulge. Grinning to himself, Han Xi knew that he had had that scholar in his hand. Pretending to be absentminded, the hunter rubbed his hard-on. Stealing a glance at Sha Hua, the hunter knew that Sha Hua could hardly restrain his man-to-man desire. 'I don't know why but I'm so aroused,' Han Xi admitted, trying to sensualize his voice. 'I really need sex. When I took a bath in the river, I had masturbated. But it seems that it's not enough.' Without any embarrassment, he showed his tenting erection to Sha Hua. That scholar only looked back with shocked expression. 'I'm not into women, you know,' Han Xi added. That short sentence shook Sha Hua's mind. But Han Xi pretended not to notice it and continued, 'I like men sexually. My last sex with man happened about 3 years ago. He was a wood cutter and we met in this forest. To make long story short, he offered his ass to me and I gladly took it. That was one of the hottest sex I've ever experienced.' Han Xi paused to squeeze his dick through the tiger-skin pants. His hand movement attracted Sha Hua's attention. Sitting uncomfortably, Sha Hua tried to keep his erection down. But the harder he tried, the harder his meat grew. Not having any underpants to confine the cock, it tented obscenely out of the robe. When Han Xi crawled closer and sat next to him, Sha Hua did not protest. Lust was growing inside that scholar, choking him out of air. The tent was growing bigger, sticking out of the lower robe. 'Are you aroused, Sha Hua? Your penis erected,' Han Xi said, pointing at Sha Hua's obscene bulge. Without waiting for answer, the hunter continued, 'Are you hot for men, too? Do you like watching naked men? If you do, then you can have me because I'm a man, too.' Slowly, Han Xi brought his face closer to Sha Hua's. Bending his head, Han Xi aimed at the scholar's neck. Sensually, he inhaled the body scent. 'Oh, I like men. I think you're very sexy. I want you, Sha Hua,' he whispered, while kissing the neck. Waves of pleasure shook Sha Hua's body. Its intensity got stronger as Han Xi continued his tongue attack. 'Yeah, your body is excited. I can feel it. Sha Hua, I want you.' Both of Han Xi's hands made their move as they were feeling up Sha Hua's robed body. At that point, Sha Hua did not hesitate any more. Lifting up his hands, he reciprocated Han Xi's hug. And the next thing he knew, he was rolling on the ground with Han Xi. The hunter became very lustful and expressed it with passionate kisses. Strong arms were feeling up Sha Hua's body, as well as lifting up the robe. Suddenly, there was a loud sound of fabric being ripped off. It was the easiest way to undress Sha Hua. As the robe was ripped apart, Han Xi witnessed that the scholar had lost his underpants. Grabbing Sha Hua's throbbing dick, the hunter attacked him with slobbering kisses. His hand squeezed the shaft, letting Sha Hua know that he wanted that meat. Tongues were swirling into each other's mouth, lewd groans echoing through the forest. Using Sha Hua's torn robe as a mat, Han Xi straddled the scholar's exposed body. Leaning forward, Han Xi was licking Sha Hua's handsome face. 'Oh, I love your white skin. It's so smooth and arousing. I like soft-skinned guys like you. Yeah, I like your body,' Han Xi whispered, inhaling the faint manly aroma on the scholar's body. 'Do you like my tongue? I'm licking your naked body. Ah, Sha Hua, you're the man of my dream. And you turn me on. I want to make love to you.' Slowly, the tongue swept down after it had wetted the scholar's lips. Being limber, that tongue continued to bathe Sha Hua's neck. It left him gasping for breaths as the experience was very overwhelming. 'Sha Hua's skin was so smooth,' Han Xi thought, holding Sha Hua's arms. 'I could cream right now, but I want to save it for later. Ah, this man arouses me. I want him. I want his tight ass,' the macho hunter thought, panting lustfully. Lying helplessly, the scholar let Han Xi do whatever he wanted to. 'I like your body, too, Han Xi. You're so strong and masculine. I feel very safe in your arms. I want us to make love, to be one. Oh, Han Xi,' he gasped, his eyeballs rolling upward. Both of his hands were stretched out to hold the hunter's body. Slipping his hands under the vest, he at last could feel the joy of groping Han Xi's athletic torso. Strong muscular chest was more arousing to touch. Rubbing the chest skin, Sha Hua squealed with pleasure as he found two hard nipples. Gentle rubbing revealed the soft nipple hair that grew around the aureole. 'Ah, your nipples are hairy. They turn me on so much, oh!' True to his words, his dick hardened in Han Xi's grip. 'Yeah, I want to have sex with you, Han Xi. Breed me.' That scholar had shucked off his shyness. he wanted sex as much as Han Xin did. The hunter continued his tongue exploration, sweeping every inch of that silky body. Climbing down, he brought himself to Sha Hua's broad smooth torso. The skin was almost impeccably white. Curiously, Han Xi ran a finger on one of the fleshy chest mounds. 'Oh, your skin is so smooth. I like smooth guys. Yeah, I'm going to satisfy my lust using your body. But first, I want to taste your smooth chest.' Soon, the tongue was snaked out for the umpteenth time. Saliva dripped onto Sha Hua's chest. That tongue was then swept across the torso. Slurping noises echoed as Han Xi moved his limber tongue around one of the nipples. Ever so gently, the hunter used his tongue to polish the nipple head into a glistening erect organ. While he was servicing the nipple, Han Xi used the other hand to keep the other nipple stimulated. Skillfully, Han Xi twisted the nipple head with his thumb and index finger. The simultaneous tongue and finger treatment sent Sha Hua to the verge of orgasm. 'Ah, play with my nipples, Han Xi. Yes!' the scholar whimpered, writhing about. His whole body was tingling with great excitement as both of his nipples were stimulated. Having sensitive nipples, he almost bucked Han Xi off, but he was pinned securely by the weight of Han Xi's body. 'Do my nipples, Han Xi, Oh yes! Pinch them. Lick them. Oh, I'm very aroused. My manhood hardens for you, ah!' Groaning like a slut, he was pulling at Han Xi's vest. 'You excite me sexually, Han Xi. Oh, let me see your chest. Please, I want to see it,' he begged, trying to get the vest off Han Xi's body. Another globule of precum escaped his dick as it throbbed and hit Han Xi's torso. The cock left gooey stains. 'You want to see my chest. Ok,' the hunter said, stopping his licking activity. Kneeling on the ground with his legs straddling Sha Hua's naked body, Han Xi took off the vest and threw it to the side. 'Yeah, the vest is off now. If you really like my chest, touch it now. Feel my masculinity. Oh, I'm going to breed your ass and make you feel so good.' Roughly, he grabbed Sha Hua's hand and pulled it to his bare chest. 'Squeeze my torso. Feel the muscles. Yeah, do what you like to my chest,' Han Xi said, leaning over. Meanwhile, Han Xi's erection had been tenting out of the pants. The tip exuded precum profusely, dampening the tiger-skin pants. As the hunter moved, his dick head was rubbed against the pants. 'Oh,' he moaned, his body shuddering. Lying beneath the bare-chested hunter, Sha Hua indulged himself in torso worshipping. 'You have great chest, Han Xi. It's filled with muscles and strength. I love it a lot,' Sha Hua whispered, his voice quivering with lust. It had been years since he last laid his hands on another man's chest. Kneading Han XI's pectoral muscles brought overwhelming pleasure. As his palms made contact with Han Xi's chest, electric-like waves flowed through his body. Every nerve in his body was awaken, tingling with great anticipation. The scholar paid a special attention to Han Xi's nipple heads because he liked men's nipples, too. Unlike his, Han Xi's areola were larger. The nipple heads were always erect, challenging everyone to touch them. Swirling the fingers, Sha Hua brushed the tips against Han Xi's nipple hair. It immediately forced Han Xi to produce a deep guttural groan. And to Sha Hua's disappointment, the hunter trailed down Sha Hua's body. Both of the scholar's hands slipped off the chest. 'This scholar is very lecherous. He makes me very aroused. I want to suck his manhood because I have not done that in years. I miss sucking penis,' Han Xi said to himself. As his tongue was trailing down Sha Hua's smooth abdomen, Han Xi held onto the scholar's upper thighs. Slowly, the tongue reached Sha Hua's dense pubic hair. Musky aroma was emanated from there, hitting the hunter's nostrils. Loving that kind of manly smell, Han Xi buried his face in that pubic bush. Inhaling, he took in more crotch scent into his insatiable nose. That smell only made his dick throb harder. The next target was Sha Hua's towering dick. It had been throbbing impatiently, drooling out a handful of precum. That slippery snot-like liquid flowed down the shaft, dampening the crotch. Han Xi took a minute to admire the beauty of Sha Hua's uncut dick. Like most oriental men's, the size of Sha Hua's dick was average. The erect length reached 5 inches. Thick foreskin still concealed the dick head. Its opening was wetted by a pool of overflowing precum. Purplish veins faintly bulged under the skin of Sha Hua's foreskin. Each time that cock throbbed, it tempted Han Xi to lick it. Grabbing the foreskin, Han Xi slowly brought it down. Without any difficulty, the skin was retracted down. As soon as it happened, the dick head was exposed. Layer of precum made it glisten against the dancing yellowish light from the bonfire. That was the most beautiful pecker that Han Xi had ever seen. Bringing his face closer to that pulsating meat, Han Xi inhaled its lewd scent. All he obtained was the strong aroma of precum. Not waiting for Sha Hua's agreement, the hunter parted his lips and engulfed the whole length. 'Oh, Han Xi,' the scholar moaned as he felt his dick entered warm yet wet mouth. Oral sex was still new to him because the previous gay guys he met were only interested in fucking his ass. Thus, Han Xi's sucking was quite surprising to him. Groaning, he was running his fingers through Han Xi's damp hair. Occasionally, he would pull at the hair. 'Suck my penis. Oh, it feels very good. Don't stop. Keep pleasing my manhood. Ah, Han Xi! I love you. Oh, make love to my penis. Make me ejaculate my love seeds into your warm mouth. Yes! Oh!' Squirming, Sha Hua tried to endure the overwhelming ecstasy that he suddenly received. Closing his eyes, Sha Hua moaned when Han XI's tongue was rubbing his exposed dick head. The knob was very sensitive. A slight touch could send Sha Hua bucking like a mad horse. Han Xi could have been kicked away accidentally if he had not secured Sha Hua's hips with his strong muscular hands. Slurping sound continued to echo as the hunter relished the leaking meat. He had almost forgotten what a cock tasted like. Yet, upon trying Sha Hua's dick, he remembered the taste of a cock. And Sha Hua's was similar to other cocks he had ever sucked. It brought back the horny memories which he had almost forgotten. 'Oh, I love Sha Hua's manhood. Its precum was so delicious. It tastes rather salty. But then again, all precum tastes like that. Ah, I'm going to make this guy shoot in my mouth. I long to drink another man's essence. His seminal liquid must be as delicious as his precum.' Han Xi continued to suck Sha Hua's dick, using all sucking techniques he knew. One hand was grabbing the balls, gently massaging them. The stimulation on the balls added to Sha Hua's pleasure as he surrendered his body to the hunter. 'Suck my penis, hunter. Oh! Make me groan. Ah, I'm so lustful! I want to shoot my loads in your hot mouth. You turn me on. Ah, Han Xi, I like you.. Don't stop sucking my penis. I want you. Yes!' Sha Hua slurred, rambling incessantly. His eyes closing, Sha Hua wriggled his naked body. Roughly, his hands kept pulling at Han Xi's hair. Heaving up and down, the torso started to perspire. Small beads of sweat oozed out of the skin pores. 'Han Xi, oh! Suck my manhood. I'm close. Ah!' Thrashing his head, the scholar tried to restrain himself from ejaculating. 'Oh, I want to ejaculate. Ah, I don't know how long I can hold it. Yeah!' Helplessly, he was writhing. Greedily, Han Xi was slurping on that leaking dick. Frequently, that meat would drip off its precum. With much pleasure, the hunter lapped up that slippery liquid. 'This guy's dick never stops leaking. Oh, there's so much precum in his balls. It tastes great. But I want more. I want to drink Sha Hua's man juice.' With that, he formed a tighter ring using his lips. The oral ring slid up and down the shaft, massaging it. As minutes passed, he could clearly sense that the cock was throbbing harder. 'This guy is going to pour out his juice. I can feel it. Yeah, ejaculate for me. Let me get your penis juice. Yeah! Ah, give it to me,' he said in his mind, applying stronger suction. To ensure that everything worked well, Han Xi reached up to finger Sha Hua's left nipple. A loud groan escaped Sha Hua's mouth as the first cock cream shot out. 'Ah! I'm ejaculating! Han Xi! Oh! Take it, darling! Take my seeds. It's for you! Oh yes!' Involuntarily, Sha Hua's body was shuddering with great force. Every muscles in his body flexed. Throbbing violently, the leaking dick in the hunter's mouth flooded it with thick creamy cum. 'Ah! Yes! Drink it all! Ah yeah! Take my seeds down your throat. Oh yes!' Unspeakable pleasure ran through his naked body, seizing it. Spurt after spurt of warm cock juice was pumped into Han Xi's mouth. The taste was like other men's cum, a mix between bitterness and saltiness. Kicking about, Sha Hua could not control his feet. But Han Xi managed to secure the legs as he kept sucking the essence out of Sha Hua's cumming dick. 'Ah yeah! Suck me! Oh! Han Xi, I love you! Ah, keep sucking my penis! Oh yes!' He thought he would cum forever. But seconds after the first shot jetted out, Sha Hua's ejaculation came to a stop. Panting, he was catching his breath as Han Xi cleaned up the cummy mess. 'Han Xi, ah, it's the best orgasm ever,' Sha Hua panted, his cheat heaving. A thin film of sweat coated his naked body. Sweat, coming out of his back, had dampened the robe on the ground. Flinching, he tried to avoid Han Xi's suction. After cumming, Sha Hua's dick head became far more sensitive. 'Oh, I'm very satisfied sexually,' he breathed, letting his dick go limp. 'You're good.' Lying helplessly, he watched Han Xi crawl up. He knew that the hunter was seeking for his lips. Gladly, he pursed his lips to accept the kiss. Seconds later, they were involved in a hot passionate kiss, even hotter than the previous ones. 'Han Xi is such a good kisser. Ah, if he keeps doing this, he can get me hard again. Oh, it's been so long since I have man-to-man sex. I want him to fill my body with his manhood. I want to be his completely.' As the kiss broke, Sha Hua looked up and fixed his eyes to the hunter's handsome rugged face. Reaching up, he touched Han Xi's stubble, feeling up the prickly facial hair. The Sha Hua asked, 'Please enter my body. I want to be yours. Make me yours, Han Xi.' Hearing that request, Han Xi was very excited. He wanted that, too, to bury his rod far into the depths of Sha Hua's bowels. 'Yes, darling, I want to enter your body, too. I'm going to make love to you and fill your body with my love juice.' Leaning forward, he again licked Sha Hua's smooth torso. The sweat beads were lapped up, spreading saltiness. Straightening up, then the hunter prepared himself for the anal penetration. Sitting with legs spread wide open, Han Xi maintained his obscene erection. Several strokes managed to keep his cock happy and hard. Precum still oozed out down the shaft frequently. 'Open your legs, Sha Hua. Let me take them,' he breathing, riveting his to the scholar's handsome face. Sha Hua gladly complied. Both of Sha Hua's legs were then taken hold and wrapped around the hunter's slim yet muscular waist. Pulling Sha Hua closer to his body, Han Xi pressed his aching dick against Sha Hua's ass crack. His heart beating fast, Sha Hua was lying motionlessly on the robe-covered ground. The position of his head was lower than his ass for both of his legs had been locked securely around the hunter's waist. Gazing up at the macho hunter, Sha Hua gasped, 'I'm ready, darling. I'm ready to accept your love pole. Let's make love. I want you to make me yours. I need your penis as much as you need my tight sweet ass. Do it now.' It had been long since he got fucked. Thus, knowing that a man's cock, especially the one that belonged to a hot handsome hunter like Han Xi, would soon penetrate his ass, Sha Hua could hardly restrain his sexual excitement. He let Han Xi do anything he liked, including on how he would fuck Sha Hua's ass. 'Yeah, give me your love pole. Let's make love,' the scholar breathed, eyes fixing to Han Xi. 'You've got me so aroused, Sha Hua. You don't know how much I long to shove my penis into your love hole,' the hunter responded, jerking his slimy hard fuck tool. 'Do you see my cock? It's hard for you. Feel it.' And with that, he rubbed Sha Hua's clenching ass hole with his slimy dick head. 'It's all wet. And I'm ready to enter your body. Have your ass ever been penetrated by other men before?' he asked, reaching out to wipe Sha Hua's sweaty chest. The answer he received was a nod. 'Good, then I won't hesitate to turn your insides upside down. I have a very high sex drive. So, I may be a little rough. But I can assure you that you will enjoy my thrusts.' Teasingly, he continued to rub the head around the puckered anal ring. 'Oh, yeah, you want my manhood, right? Here I go.' Ever so gently, he pushed the slimy dick head in. Pressure was forcing Sha Hua's ass lips to make way for the cock. Instinctively, the ass ring clenched up, not letting any intruder in. Desperately, Sha Hua tried hard to relax his hole, for he really wanted Han Xi to enter his body. But the strength of the first thrust was harder. Slowly yet forcefully, Sha Hua's ass hole was pushed inward. The anal ring was then stretched to accommodate the invading dick. Painful groan escaped Sha Hua's lips, echoing. Desperately, he tried to endure the anal pain. After years being untouched, that scholar's ass hole had shrunk into a tighter hole as if it had been virgin. Pain was inevitable. Roughly, Han Xi's dick inched forward, forcing its way in. The ring was stretched further as the fat cock head wormed in. Sha Hua's ass muscles held the dick head securely, not letting it inch forward. But, the defense was soon broken as the cock continued to sink in. 'Ah! It hurts!' the scholar cried, whimpering. But the pain felt incredibly good. 'Oh, Han Xi, your penis is so big. Oh!' Squirming in great pain, Sha Hua tried to endure the anal ordeal. Pain was clearly on his face. At first, Han Xi wanted to cancel the whole thing for he did not want to hurt the scholar intentionally. But Sha Hua quickly encouraged him to keep going. 'No, don't stop please,' Sha Hua hissed, his eyes being half shut. 'I love the anal pain your manhood brought. Please, keep shoving it in. Give it to me. I want your penis. Please, don't stop making love to my ass. Oh, Han Xi, I need you!' Thrashing his head, that scholar groped his own sweaty chest. The smooth chest skin was squeezed as Sha Hua stimulated himself. 'Keep entering me. I need your manhood. Han Xi, ah!' 'Your ass is so tight. Are you sure that you have been penetrated before? Oh! Your ass is as tight as a virgin ass,' the hunter grunted, breathing hard. Wiggling his ass, he managed to slip his cock an inch forward into that tight warm hole. yet it was not an easy task for Sha Hua's ass ring gripped the shaft tightly. Throbbing, Han Xi's dick produced a drop of precum. As the cock jerked, its glistening head accidentally smeared the inner ass lips with a small amount of precum. 'Ah, my penis jerked inside your body. I like your ass very much, Sha Hua. Oh yeah, let me have it. Open up for me. Let me slide in, Sha Hua,' he murmured, closing his eyes. Pushing the length in, Han Xi made another small progress. The dick was crawling in with the help of precum lube. Inch by inch, it went in. To ensure that the penetration went well, Han Xi exerted his strength to pull at Sha Hua's body closer to his. 'Oh! Sha Hua! Nice ass! Oh! Yes!' And suddenly, the head managed to pop in. It did not produce any sound but both of them could feel it. The hunter's body jerked for a second as the cock was suddenly snapped by the tight ass ring. 'I'm in, yeah. Do you feel my penis in you? It's nice, isn't it?' Sha Hua could not speak at all. All he could produce were gasping noises. He was very horny. Nothing could satisfy his lust except Han Xi's dick. 'Oh! It's so big. Yeah, push it in, Han Xi. Yes, shove it deeper. Penetrate me, ah!' he whimpered, panting. Both of his eyeballs almost rolled back, owing to the pain. Yet, he longed for deeper penetration. Reaching up, he tired to get a hold on the hunter's perfect torso. But all he got were Han Xi's strong arms. As he squeezed them, Sha Hua could feel how strong that hunter was. 'Oh, your body excites me. You're very athletic. Yeah, keep driving your penis into me. Ah!' His mouth gaped open as the cock continued its journey in. The friction was incredibly overwhelming. Sha Hua gasped when the cock finally hit something in me. Its journey ended as the whole length was planted into Sha Hua's ass. 'Ah, Han Xi! It feels so good! Oh!' His mouth gaped open, sucking in more breaths. 'Yeah, I'm in you, all of it. I want to make love to you now. I want to plow your sweet tight ass,' the hunter breathed, his chest sweating. The soft nipple hair was drenched up. Heaving, he started to pull his dick out. Gradually, that meat wormed its way out. Ever so gently, the length scraped against Sha Hua's rectum. Tingling, the ass begged to get fucked more. 'Oh, yeah, work your ass. I can feel your ass hole trying to grip my dick. Don't worry, darling, I'm not going to pull out. Uh!' Just when the dick head almost slipped out, Han Xi immediately shoved it in. 'Oh! Yes! Take it! Fell my cock going down your ass. Ah!' Again, the cock began plunging down. It kept going in until it hit something. 'Ah! I don't know what that is in your ass, but I'm going to penetrate it until it gave way,' Han Xi panted, not knowing about the prostate. His instinct guided him to aim his dick at that tiny organ. 'Yeah, I'm gonna break that thing in your ass so that my love pole can penetrate your ass deeper. Ah!' But when the dick head hit the prostate, Sha Hua's body tingled with great pleasure. He did not know what happened. But he remembered that he had felt it, too, when he last got fucked. 'Yeah! I love it! Drive your love pole to that thing, Han Xi. Hit me there. Oh! My body shudders with great excitement whenever you hit that. Yes! Keep hitting it! Oh!' Pulsating, Sha Hua's erect dick dripped a droplet of clear precum. The liquid just fell on his stomach, creating a pool in his belly button. Placing one hand on that throbbing meat, he gave himself a stroking hand. 'I'm dripping wet. Oh yeah, keep doing my ass. Ah!' His naked body started to rock back and forth. Han Xi still seized hold of Sha Hua's legs, keeping that scholar's ass close to his penetrating dick. While groaning, Sha Hua was milking his own dick. 'Oh! I'm so aroused. I want to spill my seeds out. Ah! Keep penetrating my ass, Han Xi. let me have it. Don't stop. Oh!' Sweat dripping down his tired face, Han Xi never slowed down. On the contrary, each thrust was increased in speed. The dick was drilling Sha Hua's ass, almost tearing it apart. 'I like entering your ass! It gives me so much pleasure! Ah! Are you pleased, too? Yeah, you like my penis in you, don't you? Yeah, I'm planting my tool deep into you. Yes! I like your ass so much! Oh yes!' Relentlessly, the dick continued to loosen up Sha Hua's ass. His ass lips turned puffy owing to the intense fucking. They hurt a bit, swelling twice of their original size. But those puffy lips were like meaty pillows massaging Han Xi's dick. Letting his head fall back the hunter groaned out his lust. 'Oh! I'm entering you. Your ass is so tight. I can ejaculate soon. Oh!' True to his words, Han Xi's dick was dripping copious amount of precum. That liquid lube dup the fuck canal, easing the penetration. The cock was practically sliding on it. Some precum clung onto Sha Hua's prostate each time the dick head hit it. 'Oh! I keep hitting the thing in your ass, Sha Hua. You like it, huh?' he asked, noticing the change in Sha Hua's face. 'Yeah, I think I can make you shoot out your seeds faster than I think.' Intentionally, he kept invading that particular spot. Thrashing his head to right and left, Sha Hua desperately groped his own torso. Beads of sweat was beading up the chest. Sha Hua's fingers busily fingered the nipples, taking one at a time. The other hand was still used to jerk the cock off. 'Oh, yeah, I can feel it too. I'm close, Han Xi. Oh! Your love pole feels so good. My love juice is crawling up. It's heading for my shaft. I can feel it, uh! I'm so close, Han Xi. I may shoot at any time,' the scholar warned, his face being pale with overwhelming excitement. 'Oh! Drill my ass harder! Yeah, Han Xi!' Rocking back and forth, Sha Hua moaned like a cheap whore. He had no shame at all, for he enjoyed it very much. The harder Han Xi fucked his ass, the harder Sha Hua groaned. 'Yes! Make me ejaculate! I want to shoot again! Oh!' he cried, his body stiffening. 'Oh yeah! Shoot it,' Han Xi panted, breathing intermittently. is face showed a mixed expression of pain and pleasure. Having a sensitive dick, Han Xi winced as his dick head was squeezed hard by Sha Hua's ass. But he loved every second of it. 'Yes! Keep stroking your pole, Sha Hua. Let me see you ejaculate. I want to see your facial expression. Oh, it turns me on so much to see guys ejaculate. Yes, keep stroking your meat. That's it. Yeah!' he encouraged, glancing down at Sha Hua's wet dick. Pulling that scholar closer to him, Han Xi gave him all that he had. His dick went in deeper, touching the spots which hadn't been touched before. 'Oh! I love your ass! I think I'm going to pour out my seeds into you. Ah! Keep milking my love pole with your ass hole. Make me spurt out my juice for you. Ah!' Sweat beads rolled down his immense torso, passing through the narrow valley between his chest mounds. Finally, that scholar could take no more thrust up his ass. 'I can't take it anymore, Han Xi! I'm so close to ejaculation. Oh! Drill me deeper. Play with my ass. Shoot your cream into my body. make love to my ass, ah!' he cried, losing control of his naked body. Out of the blue, his glaring dick head began to spurt volley after volley of thick warm man juice. It was like a fountain of cum. The cum was shot out and landed on Sha Hua's chest. 'Oh! I'm shooting out my seeds. Oh!' he yelped, bucking wildly. The stomach muscles, although not too visible, contracted heavily. Sha Hua's body shuddered uncontrollably. Both of his legs stiffened, seized by orgasm. More cum dribbled out from his slightly gaping cock slit. That gooey liquid formed a pool on his stomach. Almost at the same time, the hunter reached his climax, too. Seeing Sha Hua's cumming expression was too much for him. Thus, Han Xi, too, cummed. His dick was strained hard inside that warm fuck canal. 'Oh! I'm seeding. My precious man juice is pouring out into your warm ass. Yes! Take my juice! Take it all! Oh yes! I'm flooding your ass.' Spurts of thick creamy cum filled Sha Hua's ass. It did not come in one big flood, but in big spurts of cum. First shot managed to splatter the prostate and coated that organ with white slippery layer. But the rest of the shots simply filled the canal. 'Yes! I'm spurting my man juice for you! Oh yes! Ah!' Writhing, he buried his dick deeper into the willing hole. Sloppy fucking sound was heard. Some of cum even seeped out of the gripping swollen hole. 'Oh! Feel my juice flooding your ass. Yes! You're one hot sexy guy. Ah!' he grunted, emptying his balls. Jerking, his body underwent the last orgasmic shudder. Then everything came to an end. 'You're so great,' Sha Hua panted, wiping the sweat beads off his own chest. Throbbing, his dick drooled out a string of cum. At the end hung a droplet of cum. It finally reached Sha Hua's stomach, joining the cum pool. As Sha Hua moved his body, the cummy pool was spilled. 'I really like you, Han Xi. Never had a guy made me ejaculate so much. Just look at my stomach. It's soaking wet with my man juice,' he said weakly, catching breath. Looking straight into Han Xi's eyes, he said the love words, 'I love you, Han Xi.' 'I love you, too, Sha Hua,' the hunter replied, maintaining his limp dick inside that tight ass. Bending over, Han Xi brought his lips closer to Sha Hua's. Then, they were kissing passionately. The moon was the witness of their new-found love. Whispering in Sha Hua's ear, Han Xi asked, 'Will you live with me and be my companion through out this life?' And the answer was yes. The kiss resumed as both men showed their affection for each other. END




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