Dante shares this steamy sex story of what happened on their elk hunting trip about a year ago

Diesel and I have been best friends ever since we met in the sixth grade. As a teenager, I became aware that I was only attracted to guys. I kept my secret until I was a junior in high school and then on my 17th birthday I got up the nerve to tell my best friend Diesel that I was gay hoping that he would remain my best friend. I was overjoyed when Diesel, who was totally straight and was the most popular dude on campus with the females, totally accepted who I was and had no problem with my sexual orientation.

Diesel was a rugged stud and the outstanding 220-pound strong offensive center on our high school football team with me as the team's quarterback. He and I were a powerful combination with the other teammates equally gifted. We won the state championship our junior and senior years.

His acceptance of my sexuality gave me the courage to come out at the end of my senior year. We went on to play college football for four years.

After college, Diesel took over his father's logging company and I became a CPA in a large accounting firm in town. We are now 30-years-of-age and both single. Diesel has had at least five short-lived in female partners since college. I've had four gay partners with each lasting about a year. We not only have opposite sexual life styles but we are physical opposites.

Diesel is a huge rugged stud standing 6-feet ans 6-inches, weighs around 220 muscled pounds, coal black wavy hair, black eyes, surprisingly little body hair, a body riddled with hard muscles, huge thighs, big hard legs, huge arms with biceps the size of melons, large feet taking 13-sized shoes, tanned body based on his Italian heritage, gorgeous teeth and a 10-inch horse sized cock when at full erection.

I, on the other hand, stand 5-feet and 10-inches, blond hair, light blue eyes, weigh a slim 155 pounds, very light skin from my Danish ancestry and a thick 7-inch cock at full erection.

Several months ago as the Fall hunting season had arrived, I got a call from Diesel and he asked: "Hey buddy, can you take off two weeks from the firm and join me on an elk hunting trip? We can spend the two weeks at my parents hunting cabin in the high Rockies. You and I have been going there since our high school days but for the last few years we have been too busy to get away. I'd love to have the time with you and experience the good times we have had there. And I know how much our parents love elk steak if we can bring them some elk meat."

"Buddy, I'd love to take you up on that offer. Yea, it has beeen way too long since we had such a fun trip. You know how much I enjoy elk hunting. Lets meet in a couple of days, go shopping for all the gear, grub and get our hunting licenses."

We left for the cabin on a very early Sunday morning arriving at the cabin late afternoon. We unpacked, took a short hike scouting out the next day's route , returned to the cabin, prepared dinner and then lit a fire in the fireplace.

For the next five days we hunted until near dark with no luck. At the end of that Friday hunt, we returned to the cabin around 3 pm, took a shower, prepared an early dinner, built a fire in the cabin's fireplace, and began to consume several cans of beer. As bed time came around, we stripped down to our shorts as the cabin had become very warm and got into the only bed in the cabin. We had been in bed no more than 10 minutes and feeling good from all that beer when Diesel shocked me when he said: "Hey Buddy, I've never been hornier in my life. It must be the beer and the fact that I've had no pussy for over a week."

I'd never heard such encouraging and surprising sexual talk from my buddy. Although I'd never dared dream about making love to my hunk of a buddy, Diesel's comment drove me wild with lust for him. I decided now or never to make my move as he was horny as hell and I felt his body touching my side. I'd go for it even if it meant loosing his friendship. As I lay close smelling his warm breath on my face, my cock got stiff as a rock. In a state of pure lust, I slowly move one of my feet touching his warm leg as I placed my hand on his upper inside thigh close to his big cock.

Diesel set up in bed and with the sound of anger in his voice said: "Fuck you Dante, what in the hell are you trying to do? Fuck, you know that I'm no fucking fag and I only love a female's pussy. Don't risk our friendship trying to make a move on me."

But I was too horny feeling his body touching me and I was not about to stop since some primitive animal instinct had taken over my body and especially my raging cock. I might get the shit kicked out of me as I said: "Hey Buddy, I know you are straight as a ruler but we are going to be here for several more days and it seems to me that you have only two choices to take care of that horny condition. You can stroke that cock masturbating or let me suck that missile until you dump that huge several day old cum load in my mouth. You see, a mouth is a mouth on a cock. You can close your eyes and think it is the lips of one of those whores that have sucked you off so many times. My sucking your cock in no way makes you gay, buddy." As I spoke, I reached over and grabbed his crotch and shit his cock was rock hard and he did not ask me to remove my hand.

In the light of the fireplace, I saw Diesel turn looking me in the eyes as he replied:" Fuck Dante, you've got a point. I've never been hornier and you are correct that we have another 11 days here. Shit, why is my cock harder than it has ever been. You are right that I have only two choices off getting my rocks off and a blowjob is always better than my stroking my own cock. Fuck, I'm going to let you give me a fucking blowjob. But let's be clear, I'm no fucking fag. And I'll beat the crap out of you if yuo ever tell a single soul that I let you suck my cock."

"Oh Buddy this is our secret. I'd never hurt you or effect your relationships with all those whores who you fuck. And if you get too uncomfortable with my sucking your cock, I'll stop and you can jack off."

I'd already managed to discard my boxer shorts to release my aching stiff leaking cock. I placed my hands inside his wet boxer shorts and pulled them off. Fuck, he was leaking precum. My cock had begun to spew precum.Fuck yea, I'd won. I got down, spread his big legs far apart and placed my lips on the tip of his leaking cock. Soon I began to run my tongue up and down his blood filled cock shaft. I took time to use my lips to circle his cock head. I knew Diesel was so into my sucking his cock as he began to buck like a wild bull and moan loudly that caused me to lower my mouth on his hot manhood. Before long, I took his entire 10-inches deep in my throat as I sped up going up and down that massive tool while releasing gobs of spit on that now wet beast of a cock.

I knew I had total victory when Diesel begged me to suck that cock faster and faster as he said: "Oh fuck yea, suck my cock. No woman has ever come close to sucking my cock like that, man you know how to take care of a man's cock. Wow, that is so awesome. Man, that is the best blowjob of my life. Oh my god, my whole body is spasming and chills are running up and down my spine. Holy shit, yea, fuck yea, you little bitch, you know how to suck cock. Fuck. I'm about to come. You better pull off my throbbing dick if you don't want to eat my cum."

Diesel's begging me caused me to become hornier. I became even more aggressive desiring his cum in my mouth. I sucked that cock as if it was a hot dog and that I was so hungry. I took a finger and ran it up his ass as I gave him the blowjob of his life. My buddy let out some form of a wild scream as I felt his meaty erection expand and he shot a massive load of semen deep in my throat. The mother load was so huge that I gagged as part of the semen flowed down my throat with the majority rushing out of my mouth onto my buddies' crotch and legs. The taste and smell caused a stirring in my nuts and I actually shot a huge load of my cum on my body without touching my cock. I continued to milk my buddies cum from his awesome cock. Finally, we were drained of all that jizz with cum all over our bodies and the bed.

The oral sex and climax had an amazing unexpected effect on my straight best friend. Fuck, he was just getting started. He took charge, turned me over on my stomach, used his big strong logger's hands to spread my legs far apart, got his huge body between my legs, spit gobs of his spit on my ass, used his huge fingers to push the spit inside my pussy and I felt his huge still hard cock began to invade my outer ass. Fuck yea, he was about to fuck my ass. Holy shit, had I succeeded in turning my best friend gay? I pushed my ass up to welcome that big cock inside me. I felt him use his entire body to thrust that missile deeper and deeper into my pussy. As he fucked the hell out of my ass, he lowered his hard logger's body down on my back. He began humping my body as he explored ever inch of my ass with that huge log. The pain was so severe but I'd never been more eager to be fucked by my straight best friend. Holy fuck, my dream had come true or was I dreaming? No it was really happening. 

Diesel's breath became rapid as I felt it on my neck, sweat poured off his frame onto my naked shoulders and back and he made me wild for him as he said: "OH FUCK YEA, this is the best pussy my cock has ever invaded. Oh my god, my cock has never felt this good before. Fuck yea, buddy, you just became my bitch. Fuck no more female pussy, your fucking ass now belongs to me. Your little soft hot pussy is just for my big dick. Tell me bitch, that you want my cock from now on."

"OH FUCK YEA BUDDY, yea my pussy belongs to your big cock from here on out. Fuck me baby. Come inside me."

Within seconds, I felt his big cock expand in my ass and I felt a rush of wet cum fill my ass. I'd never had such a huge load of cum fill my ass to the bream. He fucked me harder and harder as he unloaded that river of cum in my ass. He groaned and thrust his big tool hard into my enter ass. When he was spent, he pulled his still amazing hard cock out of my ass, turned me on my back and shoved that huge cum covered cock head into my mouth. He ordered me to suck him clean.

He then pulled me into a hard embrace as our sweaty bodies were as one. He then whispered into my ear: ""Baby, this is just the beginning of fucking you ever night on this hunting trip and maybe also in the morning. And just wait until we get back home to fuck ever day. And I want those fucking great blowjobs from those sexy lips and mouth of yours ever day. Thank you buddy for showing me how fucking great gay sex is baby. I love you."

"Oh Diesel, I've loved you ever since we first met. Baby, I'm yours for ever. I've never been happier."

What would the rest of the hunting trip be like. Would we hunt elk or just fuck each day?


Naughty Eric


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