I was on my fishing boat, working the coves of my favorite lake all afternoon on this warm summer day, with limited success I might add. I spotted him just as I was coming around a bend. He was all alone tanning on the white sandy beach, a healthy looking young man with blonde hair and with a smooth swimmers build. I was surprised to see that he was sunbathing in the nude. I was also surprised at the way my cock twitched when I looked at his piece of meat. I would guess about 4-inches long soft, cut and resting on a substantial set of balls. I was shocked at myself. I'd never even thought about having sex with another man but here I was ogling this guy's flaccid cock. My boat runs very quietly with my trolling motor on so he hadn't noticed me yet. After having consumed a few Corona's that afternoon I was feeling a little bold, plus I had to piss like a race horse so I decided to beach my boat right there.

As my boat hit the sand, I kept my eyes glued to the tanned naked young man not 20 feet from where I was landing my boat. The noise scared him and he jumped up and grabbed his towel to try and cover himself. I jumped out of my boat and pulled it up on to the sand. I told him, "Don't worry about me. I'm just going to take a leak and get back to my fishing."

The young man waved to me and lay back down upon his towel. I don't know if it was the beer or the sun or a combination of both, but I couldn't get the vision of his dick out of my mind and it was making me very horny. With my back to him I pushed the waist band of my gym shorts down and pulled out my stiffening 7-incher and started pissing against a large size rock. I gave out one of those "oh god this piss feels so good moans" as my urine flow turned into a trickle and then stroked it a few times just to get the last few drops out. I was trying to stuff my half hard cock back into my shorts when I heard, "If ya shake it more than twice that means you're playing with it."

I whirled around and was face to face with the sunbather. I hadn't even heard him walk up behind me. He said, "I heard you peeing and it made me have to go too."

I said, "The rock's all yours."

He said, "Thanks, by the way my names Hunter.

I said, "Glad to meet you, my names James."

Hunter kept on talking as he was peeing against the rocks. He said, "You look a little overheated there, would you like to have a cold beer?" and I accepted his offer. I was a little uncomfortable sitting next the still naked and uncovered Hunter trying to make small talk and hide my now raging erection.

As we slugged down the frosty cold ones Hunter suggested we go for a swim. Then he didn't even wait for a reply, he just jumped up and jumped in. I heard him let out a yelp as he hit the colder than he thought water. I knew he was lying when he said, "Come on in the waters great."

I said, "No," feeling embarrassed about my erection. I made up some lame excuse that Hunter saw right through.

He said, "Come on in. don't worry about your erection just get in the water."

I thought to myself, fuck it, I want to swim. I stood up, pulled off my tank top and dropped my shorts. My dick sprang up and I heard Hunter give a sarcastic wolf whistle, say, "Look at that," as I ran and jumped in the water. It was cold but it felt good.

We swam around for a little while and then climbed out. The cold water had taken care of my erection. He threw me a towel and we lied down in the sun to dry off. As the sun warmed up my body, my dick started to stiffen again. All the sudden I felt Hunter's hand wrap around my cock. It felt great. He started stroking it up and down, using his thumb to rub the head of my cock on the up strokes. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. I knew that I'd cum pretty soon if I didn't stop him. I could feel the cum just boiling in my nuts. I told Hunter, "I'm about to shoot."

He stopped stroking me and told me to lie on my side. Then spun around so that his face was right at my cock and his was just inches from my mouth. I could feel his hot breath on the head of my rock hard cock as he reached out with his tongue and licked the pre-cum that was oozing out of my pee-slit as he jacked my shaft up and down. I almost shot right there. Hunter stopped again. He knew I was close. He said, "hey man, don't you want to suck my cock too?"

I didn't answer. I just leaned my head forward, stuck my tongue out and licked the head. I'd just tasted my first cock. A little drop of pre-cum had formed at his piss slit. I licked it off and then slid his cock into my mouth, I felt the mushroom shaped head as it parted my lips and touched my tongue. I pushed my head farther down and I could feel the shaft of his cock with my lips. I kept pushing down until he hit the back of my throat.

Hunter gave a little hip thrust just at that moment and hit my gag trigger. He said, "Sorry man."

I regained my breath and went back to work. Soon I was bobbing my head up and down on his cock greedily drinking his pre-cum as it was flowing freely now. I had the shaft of Hunters cock in one hand, his balls in the other hand and the head of his cock in my mouth. I was working him good. I could tell by the way he was moaning, "Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh," and squirming around that he was enjoying my first time effort.

Hunter was really working on my cock now. I could feel my balls tighten up and knew I was going to blow soon. I could tell Hunter was getting close too.

His cock was hard as steel. I was mouthing him and jacking him at the same time. I heard him moan, "Don't stop man, I'm gonna cum and I want to cum in your mouth." All the sudden his whole body stiffened, I heard him suck his breath in and say, "I'm gonna shoot, I gonna cum right now." Then at the same instant I felt his cock give a hard twitch, I felt his first jet of hot white cum hit the back of my throat. Then I felt another twitch and another spurt of cum. I swallowed the first few spurts, after that I jacked the rest out of him while I licked up and down the shaft. After his orgasm, Hunter went back to work on my still hard cock.

It didn't take long. I could feel the cum boiling up in my nuts. I told Hunter, "Man I'm gonna cum any second." Hunter responded by sucking harder and jacking my shaft with his hand. I felt my cum rising in my dick, I managed to groan, "I'm cumming now." With a painful groan I started spewing jet after jet of hot cum, Hunter took the first couple of spurts in his mouth like I did then continued jacking the rest of my cum all over his face with his hand while squeezing my balls.

As we rested I thought about what I'd just done. Not only sucked another man's dick but swallowed his cum.  It wasn't terrible though. Not at all unpleasant, a little salty, a little bitter, thick and creamy, with a hint of pepper and citrus. I guess the biggest thing to accept is where it came from...another guy's balls.

After we regained our composure we ran and jumped in the lake to clean up. I told Hunter, "That was the best blowjob I've ever had," and he said, "You didn't do so bad yourself."

It turned out that Hunter and I lived in the same town. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to party with each other again.

I was still horny when I got home that evening. My wife Linda liked a man with an earthy smell so I didn't even bother to shower before I ravaged her. As we kissed I wondered if she could taste Hunter's cum on my breath as we kissed.

The end



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