"I am telling you Isa, if I continue down this path spiderwebs will appear in my tonge! Not even mentioning the lack of attention my dick has been suffering! I AM DYING HERE!" Isa gave me a hesitant look with her dark eyes "Martin, that was just too visual" I rolled my eyes, I just couldn't believe a whole year had passed since the last time I was with a guy "Of course! You don't understand! You have Mauri all to your own!" Mauri had been my crush for eight months but when he asked Isa, my bestfriend, out I had to assume nothing would be possible between us so I let her have him. "Speaking of whom, look who is heading towards us" I said rolling my eyes.

Mauri was great looking he had a nice body, slim and slightly toned, but his face was gorgeous, wide blue eyes in a thin softly featured face with sandy blond hair... Isa gave him a quick kiss on the lips, she was just as great looking as Mauri, Dark wavy hair poured down her back, as dark as her eyes surrounded by a dense forest of long curling eyelashes bringing sensuality to her round childlish face; and even I could see how beautiful her body was, perfect hourglass shaped with a flat stomach; they were a perfect couple, and seeing them together made me want to puke.

"Hey Martin how is it going?" I sighed "He is feeling kindda depressed, not much action been going thorugh his lips lately" Isa explained, he looked at me "Sorry dude, can't help you, you are my only gay friend" he said, I smiled because he at least cared "Don't worry Mauri, it's ok I guess" We were at the school gate ready to leave, the walk through the playground to the point where we were standying had been hosting this little chat for the past minutes, but now, as every afternoon, Mauri would kiss Isa goodbye and head right to take the bus home while Isa herself and I would start walking to the left until we reached our respectful houses wich where just a building apart.

All by our own again we continued to talk about our new classes and teachers, a week had passed since we had started the school year and we still had to get used to it "I am so exhausted already" I complained "We have to work so hard! I hate 11th grade!" she laughed 'That's only because you want to be an engineer, ofcourse technical sciences are hard you dummy! If you had taken arts, wich you were supposed to take given your great talent drawing, we would be in the same class!' I sighed "Isa, do I have permission to kill myself?" 'No.' 'Ok.' and we continued to walk, instead of talking we shared the headphones to my cellphone and enjoyed some music for the rest of the way.

I left Isa at her doorstep and pretended to be an airplane until I got to mine, something that would always make her laugh, we then waved and went into our respective houses. No one was home as usual, I dumped my schoolbag in my room and headed to the kitchen to get a can of diet coke; today was a Thursday, I didn't have swimming practice on Thursdays so I decided to get a headstart on my homework and just relax for the rest of the afternoon.

As I re-entered my room I looked at my reflection in the mirror and started changing from my uniform into some more comfortable clothes, not breaking eye contact. I have darkish hair with some natural blonde highlights wich I keep short and up in the front; but my facial features are strong and marked by a chiseled jaw, adding my big innocent looking greenish eyes you got a mix of dark sexynness and sweetness. I like my face... I thought as I let some sweatpants embrace my thin waist and a tight 'CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS' t-shirt cover my broad shoulders; my body was the average swimmers body, thin and slim, thin waist and broad shoulders, a faded six-pack on wich I worked at the gym an hour every week and pretty decent pecs.

Once I was comfortable I started my homework and it was half way through my exercise of dividing a circunference in equal parts to hold a paralelogram that I received a text message from Isa ~Hey Boo, I spoke with Jose my friend? Remember him? He told me he knows some gay hotspots.where we could go to find you someone~. The message made me happy, I knew she cared, and after four minutes of keyboard dancing thumbs we had arranged a tour to this hotspots on Saturday, 2 days to go!

Two rather long days of boring aritmethics and annoying physics passed before I found myself showering and getting ready for my hunting night, after a shower I got my legs into a pair of dark grey skinny jeans wich I carefuly tucked inside my emerald green docMartens, to cover my torso, a darker shade of green v-necked t-shirt, a bit of cologne and I was ready. Isa was waiting with Mauri at my front yard, we had talked about how he should come so it didn't look like if it were me the one dating her, after saying hi and having them laugh about how nervously I was acting we took the bus and headed to Chueca, the gay neighbourhood in Madrid, it was close to 9:00pm and the September night had already fallen above us.

Chueca was very alive as always, you would see gay couples here and there, bars, clubs... We walked down one of the streets into Plaza del Rey where Jose had told Isa the young gay community used to meet; once we got to the square we looked for a bench to sit down and I started scanning the crowd.

'How about that one next to the lamp post?' 'He looks creepy I answered' and Mauri just laughed; three minutes passed until I saw the guy I liked, he was sitting In a bech in the most isolated corner of the square, with the little light that reached the spot I could see he had blondish hair and was slim, but when he looked up the deepest and most mysterious green eyes I had ever seen appeared on his face. 'Mauri you got a cigarette?' I asked without looking at him 'Boo -Isa said- how many cigarettes exactly have you had in your life?' 'Two and I hated them' Mauri gave me the cigarette and offered to light it up but I passed on the offer, I got up and headed towards my mistery guy. 'Hey, my name is Martin, do you have fire?' The guy looked up at me, I could now see his face, he was very goodlooking that is for sure, and his tight white tank top showed a nice body even bent 'No, sorry, I don't smoke' he answered, his voice was deep and sexy 'Good, neither do I, but I needed an excuse to start talking to you' I said with a giggle and sat next to him 'so, Martin? What are you looking for here?' his voice had gotten warmer; I felt his gaze burning through my clothes 'Ummmm.....your name is?' 'Angel' he answered with a smile 'Well, Angel, I came here looking for a kiss, a kiss that could start a story, a kiss with a guy' he smirked 'That sounds very dreamy and romantic' I blushed

'Yeah....those words are peobably the two that define me the best...' he laughed and fell silent... So I spoke up again 'What are you looking for?' 'A guy to love, a guy that will love me back' I turned to look at him, he looked at me and smiled, then he brought his face closer to mine, I could feel the breathing of his lips on mine, his nose almost touching mine, his eyes looking into mine. It was me to move my lips against his, he closed his eyes and I closed mine as our mouths started to dance, he nibbled my lower lip before letting his tongue slip into my mouth, taking control; fighting back was useless so I just let myself enjoy every minute of the passionate kiss, hoping for it not to end.

As we kissed his right hand held the back of my neck sweetly while his left hand had already found it's way into my pants; my hands were both lost in the insides of his t-shirt feeling his strong body warm up under my touch. We stayed like that for minutes, maybe hours, my legs were to the sides of his hips as I sat on his lap now, his hands around my waist and mine holding his face; I could feel not only desire in this kiss, he was exposing another feeling, there was passion, it didn't feel as a normal kiss....I was lost in his movement.



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