This is a story that I found in my computer files that I thought I would post. It's a rough draft of a rough story. So it's not the greatest. Still, it may be the very thing needed for a good jack off.

That hungry-ass bitch didn't care one fucking bit!

Not that cared or was expecting him to under the circumstances, but DAMN, he was going hard at it like he was the one coming off the pipe. That bitch was a cum-hungry slut that didn't care one way or the other which way he got his ass broke off as long as it got taken care of. I wasn't worried two shits about that, being that his ass was going to be well taken care of the second I shoved this big black dick deep into his dooky chute. Then, as soon as I let him know I got him on this end, he started whining like a fucking baby, like I was on the verge of taking away his favorite toy. He needed dick to pacify his mouth. He needed dick to plug up that cleaned-out exhaust pipe of his. That bitch was so fucking hungry for dick that his ass gave his away like candy! Usually when it comes down the tube that easy to get, I usually make a point not to fuck with it. I don't like my dick dancing around in sloppy seconds unless I know I was the first to stamp and the last one to flood it out.

But that night I didn't give a shit. My dick was stiff as a brick and he was just one hungry-ass motherfucker that I copped from afar.

I probably sound a little crazy talking about this hungry motherfucker without giving you the back story.

Let me start from the beginning.


I couldn't say how far it went back except to say that it went back except to say that it started back when I had a roommate a couple of years back. He was the one that put me onto this spot not to far from the crib we were renting. Since the two of us were tops and we couldn't do anything unless one of us bent over (and believe me I tried hard with his bumbling brown ass), we often exchanged information about those dudes with that fire head game and those tight bottoms with those dairy-milking asses. Back when he originally brought up this certain gas station, I wasn't really hearing him out because I was knee-deep in ass by then. I had booty calls every quarter hour. And the only reason I was swapping stories with him was because I was hoping his ass would get moist and wet. One thing would lead to another before I snatched his drawers off his ass. Was I in it for the challenge? Partially. I was more in it for the convenience of not having to leave the home or have any punks trailing in and out of my apartment, if they couldn't host. (The self-proclaim top came close to inviting me up in his ass a couple of times. The first time, he said he didn't want to complicate matters. The second time, he actually saw my dick. He retreated like a scared little bitch, thinking one sweet pop off his booty with this bruiser dick was going to make his wrists limp.)

At any rate, my roommate kept on and on about this gas station down the street from us like it was some sort of sex club church thing that he attended once a week to hook up with these freaks that did a grand number on his dick.

My roommate warned me not to fuck with that early crowd. And by early he meant before two in the morning. He said before then, most of them were just straight-up fags, the kind that were too ugly to get up in the club and would do just about anything to cop a joint. Then there was the anointed few, the late crowd as he called them, that genuinely took care of a raw piece like a titty bitch that wanted to make sure her man came back home at night. He had one really good one that he often joked that he was going to make his wifey. His lame ass even brought one of those gas station bitches home every now and again. I wouldn't have had any beef with it if I didn't think he was really serious about turning a stank-nasty ho into his a housewife for all I care. Thankfully, he had sense enough to keep it purely sex between them. A man and his ho. I was sure of that because whenever he brought this particular bitch home, he would always want me to join in and tag team the sissy. I was cool with getting that nutt in, but not with that fugly freckle-faced geekmonster. I could do better.

It was because of this that I bounced my separate way after our lease was up, and I never saw dude or his cum piece again.

I wasn't even thinking about him or his friend that night I got behind the wheel and started driving. I must have been really tired after the club, because rather than go home to my new crib which was about a good fifteen minutes away from where I was, I drove forty-five minutes out of the way back to my old crib with ol' boy. I was in the parking lot and everything before I caught that someone was in my usual parking spot. I might have caught my mistake much earlier if I had been into the club scene earlier that night. Like, if I saw somebody hot and couldn't get with them or their friend or the usual round of suspects, I might've just gone home and jagged off. I wasn't horny that night so I was even trying to pound on some ass, even though a couple of dudes slipped me their numbers.

I was like dead tired on the drive up but by the time I caught the mistake I was wide awake like I wasn't tired in the first place. I was tempted to give one of the numbers in my pocket a ring before I thought about the gas station. I was about in the middle, bound to go either way until it occurred to me that I couldn't remember what the dude looked like that gave me their number. On top of that, the thought I might have to do some more driving to hunt them out. I was reluctant to head over to the gas station too, thinking that my best bet was to go on home. I hadn't played with those dudes like that to know the ropes. I looked at the time. It was shortly after two. I had two options. I could head home or close to home and get some action at one of the local sex booths in town or head over to the gas station.

I headed over to the gas station, with my roommate on my shoulder whispering in my ear that those bitches over there didn't just get a dick wet. They sucked and deep-throated and swallowed like a thirty motherfucker. I was even reminded of the pre-opt trannies he talked about. Even though I was a proud gay man, I loved the idea of wrapping my large hands around some fake titties and pulling on some fake hair. Even if it didn't pop off like that, I was still intrigued by the possibilities.

I don't know what I was expecting when I pulled up into the empty gas station with all of its light shining bright. I guess I was naively thinking (or sleep thinking) that all the cum-thirsty pieces were just going to magically appear out of obscurity and just throw themselves on my dick. My dick was on brick at the thought. I was sorely disappointed when all I saw was this lone clerk manning the gas station. I remember that my roommate said none of them were a bother except for the dyke that thought she owned the place. But that even she had a tendency to shy away from two men going at it. She had something personal against the trannies.

I thought I would be cool parking the Lincoln Navigator at the pump. I went inside, got a couple of snacks and a slurpie, and slowly jumped back into my ride. I even stuck around five minutes more after that before pulling off. But as I was pulling off, someone else was just pulling in their Dodge Charger. I couldn't see much except that this dude had this pretty russet brown colored skin with this mad sexy black-trimmed goatee encircling these juicy ass-eating lips. My dick may have been hard before, but it was about to puncture a hole in my denim just then. And seeing that I was on my way out, it wasn't like I couldn't pull right back in. No. I drove by at least five different times to see what was up. Either this guy was really slow or he was just standing there at the pump like he was waiting for somebody to roll through. Why the fuck not me?

I parked the Navigator on the other side of the pump and slowly got out. I may have been tired and awake as fuck, but I wanted him to drink in all of my good looks as I walked back into the gas station. I can be arrogant and say that I'm all that without falling short of any expectations. But I won't. Confidence and cockiness are two different leagues. I will be modest enough to say that I'm just a cut above the rest with my chiseled face and diesel-cut body alone being enough to get most folks wet. I just hop far beyond that already elite cut when I unzip my pants and flash enough of my big hooded dick to snag that shameless jaw-dropping "Oh My God" looks from a few people. Just like the one the guy at the pump readily gave me when I came back from inside with my dick swinging freely between my fly.

Dude tried his best not to look while looking hard all the while as I jumped back into my ride. I wasn't mad, though. He respected game and was falling for the trap at the same damn time, just as I had planned. More than that it gave me the nod I needed to know that he was down with the program. He just wanted me to deliver it to him whichever way I saw fit.

Dude was no charity case. He was about five foot nine, low caesar cut with greased wavy hair on top. He had one of those nice compact bodies highlighted by his tight white tee and his high shelf booty. I wasn't giving him any eye contact as I made my way back to the pump. I learned long time ago that giving off eye contact to a piece right off the bat set off this sort of cat-and-mouse game whereas a fisherman with failsafe bait reels them in every time.

I won't even lie. It was quite funny watching this bitch damn near break his neck trying to sneak a peak around the corner. Where's the dick? Where's the freaking dick? I need to be cool, but I need to know...where's that dick? There's that dick? Dude got a freakin' big-ass dick! I got to go pull back, now. So he don't pull out my ho card. Dude was doing all this while calling himself trying to be sly, but instead he came off as subtle as a panther on prowl.

Let me do the damn work, I thought to what I thought his thoughts were. Don't be such a hungry trick. I got your appetite covered. I got enough to feed the needy.

He was so afraid that I was going to tease it and leave it that I could tell he was desperate to start a conversation with me. I wasn't having that. Good thing I got my big-ass ride with a trunk door I can open up, pretending to look for something and ignore him at the same time. I could see through the tint of back window that he was brazenly trying to come over on my side of the pump. He was stepping closer and closer. So close in fact that I thought I swore I got a faint whiff of his cologne. When I thought he came too close, I grabbed the door and slammed the shit out of it, scaring him back to his car.

He stopped trying to look over for a moment, and quickly resumed, casually making his way back between the pumps trying to look on my end. Where's that dick? What he didn't know was that I had a surprise for his ass. I took advantage of his fear and crept up behind him, coming on my side of the pump next to my hood. I fingered both his sides just above his waist, not caring if I got a laugh or a yelp. With his arms sort of out, I reached under them and locked them so he couldn't move them with my hands strategically behind his head, as I leaned him forward against my vehicle.

I think he was so scared that he forgot to get something out of his mouth other than this large inhale. I wanted to laugh. His panicked alarm was funny as hell. But like my cousin always said, the best way to cook lobster and crab is to make sure that the water is hot.

"Calm down, folk," I growled in his ear. "I see you like what you see and I feel the same way about it. What're we going to do about that?"

I let him linger with that thought for a minute with my freed dick pressed hard against the designer denim-clad booty.

"Damn, Daddy." He said in a low masculine cry, sounding sexier than a mug.

"Someone must have got the memo that I got a soft spot for a hot bitch that calls me Daddy."

I've been around the block to know that this could've gone either way. He could fight the fact that he didn't like to be called a bitch or that he wasn't in the business of being bitch out, only for him to do just that after a few good strokes.

"Damn, Daddy, you ain't got to do me like this." He whined properly. "I don't have a problem being your good bitch for that good dick."

He was teasing me. Fuck!

"You need this big dick up in you, doncha? You need it to tap into you deep, bring out that nasty inner ho you got inside of...bring out that inner bitch...explode those rings...roam those guts and flood you out with this baby juice, huh?"

I couldn't even begin to describe the sound coming out of his bitch-ass mouth. He was more than game, ready for whatever that was going to come down the pipe.

"Damn, Daddy, I need that dick up in me bad, man."

"You're going to get it. Daddy wants to tap that candied ass, dig out your inner bitch, you hear?"

"Long as you dick me down like that, Daddy, I ain't got one shred of beef with that." He exhaled before adding, "I got a spot not too far from here."

"Nah, G," I breathed, taking in his scent and excitement, and something that even surprised me. "Let me stop you right there. I'm getting this ass right here and now."

"Out here?"

"Yep," I said.

I wasn't originally planning on it going down like that out there, as I was thinking more of the side of the building, but I liked the sound of it once I got the words out of my mouth. I loved that the security cameras was taking all this in.

"What if the po-po drops by?"

"Fuck po-po." I said, not really being brave-hearted as I was thinking with my head below my waist. "I need you to take this dick like a soldier anywhere I pull it out...and as you can feel I got it out right now!"

"Yeah, Daddy," he grumbled, as a couple of lights above our head started to blink before going slightly dim against the ultra bright lights surrounding us. I thought if I was going to fuck him that over his hood would be the best place to do it. As I moved him over from my vehicle to his vehicle, I thought about the clerk inside watching television.

If I wasn't giving a shit about the damn po-po, I damn sure wasn't going to fret over no damn minimum wage store clerk.

As bizarre as it may sound, I couldn't see a dude working the graveyard shift calling the police talking about somebody having sex around the gas pump. Even though I had in fresh in mind that my roommate said that they didn't care, it had been a minute since I conversed with him. At least that was what I thought since it had been longer than that since I seen him. Either way, I just couldn't see the clerk calling the police because if he was straight he wasn't going to tell anybody what he saw without the fear of it rubbing off on him for looking. If he was a gay motherfucker, he was just going to have to grab a taquito and take some serious notes.

So I get this bitch over the hood of his Dodge Charger with his clothes still on, even though I could feel him getting soaking wet through his thin pants. If I didn't know any better, I might have assumed that he just finished up with somebody else. I don't know what gave me that instant impression. But I had that hunch. I put his face down against the hood of his car and go for peeling off his pants. He had that saggy-baggy look, so they came off without a problem. It was much more work to get off his boxer-briefs, and even that was nothing more than a swipe off his booty.

"You're going straight to it now, huh?" He asked with drawers cuffing the underside of his ass.

He had one of those picture-perfect butts that look like it was missing from some high-end photo gallery.

"Damn, right."

"You want me to wet that pipe for you, Daddy?"

This time it wasn't what he said, but how he said it, still keeping that masculine edge that was just working me overtime. It's practically a given for a flaming queen to bitch over a dick. It's a whole new season to find a hard man that knows that he's found a real man to climb on his back.

"Nah, G, I'm just going to slide my dick right up in there and make you hit those notes you never knew you could."

"Damn, son,...Daddy," he corrected.

"Damn Daddy is right." I said, taking a swift slap to the back of his head and I parked my dick between his thighs. I could feel his cheeks vibrating just thinking about what I was going to do to it.

I had no doubt that he was just that wet. That I could just slide up in there for smooth sailing. The bitch was hungry for it. I had one of those lube pillows in my pocket. I thought about using it then, but decided against it being that I had just one. Knowing me, I can go the distance and with him being naturally wet and my mouth salivating and the backup in my pocket, I knew that we were good.

I reared back, letting that ass of his kiss the crisp night air and my precum dry from his sweaty nutt sac. I was looking for dude to back that ass up, chase it. Instead of just throwing my piece up in there, I took my thick thumb and just started thumbing his hole. I was expecting him to be a little sweaty. I wasn't expecting his ass to already be greased like an old back door with a few squirts of WD-40.

"You're a hungry bitch, aincha?"

He whimpered like the true bitch I knew he was, trying to get my thumb pass that last knuckle.

"You got that tight hole for Daddy, doncha?"

"Unnnnhhhh," he gnarled.

"Listen to you up there. You're bitching out over this thumb. It ain't even a finger."

I reached forwards and fingered his balls from the tip of his shaft as I was sure that my thumb was long enough to fish for his prostate. I found that shit with no problem, listening to him go on up there.

"Daddy, please," he puffed like some whining fiend.

"Daddy, please, what?" I smiled.

"Fuck me...ohhhh," he grumbled against my thumb twisting against his walls.

"I didn't hear you, G. Whatcha say?"

"Fuck me, Daddy." He winced under one more twist.

"You don't want to suck Daddy's dick, boy?"

"Yes, Daddy,"

"Yes, Daddy, what?"

"Yes, Dadd, I want to...suck...your...dick, ohhh," he trembled against me.

"You want my cum?"

"Yes, Daddy,"

"Daddy's cum. Where you want it?"

"In my mouth," he groaned.

"Where else?"

"Down my throat," he added.

"Down that cum-hungry throat, where else?"

"Up my ass," he growled again, breathing hard as I played with his wet hole.

"Up that sweet bitch asshole, you say? You want Daddy to paint your guts with his nutt?"

"Uh-huh," he panted, just against my fingers.

"Where else do you want Daddy to put that nutt?"

He paused for a moment, and said, "in my face."

"Close," I grinned, using my thumb to go in and out of him. "I was looking for wherever the fuck I want to put that nutt. It could be down your throat...up your your eye...through your nose...on your ass...over your your pubes...wherever the fuck Daddy sees fit!"

"Yes, Daddy," he cried as my thumb beat against his prostate.

I pulled out.

The bitch was super hungry. He needed dick in his mouth and his ass. I was just one man but I had him covered on both ends. No big deal.

I slammed my dick straight into his moist hole. No care or concern. Not for some dude that came off it quicker than a streetwalker that got paid. He wasn't nearly as open as I was led to believe, either that, my dick was simply too big for such puckered butt lips. But listening to him holler through it was like music to my sadistic ears, his hole trying its best to suck me in like the hungry ho I knew him to be.

"Why are you doing all that hollering up there, huh?" I asked him calmly, pinning his back down and pile-driving through his tight ass ring to go in balls deep. "The whole point of you getting fucked is for you get fucked and enjoy the ride."

I laughed some more.

"Don't act like you've never had some dick before, now. A hungry slut like you lives off a cum-filled diet just to splatter your guts." I said, slapping his ass hard.

He yelped.

"Open up, bitch." I slapped his ass again.

"Oh, God," he repeated a few more times before I got in there good with my balls right in the groove of his crack.

That motherfucker cock-a-doodle-dooed so loudly that I was looking for the sun to show up.

"Calm down, bitch. Calm down. It ain't nothing but that good Daddy Dick robbing you of that stank pussy!"

I held still for a minute, letting him get used to the dick inside of him, stretching him to his limits. He was caught between pleasure and pain. Mumbling and moaning and I was even stroking yet. I just barely got it in.

I continue bring my hand s back to his waist, "let some random dude run up in you like that. Right in front of the gas station no less. I know bitch-ass hoes like you. You probably get trained on the regular just to take care of this insatiable hole. Don't worry, though, I got the stamina of about nine men.

I pulled out just to shove it back in like a beast, digging him out like a bulldozer at a construction site. He was yelling and yelping like we were in a hotel room with sounds bouncing off the walls except I was reminded that we weren't inside but outdoors. The only building other than the gas station was about a good five hundred yards away. The rest was hills and wooded area with the occasional car zooming by.

"This ass got a good snug fit to it, though." I puffed after some time.

After awhile, even though he was letting me swim in it, it didn't feel like I sank in it. It felt l ike though I was going doing I wasn't getting in there all the way like I could, so I snatched his cheap drawers off out of frustration and spread his legs like a bona fide ho.

"Let me in this bitch...yeah, throw it back! Throw it back. There you go! That's that good stank pussy I knew you had inside of you, bitch!"

I probably wasn't even leveling strokes a good five minute after that before he cried something terrible and felt his hole break open. It was like he had no wall now. His hole was so open I probably could've gotten away with shoving a fist up there and it would've have touched anything.

I didn't care at this point. I was still going hard for mine and he was still bitching out on the hood of his car. I was slapping his ass hard between ramming lunges. He loved it, throwing it back even harder, trying to make buts this nutt.

"Oh fuck, motherfucker," he screeched with me fucking with much more abandoned. I was never sensitive to fucking him out there, but it was less than a notion the more I got into it. Like, being out there in the open there was some safety net being night and being that the neighborhood was relatively quiet. But by then, the way I was going in it raw, it could have been day time in front of the police station and I still couldn't have given a shit.

"This Daddy's pussy, ain't it bitch?"

I was slapping his ass and drilling it like I was going for oil, and the next thing I knew his asshole just tightened up. Going from this sagging chasm back to the way I found it, only tighter. It was just choking the shit out of my dick and I'm fight, pumping through like a champ, not knowing until he let out another grunt that I was just knocked a load out of him that just happened to squire against the rim of his car.

Now, I stuck with two choices: I can hold him down and go for mine or I can do something else.

"Your ass just going to take my load," I mouthed to myself, choosing the former.

I dug my fingers deep into his waist. Although I wasn't ready to bust a nutt quite yet, I was going to force one on out anyway. I just allowed myself to feel it, feel my dick scrape against his hole. With very little lube left and a lot of friction with his closing asshole, I was able to truly get in it and rode that feeling, I felt my nutts boil and was on the verge of bubbling over.

"Yeah, take Daddy's dick, bitch. GOT DAMMIT!"

I held that bitch tight, and I busted a load so powerful, so far deep inside his guts, that his whole body went further into his hood.

"Turn your ass around and drop to your knees for Daddy." I said after a couple of more finishing lunges.

He obliged, breathlessly. I plugged my dick right into his mouth. My hands roamed his head and found his ears. I was stroking something back there behind his ear and around the base of his neck that made him purr like a damn kitten. This bitch wasn't just deep-throating it. It felt like he was using both ends of his tongue to get me going again. I tried not to let him get the best of me. I wanted to fuck his face since he made me rush to get my nutt.

"That's some good mouth, bitch," I complimented him after some time. "Clean up that mess you made."

He went from tasting his ass to trying to get me hard again. I wasn't having that, seeing that I had a nice little ride to get back home and get to bed.

I let him think he was going to get some more, but I pulled it out and slapping him clear across the face with the back of my hand.

"Next time don't cum until I tell your ass, too." I said, yanking up my pants.

He looked so stunned, as I headed back to the Navigator. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to cry or get mad. But his bitch-ass knew better not to respond all crazy. Like he forgot that he was nothing more than a cum-hungry bitch on the prowl.

He forgot all about courtesy.

Let Daddy cum first and then you get your when you can.

As I got further down the highway, smelling the ass and cum wafting through my pants, my mind wasn't even on that hungry bitch anymore. The only thing I could think about was the story that the clerk had to tell his friends.



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