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Thomas did not have to worry about hitting anything in the sky but there were only clouds there. A soft gasp escaped his mouth. Noticing how handsome the co-pilot was, Thomas could not control the erection of his dick. 'Oh, Jason is so handsome. I wonder if he likes men or not. I've never heard him talk about men though. Yet, I want him. I'd be very happy if I could lay my hands on his naked body. I wonder how he looks like if he is naked. Is his body muscular? I think so, coz his biceps looked rather larger than mine.' Thomas' mind was wandering about, thinking about the co-pilot. Another soft gasp escaped Thomas' lips. Slowly, he tried to reposition his body. A bulge had been growing inside the trousers. He still could not get rid of the horny images in his head. Clearing his throat, Thomas started to break the ice. 'So, what are you going to do tonight as we arrive at Amsterdam? I heard that it's a good city to find sex. Just by thinking of that, my cock is hard,' Thomas said, trying to sound nonchalant. Hearing Thomas' lewd remark, Jason could not help turning to see his face. To Thomas' pleasure, the co-pilot flashed him a remarkable smile. 'It's the first time that I've ever heard you talk about sex. I thought you're asexual,' he joked, grinning lewdly. Jason was not shy to talk about sex, for he thought that it was normal for guys to talk about it. His short brown hair was sort of sparkling as the sun light hit his face. Being 10 years younger than Thomas was, Jason still needed to learn a lot from Tomas about flying a plane. Naughtily, he leaned over to get a better view of Thomas' crotch. 'Shit! Is that hard-on in your trousers?' he gasped, as his eyes caught a noticeable tent there. 'It looks big.' 'Touch it. Go on. That way you can satisfy your curiosity. I don't mind,' Thomas replied, smiling as randily as he could. 'Maybe he's gay. Jason shows too much interest in my cock.' But Jason did not do it. That man kept observing Thomas' erotic bulge without touching it. Thus, Thomas seduced him. 'I'm a very horny man. I like sex so much. When there's no one to have se with, I usually jack off all by myself. And I do cum a lot.' By talking about sex, Thomas hoped that his co-pilot would get hornier. 'Go on, touch my dick. I thought you said that you wanted to check it out. I won't get mad, really. Touch my bulge. And feel my hard manhood.' Reaching out, Thomas clicked the auto-pilot button so that he would not have to worry about the flight as he made sexual advance. To Thomas' glee, Jason finally reached out his hand. 'Damn! You do get hard,' he exclaimed excitedly as his hand gripped Thomas' erection under the trousers. In Jason's hand, that cock was throbbing. The outline of the erect manhood was quite visible. Apparently, Thomas did not wear any underwear. As Jason wrapped his hand tightly around the bulge, he was guessing how big Thomas' dick was. 'Your dick is quite large. Is it 7 inch? If it is, then mine is much bigger than yours.' Gradually, Jason started to show the telltale sign of his arousal. A tent had been formed in his trousers, too. But the erection was confined by the tight briefs. 'Oh shit! I think I'm hard, too. This talk about sex really makes me horny.' 'Do you want to see my cock?' Thomas asked, smiling lewdly. 'This is the chance to get my cock out. If he say yes, then he might be gay.' Randily, Thomas thrust his hips upward. Thus, the bulge was rubbing itself in Jason's hand. 'Yeah, do you feel it? My cock is rock hard. It likes to be touched. Oh, I'm so horny.' The older pilot reached for Jason's crotch to touch Jason's erection. Upon feeling the hard meat inside his friend's trousers, Thomas almost could not restrain his perverted lust. 'Your dick is sure bigger than mine. I've never see any guy with a cock that big. May I see it? If you show me yours, I'm gonna show you mine.' Thomas' torso seemed to expand as he took in breath. Waiting impatiently for the horny action, that pilot tightened his grip around Jason's bulge. 'What do you say, huh?' he asked for an answer, giving Jason a lusty grin. Noticing how horny Thomas was, Jason thought that it would be fine if he heated up the atmosphere by letting out his dick. 'Well, alright. I show you mine, but then you must show me yours, ok?' And with that, Jason sat back on the seat. His strong hands were fumbling with the trousers for several seconds. As the unzipping sound was heard, a white bulge pushed out of the opened flies. The outline of Jason's cock head was slightly visible under the fabric of those briefs. When the trousers button was unsnapped, Jason slid them down to his ankles. Sitting on the seat, Jason sure looked sexy in his white tight briefs. 'Yeah, you want to see my cock, huh? I'm gonna show it to you. Behold! My 9 inch dick!' As he was saying those words, Jason reached down and lowered down his briefs. Instantly, a hard long circumcised dick jumped out. The eager meat was throbbing excitedly. Upon seeing how long Jason's cock was, Thomas could not help gasping. He was so amazed. As a gay man, Thomas had seen a lot of cocks and had been fucked by various sizes of dicks. But none of them could beat Jason's. 'Fuck! This is the longest dick I've ever seen.' Mesmerized, Thomas reached for that dick. Gently, he was stroking the shaft. It felt warm and alive under his touch. 'Oh, your cock is beautiful,' the pilot gasped, his eyes fixed on the throbbing meat. Absentmindedly, he began stroking the erection. 'Yeah, I love big cocks. Shit! My own dick is so hard. Oh!' Squirming uncomfortably in his seat, Thomas repositioned his dick inside the trousers. 'Ah, do you want to see my cock, Jason?' With only one hand, the horny pilot immediately unzipped the zipper. Carefully, Thomas lowered down his trousers. Not being protected by underwear, Thomas' exposed dick head could get hurt if it scraped against the zipper. 'Oh,' he gasped as, finally, his cut dick was freed. Being hard, it shamelessly throbbed before Jason. 'Not bad,' Jason commented as he laid his eyes on Thomas' exposed man meat. 'Although your dick is not as long as mine, but yours is thicker than mine.' To satisfy his curiosity, Jason brought his hand to Thomas' pulsating cock. It was sure the thickest dick he had ever seen. Gasping, the co-pilot ran his hand on that meat. But upon being touched, Thomas' dick throbbed harder. As the cock slit was slightly parted, a clear globule of precum oozed out. 'Fuck! You're precumming!' Jason gasped excitedly. The precum flowed down the head and reached Jason's hand. 'Oh, you're very horny, huh? I think I'm getting wet, too.' Looking down, Jason checked out his own hard dick. His knob had indeed been dampened with precum. 'How many women have you fucked with your big dick, Thomas?' Jason suddenly asked not realizing that his colleague was actually a gay. 'I don't fuck women, Jason. I fuck men,' Thomas replied. To emphasize his homosexuality, Thomas deliberately spell out the word 'men' slowly. 'In case you haven't known it, I'm gay.' Wanting to know how Jason would react, Thomas paid a close attention to Jason's facial expression. 'Whether he's gay or not, I'm sure I could tempt him to have sex with me. I'm just too fucking horny. I have to release my loads with him,' he thought, not letting his eyes turn to other direction. Immediately, Jason reacted to Thomas' shocking confession. 'You're gay? Wow, that's a shocking revelation. You don't seem gay,' he said. Excitement was clearly hanging in his voice. Before Thomas could say anything, Jason quickly added, 'I'm not gay. I consider myself straight, but I do get hard when I see guys having sex. But I've never tried it, though.' Tightening his grip around Thomas' drooling dick, Jason lewdly smiled at him. 'But since you're gay, perhaps we can do something together?' As one hand was placed on Thomas' dick, the other one was busily unbuttoned his own white shirt. Jason kept staring at Thomas' eyes, letting him know how much he wanted to try gay sex. Being a very horny man, Jason as game for anything sexual. 'If you're gay, then you like men's body, huh? How about mine?' Pulling back his hand, Jason took off the shirt and let it drop down onto the cockpit carpeted floor. 'Do you get hard looking at my bare chest?' Jason asked seductively. 'Oh,' the pilot gasped as he witnessed Jason writhe his body intentionally. It was as if Jason was trying to tease him. Jason's body was rather athletic, muscles showing under his bare skin. The torso was fleshy, comprising muscles and little amount of body fat. Two erect brown nipples were hanging down on the chest mounds. The more Thomas looked at Jason's bare chest, the more he was aroused. 'Yes, Jason, I get hard. Just look at my dick. It's dripping more precum. Oh, I've never thought that you would look so sexy like this when you're not wearing any shirt. Jason, I'm so horny for you,' Thomas confessed, gasping for breath. 'Your chest is so fleshy. I like full chest like yours. I want to squeeze your chest mounds.' Reaching out, Thomas gently placed his palm on one of Jason's chest mounds. Gasping, he was rubbing it. 'Oh, I love your chest, Jason. You make me very horny.' 'Yeah, feel free to grab my chest, Thomas. Knowing that you like men makes me very happy. I heard that gays were very horny. I guess it's true,' Jason responded, touching Thomas' hairy arms. Moving up, Jason's hands headed for the shirt. 'You look hot, Thomas. Maybe you should take off your shirt. Here, let me help you.' With that, Jason eagerly unbuttoned all buttons on Thomas' shirt. Soon, the shirt hang open, revealing the bare body underneath. 'Not bad, pal. You're quite sexy. Even I as a straight man can see through your sexiness,' Jason commented, helping his friend to shuck off the shirt. 'Oh, I don't know why. But I am very horny. This is much hotter than looking at gay pictures.' Letting out soft gasps, the younger co-pilot ran his hands around Thomas' hairy chest. 'I bet many gay guys get horny when they see your chest hair,' he said as his fingers ran through the soft mat of chest hair on Thomas' bare torso. 'Even I get horny. Oh, I really feel like having sex with you, Thomas.' 'Good. Me, too,' Thomas lewdly replied. At then both of them had been practically naked. Lust was in the air, filling their mind with dirty imagination. Thomas had never thought that it would be so easy to coax Jason to have sex with him. Turning to the cockpit door behind them, Thomas said to him, 'I think I should lock the door first. We don't want to create a commotion in this plane, right. Could you imagine how the passengers would react if they knew that the plane was flying all by itself coz the pilots are having gay sex?' Jason only chuckled to himself as he imagined what Thomas just said. Standing up, Thomas left his seat to secure the door. 'Now, no one can bother us, Jason.' The pilot did not feel any shame as he displayed his nakedness to his colleague. 'What do you want me to do now, Jason? I'm at your service.' Since it would be impossible to move freely on the seat, Jason stood up and walked up to the handsome older pilot. Seductively, he whispered in Thomas' ear. 'I want you to suck my dick. I heard that gay men could suck dick much better. I want to prove it. So, would you mind sucking my hard dick for me, huh?' As their naked bodies were standing close to each other, Jason held the base of his erect dick and hit it against Thomas'. 'Yeah, I'm so hard now. I can't wait to feel your hot mouth wrapped around my dick.' At then, precum had been oozing profusely out of Jason's cock slit. 'Come on, won't you suck my dick?' Without saying anything, Thomas wrapped his hands around Jason's waist. Bringing his body closer, Thomas deliberately poked his hard dick against Jason' crotch. The slimy cock head was smearing Jason's public hair. But that pilot only gave him a lewd grin as he snaked out his tongue. Writhing his body like a male slut, Thomas was trying to stimulate Jason. Indeed, Thomas did not have a body as athletic as Jason's. Yet, Thomas' body was quite proportionally shaped. Embracing Jason's naked body, the pilot was grinding his body to Jason's. The soft chest hair was tickling Jason's torso. The younger man could not help gasping with much pleasure as Thomas' erect nipples brushed against his. As the nipples were rubbing against one another, electric-like waves were running down their spines. At then, the pilot craned his head over Jason's shoulder. Resting his chin on the shoulder, Thomas inhaled the masculine aroma of his colleague's manly body. Longingly, he embraced Jason's unclad body and felt its warmth. 'Oh, Jason. You don't know how much I long to hold your body like this.' With much lust, Thomas's hands were groping Jason's muscular back. The callused palms scraped Jason's smooth hard back. As the hands roamed the body, Thomas could clearly feel the outline of Jason's rippled muscles. Although the muscles were somewhat smaller and softer compared to professional bodybuilder's, Thomas was very satisfied. To him, Jason's body was perfect. 'Oh, Jason, I like your body. It's muscular but not too hard or too big. You're just manly. I'm so turned on because you're very macho. Oh, Jason, I want to have sex with you.' It was the first time for Jason to be sexually touched by another man. Yet, as a curious straight guy, he really enjoyed it. Breathing hard, Jason reciprocated the sensual touch. Not having any experience with a man, he assumed that touching a guy was the same as touching a girl. Passionately, his strong arms were busily groping Thomas' body. At first, it felt strange to run his hands on a man's body, especially because Thomas' torso was covered with soft chest hair. 'Oh, there's something sexy about man's body. I like touching yours, too, Thomas,' Jason gasped, letting horniness fill every nerve in his body. True to his words, his erection kept throbbing. As Thomas was kissing Jason's neck, that co-pilot could only gasped out his pleasure in surrender. 'Yeah, Thomas, kiss my body. Oh, I'm so horny. Yeah, make me feel good.' The older man was more than happy to oblige. As the tongue was lapping up Jason's neck, at the same time, Thomas was sniffing the masculine aroma emanating from the naked athletic body. Lasciviously, Thomas was grinding his hairy chest against Jason's smooth torso. Gasping, he kept saying how sexy Jason was, 'Yeah, I'm tuned on by your body. It's so sexy. Yeah, I'm gonna make you feel so good with my tongue. I'll give you pleasure. Yeah, I want you, Jason.' Moving up and down, both of Thomas' hands were still roaming Jason's muscular back. Slowly, they crawled downward, heading for Jason's bubble ass. 'Yes, you're very sexy, Jason. I'm so horny. Oh, I could eat you up.' Soft gasps slipped out of Thomas' quivering lips when his hands were on Jason's ass. Squeezing the ass cheeks, he could feel how hard and solid they were. 'Oh, you have a great ass, Jason. It's so solid with flesh.' Naughtily, Thomas slapped them a couple of times. 'yeah, you're a bad boy, Jason.' 'You're teasing me, Thomas,' Jason gasped, throwing his head back. His Adam's apple was bulging out as the neck arched backward. 'You made me so hot and horny. I really want to cum. Come on, buddy, Suck my hard cock. Make me shoot in your mouth. Suck me. Don't keep me waiting,' Jason whimpered, squirming his body. At then, sweat started to dampen both of their body. The temperature was still somewhat cool, but the sexual tension had burned up the cockpit. The excitement that took over Jason's head had keep him randy. 'Suck my cock now, Thomas. Suck me. I want to cum. Oh, please, suck me now,' he pleaded, almost desperately. For a quick second, Jason's body shuddered as Thomas swept his tongue down to Jason's chest. 'Oh fuck! My chest is sensitive. But I like it, Yeah, play with my chest. Oh yes!' 'Yeah, this curious man must be gay but he doesn't want to admit it,' Thomas thought as he savored Jason's smooth yet athletic chest. Swirling the tongue, the pilot focused his licking on the area around the nipples. Hot wet saliva was coating Jason's torso; Thomas licked the chest thoroughly. 'Oh, I love your chest, Jason. It's so sexy and it drives me mad with lust. I wish I had pecs like yours. Yeah, I'm licking your chest.' Deliberately, he was aiming at the nipples. Those two brown nipple heads had been hard and pointy. When Thomas' tongue swept across them, they sent off electric-like signals down Jason's body, making that athletic hunk buck. 'Yeah, you like it, huh? I'm gonna suck your nipples more. Oh yeah,' Thomas gasped, resuming his licking activity. 'Oh fuck! You do know how to make me more horny, Thomas,' Jason gasped, thrashing his head. The beautiful body if his kept on shuddering as Thomas prolonged the licking. Moaning, Jason squirmed, letting his friend know how much he loved the licking treatment. But at the same time, Jason was getting impatient. Horniness had filled up his mind. Throbbing, Jason's engorged man rammer had been dripping precum profusely. 'Suck me now, Thomas. I cant take it anymore. I want to be serviced. Fuck, Thomas! Do it now,' Jason whimpered, demanding to be pleasured. Impatiently, Jason grabbed Thomas' head. Upon touching it, Jason could feel that the head was dampened with sweat. 'Come on, Thomas. Don't tease me. I want to be sucked, now!' Pent-up lust finally aroused Jason's sexual aggressiveness. His instinct as a sexual dominator started to show. 'Suck my cock, I'm so horny,' Jason whimpered, thrusting his dick forward. The cock was smearing precum across Thomas' stomach as Thomas headed down. Using his strong hands, Jason pushed Thomas' body down. 'Such an impatient guy,' Thomas thought to himself, disappointed that he could not spend more time on Jason's sexy nipples. But he let Jason do whatever he wanted. After all, Thomas preferred an aggressive man. Obediently, Thomas got down on his knees. Jason's erect dick was throbbing right in front of him, tempting him. 'Oh, that's a beautiful dick, Jason,' he gasped, watching the circumcised dick closely. The meat gave off a strong smell of dried cum. A glistening drop of precum was hanging on Jason's cock head. Without being told to, Thomas brought his head closer and stuck out his tongue. Immediately, he lapped up the hanging liquid. 'It's so tasty,' Thomas breathed, savoring its taste. 'I know you'll like it. Oh, your tongue feels so good on my cock head. Yeah, you like cocks, don't you? Suck me then. Please me. I want to get sucked. Oh, do it, Thomas,' Jason groaned, running his hands through Thomas' damp hair. As the tongue kept caressing his sensitive glans, Jason continued to groan out his satisfaction. 'Yeah, oh! I really love your tongue. Lick the head, Thomas. Oh yeah, do it. Ah!' The piss slit parted slightly, stimulated by Thomas' licking. Knowing that Thomas would not stop licking, Jason let one of his hands go. 'Yeah, homo does love cock better than girls. So glad to have a homo friend like you. Yes, lick the slit. I can feel more precum is on its way out. Keep licking it, yeah.' Skillfully, Thomas utilized his tongue to provide maximum pleasure. He played his tongue very well, making sure that he had covered the entire dick head with drool. 'I really like your cock. The head is big and beautifully shaped. Oh, I can suck this thing forever,' Thomas whispered, sticking out his tongue to lap the underside of Jason's engorged dick head. The snot-like liquid clung onto Thomas' tongue for a moment before finally it was on its way down Thomas' thirsty throat. As Thomas was flicking the cock head, more precum oozed out. Gladly, the pilot cleaned it with his eager tongue. 'Your precum is delicious. I love licking it,' he commented, parting his mouth wide. 'I want to eat your cock now,' he said, looking up at Jason. 'Hell yeah, that's what I've been waiting for. Suck it. Make me squirm,' Jason replied excitedly. Holding the base of his dick, the athletic stud shook the manhood before Thomas' face. 'Yeah, do you see my cock? It's so hard. I'm very horny. I want to get sucked. Open your mouth, slut.' The manhood was rock hard, throbbing hard in Jason's hand. 'Feel my dick's erection. It's so hard. Do you want my dick, huh? Do you really want it? Come and get it, slut.' Holding his cock tight, Jason slapped it against Thomas' face. Unspeakable excitement flowed through Jason's body as he saw the lustful expression of Thomas's face. As the cock hit Thomas' face, droplets of precum was thrown off from the cock head. Some landed on Thomas' naked shoulders, some hit his face, and the others dropped to the carpeted floor. A rather gooey string of precum clung onto Thomas' nose, giving off a strong smell of sex. 'Oh, you look like a slut, Thomas. I'm gonna make you my slut.' Thinking of dominating his gay colleague excited Jason very much. Finally, he had a chance to practice gay sex with a real gay man. Like a obedient sex slave, Thomas waited for that big dick. Kneeling, he looked up at Jason with an open mouth. As a bottom, Thomas would like very much to be dominated by his so-called straight friend. 'I want your cock, Jason. Please give it to me. I want to suck it. Oh yeah, it smells good. I want it. Please, let me suck it. Oh yeah, I wanna suck your dick.' The acrid smell of precum infiltrated his nostrils. Thomas liked the manly scent of precum. It was such a big turn on. 'Oh, I want to suck your dick, Jason.' Snaking out his tongue, Thomas was lapping hungrily at the cock shaft. When Jason inserted his dick into Thomas' mouth, Thomas kept his mouth open. 'Oh, what a sexy cock. Jason turns me on so much,,' Thomas though as the cock slid into his mouth. It seemed like forever; the cock just kept sliding in. 'Shit! Jason's cock is so long and thick. I could hardly breathe.' 'Fuck yeah! I'm inserting my cock into a man's mouth. Yeah, you like my cock, right? Suck it. Show me how much you like it. Don't be shy, slut,' Jason groaned, running his fingers through Thomas' hair. The dick was shoved in as deep as it could. It stopped when the head had touched Thomas' glottal stop. The older man almost gagged as it was an automatic response when a person's glottal stop was touched. Thomas clamped his mouth shut, sealing the cock shaft with his lips. Since the size of the cock was rather larger, Thomas' mouth was shaped like an O. 'Fuck yeah! I love big cock stuffed into my sluttish mouth. Oh, I never thought Jason would have such a big cock like this. It must be great if that cock is shoved up to my ass. Oh,' Thomas thought, starting to twirl his tongue around the slimy cock head. The cock immediately reacted by giving up its precious precum liquid. 'Fuck! Thomas, you're such a slut!' Jason yelled, shivering with great amount of pleasure. No one had ever suck his dick as well as Thomas did. Whenever his sensitive dick head was rubbed, Jason would let out a muffled groan. As a co-pilot, Jason of course did not want to let the passengers know that their pilots were having gay sex inside the cockpit. Throwing his head back, Jason was fingering his own nipples. The sexual stimulation he received doubled. 'Oh yeah! Suck my cock, slut. Fuck yeah!' Jason could hardly stand up straight, his body shuddering almost constantly. 'Yeah, suck my dick. Make me cum. Oh, I'm so very horny. I think I'm gonna burst right here and right now. Fuck! Yes, I love your hot mouth, slut. Keep sucking me. Yes!' Slurping on the hard man meat, Thomas eagerly tried to suck out the cum. From the amount of precum that kept oozing out, he knew that Jason could cum in any minute. Exerting the power of the cheek muscles, Thomas sucked the knob again and again. The lips had formed a tight ring that kept massaging Jason's cock length. 'I really like Jason's dick. It's so big and juicy. He never stops oozing precum. I wonder how much cum he keeps inside the ball sack,' Thomas thought, reaching his hand down to the hanging balls. Gently, he was rubbing the balls. Thomas muffled a groan through Jason's erection, noticing how perfectly shaped the balls were. Pulling them down, Thomas gingerly kneaded the balls in his hand. The reaction he got was lewd growl coming from Jason's quivering lips. 'Oh, it feels so good. Suck me harder. Suck my cock. I'm precumming a lot. Oh, a faggot is sucking my cock. Oh yes!' Jason growled, pulling at Thomas' short hair. Sweat drops were flowing down his bare body. As they rolled down, they got bigger. Some of them dropped down to the floor. 'Don't stop, slut. Suck my cock. Deeper. Take the whole cock into your throat,' Jason ordered, breathing heavily. His large chest was heaving up and down. 'Oh yeah, do my cock, slut. Suck the cum out of it. Oh yes.' The fingers were still fondling the nipples, in turns. Sensually, Jason caressed the nipple heads. Rubbing the heads with circular rubbing, Jason brought himself to the sexual peak. Occasionally, he would pinch his own nipples. 'Fuck yeah! Oh! Suck my dick, slut. Show me how much you love my cock. Yeah!' Letting his head fall back, Jason groaned out with much pleasure. 'Oh yes! I can feel cum churn inside my balls. I haven't had sex for weeks. I'm gonna cum a lot, straight into your faggot mouth, slut.' Not showing sign of slowing down, the horny older pilot still showed so much vigor in sucking the co-pilot's dick. Drool was seeping out of Thomas' lips as he wetted the cock inside his mouth. 'Yeah, cum for me, Jason. Give me your man milk,' he said in his mind as if Jason could read his mind. Thomas did not doubt the fact that Jason was about to release his pent-up cream, considering that the foreplay had been going on for nearly half an hour. A horny guy such as Jason would not be able to restrain himself for any much longer. 'Jason's cock is so juicy. It keeps leaking. He must be close to cumming. Yeah, cum for me, Jason. Feed me with your cum. I want to drink it.' Focusing himself on the throbbing dick, Thomas sucked in the remains of precum that was flooding his mouth. 'Fuck, slut! You make me so horny. Keep sucking my dick. Oh yeah, I love your hot mouth, slut,' Jason moaned, squirming his naked body. Getting tired with his own nipples, Jason reached down to stroke Thomas' back. 'You're so hot. Even I as a straight guy am attracted to you. Your back, although not muscular, is so sexy. You make me want you. Oh, I'm so fucking horny. Oh!' Suddenly, the body shuddered. But somehow, the intensity of the shudder was stronger. 'Ah, shit! I don't think I can last,' he warned, his face contorting. Jason knew it very well that he was about to shoot out his cock juice. 'Shit! I think I'm cumming, Thomas. Oh! You'll have to drink my cum. Oh!' he groaned, running both of his hands on Thomas' sweaty bare back. 'Ah! It feels so good, ah! Yeah, it's coming closer. Fuck!' 'Yeah, this stud is gonna blow. Yeah, give me your cum, Jason. Give it to me. Make me your cum pig. Oh!' he exclaimed to himself, warm breaths blowing out of the nostrils. Thomas knew it well, too. Kneeling, he could not wait to receive a shower of cum from that beautifully piece of cock. As the hand kept playing with Jason's heavy balls, Thomas used the other hand to milk his own dick. It had been rock hard for some minutes without being touched. The glans glistened as the sunlight hit it. Precum had coated the entire engorged cock head. A long string of precum was stretched from Thomas' piss slit to the carpet-covered floor below. Emerging out of the slit, a large globule dripped down onto the floor, followed by Thomas' muffled groan. The groan traveled through Jason's throbbing dick. Instantly, it triggered the inevitable orgasm. 'Shit, slut! You've made me cum! Oh! Fuck! Here it comes I'm cumming, ah!' Jason cried, shuddering uncontrollably. Like an eruptive volcano, Jason's dick spewed out loads of thick creamy man juice. 'Take it! Take my cum down your throat, slut! Oh!' Biter cum filled up Thomas' mouth. But to him, Jason's cum tasted sweet and delicious. The younger co-pilot groaned out his lust as his body reacted to the orgasm. All muscles inside his body flexed, looking bigger than their original size. The flexing also made Jason's body harder. Big globules flowed down Jason's body, almost like rain drips. Instantly, the body was soaking wet as if it just got out from a steam room. 'I'm cumming for you! Oh! Drink my cum, don't spill it! Ah!' Jason cried, thrashing his head. Repeatedly, the cum shot out into Thomas' throat. 'Oh yeah! Oh yes! Yes, baby!' Jason growled, digging his blunt nails into Thomas' naked back. And then, it was over. Slurping some more, Thomas cleaned the leaking cock head. He made sure that no cum drops were left. Hungrily, he lapped up the knob until finally he released it. As the cock left his mouth, it had shriveled up. Licking his lips Thomas looked up and commented, 'I enjoyed sucking your cock and drinking your male essence, Jason. That was thrilling experience.' Standing up, the horny pilot was groping his own erection. 'But I haven't cummed yet. I'm so horny.' Lewdly, Thomas shook his penis in front of Jason. 'Do you want to help me with this?' he asked sensually. I'm so very horny. I think I'm gonna cum a lot and flood this cockpit with my scalding jism.' But Thomas did not want the easy way out. He could have easily jack his own dick to a shattering orgasm, but he wanted to get plugged by Jason's big dick. Not everyday he could meet someone with a 9-inch throbbing man meat. 'You're such a slut, Thomas,' Jason breathed, his chest still heaving. Droplets of sweat flowed down the broad athletic chest. One drawback that he had was that he needed to rest right after cumming before continuing any other sexual activity. Slumping his body on the plane seat, Jason rested his weary yet satisfied body. That co-pilot did not bother to put on his uniform back. 'That was so fucking great, Thomas. I love having a horny faggot friend like you.' Turning his head back, he saw that Thomas had stood by the plane wall. Like a striptease, the pilot was putting on a sex show in order to get Jason back to the hardcore action. 'What are you doing, Thomas? Are you trying to seduce me?' One hand on the wall, Thomas thrust his hips backward. Thus, his ass was exposed. Panting, Thomas whispered, 'Yeah, I'm trying to seduce you. I haven't cummed yet. I want you to fuck my ass. Don't you like my ass?' Seductively, the pilot was shaking his ass slowly. 'Yeah, this ass is craving for your big dick, Jason. If you haven't tried a man's ass, you should try mine. Come on, Jason. I know you are a fuck machine. You can still fuck me if you want to.' Turning his head around, Thomas out his finger into his mouth to wet it. As he was doing that, he could not stop looking into Jason's eyes. Then, Thomas brought the saliva-coated finger to his own puckered hole. 'Yeah, this hole wants to get fucked. Jason, fuck my ass. Don't waste this chance to have another shattering orgasm.' Slowly, that finger drilled in as the ass lips gave way. 'Oh, yeah! Yes!' he groaned. 'Fuck! I'm hard again,' Jason gasped, feeling that the erection had come back. 'You're really a slut, Thomas. Don't regret it coz you asked for it.' Standing up, Jason walked over to the wall. Reaching out for Thomas' naked sweaty body, Jason wrapped his hands around Thomas' waist. 'Yeah, you're indeed very sexy and I can't get my hands off you. Fuck! I think I'm gonna fuck your ass for sure.' Bringing his face close to Thomas, Jason gave him a passionate kiss. 'Yeah, if a cock is what you want, then a cock is what you're gonna get.' To emphasize his words, Jason intentionally rubbed his leaking cock against Thomas' ass buns. 'Yeah, feel my erection. This cock wants to get into a hot warm hole. Yeah, I want to fuck you so bad, Thomas. I want to use you as my homo slut. Oh, I'm so lustful now.' 'Fuck my ass now, Jason. I'm so horny, too. I want you to fuck me till I cum,' Thomas gasped, placing both of his hands on the wall to support his body. Thomas' erection was throbbing, still drooling out precum. 'Fill my ass with your dick now. Come on, Jason. Stud like you have a big reservoir of cum. Flood my ass with your cum and make me scream with great pleasure. Fuck my ass, Jason. Fuck me!' Relaxing his ass, Thomas tried to welcome the cock. Spreading his legs, he opened up his fuck chute. 'Oh, I can feel your hard manhood in my ass crack. Push it in, Jason. Fuck me! You'll love it. Do it now. Use my ass.' But Jason still had not inserted his cock. The long waiting nearly drove Thomas mad. 'Stop teasing me, Jason. I want your cock, please. I want it so much. Shove it in,' he whimpered, desperately rubbing his ass against the hard manhood. 'Okay Thomas, I'm gonna put it in. Remember, you asked for it,' Jason warned, holding his cock by its base. No lube was needed because the cock was still slick with cum and saliva. He took a deep breath, his immense chest heaving. Lining up the cock with the ass chute, Jason pressed the cock head against the anal opening. The randy co-pilot groaned out. 'Oh yeah, I can feel how tight your ass is. Are you ready, Thomas, my slut? Here I come.' With that, the cock began its penetration. At first, it was rather hard because Thomas tensed up and contracted his ass muscles. But Jason did not give up easily. Taking hold of Thomas' waist, Jason ground his hips against the ass. 'Fuck! Open up! Your finger slid in easily. Why can't my cock get in?' Jason grunted, almost disappointedly. 'Your cock is too big,' Thomas whimpered, tensing up. Although he tried to relax, the ass clenched up. Pain was registered in his mind when Jason's cock head pushed in. 'Ah! Fuck! It hurts!' For a quick moment, Thomas almost changed his mind. But then again, he wanted it to happen. Bracing himself for more anal pain, he clawed at the metal wall. 'Ah! Fuck! Your big cock is tearing my ass apart! Fuck yes!' As more strength was applied, Thomas' ass lips were pushed inward. Thus, Jason's cock managed to advance. The pain was somewhat unbearable. Tears involuntarily wetted Thomas' eyes. Although he had frequently been fucked, Jason's dick was too big for him. 'Oh shit! My ass! Oh! Your dick is really big! Oh!' In his daze, he could not help wondering how Jason's wife managed to take Jason's big cock. Grunting, the co-pilot did not want to give in. The cock wormed its way in, inch by inch. Slowly, the cock stretched the hole wider. 'Oh! This is the tightest hole my cock had ever entered. Ah yes! I really love your ass hole, Thomas! Oh, yeah! You're my slut. And I'm gonna break your ass. You asked for my cock, now you've got it.' Another groan escaped his mouth as Jason shoved in his dick. Aided by the mixed remains of cum and saliva, that dick slowly slipped in. The deeper he pushed, the louder Thomas groaned. 'Yeah, groan for me, slut! It's my big dick in your as snow. Feel it! Oh!' Seconds later, suddenly, the ass lips snapped back and held Jason's cock head firmly. The cock was finally in! 'Oh fuck! I'm in!' Jason declared, breathing heavily. 'Yes!' Thomas groaned, too. 'I can feel your big hard dick in me. Oh! It's great. Yeah!' Air was sucked in through Thomas' teeth as that pilot braced himself for more anal pain. 'Push your dick in. Push it all the way in. Come on. Spare me no mercy. Violate my ass. Hurt me with your dick! Oh!' he hissed, still panting. Pain had definitely ruled his naked body. Thomas could not even stand up, his legs shaking. Thus, that pilot had to hold onto the wall. 'Oh yes!' he hissed as he felt the cock resumed its journey. Desperately, Thomas was clawing the wall again. nearly all muscles in his body contracted, including the sphincter. That pilot bit his lower lip, concentrating on relaxing his muscles. 'Oh yes! I love man's ass hole!' Jason cried, throwing his head back. Sweat dripped down his face. 'I never thought that fucking a man's ass would feel so good like this. Ah! I could fuck your ass without getting bored. Oh, Thomas, I love your ass.' Leaning over, that co-pilot kissed Thomas' neck. His warm breaths were blown hard against the nape. 'Oh yeah, your body tensed up, huh? I like your horniness, slut.' Slowly but sure, Jason's dick crawled in. Inch by inch, the whole length was pushed into the gripping hole. 'Yeah, your fuck canal is so hot. Oh! My cock head feels so good! Ah!' A deep grunt echoed as Jason realized that he had stuffed the whole length into his sluttish friend's ass. 'Fuck! I'm in, all of it! You've got all my cock inside your ass.' Jason knew exactly how horny his colleague was. Thus, he did not hesitate to drill Thomas' ass and used it for his sexual pleasure. Accompanied by deep guttural groans, Jason withdrew his dick slowly. The cock head throbbed and drooled out a strand of precum as Jason pulled back. But just as the cock almost left the hole, he would then shove it in. Thus, again, the cock made its journey back into the depths. Sexual groans continued to echo inside the small cockpit as Jason enjoyed every second of his first man-to-man anal sex. Seconds later, he managed to establish a steady fucking rhythm. Holding onto Thomas' body, Jason was drilling Thomas' ass. Slowly Jason pumped his hips back and forth. Thomas could feel that cock dragging his tight rosebud out with his withdraw. Automatically, the ass hole was tightened to keep that cock inside. Slowly Jason pushed back in, his thick shaft stretching the ass wider. 'Ah! Yes, keep fucking my ass! Oh, that's what I want!' Thomas cried, clutching at the wall. He knew he could handle that big dick. Closing his eyes, that pilot tried hard to relax his hole. The sensation of being fucked was incredible. Thomas could not describe what he felt. Like all the fucking he had had, he could not help feeling as if he was going to expel that dick. But at the same time, Thomas wanted to keep it inside him. 'Oh! Fuck me! I'm your slut! Use me! Oh yes! Jason, fuck my ass! Fuck your homo slut! Shove that cock in. Deeper! Fuck! Yes!' Panting heavily, Jason fucked the pilot with long and steady strokes. The dick was sliding through the loosening anal ring with deeper thrusts. Each thrust he made, he tried to drill deeper to make sure that Thomas did feel his throbbing cock inside him. And Thomas could indeed feel Jason's hips driving into his body. That man meat was buried in up to the hilt with each inward shove. Like a broken electronic toy, Thomas' body jerked each time Jason dug in deep. Both men were not ashamed to groan out the sensation that they both felt. Intentionally, Thomas spread his smooth legs wider to give Jason a better access to his fuck hole. That enraged cock was twirling in Thomas' tight hole as Jason was prying the ass open. Owing to the overwhelming sensation, Thomas had to bite his lower lip. 'yeah, baby! I' fucking your ass. Oh! This is a very good ass. I love it more than my wife's cunt. Oh yes, Thomas. I'm gonna fuck you until I cum again. Ah! yes!' Jason groaned, working his hips forward and backward. 'I'm gonna fuck you and fill your ass with my manly seeds. Yeah, do you want that? Do you want me to cream your ass hole, faggot? You want it, don't you? Ah!' Not showing any signs of tiredness, the co-pilot continued to drill the ass in front of him. Leaning over, he embraced Thomas' naked body. 'Oh! I love your body. I'm so horny. Ah! I've never felt so horny like this. Oh, I wanna fuck you again and again, oh! Fuck yes!' 'Fuck me! I want you to cum in me. Make me your cum pig. Cum inside me. Yes! I really love your big dick drilling in and out. Oh!' Thomas groaned, fixing his eyes down onto the floor. Panting, he caught a glimpse of his own throbbing dick. As the fuck continued, Thomas' body was rocking back and forth. His hard dick was swaying up and down, following the shaking of his body. 'Fuck! I'm so horny! I think I can cum without touching myself. Oh! Shit! Yes! Do me! Do my ass!' He really wanted Jason to continue, to fuck him all the way. Guttural groans came from Thomas' throat, as his cock stiffened even harder. At then, Thomas could hardly feel any pain. The pain of course still existed but it was drowned by the overwhelming pleasure as Jason's dick head brushed against the prostate. Although he did not know much about fucking a man's ass, Jason realized the change in Thomas whenever his dick hit a particular spot. 'You're getting hornier, aren't you? So you like getting fucked? Here, take it! Take my fucking cock up your ass. Oh yeah, I know you want more. Ah!' Grunting, the co-pilot rammed his dick in as hard as he could. Jason did not care at all if his dick would hurt Thomas. All he could think was to cum as soon as he could. 'Ah! Take my cock, you man whore. I'm screwing your ass. You're just a worthless slut. Yes! Fuck you! Oh!' Shuddering, he aimed his dick at the Thomas' prostate. 'You like it, huh? I'm gonna pound your ass again and again. Oh! I'm gonna make you cum, you fuck! Ah!' Crying like wounded animal, Thomas groaned, 'I'm cumming! Fuck! I can't hold it anymore. Your cock is too big! But I love it! Oh! Yes! Cum is flowing up to my cock. I'm going to cum! Fuck yes!' And then Thomas squirted out thick loads of cum. Without being touched, his dick spewed out loads after loads of creamy gooey cum. They was jetted out of the cock slit and smeared the cockpit wall. 'Oh! Fuck my ass harder! I'm cumming for you, Jason! Oh! Fuck yes! Ah! Yes, drill my ass! Screw me! Oh!' Jerking wildly, Thomas surrendered himself to the pleasure of sex. 'Fuck yes! Oh!' Cum incessantly squirted out in a series of cum shots. From behind, Jason was steadying Thomas' body as that pilot underwent violent spasms. Somehow, as Thomas was being taken over by orgasm, Jason was affected. Seeing how much Thomas enjoyed cumming, it soon triggered Jason's second ejaculation. 'Fuck! You've made me cum for the second time, slut! Oh! Shit! I can't hold it! Ah, no! I'm cumming! Fuck!' Inevitably, Jason began producing guttural cries, which was soon followed by vigorous sperm shooting. 'Oh fuck! Shit! I'm cumming! Fuck yes!' Forcefully, cum shot out of the slit and splattered Thomas' insides. 'Yeah! Take it! Take my cum up your sluttish as, slut! Oh! You want my cum! Here you go! Oh! Fuck yes!' Again, the muscles in his body contracted. Embracing Thomas' jerking body, Jason let orgasm wrack his body. Incessantly, that hunky co-pilot continued fucking his friend's ass as the cock was spewing cum. Thomas' rectum had been coated thoroughly with thick cum. Groaning, Jason held Thomas' body and together they emptied their ball sack. 'Oh! Fuck yes! I', cumming in your ass, slut! Oh yes! Ah fuck!' Repeatedly, their body shuddered and convulsed, until finally no cum exuded. Panting, Thomas supported his sweaty body by holding onto the wall. Looking down, he witnessed the cummy mess that his cock had just created. Gooey white cum pools scattered everywhere, staining the carpeted floor. Slowly, Jason's cummy dick slipped out of Thomas' ass hole, leaving the hole open. Soon afterwards, a steady streamlet of cum flowed out of the abused hole. The anal lips went puffy, owing to the constant friction with Jason's enraged cock. Sighing, Thomas said, 'It was great, Jason. I love your dick. Oh, it's the best dick I've ever had. I don't mind getting dicked again.' Slowly, he turned his body around to face his handsome co-pilot. 'I don't mind being your fuck slave. I want to get fucked again. I love your big dick.' Grinning, Jason replied, 'Well, when we get to Amsterdam, we'll stay in the same hotel room then I'm gonna fuck you again. How's that?' Leaning forward, the handsome man was kissing Thomas' sweaty face. Without any disgust, he stuck out his tongue to wrestle with Thomas'. 'You're the best fuck that I've ever had, too. I prefer you to my wife.' naughtily, Jason wrapped his arms around Thomas' waist. One of the hands then slid down to reach Thomas' puffy ass hole. 'Yeah, I'm gonna drill your ass again later. I can't wait for that.' ***** Minutes later, both of them had thrown on their pilot uniform. No matter how hard they tried to clean the cockpit, the aroma of sex was so obvious. Sitting in his seat, Thomas could still feel the dampness in his briefs as Jason's cum seeped out of his battered ass. He could not wait to land the plane in Amsterdam as quickly as he could so that he could have another thrilling sex with Jason. As Jason reached his hand over to Thomas' crotch, that pilot did not flinch away. He let Jason grope and massage the cock inside his trousers. Although it still needed a few more hours to get to the destination, both of their cocks had been hard again. END




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