I am a professional sex therapist. You might call me a gigolo

but I spread' help wherever I go. I only asks for a minimum of $500

for an evening and more if any special services or overnight is involved.

On occasion I have been whisked off to the Bahamas for a weekend. I

never know exactly what will happen. I'm saving my money because this

profession will end for me when I get into my forties. I'm only 32 now.

I don't look any special age. I could be from 20 to 40. I'm of southern

Italian origin, slim, very smooth with a perfect hairline and slicked

back thick hair ending in a short pony tail. Tattoos? Are you kidding.

Nothing will mar my near perfect complexion and body skin. Do I do both

men and women? Almost exclusively women: I love 'em, but on special

occasions I will take on a couple and thereby some sex with the male if

it is required. I don't consider myself of any particular persuasion. I

am turned on only by money, and I love my growing back account which will

keep me warm when cold times come.

I get about four gigs per week. Remember not all require a fuck

and a cum. Sometimes I'm just an escort; sometimes a couple just want me

to watch them, or the man wants to watch my technique. It's almost

always pleasant. I do love fucking and making body contact.

This story is about a very exciting experience two clients gave

me. I got a call in the afternoon (I had just awoke), it was a guy--very

nice voice--who asked if I was free that evening. 'It depends,' I told

him. (Actually I was free for some reason). With great hesitation he

outlined the services he wanted. He told me that he has been living with

this girl Marika for two years. Their sex life has fizzled because of

his inability to get an erection and if he does, he can't come. He

confessed that he had once had gay sex. 'I was corn holed, and I loved

it. I can't help thinking that if I was corn holed and I was fucking

Marika at the same time, that would do the trick.' I, of course knew the

real story. 'Are you gay?' I asked. There was silence at the other end

then a meek voice said: 'I little bit.' Yeah, I bet he's one of those

married men who gets it on in movie houses and peep booths. It's OK with

me, I don't make value judgements. I explained that this is not my usual

work but at double fee, I can accommodate. The deal was set for eight

that night.

I six I began my preparations. I try to be perfectly clean and

groomed for my clients. I bush between my toes. She might want to suck

'em. I check my ears for any stray hairs. I take an enema. I use a very

faint cologne and use skin softener all over. Finally I put all fresh

clothes on. My brother calls them my fuck clothes. No underwear,

kickoff loafers. Each to remove pants and a loose shirt.

I checked my watch as I stood outside their apartment building.

It was in a very expensive part of town and they had the pent house. I

always arrive exactly on time. If I was late they might change their

mind. The door was answered by Jeff. That was the guy I spoke to on the

telephone. I was pleased to see that he was about forty but extremely

well kept. Slim, handsome face. Really a model's good looks. It makes

it easier that he is appealing since we are probably going to be close.

He looked very clean and smelled nice. He shook my hand in a friendly

yet slightly intimate way. 'You like?' I asked. He put his arm on my

shoulder, 'I like. Come meet Merika.'

Merika very Japanese; very beautiful, a little short of leg but

who can complain. She seemed shy, kept her eyes downward. I took her

hand and said, 'Don't be shy, I'm here to have fun.' 'She's not shy,'

Jeff said, 'That's just Japanese respect. 'You'll see she is quite into


I took a drink of water that was offered. I don't use liquor

while I'm working. They each finished the Martinis they had started

before I came. 'Would you like me to undress?, I asked. If I make the

first move, that usually breaks the ice. 'Yes,' they both said. Jeff

seemed the more enthusiastic.

I kicked off the loafers, unbuckled the pants, slipped them off.

I stood with my legs bare to just above the knees...not too revealed.

'Shall I remove my shirt?' They both nodded. I did and was completely

nude, my cock still relaxed and hanging five inches along my ball sack

and nestled into the hollow made by my low hangers. I heard them gasp

and they both looked red of face. I wasted no more time. I sat on the

couch and patted the cushion. 'Come here,' I said in a polite but

commanding voice. They both started to come over. I smiled, 'Marika


She half sat, half lay on the couch. She was a passion flower,

already her eyes were blinking and she had a flush over her chest. I

slowly unbuttoned her blouse, she was naked underneath. She was ready

for fun I knew. I bent a gently squeezed each of her honey-colored

breasts. I noted they were real and a decent size with maroon colored

nips which were beginning to stand out. I took one in my mouth and

gently licked it, then I even more gently sucked it. I motioned for Jeff

who had removed his clothes by this time. 'There's one for each.'

'She loves getting her tits sucked,' he said somewhat

inelegantly. I pointed to the other breast. Indicating he should get

with it. He leaned down and put his attractive puffy lips over the nub.

He liked doing it. He closed his eyes and hummed as he made baby love to

it. I went back to mine. She was moaning loudly and moving around on

the couch. Suddenly she stiffened and yelped. I guess that was love

peak number one. As she relaxed a moment, it gave a time to look over Jeff. He was fairer

of skin than me, almost milky white but with attractive, strong and very

hairy legs. He had a handsome ass. 'I can do it,' I thought. He looked

and smelled exquisitely clean. Thank goodness.

I kidded her and moved down to the doll's valley. She had shaped

her pussy hair into a pretty heart. I leaned in a smelled. There was no

smell. In fact I didn't smell anything until she had become passionate,.

later, and leaked. Even then it was pleasant, like new mowed hay.

I put out of tongue and licked her nether lips. She began mewling again.

While I did this, Jeff began to stroke my back. 'It it OK?' he asked

like an eager kid. 'Sure, enjoy yourself. It's your money.' But

secretly his reverential stroking was getting to me. He was falling in

love, at least for the moment, with my body. As I worked away at Marika,

he began kidding my back and stroking my butt. I was getting a real

boner and wished I could jump her now but that was not the deal.

I turned to him. 'How's little Jeff doing?' He lifted up on his

knees and gestured at his cock. It was definitely plumped up but by no

means and instrument that could do the job. He shrugged. 'If you could

touch me or suck me....' 'Uh Uh, no do Jeff. But if you'd like to take

over the clit work and show your ass, I might get the cure started.'

He leaned down and using a combination of finger and lips he

began to go into the routine he had learned does the best job. And

presto, she came again, this time she was frothing at the mouth. I

greased up my finger and stroked his ass hole which was very much in

evidence because of his position. It wasn't a body hole as holes go. It

was dainty and pink and had no hair. Of course there was some light hair

in the crack between his cheeks but that was just manly. He lifted his

head at the touch of my finger and he gasped. 'Yeah,' he said

approvingly. I inserted the finger and felt inside for that magic bump.

I found it. His ass was waggling now and he was moaning almost as much

as Mariika. 'Shall Red Rover come over?' I asked. 'Yes, yes, do it,'

he gasped and groaned. I sat up on my haunches and set my cock head at

his opening. He pushed back, I knew he would. I let him do it. Six

small pushes (I helped a little) and I was in the hilt. I'm long of cock

but it isn't too fat so this was an easy entry. I moved in and out

slowly. I reached around in front and rudely felt his cock. He was

fully hard and dripping pre-cum. He probably didn't even realize it.

'Time to fuck your girl,' I whispered in his ear. 'OK,' he grunted, 'But

keep fucking me.'

I did and he did and Marika passed out for a moment. Jeff came

with a roar. When he finally pulled out he collapsed on the sofa. Cum

was leaking out of her pussy. 'Money's in the cigarette box, thanks, it

was all I hoped for,' and he fell asleep.

I got dressed and left. I'm not sure I want this kind of

assignment again. I might get to like asses too much.



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