The narrator is Eric who tells this hot story that took place about a year ago.

Following passage of their extensive exams, the five basketball players planned a Friday night party at Brett's home as his parents had gone out of town for the weekend. It was a big thank you to Brett.

The story is more sexy if one knows the athletes stats:

CODY: The team captain and center stood 6-feet and 5-inches; weighed 190 pounds; brown hair and hazel eyes; and a huge horse-like 10-inch cut cock.

DAN: One of the team's forwards stood 6-feet and 3-inches; weighed 185 pounds; coal black hair and very dark brown eyes; a black butch haircut; and a big uncut 8-inch cock.

JESSIE: The other team's forward stood 6-feet and 2-inches; weighed 175 pounds; sandy blond curly trimmed hair with deep blue eyes; and sprouted a big 9-inch cut cock.

JOSH AND JASON: Twin brothers and the team's guards stood 5-feet and 9-inches; weighed 155 pounds; wavy nice trimmed red hair with very light skin; sky blue eyes; and surprisingly large cut 8-inch cocks.

BRETT: The year's valedictorian was a nice shy, naive and studious 18-year-old senior with no athletic abilities but a real brain.

The five players were the typical jocks known for their partying and dating the school's hot cheerleaders getting lots of cunt. Brett, on the other hand, was not only a virgin but was such a straight arrow that he turned crimson when the topic of sex came up. Before that night, he had never seen any type of sexual materials such as magazines, sex toys or xxx videos. He was as pure as the falling driven snow. He had never had a taste of alcohol.

The basketball players had purchased loads of chips, dip, hot dogs, and burgers. They managed to acquire several six packs of beer through an older friend. And they had rented an xxx adult movie titled "Doing Dallas".

The party began around 7 PM with lots of rock music, consuming food and drinking the beer. They not only got Brett to consume several beers but engage in all the dirty sex stories. The beer and sex stories had them all horny and carefree. At 18 guys hormones are running wild all the time and become raging under these conditions.

Around 9 PM Cody pulled out the adult xxx video and said: "Hey guys, you want to see these hot chicks getting fucked?"

With their hormones raging and the testosterone levels off the chart, they all instantly responded: "Hell yea. Play that fucking video and lets see those pussies get drilled."

They all got down on the carpet in front of the TV screen, stretched their sexy big legs out, showing part of their pubic hair from their loose basketball shorts, and very impressive huge bulges outlining their horse-like cocks and balls. The beer had gotten to them. About five minutes into the porno, the guys began to lower their basketball shorts, pull their hard cocks from their sexy jock straps that were beginning to show pre-cum wet rings and began jacking off. Man, they had huge purple cock heads that showed drops of goo forming on their piss slits and dropping onto their young fingers as they jerked those raging cocks. Oh fuck it was a hot scene. Even though Brett had not joined in, he had developed a hard on.

As they jacked off and the manly smell of young jocks sweating and oozing pre-cum, Cody, the apparent leader of these horny guys, spoke up to heat up the party even more: "Hey guys, I'm horny as hell. I've got to stick my dick into some type of pussy. Lets get out of these jock straps and shirts and see what we can find to plunge our raging cocks inside of right now."

They all began to remove what clothes they still had on until they were stark naked with shinny cock heads from all the oozing liquid. Next it was Jessie who made a suggestion: "Look buddies, Brett has a huge bulge in his worn jeans. Man, lets pull off his jeans and examine that big manhood."

As they unzipped Brett's pants they became shocked when Brett said: "Fuck yea, rip off all my clothes and take a look at my big cock. You studs have nothing on me when it comes to a big boner. Right? Do you like what you see?"

Jason turned Brett around and glared at his bubble pink ass. "Look guys!!! Shit, that is really a nice piece of ass. Man it is so hot. That is some piece of fresh meat."

Now all the guys were in various stages of carnal lust and primordial instincts to breed. Their need for sex was so overpowering that Dan suggested: "Hey buddies, there is no way we're going to find a woman's pussy tonight. Look at that beautiful virgin pink hairless bubble ass of Brett. Don't it look like a woman's pussy? I bet it would be so tight on our dicks and feel like pussy. Man, to fuck a virgin is so awesome. Just think of how our dicks will feel going into such a tight smooth ass. Who is going first?"

Once again the studs were shocked when Brett got a shitty grin and said: "Yea, I'm so horny. Fuck my man pussy. I've thought for months how hot it would be to have a cock up my man pussy. Hell yea, I'm a fag but no experience. Go for my ass. I've got what your cocks want."

They took Brett to his parents master bedroom, put him on the bed on his back with his cute feet and legs hanging overt he edge, put a pillow under his ass elevating the entrance to his ass chute, and took a bottle of lube and greased the virgin asshole. They decided to draw numbers to see the order they would thrust their teenage cocks into his sweet virgin ass. The order turned out to be Cody, Dan, Jessie, Josh and Jason.

Cody with the biggest cock lubed his blood filled big veiny 10-inch cock and put his tool at the entrance to Brett's pulsating ass. WOW, Brett would have to have the biggest cock to initiate his wholesome ass to a cock. Cody slowly used his cock to break open Brett's outer ass ring muscles. As the other guys began to jack off, they yelled: " Fuck that man pussy. Drill that ass with your monstrous dick. Drill his ass. Go for it. Give that fag what he wants. Fuck the bitch, make him your slut."

Cody pushed his leaking cock in inch by inch about half way when Brett begged: "Oh, hell, Cody it hurts so bad. Stop and wait. Let me get my breath."

"Bitch, pushed down and it wan't hurt so bad. Now I'll go slow until you ass adjusts. It will feel good soon--trust me."

Soon Brett gave the signal to continue. Cody drove all the way in this time while Josh fed his big cock to Brett's mouth. Brett's two holes were stuffed with hot cocks. Cody drove his cock in and out of the young ass for some five minutes while Josh continued to feed his cock to Brett's throat. The other guys got close and began to jack off. It was a wild time.

Finally,Cody felt the surge building in his nuts, his cock head swelled, his breathing became rapid and the big veins began to throb. He had crossed the blue line. "Yea, fuck, I'm coming. Take my semen up that ass." He shot his four day old cum deep into the little virgin's ass while Brett sucked on Josh's big cock. When Cody pulled out of the gorgeous ass, Josh pulled his cock out of Brett's mouth and began sucking the leaking cum off Cody's cock until he was drained.

Next Dan lubed his cock and in a state of pure lust drove his 8-inch cock all the way into the little fags ass with one thrust. Jason replaced his twin brother as Brett took his cock deep into his throat. Dan went wild fucking Brett's velvet tight ass. He fucked the little bitch for at least 5 minutes. Cody's cum in the ass made Dan's cock move easily in and out of the pussy. As he felt the cum rising in his balls, he pulled his cock covered in Cody's sticky white semen from Brett's ass. Dan then blasted his big load all over Bret's face and shot his string of cum two feet in front with some of the cum landing on the head board. Jason and Dan used their tongues to clean the warm cum off Brett's body.

It was now Jessie's turn to plow his big leaking cock into the bitch's man pussy. Jessie spread Brett's legs far apart, got down and sucked on the young asshole covering his own lips with the oozing cum coming from Brett's ass and then finally began driving his monstrous 9-inch tool deep into the cum filled ass of Brett. He slowly moved his cock in and out of the hot ass with very short thrusts. As Brett begged him to fuck him harder, Jessie began rapidly pounding the little young whore's ass faster and faster.

"Oh fuck Me, baby. I love the feel of your big cock deep inside me. Man, all these cocks are so hot. Oh holy fuck, yea that is it. Fuck me harder," cried Brett.

When Jessie was near coming, he pulled his steel hard cock out and shot a volcanic load all over Brett's butt. Then Jessie drove his cock back deep into the cute ass driving some of his own cum inside the cute ass.

Then things really heated up when the red-headed twins took charge of Brett. Josh and Jason lubed their smooth cocks; poured more cum up Brett's ass; and decided to take turns fucking the sore ass. They put Brett on his stomach, placed a pillow under his crotch that lifted his ass up to meet their leaking cocks. Josh lowered his cock to the entrance and invaded the wet ass. He drove in and out for about a minute and then turned the ass over to brother Jason who drilled the wet ass for at least two minutes. They took turns for the next 15 minutes fucking the now no longer virgin ass. Finally, Josh could not hold off any longer when he blasted his seed deep into Brett's man pussy. Jason entered the wet ass and after only about three thrust, he too dumped his load in the pink ass.

They all showered and went back to watching the porno that they had not finished before their lust had taken over. Cody spoke up as they began to watch the video: "Hey guys, the night is young. Lets recover and see who wants to be the bitch next and get their man pussy fucked by us."

Soon all the young studs were again very horny. They needed their dicks back into a tight ass. Cody once again led the move when he said: "Hey fucking guys, let's fuck the hot pink asses of the red-headed twins. Brett this is your chance to get even with those twins and help us plug those cute twins man pussies. You can go first."

"Fuck yea, let me fuck those two pussies. They look so hot. Look at them, they are already spreading their legs for my cock. I'll just fuck them here on the carpet. Man, they want our cocks. Look, shit they are humping just begging me for my cock," Brett responded with a huge grin.

Jason and Josh smiled and used their middle finger to suggest fuck us. Jason said: "Yea Brett, fuck me first."

Brett got down ready to drive his cock deep into Jason's eager ass. The night had much fucking to go between these sex driven horny teenagers.


Naughty Eric


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