This is all about strategy. To take down a superhero team you need a plan. Not just go in guns blazing, but do something more subtle. That's what 'villains' don't seem to get. They need more patience. But most of them are just so power hungry and get off scaring the masses they forget that they are out numbered by the Super Patrol.

Ah, the Super Patrol, Earth's greatest defense. All paid for by the American Military. Super powers started popping up like wild fire 20 years ago and the team was made to keep things in check. For some reason the team doesn't have any women. If it is because they're sexist or standing by the American Army understanding of no women in the battle field, or just haven't found the right heroine, who cares. They won't be needing any women when I'm done with them though. They'll be mine to play with.

But yes strategy, that's what's needed. You go over and get their strongest person and make them vulnerable. That's what every villain does; it's basic facts after all. But they get it wrong when they go after Hero first. Ah, delicious Hero. Those strong muscles, that aura of sparkling light when he flies, the tight spandex outfits that he wears that shows off so much. Oh, my mind is wandering! Yes the others think he is the strongest and most difficult to beat. In a normal battle the guy is a tank. He doesn't have many weaknesses, almost totally invulnerable. So the others figure that since he is out of the way, the rest of the Super Force would fall like dominos. But the rest of them all have super abilities and they all have gotten used to Hero being knocked out first anyhow.

But that isn't how this game is going to be played. You need to think about all the members, what is going to be your vulnerable spots in the plan. Psy is going to be the one that needs to go down first. Their resident mind reader. If I don't go after him first then it all falls apart. Besides things will be much more fun when I'm finished with him.


Psy leaned back into his leather chair with a heavy sigh. He wasn't the biggest fan of 'patrolling' like this, but it was part of the job. He wasn't really patrolling; he was using a device designed by Widget that not only increased his psychic powers, but also helped him focus. It was really only good at getting certain types of thoughts though, but that was because of the law. Due to the influx of psychic abilities there was a fear of loss of privacy. So certain precautions were made to maintain the rights of people's thoughts. But that was a whole other story. The gist was that this machine could pick-up distressful thoughts; Thoughts of people getting robbed or mugged, being held hostage, or having a gun plastered at their head. It would have to be pretty severe thoughts, and not being distressed cause your girlfriend dumped you, in order to be picked up.

Psy would much rather be actually in the streets looking for some physical action. Despite his powers being more mental based, he was good at hand to hand combat. He also had telekinesis, the ability to move objects with one's mind. It wasn't too strong, but the more he practiced the more he could lift. But right now the team needed him to find the crimes being committed, so he was stuck at homebase again. Still he really wanted to be out in the streets kicking some oaf to a pulp. Psy even dressed up in his uniform. All black leather, his arms exposed and a black mask. His brown hair was tousled though the machine was messing it up a bit. Still it didn't make much sense to get all dressed up to just sit on your ass all night.

He connected to Apollo and Frost to let them know there was a burglary on the southside of town. Then he let Hero know about a robot attacking a military base. Otherwise it was a quiet night. Psy was getting fairly bored so he checked out his email. There were a few military reports, and one from his friend Sgt. Hart. The two of them were buddies that trained in martial arts together when they had free time. The subject line of the email read, 'You need to check this OUT!' and the entire body of the email was just a website link.

Psy clicked on the link which led him to a rather surprising sight. The site was covered with pictures of nude men is sexually proactive poses. Why would Hart send him this he wondered? It was probably some spam item that corrupted Hart's email account or something. Still Psy found the pictures rather mesmerizing...was that the right word. The quality of the pictures were really good and the guy on the main focus looked like he was beckoning you seductively. The guy didn't look like he had a hair on the smooth muscled chest of his. His chestnut colored hair was a bit long and brushed passed a seductive pair of eyes.

Psy started to realize that he was staring at the site too long. Why was he looking at this fag porn? He closed the site, but when he did another window opened to a similar site. That's odd why didn't the pop-up blocker work, he wondered. Psy noticed it was the same guy from the previous site, but he was in a different position, still looking very eager. His toned arm was extended and his index finger was curled as if telling him to come closer to the beautiful man. He shook his head again, why did he keep staring at the screen like this?

He closed the site's window, but again another window popped-up. Psy wasn't that surprised, but he found he was excited by it. He should have just closed the window right away, but he wanted to see the next site looked like. Yeah, that's right what it looked like, he didn't want to see that handsome man and what new seductive pose he was in. But of course he was there again, this time he had a very effeminate man wrapping his arms around the muscular stud. The other guy looked totally enthralled by the other man. But he was looking at Psy, beckoning him to join in on the fun with his eyes.

What the fuck? Why was he staring at these damn sites? He needed to just close down the damn things and keep up his patrolling. He closed the window waiting to jump on the next one to come determined that he would close it quickly and be done with this queer mess. But this time two window popped open. One was of the first site he opened with the familiar dreamy guy, and the other had his companion from the previous site being the focus. The skinny guy was only wearing some colorful underwear and was thrusting his hips provocatively. Psy found himself biting his lower lip. His resistance was lowering and curiosity was rising.

Something inside Psy suddenly collapsed and he didn't care if he was looking at gay porn. It wasn't wrong or right anymore, it was just fun. He clicked on the site for his handsome model and was taken to a site where the man posed for multiple pictures in alluring poses. The model, who went by the name of Axel, went from a progression of fully clothed in a tight jogging outfit to stretching out of his spandex outfit. Once he was nude, Psy marveled at the perfection of Axel. How every curve seemed so perfect, so right, so delicious. He drank in every picture almost trying to burn every pose into his memory. Psy looked at more galleries of Axel, and other models. He was so enthralled with all the beautiful men he didn't notice the moving pattern in the background of all the sites he visited.


Excellent! The websites I created are getting some hits. It took a while and it was a long shot, but the plan seemed to work. Getting Sgt. Hart under my whims was extremely easy. He was also a wonderful test subject for some of my little techniques I have made. Just one little email from a friend and my spam program has most likely enthralled the super being.

But I can't celebrate just yet. Just because my programs are in use doesn't mean that Psy is the one being corrupted. It's important that I mold him first. If I didn't and tried to go after one of the others, say Hero, then Psy would notice and my plans would be ruined. Like I said it's all about strategy. Once I get confirmation that it is Psy then I can proceed to guy 2...I mean phase 2.


Psy had moved on to pictures of Axel and the others interacting with each other. Well interacting wasn't the right word. They started off teasing each other. They held each other and almost kissed, almost licking skin and almost caressed certain parts. But then they moved on to some of the more fun stuff like kissing and fondling and helping each other out of their clothes. Then finally they moved on to the real fun stuff, like having sex. He watched as Axel gave another hot male model a hot blow job while giving another guy a hand job. Finally they moved on to anal sex. Psy watched as guy after guy posed for the camera while getting fucked showing nothing short of bliss in their facial expressions.

The hero didn't even notice the changes going on in his mind. The more he looked at the screens the more aroused he became. He didn't even question his shifting sexual orientation or how he never thought sexual thoughts of men before this. All Psy knew was that he needed more.

He started to watch the video clips of the hot guys getting it on. They were only short teaser clips that only lasted a minute at most, but Psy watched everyone he could find. He loved watching the bouts of sex. He also loved hearing the slapping of flesh and the loud moans of pleasure the guys all gave.

Still the sessions were too short. Psy wanted more. He wanted to watch the whole progression. It was then that a pop up of Axel appeared. He was posing one hand around the back of his head and the other lightly tugging at the elastic of some black underwear he was wearing. He was teasing him with the big told letters that said 'WANT TO SEE MORE?'

Yes he wanted to see more, he clicked the link and saw it led to a membership fee page. Fuck, he thought, he'd have to actually pay to see the full thing. But it wasn't like he had any indecision about what to do. He was already filling out the application. He finished with all the demographic questions and finally put in his credit card number and hit 'enter.'

The new page showed Axel smiling with a big happy grin. The text read 'Thank you for joining the team! Now enjoy yourself!'

Psy felt a rush go through him. He was so excited about joining. It felt wrong and dirty, but that's what made exciting. He smiled a wicked grin as he clicked on a video of Axel. The movie started as Axel ran down the street carrying a prop of a bag of cash. He was dressed in sort of super hero outfit, tight spandex shirt, a pair of form fitting jogging shorts, and a small mask covering his eyes. But Axel wasn't the hero, he was the villain. He was being chased by some unnamed hero, also in a spandex one-piece.

The hero tried to stop Axel, but Axel had mind-control powers and made the hero submit to his wills. Then he forced the hero to do all sorts of sexual humiliating things. The hero ripped open his costume leaving only shreds covering up parts that didn't need covering and his assets in full hard view. Axel verbally mocked the hero as the unnamed man continued to follow all of Axel's orders. Soon the hero submissively was sucking on Axel's cock.

Psy watched the movie, half drooling at the two hot men acting out the drama. He finally released his own cock from the leather pants and noticed his briefs were soaked in pre-cum. He stroked himself watching the film.

Soon Axel was also undressed fucking the hero in the ass. He made the hero want nothing more to be a play thing to hunky villains and service their cocks. He transforms the hero into a cock-whore and continued to humiliate the defeated hero. He then told the hero that as soon as he cummed that all the changes would be permanent. The hero soon exploded his cum as Axel covered his face with hot jism.

Psy himself shot off his own load that hit him square in the face. He couldn't help but think that haqving his face covered in his own cum was kind of hot. He watched the hero lap at the mixture of cum and Psy found himself following suit. Psy decided it was kind of salty and had an odd texture, but it was hot to have the cum in his mouth.

Axel then removed the hero's mask, throwing it on the ground and stopping on it. Psy gave a surprised look at the screen as he watched his close friend Sgt. Buddy Hart lick up the rest of the cum.

He couldn't believe how envious he was of his friend.


Yes. Yes. Yes! YES!! Total score. Victory is mine! It is totally Psy. All will be mine! Hrrmgh. Um, so the membership data shows that it is Psy. Well actually he used his alias Joseph Graham, but still. Thanks to Sgt. Hart I know about his true identity. And the program would make anyone using it totally incapable of giving false information.

So maybe the victory isn't totally complete. I've merely corrupted Psy. He is nowhere near done, but this is a huge first step. And soon all of the Super Patrol will be mine! They will all be at the beck and call of the Gayifier!!! Bwahahahahah...maybe I should rethink the name.


Elsewhere the evil Dr. Steel looked at the cowering masses on the floor. He had just thrown the banks security out the window, and the underpaid enforcers where soon screaming down the street cry for help. He had loaded his sacks all as much cash and valuables as they could carry and crushed another hole in the bank's wall. He walked out onto the quiet street. Well it was quiet until the peaceful civilians started crying out his name and screaming in terror.

'Hmmmm, this is weird,' Dr. Steel though aloud, 'This is normally when one of the Super Patrol comes in and tries to stop me. And I had an awesome plan to stop them too.'

He looked down both sides of the street and then up in the air. He listened for a fast motions that might be heading his way. Nothing.

'Oh, well. Maybe next time.' He walked down the street, bag of loot in hand, with not a care in the world.



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