Tricks on sucking uncut cock, a beginners guide written by a pro

When you're lucky enough to find a guy that's uncut, don't get grossed out or reject him because his parents made the choice to leave him intact. Enjoy what he has and heres how to orally please him. Most guys keep under their skin clean, it's just a few guys that let it go and that's kinda gross. But I've never found one to know if it is, I've heard it's gross.


A bit about the skin. The inner foreskin is specialized skin. It's moist and keeps the head protected from our clothing, Keeping it tender and soft. The skin of the head is very close if not the same as our lips. And I know we all know how to keep them moist, with our tongue or moisturizers or lip balms of some kind. The guys that are cut, their soft skin has " keratinized" which is basically dried out and lots it sensitivity. When you see an unit cock head hard or soft, it's usually soft, smooth and moist. Cut guys, dry, wrinkled and a bit rough. But there's ways to help that, if you're ever interested. Some guys have free motion of their skin and that's always good. Those that don't have what's called phimosis, which is a tight opening at the opening of the foreskin. If you find one of these guys, do not pull back on the skin, ask him how far back it can go. Each guy like this has his own limits and respect these limits or you could cause lots of pain and even damage. Some guys are lucky enough to have extra skin, this is called acroposition which is a long foreskin. I dated a guy who had at least an inch of extra skin. For me this was incredibly hot to play with. There's lots you can do with these guys, lots to nibble on too.

When things get going, don't just pull back the skin and suck like a cut cock. There's more to it. Get his whole cock wet with your tongue, licking everywhere, it's easier going up and down.

Pull the skin all the way forward. The pucker of skin has over 30,000 nerve endings, who would have known. Slowly trace the pucker of skin with the tip of your tongue, just barely touch the skin, that'll make him crazy. Another trick, is to gently nibble that same pucker of skin. Do it gently, practice the pressure by nibbling on your tongue to get the right amount of pressure, too much and it's biting and thats a bad pain. So many if the uncut guys I have sucked, love getting nibbled on. Not sure why or how it's pleasurable, but it is.

One of the tricks I've learned will make his eyes roll back in his head and see his brain.

If he's lucky enough to to have a foreskin that pulls back all the way, he will love this. Carefully pull back the skin, remember gently. This is erotic & sexual, you don't want to hurt or cause any bad pain. Slowly pull it back to reveal the whole head or glans in technical terms. On the underside of the head, where the two sides of the rim if the head meet, is where the foreskin attaches to the cock and the head. Most uncut guys don't know that this is called the frenulum. This is one of the most sensitive spots of his cock. Sorry cut guys, yours is been removed for vanity reasons when your foreskin was removed, talk to your patents about that.

That little spot is very delicate. Slowly lick up and down the frenulum with the tip of your tongue. Then with just the tip, very quickly, flick your tongue side to side. That's when his eyes roll back and he sees his brain.

Another thing that's fun to do, as long as his skin pulls back all the way or even part way, is pulling the skin forward and sticking the tip of your tongue into the opening and trying to slide your tongue between the inside of the skin and the head. The guys love that.

If the guy has phimosis, tight foreskin opening, one thing you can do I'd to us a bit of pressure and massage in circular motions, side to side or up and down on the skin right where the frenulum is.

And if your comfortable doing it, when he cums, let him shoot in your mouth and show him his load, then swallow it. Guys no matter what, gay straight bi, they all love when you do that.

Just remember, he's got more nerve endings and take your slow sweet time on his cock. He will enjoy all the attention you're giving him. Most guys just suck the guy off and back to what ever he was doing or in some cases, back to the wife, lol.

Hope this helped some of you or gave you some more tricks. Also, each guy has his own thing that he likes, or dislikes. Always ask him what he doesn't like done first, it's easier to remember those than all the likes.

And if you have questions, just ask me. One time I was chatting with a guy while he was grocery shopping, telling what I wanted to do to his cock & foreskin, he got so turned on and rock hard, that he shot his load while in the store. That's how good you can be with the right skills.



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