For all intents and purposes this was just supposed to be a science experiment for my college class. This was my final experiment for my Science 2 class and we were asked a particular thing. My professor stated, “Do an experiment and observation on how we as humans can be tempted when it clearly goes against our moral judgments.” The moment she said that my mind clicked. I always wanted to fuck my brother and what better way to find out if I could then by doing it in an experiment form. I’ll do anything in the name of science.

            Let’s start off with a little introduction. My name is Paul Boggs and I’m just your average 20-year-old college student living the debt dream. I have wavy brown hair, fair skin, a tight little ass, and a twink body. My hobbies include sex, porn, and writing about sex and porn. My brother’s name is Frank Boggs and he is my biological brother. It’s not my fault he is cute. He has shorter brown hair, a tight bubble butt, a muscular gym body, and I know he’s packing a huge grower in his pants as we speak.

            I’ve always wanted to fuck my brother the moment he turned 16. That’s the day I realized I like men and I also realized that my brother is a Greek god. He’s a pole vaulter at our school and he is always at the gym trying to impress the ladies. The closest I’ve come to seeing him naked was when we were babies and we took baths together.

            Parents? Both died. That’s okay though we were both raised by our uncle and aunt, who shall remain anonymous for this paper. We lived happy lives and were a full family. Our aunt and uncle even sended us both to college. They are the best. Sorry I’m a bit of a freak though. I guess I have a thing for our family because I watched my uncle masturbate one night and then while we sleeping I snuck in and stole his cum rag. It safe to say he never found that rag.

            Now on to the main event; Here is how I seduced my straight brother in less than one year.

1.)Know his sexual habits: This step is one of the hardest but one of the most useful and quite frankly sexiest ways to learn about someone. I literally booked a cabin for him and four of his closest friends and had them stay in separate rooms. I kept a close eye on my brother’s room (made a peep hole) to keep tabs at him at all times. I watched him jerk off in the morning, usually to no porn. I watched him have sex with two girls during the stay, he did each girl on separate nights and he prefers to be on top! He always touches his balls during his masturbation sessions. I also noticed he always has his eyes closed.

*Conclusion: my brother likes to daydream about someone while performing his masturbation activities. He likes his balls worked but never asks anyone to do it. He likes to be dominate and on top. He might feel less like a man if he is on the bottom (no pun intended)

            2.) Appeal to his likes; Case in point, my brother works out a lot. He must like physical fitness. For this phase I got a gym membership and bulked up. I even worked out with my brother to get even closer to him. I also noticed my brother has thing for blondes. What better way to get his attention than bleach my hair blonde. My brother likes certain foods, chicken, pasta, fruit, etc. Knowing his foods will definitely increase even a slightest chance with him.

3.) Get him while he’s down; When you figured out his sexual desires and his physical ones to the next move is all too simple. Wait till he is vulnerable. The break up is everything. Anyone who has ever dated a person will tell you that the break up is the worst. For this experiment I had to do the break up. My brother was dating a girl for over 4 months and they did seem happy. I spied on them having sex a few times but it was just only meh at best. I sent a video of her to be on the show the Bachelor and they studio wanted her. She told my brother that it was fun but she wanted fame, fucking cunt, but it worked. My brother was literally a wreck. Now the time for your next move is critical. If you are too soon it will never work. If you are too late you risk your brotherly relationship. The window is a rough 3 to 7 days after the break up. This is when he will be at his weakest and his most sexually frustrated. He will probably not masturbate from being a wreck so you might get lucky and have a huge load waiting for you. Now the next step is when you make your move.

4.) Drinks or party? This phase of the experiment was easy enough. I had to get my brother intoxicated. This is the easiest way to get a straight guy to fuck you. It gives him the too drunk to remember excuse or I don’t care I’m drunk excuse. By this time, I was 21 and he was 23. The year was almost up. I took him to a local bar and started a tab. I started off with something easy, like a beer. After two of those we can kick it up a notch. Now this was day 5 when I made my move so other drinking patterns could work as well. The whole idea is to casually drink so he doesn’t suspect something but make sure he drinks so he is on his way to tumble town. I went from beer, to a vodka shot, 2 more shots of vodka, to a mixed drink (cosmos, appletini, margarita). When he starts to get drunk keep going. He will enter the three stages of being drunk: 1. Tipsy 2. Drunk or Getting Turnt up. 3.Tired Drinker. You need to get your brother to the point of #3 without ever getting him there. Now he is fully drunk, almost tired, horny, and needs to be taken to a quiet place.

5.) Final Step. The console and the pitch. This is my full account of what transpired. I sat my brother down on the bed in the hotel room I had rented earlier. I took off his brown leather jacket and he sat with a t-shirt and his jeans on. I sat next to my brother and brought up his ex. “Do you miss her? Is there anything I could’ve done? Want me to stay?” I slowly moved his head up towards mine. He was almost in stage 3 drunkenness. I had no other choice. I began to kiss my brother. At first he was shocked but he let me finish my kiss. “What the hell Paul?” my brother asked. I responded, “I don’t know what else to do for you. You have been so depressed lately and I’ve been worried sick about you. I hate what she did to you and I hate seeing you this way. I want you to be happy. This is all I could think of. Please Frank let me help you.” My brother sat back down next to me. His reply was hilarious, “I’m not gay Paul. I like women.” My response was even better, “you are too drunk to even remember. Besides it’s dark in here and I promise you will never even notice the difference between me and a woman. Besides I’m a bit drunk myself (lie) so I’m not even sure what I’m doing.” He hesitated a few minutes then I made a move. I began to kiss my brother and he let me. His eyes were closed but I did not care I was finally kissing my brother. I slid one hand under his shirt and the feel of his rock hard body gave me a straight tent in my pants. I slowly took off his shirt, revealing his 8 pack abs, and his bare chest. His nipples were fully erect (always turn the a/c on in hotel room to 66 or lower). I moved mouth from his and made my way down to his nipples and began to suck on each one like a baby. My brother started to let out some moans. Next I pushed his back down on the bed. I was in rush. I removed his shoes and his jeans and his bulge staring right back at me. He was wearing a pair of normal white ftl tightie whities (so cute) I couldn’t help but smile. I began my journey into temptation and sucked his bulge through his underwear. “Ahh!” my brother yelled. I knew he liked it. I finally felt him cub up a bit and I decided to expose his member once and for all. Waiting inside was a thick, juicy, veiny, 9inch hairless cut cock. It was a sight to behold. Being the slut I am, I immediately put my mouth on it and worked it like a popsicle. My brother squirmed every time I hit the tip of his cock. I also worked his balls in my hand. Those hairless globes were huge and his sack was just waiting to be drained of its juices. After sucking my brother huge cock for about 5 mins, he let out some pre-cum for me to taste. It was salt yet sweet. I’d rate it an 8.5 out of 10 (I’ve had better). Finally, it was time for him to fuck me. I pulled down my pants and bent over the queen sized bed in our room. My brother didn’t even hesitate. He spit on his thick juicy cock and shoved it up my ass. He thrust it up so fast it even took my surprise. His cock immediately hit my spot that I too let out some moans. He thrust back and forth. He even began to call me names, “You like that you little cum whore? Take that you little piece of shit? You like brother’s fat cock inside you?” all I could do was answer yes to all those questions. My brother knew how to fuck. In and out he went and the sound my hole made was like a suction cup wanting to be suctions again. My hole was hungry and my brother filled it. I could feel his cum leaking inside me, this was it his big finish. He turned me over and on my back and put my face towards his cock. He held my head in place and made me put my mouth on his cock. “Now swallow!” he demanded. Out of nowhere shot out some warm juices spewing from his massive cock. The taste was overwhelming but the spunk was never ending. I swallowed all of my brother cum and he just grinned in enjoyment. His couple day’s load was amazing. After that I got dressed and left him there. I had a paper to write.

Conclusion: with the right tools and discipline anyone can be seduced. But doing it to a straight man including your brother is even harder. He does not ever bring up that moment we had between us and nor should he. It was a onetime thing or so he keeps saying. He now expects me to swallow him every other night when he can’t get laid. Hopefully my tips help and remember never give up on someone. Especially a man!

*Do you think this would work on a dad and son combo? Next term paper for sure! *




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