Step 1:

Take off all your clothes and sit naked in front of your computer and watch a headshave video. You will get a hard-on and then masturbate with one hand and go through your hair with the other one. When you come to an orgasm catch your sperm with both hands and rub it into your hair.

Step 2:

Now go to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror after you have started filling the bath tub. Maybe you are able to rub another shot of your cum into your hair. If not pee into a jug, wet your hair with your own pee and put shampoo on it.

Step 3:

Shampoo your hear thoroughly with both hands and watch your dick growing again. Masturbate your dick with both hands now and watch your shampooed head in the mirror.

Step 4:

Get imto the bathtub and lie backwards with both your hands on your dick. Start masturbatig again and put your head backwards under water. Come up and shampoo your hair a last time before you give yourself the perfect haircut.

Step 5:

Kneel down in the bath tub and put your shampooed head forward under water and keep on masturbatmg. Shake your head under water that all your hair is rinsed well when you come up again.

Step 6:

If your hair is long enough it should cover your eyes and with both hands you go through your hair to make it really messy. Don't dry it.

Step 7:

Now take a clipper in one hand and your penis in the other and start shaving off your wet hair. It has to be buzzed down to the skin. Start at your forehead and guide the clipper over the skin yof your head in one go down to your neck. Your wet hair is falling on your naked body and you don't forget to serve your dick while buzzing your head.

Step 8:

Now there is a clean street buzzed across your head and the next thing is to buzz your head all over widening the street until no hair is left on your head. You might have had your next orgasm while you buzzed your head and use your sperm again on your stubbles.

Step 9:

Your naked body is now covered with your long hair and your should dive under backwards again and see all your hair floating around you. You can continue masturbating and enjoy that for a while.

Step 10:

Now you take the shaving cream and a wet razor. Put lots of shaving cream all over your head and then start shaving your head against the grain. You can shave with one hand and masturbate with the other one. Shave your head in all directions until it is really clean.

Step 11:

To make sure that nothing is left on your head put it backwards under water again and then you might feel some remains when you touch your head under water. Take the razor again and shave your head all over again while it is still under water.

Step 12:

Now your head is really clean shaved and you can get out of te bath tub and stand in front of the mirror again. Start masturbating again with both hands and watch yourself with your nice and clean shaved head. The final cum you shoot out has to be caught again with both hands and it is the aftershave that you massage into the skin of your head. You may scream of joy and pleasure with that final orgasm.



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