Soul mates? Love at first site?


Dorian shook his head at the thought. A nice concept pity Hollywood, books and magazines ruined it for the rest of us. Setting the bar so high none can live up to the illusion. This along with kissing in the rain and accidentally bumping into your soulmate on a busy street cause you were distracted by a cute dog crossing the road miraculously without getting hit by a car.

Nice though but reality is ever different. 

Seeing how this story begins you can probably guess what will happen. But Dorian doesn't not yet so we'll follow him a little more until the story catches up to him. 

Dorian -Never Dorry! Ever- kicked a stray rock as he proceeded along the dark city streets. Hands thrust in pockets shoulders hunched up and eyes clued to his feet.

He had left his date at the metro station. Feeling relieved the night was over.

The guy had been nice enough and fairly good-looking too. Blond and blue eyed, exactly his type. Didn't sound simple or annoyingly intelligent either, just a nice guy really.

He was nice but that was it. That in the nutshell was the problem. Dorian sighed in frustration; the moment they'd met he knew it would turn out like this.

No attraction between them, nothing. It was a simple as that. Dorian had no illusions of being struck by lightning and finding your one true love by ways of predestined phantoms. Or feeling all sorts of tingles when touched by some complete stranger for the first time.

But there had to be at least some sort of attraction hadn't there? Not just seeing a person and thinking '...He'll do.'

Something at least!


... something

Dorian walked along the puddles of streetlight toward his flat. He couldn't be bothered with streetcars tonight, besides he liked the walk. Living on the other side of the river Dorian loved to cross the bridge taking in the sights especially at night.

As he neared the bridge Dorian noticed a figure on the walkway. The traffic was light at this hour and other pedestrians none excitant. As Dorian walked onto the bridge the figure moved to stand under a puddle of light leaning against the railings.

Dorian stopped dead in his tracks.

The man was ...

The man was a mess; he was tall and far too skinny for his long frame. Dark hair and dark features with almost illuminatingly pale skin. Long slender fingers squeezing the handlebar of the rail. His face contorted in a mask of pain and desperation.

It was indescribable.

Dorian just didn't have the words for it, he couldn't even imagine there were words for this. His heart swelled and exploded spreading warmth throughout his body. Adrenaline surging leaving him gasping for breathe.

He felt tenderness and care towards this broken man. He felt sadness and heartbreak. He felt protective and anxious. He felt so much, so very much and all at once. Dorian's body moved on its own accord towards the puddle of light.

The young man didn't notice Dorian's approach as he crouched down untying his shoes, placing them neatly beside him. The man saw nothing but the reality in his only little world, what else mattered...

Dorian wasn't a few feet from when the man started to heave himself over the railing.

"I love you!"

The words rang true and clear through the chilly night air. The man froze, one leg dangling over the railing. He looked up.

The tears running down his cheeks made his dark eyes shine bright. Glinting in the streetlight, taking Dorian's breath away. Again.

"You? You don't even know me!" His voice was soft and shaking, holding back so much raw emotion, it broke Dorians heart.

"Eric isn't it?" It was a truth, a simple truth. This was Eric.

Stunned the man stared at the man in front of him. "How do you know my name?"

"Eric Myers, 26. Favourite colour - "

The man lowered his long leg slowly back over the rail planting his foot next to his neatly positioned shoes.

"- blue." Dorian said dismissing the thought of divine intervention or some such poppycock. Eric's favourite colour was blue. In every shade and hue it came. It's was a fact. A certainty.

Eric hiccuped a sob still gripping the trailing hard, his knuckles white with the strain of it.

"How do you know that?"

"I love you." There he'd said it again; amazed with himself Dorian continued to stare at Eric. He loved this man. Completely and truly loved this man to the core of his being.

Eric hung his head shaking it in defeat.

"Of course you're worth it Eric. This year has been hell for you but I promise you're not alone." Dorian answered the unspoken quiver.

"Not alone? What do you know about being alone!" Eric screeched his frame trembling with the effort. He was so frail.

Dorian didn't know how it felt to be as alone as Eric had been during all the turmoil this year of grief had caused him. He only knew of his own lonesomeness, what life was like before he saw Eric, knowing he never wanted to be parted from this man every again.

"I'm sorry about your family...  your mother's cancer, your father's accident... and your sister's... murder." Dorian's heart wrenched as he saw all these events unfold before his eyes. "They'll catch him soon..."

"How do you know that!" Eric stood there trembling, his feet still bare, it was a growing very cold on the bridge in the chilly night air.

"Cause I love you Eric." Dorian noticed the bulging backpack leaning by a bridge pillar behind Eric.

"Your landlord is an asshole and bigot. He couldn't see passed his ignorance, how amazing you are."

Eric let go of the railing dropping his arms to his side. His piercing eyes locking with Dorians.

"There is no one left, there is nothing." He lifted his arms in loss his voice a mere whisper.

Dorian took a few steps closer. Only a breath of space left between them.

"I promise you have so much to live for and so much love to give Eric it is almost... overwhelming."

Dorian took another step closer, even as messed up and disheveled as Eric looked now. Dorian saw so much beauty there it choked him up.

The wind picked up playing with Eric's dark curls making him shiver in his light white shirt. Dorian stepped up and slid his arms around Eric's waist hugging the slender frame tightly to him.

Welcome home.

Sobbing against his shoulder Eric slowly relaxed into Dorians embrace. Wrapping his arms around Dorians shoulders holding on to him for dear life.

"Dorian?" He whispered in between sobs.

Dorian lifted his head meeting Eric eyes and smiled. Eric being only a few inches taller than Dorian; he raised his chin and gently pressed his lips to Eric's.

Eric choked down a sob as Dorian gently kissed him under the streetlight on a walkway of a bridge in the chilly night air with the river rushing under them. Parting lips Dorian pressed his forehead to Eric's still holding him close.

"Lets get you home babes, you're exhausted."

Eric nodded more than a little dazed, turned to slip on his shoes as Dorian swung the large backpack over his shoulder. Grabbing Eric's hand firmly as they walked across the bridge.

"We'll pick up Weird Al tomorrow."


Eric kept his eyes firmly closed. He was warm. He was warm and wrapped in something soft. The scent washing over him and claiming him was silky sweet. He didn't want to wake up; this was far too good to wake up from. He didn't want the warmth to fade away as the sunlight rose, opening his eyes to the hard rocky riverbed under the bridge were he slept.

Cool fingers gently brushed through his hair; Eric's eyes snapped open.


Eric lay there frozen in place, as he stared at the man with neatly clipped brown hair and soft gentle features lying beside him. Yielding blue eyes gaze back at him lovingly, a lazy smile playing on his lips.

"Good morning. Sleep well?" Eric lay cocooned in an real white fluffy comforter; Dorian on top of the covers hugging Eric close.

"Y-Yes." Eric croaked, his throat sore and raspy. To be honest he hadn't slept this good in almost a year.

"You seemed to need it. You almost slept right through the day. "

Eric blinked. "W-what's the time?"

"Its four in the afternoon. Why don't you take a long hot shower and I'll fix you something to eat." Dorian pressed his lips against Eric's forehead as he made to move off the bed. Eric bit down really hard keeping his tears at bay.

Reluctantly he crawled from under the comforter, noticing for the first time he wore nothing but his boxers.

"Oh god Eric... you're so skinny." Dorian whispered his hand on the bedroom doorknob looking back at Eric on the edge the bed. His voice not in the least judgmental but filled with concern. Eric didn't know what to say so he looked down.

"There are towels and fresh clothes in the bathroom. Take all the time you need. Come to the kitchen when you're done, I have a surprise." With that and a reassuring smile Dorian slipped out of the bedroom leaving a very confused Eric behind.

He had no idea what was going on, where he was or how any of this could be but for once he didn't care. Eric glanced around the room. It was fairly tidy, warm colours on the walls with worn but loved wooden furniture. It felt cosy and comfortable... It felt safe... it felt like home.

A small smile twitched on the edge of Eric's lips as he entered the en suite bathroom. The walls seemed to swallow you, painted in a vibrant ocean blue with matching tiles surrounding the tub and in the shower stall. Comical fish and colourful coral scattered the walls from floor to ceiling.

Naked Eric stepped into the shower stall turning the faucets accompanied with their generic squeaky squeals. The cold water slowly turned hot as Eric let the water cascade down on him. He let it do so for quite a while.

Fresh cloths and a toothbrush lay waiting on the bathroom sink as Eric dried himself with soft fluffy towels. You'd expect a million thoughts to be coursing through Eric's mind. Oddly enough he was very calm, confused maybe but tried to let that go. He'd let the current sweep him along to where ever it may take him. What the hell right?

Emerging from the bathroom feeling more human than he'd felt in along time he went in searched for Dorian. Crossing the living room to reach the kitchen his eyes swept the open space. Russet coloured walls and Arts and Crafts style furniture adorned the room. Neat bookcases on one side, large loft windows flooding the space with light on the other. Studio equipment and a sketching table set in a corner. The room was topped off with large soft sofas in the middle position around a TV. It was airy but cosy and warm at once.

Finally finding the kitchen he was stunned by the sight of two wonderful apparitions. One was Dorian, adding spices to a large cooking pot on the stove. The other was Weird Al bounding through the room jumping up at him.

Eric sank to his knees gathering the big brown dog in his arms. This time the tears didn't stay at away as he hugged his lost friend. Weird Al was beside himself, wagging tail a blur as he licked and nibbled Eric's ears.

It had almost killed him taking Weird Al to the shelter. Being evicted with no money to his name and no place to turn he couldn't take care of him anymore. He could barely feed himself; he didn't want that life for him.

Dorian hunched down petting Weird Al's head. All Eric could do was look up at him hoping his gratitude somehow reached him.

"I got him first thing this morning, luckily you had the recite in your pocket. It would have taken me all day to hunt down every humane shelter in the city." Dorian moved his hand to Eric's cheek whipping his tears away. Eric would never have taken him to a kill shelter.

"Hungry?" He asked nodding his head toward the kitchen island. Releasing Weird Al Eric slowly picked himself up from the ground his hand on Dorians shoulder.

Standing up he gently pulled Dorian into a tight hug inhaling that sweet silky scent. Dorian followed suit and wrapped his arms around Eric's waist. Heads resting on each other's shoulder Eric had never felt more at home as he did right at that moment.

Dorian Hopkins - never Dorry - celebrated his 25th birthday on September the 25th, two weeks ago. Has a serious sweet tooth but can't stand the taste of liquorice.

"How?" How did he know this? Eric lifted his head to look into those brimming soft blue eyes.

"I have no idea Eric. But I'm not going to fight it, you're here now and I'm staking claim." Dorians voice was determined and soft all at once, sending a thrill down Eric's spine.

"You want me here?" Amazing.

"I'd never force you Eric."

"But you want me to stay?"

Dorian sighed, "I need you to stay. You're home now." He lifted his chin and pressed his lips against Eric's like before. But this time Eric answered the kiss with passion. Drinking in the warmth and strength Dorian seemed to be pouring into him with every touch.

This man.... This man who filled his empty heart with love and tenderness was his. They stood there kissing and clinging on to each other for a while until Weird Al whined and grunted  demanding extra attention. Dorian released Eric's waist laughing at the dog's theatrics sliding his hand into Eric's leading him to sit at the kitchen island.

"Lets get some meat on those bones of yours."

Dorian sat across Eric watching him delve into his third plate of mac and cheese, Eric's favourite.


The man seemed ravenous; he probably hadn't eaten in days. He was exhausted and malnourished; sleep had given him back only a little colour. There were still dark circles under his eyes; his skin was fare too pale and pasty to be healthy.

In the light of day Dorian took a better look at the man eating in his kitchen. Tall, dark and a certain type of handsome but handsome nonetheless. He was going to have to be patient but Dorian had no problem with that.

For the first time in his life he really wanted someone. Not just anyone but this certain someone. He knew he'd be worth any wait; don't ask him how he just did.

This feeling both thrilled and scared Dorian.

But any doubts washed away as Eric lifted his eyes to Dorian giving him an almost real smile for the first time.

He loved this man.

After dinner they snuggled in the sofa watching TV. Eric lay on top, his arms wrapped around Dorians waist and head resting on his chest. With a quilt spread over them for warmth and comfort Eric he fell a sleep in mere minutes. Dorian hugged him close and stroked his hair.

This man loved him.


It was early in the morning; Eric tiptoed around the kitchen filling the breakfast tray. This Eric had a healthy glow on his cheeks and a strong frame.

Weird Al sat patiently outside a bedroom door. As the coffee brew Eric softly padded toward that door opening it slowly. Weird Al rushed in jumping on the small bed waking the sleeping mound with kissies.

"Weirdo!" A small sleepy voice squeaked.

Eric scooped the three-year-old boy with dark curls up in his arms "Morning jitterbug."

"Morning Daddy." The little boy answered clinging to Eric's neck.

"Remember what day it is today?" He asked kissing his soft cheek.

"Yes!" The little boy squirmed out of Eric's arms and raced to kitchen in his little blue pajama's. Proudly dropping a drawing on the breakfast tray little Jake impatiently waited for his daddy.

Eric picked up the tray and they crept through the living room to the master bedroom. He caught a glimpse of his sleeping love before little Jake and Weird Al jumped on the bed.

"Happy birthday Poppa!" Legs and arms wrestled the sheets as giggles erupted.

"Thank you little man." Dorian smothered their son with kisses as Jake tried to free himself from his poppa's hold.

"We have presents!" Little Jake yelled jumping off the bed racing out of the room Weird Al at his heels. They were inseparable.

Eric placed the tray on the nightstand and sat on the bed facing Dorian.

"Happy Birthday old man." He leaned in and kissed Dorian hand cupping his cheek.

"Thirty-two isn't old Babes." Dorian smiled reaching up and pulling Eric on top of him on the bed.

Their kiss intensified and Eric groaned. "We'll have to leave that for later Hon."

Dorian sighed relaxing his arms sliding them down to Eric's waist.

"I know but you can't blame me for wanting to kiss my husband."

Eric's answered smile was bright and sparkly. "You know...I don't think I ever actually said this but thank you."

Dorian giggled "Whatever for?" reaching up to brush some dark stray curls out of Eric's eyes. He leaned into the familiar gesture.

"For loving me."

"Its my privilege baby." Yet before Dorian could seal the deal with a kiss little Jake came crashing into the bedroom Weird Al bounding along side him.

"PPrreessentsss!!!!! The green one is mine Poppa!"



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