NOTE: After Curtis read my latest gaydemon story, he asked me to do what he called a "sweet loving romance" story. Here is that fictional steamy love story. The three characters are Curtis, Eric and Jack.

My name is Eric and I wish to share how I lost my virginity at age 18 while my parents and I were visiting our friends on their farm in Tennessee.

On the day of my high school graduation on a Friday, my parents gave me several special gifts as I was their only child. One of those gifts was to travel with them to our friends farm in Tennessee the next Monday for a week's vacation and relaxation. I was so excited because my best friend since the age of five was their son Curtis who was also an only child. During the summers, Curtis and I had spent time both on the farm as well as at our home in South Carolina.

This trip would however turn out to be very different from all our other times together.

On Tuesday morning our parents informed us that they would be gone for the entire day on a shopping trip to Knoxville that was 75 miles from the farm.

"Curtis, son, please feed the cattle and horses then you and Eric can spend the day riding the horses or you can take him to the back forty in your SUV." said Curtis father.

"OK, Dad. You all have a great shopping trip."

I told everyone goodbye and to have a great day.

We spent about two hours feeding the cattle and horses as we wound up in the barn finishing with the prize race horses.

I noticed Curtis starring at me in a very different way than he had ever done before. He looked like he was giving me a horny stare.

Curtis now 20-years-old was gorgeous standing 5'10", weighed 160 pounds, dark curly hair that ran two-thirds the way down his ears and to the lower part of his neck, blue eyes, and a great muscled build from working out on the farm. He had a sexy just above average smooth cut cock, exceptionally large balls and a thick cock shaft.

As I starred back at Curtis, he noticed that his 18-year-old best friend had really filled out to be a hunk in the last couple of years. I was a dark red head with hazel eyes, stood 6'1", weighed 200 muscled pounds, blond hair, blue eyes, big arms, bulging biceps, rock hard abs and ribbed stomach and chest from my years as a high school wrestler. I had a 9-inch cut cock with large balls and a super thick cock shaft the size of my wrists.

We had noticed our changed physical features the night before as we undressed down to our briefs before sleeping in the twin beds in Curtis room.

"Hey, Eric, other than showering with your team buddies at the gym and seeing their soft cocks, have you ever showed your hardon or have you seen another guy's cock when it was rock hard?"

"No, Curtis, I have never seen a guy;s erect cock except in a Gay magazine. Why do you ask?"

As Curtis moved closer and closer to me, he began to rub his crotch and said: ""Eric, would you like to see your first rock hard cock on anther guy?"

I blushed, started sweating and felt my cock growing in my pants. I stuttered and managed to utter: "Aaaaa, Oh, Mmmmm, I guess so, maybe."

Curtis unbuttoned his fly, reached his big hand into his shorts and pulled out his rock hard blood filled cock that was already dripping precum. It was beautiful and looked very much like those gorgeous cocks I had seen in Gay magazines. But this swollen cock was in front of my eyes.

"WOW, Curtis, your cock is awesome. Look at all those veins pulsating."

Curtis moved so close to me that I could feel his hot breath on my face and he said: "Eric, do you want to feel it? Come on touch it. You will like my hot cock in your hand. Be brave and touch your first cock other than your own. Feel your best friend's cock. Go ahead and touch it, it will not bite you."

I was then feeling weak as if I might faint. I was horny as hell and I wanted that cock so bad. I reached out and touched it. WOW, it felt like a velvet glove and it was great.

"See buddy, it feels so good, doesn't it? Jack me off just like you do your own cock. Go for it."

As I started jacking off my best friend's cock, he reached down, unzipped my pants, pulled my now steel rod out, spit all over my cock and started a rough masturbation of my cock. It felt awesome.

Soon we were jacking-off each other as we leaked gobs of precum all over our hands that made the cocks very wet. The hot cocks had grown so big and stiff that they felt like pieces of hard wood in our hands.

AS we continued to stroke each other's cock, Curtis leaned in close and parted my lips with his big sharp tongue. Soon we were engaged in very sloppy and messy kissing that seemed to make our cocks even harder. Salvia was pouring out of our mouths and running down on to my shirt and his overalls. We were by then into passionate heat like two dogs in heat. We were near coming.

I was ready to do whatever Curtis wished. I had never wanted anything this bad before and was anxious to pleased my best friend by letting him have his way with me.

"Eric, lets go up into the loft where I have a bed. I sometimes slept out here when one of the mares is having a baby. We can undress and make hot fucking love on my bed.

We undressed, climbed onto the bed with me on my back, Curtis climbed on top of me and began humping my naked body. He gave me very rough thrusts as our wet cocks slid across each other. We were drenched in sweat as our bodies melted together. It was awesome as all the nerve endings in our cocks were stimulated.

I managed to ask: "Curtis, I have never had man sex before. Is this your first time?"

"Curtis got off of me, laid down by my side and said: "Well, Eric, I have been having sex ever since I turned 18 with the 50-year-old hot farmer down the road from us. One Saturday, he asked me to help him put up hay. I developed a cramp in my leg. He got some lotion and massaged the cramp away. Then he moved his hand up to my crotch and began fondling my cock. Before long, he was jacking me off as I had developed a huge hardon. We gave each other a blowjob that day and since then we have jacked off, suck each other's cock and fucked ass. He is a super cock sucker and fuck buddy. His name is Jack. I call him Jack the fucking farmer with a snake for a cock."

"Curtis, you should introduce me to him. He sounds like a wild fucking stud."

"No, Eric, I am going to save you for me. You so turn me own. I do not want to share you with another guy."

"Curtis, dominate me. Let me become your bitch. Do whatever you want to me. I am yours."

"Well, Eric, put your legs up against your chest and let me get to that ass and cock. I want to suck that cock, lick your balls and eat that beautiful pink bubbled ass."

Curtis got between my legs, lifted my hips up and put a pillow under my ass. He slowly took my cock down his throat inch by inch until his mouth was at the base of my cock. He started slowly and then increased the speed as he bobbed up and down on my aching cock. He sucked me wildly as I leaked precum into his mouth that he swallowed with pleasure. I had never felt anything so erotic and sensuous. I bucked wildly to meet his hot mouth on my blood filled cock. He also fingered my ass as he sucked my cock. I was on fire.

After a long blowjob, he spent several minutes sucking on my sweaty balls. Finally he licked up and down my ass crack and stuck his tongue as far as he could into my ass. The rimming was terrific.

He then moved up to my face with his steel rock hard cock, parted my lips with his cock and drove his cock deep into my throat until he had filled my mouth. I felt his cock past my tonsils as I tasted his cum. It was delicious.

As he was near coming, he pulled out and said: "Lets rest and then I want to fuck that beautiful pink ass. It is so hot and taste great. I can hardly wait to fill it with my hard cock."

Curtis, took some lube, soaked my ass, poured the lube on his cock and pulled my legs high up on his shoulders as I lay on my back. He used his cock to play with my ass crack and underneath and on top of my flaming hot balls. He had my ass pulsating with the desire to receive his tool.

He slowly began to insert his slick cock into my virgin ass. At first, the pain was almost unbearable but soon he opened my ass with such care that the pain went away. As a pro, he knew how to relax me and use his cock to find the path of least resistance into the depth of my ass. It became so pleasurable and erotic. Soon he was fucking me with very hard thrusts. He would pullout and lunge back in with one big thrust. It felt terrific as I begged him for more.

"OH, my Yea, Oh Yes, that is it. Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, Yes, Yes, that is the spot. It feels so good. Fuck me, don't stop. Fuck my ass."

"Do you like my cock in your ass? Does it feel good?"

"Yea, man. I love your cock. Fuck me."

After about 10 minutes, I felt his cock hes dwell even more. His breath became rapid and he let out huge grunts as he shot load after load of his cum deep into my ass. It felt so good with the warm cum swirling around my insides.

He pulled out and without saying a word, he came down on my throbbing cock and sucked it all the way down his throat. After about a minute, I exploded a huge load of my seed down his throat. I had never had such a big load or more powerful organism. I was hooked on man sex.

We kissed and shared our warm cum.

We were both exhausted and yet relaxed as Curtis and I embraced with our nude bodies entwined as we stretched out on the bed. I began to feel the most intense emotions of romantic love for my best friend. This was no longer only a best friend but I was consumed with a romantic love for Curtis. I had to find out if he felt the same.

I took Curtis face in my hands, peered into his sexy eyes and said: "Curtis, my darling, I have fallen in love with you. It is both physical and emotional. Close your eyes and let me explore your entire hot body while at the same time I describe to you the eroticism I experience. As our noses rub against each other, I feel the warm air from your nose entering my nostrils when I breathe in: as I kiss and lick your neck, I get chills running up and down my spine; as our lips touch, I feel the soft velvet tissue and our hot breaths that has my cock throbbing for your ass; as I deep kiss you, I feel your wet tongue and I am horny as hell; as I suck and lick your armpits, the taste and smell of your sweaty underarms has my nuts swell and harden; as I suck on your nipples, I feel like I am sucking your man milk; as I lick up and down your chest and stomach, I inhale all your many manly smells and the warmth of your body heat; as I kiss and lick your legs and thighs, I taste the warmth and smell of your skin; as I suck your toes and lick your feet, I get the hot aroma that comes from your socks and sweaty tennis shoes; as I lick your balls and suck your cock, I taste the aroma of cum and sweat that makes me ready to shoot a load; and finally as I eat your clean ass, I feel the very velvet tissue surrounding the entrance to your ass and my desire to fuck you."

This erotic description of Curtis body examination from head to toe increased both of our testosterone level with raging hormones resulting in uncontrollable libidos.

We both began to experience passionate heat for more steamy sex. As Curtis was on his side and his cock was once again erect, I took my throbbing boner and drove it into his wildly pulsating man pussy from behind. As I plunged my huge cock all the way into the depth of his ass, I felt his soft ass tissue lube my steel hard cock. Soon I felt my wet cock began to rub against his very hot prostate. The Curtis ass muscles clamped down on my throbbing cock. The feel of skin against skin, leaking precum and the piston motion of my cock in and out of the Jell-O feeling lined ass was beyond any pleasure one could imagine.

I fucked Curtis beautiful ass with a growing speed and rough pounding as we both were grunting like wild animals. The carnal pleasure produced gobs of new semen in both our nuts.

"OMG, fuck me, fuck me, yea, that is it, oh shit, give it to me. It feels so good. Harder and harder, fuck that ass."

"OH, Fuck, I am comming, I am comming. Take my cum."

I exploded with a huge load deep into his ass. When I was drained, I pulled out, fingered Curtis'ass, collected my cum and fed it to him. We kissed and shared my cum.

The taste of cum so excited Curtis that he immediately shot a huge load on my face as I put my mouth up next to his smooth cock. We kissed again and had a cum meal.

"Eric, baby, yes I too have fallen in love with you, my best friend. This is the beginning of a beautiful romance."

"Thanks Curtis baby, I agree."



Naughty Eric


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