This is a story of how me and my boyfriend met......It was one day when I was walking home from school it was Friday the 13th, which is suppose to be a really, really horrible day...However it tunred out to be one of the best days of my life...How you may ask? well it was one of the best days of my life because I seen my boyfriend the love of my life...Anyways it was the last day of school for spring brea when everyone uqsually comes to our town Homer Michigan for our annual parade and that.....anyways let me get started lol....I was walking home from school like I have been doing for the past 5 years all by myself....(My boyfriend is 17 or (sixteen) I think) and as I was walking I couldn't stop staring at this one boy who was sitting outside one of the local hotels. (Edmond's Homer Inn)..I kept thinking to myself "omg...omg...Omg..Omg....OMg...OMg..OMG..OMG" he's sooooo cute....I quietly thought to myself (go up and tell him that you think he's cute) But I shook my head and told myself "No he might not even like boys" (sigh).....Then I walked the rest of the way home but when i had got to the end of the hotel/motel I turned arounde because my mom had stopped bye after work and seen me walking and decided to see if I wanted a ride and I said "sure"...well as I was getting into the car I noticed that the boy was getting up and was going to start walking towards me....I didn't realize this however until after my mom had started to pull out of the drive way.....I started thinking to myself..."OMG" " was he really coming toward me? NO it could'nt be poosible he was just walking back to the entrance of the hotel/motel.." (I would soon find out that I was soooo totally utterly wrong).. My mom and, I got home and she started to cook supper and, I told my mom about the boy and she said "Ryan what are you? a girl? are you bisexual or gay son?" I said "NOOO I'm a boy and I'm straight mom....I was just pointing out that Angela might be interested in him.." (I started to blush then which wasn't helping me) My mom then said "But son why are you blushing then?" I said "I"M NOT....ermmm..nevermind bye mom".. I ran up to my room and, fell asleep.....(DING, DING, DING) (DING, DING, DING) Isuddenly woke up and seen that my clock had said it was 9:30 I said "oh shit" (I had woken up 1 hour late) SO I hurried to my closet and, had found some clothes. I then went to my bathroom and took a quick shower...After this I did my hair went down stairs and, ate some breakfast my mom haqd made and, I said "bye mom love you I'm off to help with the parade"..She said "bye hun see you later"..(I then arrived at the parade/fair).I seend my band teacher....I walked over to her and said "Good Morning Mr.Grouch....Mr.Ryan Longworrllo reporting for duty" Mr.s Grouch said "Hello Ryan today you will be walking around and, asking people if they would like / raffles. "ok thank you" I said....I started walking around the fair 11:00 AM I had only been their for 30 minutes and, I had sold about 100 50/50 raffle tickets. I was walking around saying "Get your 50/50 raffle tickets here..5 for $50 or 200 for $200" when all the sudden I froze right in my tracks when I had seen the same boy from yesterday Friday the 13th.... I hurridly turned around and, started to walk the other way..When I heard someone yell for the raffle I had to go to that person and ounce I was done tending to that person the boy was right next to me and, said "can I ask you something uh uh Ryan (looking at my nametag)" I then said "yeah sure" The really cute boy said "Are you the same boy from yesterday who was walking home from school? when your mom picked you up from by the hotel?" I then got as white as a ghost and stood frozen saying "why yes that was me..." The boy said then "My name is Ryan Halloworth...nice to meet you..I seen you were staring at me yesterday..It looked as if you were thinking of something and, very hard if I might add lol... I was going to walk over to you to hand you this..(a piece of paper with his phone number 9898207498) I think you're cute.." I stood their and fainted while saying "thanks haha" I woke up and it was 5 pm the parade and, fair had ended... I was home in my bed and, I found the piece of paper with his phone number on it.....So I went and texted the number that Ryan had given me... I texted [Hey it's Ryan Longworrllo...the raffle ticket kid from the parade/fair...] about 10 minutes later I got a text saying [Heyyyyyy....uhm listen I really, really like and my family are moving up here...I was wondering if you would want to go out on a date? also maybe have some fun at your house afterwords?] I replied [Sure I'd love to haha..would tomorrow at 3pm work?] .......about 5 minutes later I get a reply stating [yeah haha meet me at the fair grounds?] I replied [yeshie] then In went to bed....I woke up at 10:00 AM sharp and, realized I had a date tonight and, that I had to get I went and took a shower...It was 3 pm before I knew it and, I was at the fairgrounds with Ryan... Let's just say that the date was fantastic and I loved it.....It lasted until 8pm and, he got to stay at my house for the night...We we're both in my room..when all of the sudden Ryan turned to me and, he started to get closer...I stayed still not moving...The next thing I know me and Ryan are making out on my Dresser, COmputer Desk, Entertainment Center, Wall, Closet Doors, and lastly my bed.. Ryan had pushed me down onto my bed gently... I then stopped him and said.. "Ryan wait I don't think we should do this...we just met and, all..." Ryan then stated " Ryan we love each other don't we?....besides I may have to leave soon and you were explaining to me about how you wanted to loose your virginity to me...." "yes we are in love Ryan...and yes I did tell you that...continue please babe" I had said....
Ryan was then pulling my clothes off and I had started to pull his off we were undressing each other...when I muffled "Ryan you have condoms and lubricant right?" He replied "of course babe I want to do this gentaly and nice"....I stated "Thanks hun"....we were making out when we then decided to get under the covers...I had went down and started giving him a blowjob.... when all the sudden my mom and dad walked in the door.... :$ :$ :$ :$... I kept sucking his cock.. My parent's said "Ryan where is Ryan? and Why are you in his bed? and why do you not have a shirt on?" Ryan replied "Mrs. and Mr.Longworrllo Ryan wen't to the basement to get some cokes and snacks for us...I'm in his bed because he said I could be..and I normally sleep in just pajama pants.." they replied "ok well when Ryan gets back up here will you send him out to the living room for a few minutes please? your welcome to come if you want.." Ryan then replied "will do Mrs. and Mr. Longworrllo..." They shut the door and started to walk away... I had come up out from under the blankets Ryan had cummed inside of my mouth... I said "Ryan get in my bottom shelf get my gag ball, dildos, vibrators, and, lubricant and condoms out..." He replied "okkkkie" He then got into my bottom shelf and got everything I had asked him to get... He then started kissing my neck again and, I said "Ryan take the gag ball and put it in my mouth...the take my straps and tie me to my bed...then tie a vibrator to my cock then I want you to start putting my smallest to largest dildo in my ass to help stretch me out....I also want you to put my ball sack ring on and also to moan.... He did as I told him to..He was moaning I was moaning when I said "Ryan take them out fuck me FUCK ME!! take my virginity dominate me make me your slut your whore...." He said " Oh Hell Yeah"..He then pulled out my 12.5 inch dildo ,and put on a condom and lubricant and put his big 14 inch cock all the way in... I shouted "I want you to cum in cum in me" he replied "okie"....Ryan pulled out after 20 minutes and untied me and retied me doggy style....He put his cock back in and I kept moaning as so was he.. (uh ohhh uhhh) about maybe 30 minutes in the doggy style position I said muffledly "R-Ryan I'm foing to cum...Can I cum master?" He said (while stroking me) "NO I'm going to edge you for 10-20 minutes longer slut" the next 20 minutes Ryan had edged me about 40 times before he let me cum... I said with a muffled voice "hing hing ohhh OMG (while panting)" I had cummed all over my bed, my chest,my wall, Ryans clothes...and my family pictures.....(thank goodness they were in frames".... Ryan kept on rocking the bed from pounding my ass in and out at a rate of about 30 miles an hour....after about 30 more minutes Ryan said "HING HING OMG ( while panting fastly)" I felt about 20 huge gushes of his semen rip threw the condom and, go up in my ass......I was then untied and, he said "I love you" I said "I love you and, lets do this again tomorrow"........................ That Ladies and Gentlemen is how Me and My boyfriend met on Friday The 13th....The best Day of my life..



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