I had taken that Friday off to run some errands that I can't get done on the weekends. I was running behind and grabbed a pair of jeans that were a size or two too small.

In a hurry, I wore them anyway and was miserable. After my last stop, I sat in the car and unbuttoned the waist and slid the zipper down about half way. My cock was pointed upward and was partially visable. I didn't care and headed home.

As I drove down the highway to my subdivision, I spotted him on the side of the road with his thumb in the air.

Forgeting my state of partial undress, I pulled to the side of the road and watched as he approached. He appeared to be in his late twenties, was well built, and handsome as hell.

He came up to the passenger window and asked where I was headed.

"Just past the truck stop a few miles up the road. How about you?

"Out to Vegas to my brother's wedding."

"Hop in. I can get you as far a the truck stop if you want."

"Do they have laundry facilities? I need to get some clothes washed. It's taking me longer to get to Vegas than I planned."

"No, they don't," I replied.

"Damn, but any ride will help."

"Let's go," I told him as he climbed into the passenger seat.

I pulled back out onto the highway and introduced myself.

"I'm Mike Rivers," I said.

"Marc Tyler," he replied.

"When is your brothers wedding?"

"In two weeks. I took time off from work to go out early and visit with him."

As we drove, I noticed that he kept looking over toward my crotch. It was then that I remembered my jeans were open.

"Uh, sorry about the jeans," I said. "I grabbed a pair that was too small and they were kiling me as I drove."

"Hey, no problem. I've done the same thing myself."

I glanced over his direction and smiled. As I returned my eyes to the road, I checked out his crotch and noticed that he had a very obvious boner down the left leg of his jeans.

I made my decision.

"Marc, if you want to, youre welcome to come by my place and wash all your clothes, have dinner and stay the night. Then, tomorrow morning if you want, I'll bing you back to the truck stop to get a ride."

"Hey man, that would be great, but I don't want to impose on you."

"You won't be. I'd enjoy the company."

"Then you got a deal," he said smiling, as I glanced at his hidden boner.

I passed the truck stop and moments later turned into a gated community.

"Damn!" he said. "Fancy subdivision."

"I inherited the house, as well as my business, when my dad passed away. Dad liked his privacy so he bought the lots on each side of ours and the three behind them."

"What type business?"

"Dad was a corporate accountant. I was working for the firm when he passed away."

"Sorry for your loss," he said.


I pulled up to the gate at the house and pressed the remote. The gatesswung inward and I drove through and up to the garage.

Marc got out and looked around. "Damn, he did have his privacy. I can't see any sign of another house."

"That's the way he wanted it and I love it, especially when I use the pool."

"Do I need to ask why?"

"You figure it out," I replied and smiled. He smiled back.

We went in and I howed him the washer and dryer. "When ever you're ready feel free to get started."

We stepped into the den and he immediately went to the windows and looked out at the sparkling pool. "Nice," he said.

"Feel free to use it if you want," I said.

"I just might," he replied.

It was early afteroon and I hadn't had lunch. I pulled out the making for sandwichs and told Mark to dive in. We both prepared a sandwich and after grabbing a beer, we headed out to the pool deck.

After eating, Marc decided to do his laundry, saying he'd have todo two loads since he didn't have anything clean to put of if he washed what he was wearing.

"Hey, man," I began, "feel free to go ahead and wash everything. I have no problem with you going nude if you want to. I do it frequently."

"Fuck, man, are you serious?"

"Sure am. I'm a nudist at heart."

He smiled and headed for the washer with his bag. Moments later he returned, totally nude.

When he saw me looking he smiled and said, "You said it was cool."

"I did and I meant it," I said as I looked over his muscular athletic hairy body.

Without hesitation, there in the den, I immediately stripped. Once I was nude, I said, "How about another beer and a dip in the pool?"

"Fuck yea!" he exclaimed.

We grabbed a beer and headed back to the pool. After we both took a big swallow, we dove into the cool clear water.

We swam and clowned around for a few minutes and inthe clear water, we could both see that the other had a roaring hard cock. I took the first move and walked out and picked up my beer, turning so he could clearly see my hard cock.

Smiling, he headed toward me and said, "You, too?"

"This?" I asked, slightly slapping my hard cock.

"Yea," hereplied as he stepped out, revealing his beautiful hard cock.

"Hell," I said, "it happens to all of us. And if truth be known,when it does, every guy takes care of it."

"You got that fucking right. I know I sure do," he replied.

"Me, too," I replied, casually rubbing mine, half stroking.

We finished our beers then went inside. We stayed nude even afer his clothes were dry.

As we began to prepare dinner together, we were standing side by side, talking. I don't remember whar he said, but I turned to look at him and when I did, I noticed him looking into my eyes. Our gaze locked togethe, and ever so slowly we began moving toward each other.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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