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Chapter 1

I met my roommate Nikki, through a friend of mine, a nice enough guy, rather quiet and shy. He was tall and lanky with shaggy dark hair and eyes hidden behind wire frame Harry Potter glasses, he wasn't ugly but the kinda guy no one would notice. Zero personality, all he ever did was play video games, watch TV or listen to music and always with his headphones on. We didn’t really talk much and both tended to do our own thing. Our mutual friend said he was gay but you would never have known it. No since of style and rather nerdy, he was just kinda coasting along ether at work or at home. Oversized slouchy shirts and  ill fitting jeans seemed to be his uniform, never saw him in anything but that, i don't think he even owned any shorts. He hardly ever went out at night, I never saw him with anyone he was just a loner. We never hung out or talked so the fact that I’d end up being his bitch cum dump never entered my mind.

It all started when I was hanging out at the bar and got hit up by this guy, Cody, to go back to his place and fuck. He was pretty hot and from the nasty shit he was saying, he was gonna be a fun fuck.

He said he loved fucking little guys like me, using our ass to get off in. I was a walking hard on by the time we left the bar. Me being a little guy landed me a lot of cock, big guys always wanna use me and I love to be used. When I was in high school, it pissed me off because everyone thought I was in Jr high. I never got taller or filled out so I was destined to be a twink for ever. I’m built more like my mom, standing a whopping 4.6 and only 95 lbs, I looked like a kid. Never could grow facial hair and naturally hairless didn’t help matters. I’d been a cheerleader and even the girls were bigger that me. I made a great cheerleader and gymnast because of my small stature but it gave me a pretty ripped little body and I knew how to work it. I came out in my freshman year and I never had any problems with the kids in school. As a matter of fact, several of the jocks discovered I was really good for a blow job when they had the blue balls and I never told anyone who I was servicing so I was rather popular as an athlete, cheerleader and cocksucker. I had it made, I was even getting fucked by a few guys on the football team, one on the basketball team, several on the track team and most of the gymnastics team was fucking me at every tournament. I loved high school and college was about the same but it was even more guys and 2 coaches and one of my professors. So by the time I was out of college I was pretty proficient at taking cock from ether end. Cute tiny little blonde boys with big blue eyes are a great female substitution for horny straight boys who need to get off and I was happy to accommodate.

So back to my story.

This guy gets me home and we are on each other like pigs. He was getting off on my insatiable appetite for more cock.

“You ever do a 3way?” He said as he’s ramming his fat cock up my ass.

“I’d love to see someone else fucking your ass with me.”

“I love um, any time I can find it I’m on it”

“If you’re up for it, I gotta friend with a fucking huge cock and he loves to share some ass with me. Want me to hit him up? He’s always up for it”

Of course I was up for it, another cock and a big one too! Fuck yeah! So he rips his fat joint from my hungry ass and gets his phone. He flopped down beside me. We were both a little out of breath as he texted his friend. He’s laying there propped up on his phone and that fat cock is still standing at attention so I crawl on top of him and slip that big cock back up my ass and rode him cowboy style. I’m banging myself on his cock as he’s trying to text his friend. It was starting to get funny, so many typos and he kept having to delete what he was doing. I didn’t really care, I was having too much fun riding that big thing. We’d already been at it for a long time, me edging him, getting him close and stopping. He was going a little nuts with this move but was ready for it to be over. We kept at it for a while and I guess I lost track of time and I’m on all fours with my face in the pillow and he’s fucking the shit out of me. All of a sudden he pulls out and gets around in front of me and I open my mouth and start eating his cock. Soon I’m down to his closely cropped pubs and I’m working it like mad when all of a sudden I feel someone get on the bed behind me. I guess his friend has a key because I never heard a knock or doorbell. I don’t care I just want his cock up my ass and that’s what happened. But what the fuck was this guy fucking me with, a god damned baseball bat! This thing was so damn wide I wondered for a sec if he was trying to fist me. I reached back to make sure what I was getting was a cock and sure enough it was a cock alright, a fucking huge one! My throat is stuffed with cock so I can’t say anything. My eyes are watering and I’m sweating like crazy.

“Fuck his little ass! That fucking horse cock looks fantastic stretching his ass open. Yeah, Nikki, fuck that pussy good!”

Nikki? Surly not him... it couldn’t possibly be him. And then he rams me again and I’m seeing stars and he’s knocked the breath out of me. This fucker is like a pile driver in my ass. The first guy, Cody, decides to change positions. He tells Nikki he wants to try something different. He wants back up my overworked ass. He slipped out of my throat and pulls away. Once I’m free from Cody, Nikki grabs me by my torso and flips me over on my back with his cock still up my ass and I’m looking up into the face of my roommate! Holy fucking shit! I don’t know who was more surprised, me or him. I’d been sharing an apartment with this guy for over 6 months and we barley spoke to each other and I’m flipped onto my back to discover my quiet nerdy roommate is balls deep up my ass! It surprised me so much, I clamped my ass down on his cock like a vice and I guess that was all it took and he was dumping his hot load in my ass! He’s slamming me hard and rammed in until he had shot the last of his load in my hungry hole. It was so fucking hot.

“Nikki! I don’t fucking believe it! This is quite the surprise “

“Yeah, me too. Never saw this happening “

“Y’all know each other?”

“He’s my roommate “ he said

“You mean you live with this hot little piece of ass y’all aren’t fucking all the time?”

“I never thought he’d give me shot, he’s so hot”

“Cody, he hardly even talks, I thought he was a sexual. Honestly Nikki I didn’t think you really liked me very much. You never say anything”

I looked up at him, his big cock is still leaking cum deep in my ass. He slowly started pulling his big cock from my gaping hole.

“We ain’t done are we? I haven’t even cum yet!” Cody said.

“I haven’t had enough yet myself but Nikki has already shot his load in me”

“He can cum again, I’ve seen him shoot 3 times in a night”

“You mean I can fuck you mean I can fuck you again? I didn’t think you’d let me again”

“Babe, you could have had me the day we met, I just thought you weren’t in to me”

“So we can do it again?”

“Any time you want”

“Look you two, are we gonna fuck or talk”

I started laughing and said fuck me! True to the statement about him, Nikki ended up breeding me two more times before it was all over and Cody gave me two loads. Cody was a talker, telling Nikki to breed my ass so he fuck my loaded ass. He was calling the shots and I was pretty verbal myself but Nikki hardly said a thing the whole time but he was loving fucking my ass and breeding me.  It was a fantastic night. 

From then on, Nikki spent a lot less time playing video games and more time up my ass. He’d come in and fuck me in the morning after my shower before I got dressed. He loved sending me off to work with his load up my ass. He still doesn’t talk very much but man can he fuck. Sometimes he comes into my bedroom late at night and crawls in my bed. I love it when he would do that. He’d get down in my ass and wake me up eating it until I was good and open. Then he would slide up behind me and slip that huge fucking cock in me. I got to the point that I’d take him with just spit. He loved when I’d let him know I’d just been fucked, he’d get so turned on just thinking about fucking some guys load further into my ass and then breed me and churn the loads together inside me. It got to the point he was breeding my ass up to a dozen times a week. Still we did our own thing and every once in a while we would have a meal together but mostly he just wanted to fuck me and I never told him no. I love being his cum dump, his pussy boy, his bitch.

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