How I became a cocksucker.

This isn’t an uncommon situation in marriages over 20-25 years that women for some reason decide sex isn’t important or they just don’t want it.  I find myself in this situation.  I haven’t had sex with my wife for years.  I masturbated for some time then started searching porn to make jacking off easier.  Even that soon became ineffective.

I’m over 40 with an average size penis.  Watching porn, it seems every guy is young and whose cock is large.  I couldn’t relate to these videos.  I did try sounding my cock with my wife’s knitting needles with rounded ends, that worked for a while as I inserted the needle into my penis slit it would cause me to get an erection and masturbated with the object still in my cock about 6 inches.  Cum would ooze out around the object creating really fantastic orgasm.  But even that became ineffective to cause an erection or orgasm.  Although it still feels very good.

As men, if we are totally honest, we are curious how it must feel to our wives to suck our cocks and hopefully swallow our cum.  My wife loved it for a while then began to refuse.  I’m not a drinker or take illegal drugs.  Men we need to understand that us cum can be unpleasant when we drink, eat very spicy foods, or drugs.  My wife just stopped and sex in general stopped.

 After a sexless marriage for a few years and self-stimulation for a period of time I decided to visit an adult bookstore about a 45-minute drive.  I guess I’ve been naïve for many years about what really goes in these bookstores. As I drove there I got so nervous I sat outside the store for a good 30 minutes. It was a summer day and on the east coast the weather can get very hot and muggy.  I seldom wore underwear anywhere because it rode up and was not comfortable.  So this day I was in shorts without underwear.

I walked into the store so nervous I could barely pickup magazines or take out money to buy tokens for the booths.  I walked into the booth area and my general personality was to say hi to people I pass. I learned this isn’t something you do if not interested in sexual interaction.  As I entered a booth I fumble getting the tokens into the machine and began changing the videos to see what was being shown.  I sat down on the bench and started watching a video of a woman and 2 men having sex with the woman.

As I watched this video one of the men pulled his cock out of her mouth and positioned himself behind the other guy.  He began to handle the other guy’s balls as he was pounding the woman’s Pusey.  After a few minutes I began to get that nice feeling in the groin and realized my own dick was growing.  As that second guy began fingering the first guys butt and after getting in 3 fingers he put some lube on his cock and slipped it into the other guy’s ass and was pounding him as the other guy was pounding the woman.  I found my own dick getting so hard it almost hurt.  I had to drop my shorts and began to stroke it slowly.

I was totally fixated on the guy’s cock sliding in and out of the other guy’s butt.  As I moved around on the bench I never noticed the hole at the end of the bench.  My back was against the hole and at some point I felt something poking my shoulder, I moved away and saw fingers were poking me.  When I bent down to see what was going on I guess that was smart because a hard cock came through the hole.  I was fascinated but truly not sure what to do.  I’m not dumb but very naive and curious.  I’ve never touched another guys dick.  But as I mentioned above very curious so I had 1 hand on my cock and began to feel the cock coming through the hole.  It was hard thin and not very long.  It felt hard as my own dick felt. I felt the head of his dick and began slowly rubbing it and soon I came as me cum shot almost hitting the wall where the screen was mounted.  I was overwhelmed at coming and pulled my shorts up and left the booth.

As I left the bookstore I went to my car and sat for several minutes.  Thinking about what had happened my long standing curiosity about what women feel sucking cock just made my dick to grow a little enough to make me go back and actually do it (suck a cock).  I went back in found different booth that had hole in the wall. By now my cock was obviously growing as it lifted my shorts right leg up and anyone looking could tell I was horney and ready for something.  I entered the booth and found other videos of2 or 3 men having a variety of sex.  I dropped my shorts began stroking it and waited.

A several minutes later I heard the door close in the booth next to me.  This hole was waist high and between the bench and the video wall.  I didn’t bend over to look and soon a finger began to rub the hole.  Not knowing really what that meant I did bend over to look and the guy whispered give me you cock.  Again I’m not dumb but never have done this I stood and slowly put my dick through the hole. I felt a hand touch me and had I not already cum once I’m sure I would have then.

After a few seconds I felt a warm mouth on the head of my cock and the slide down the shaft to my balls. He must have done this as he sucked slowly as my balls drew up close to my body and shortly I could feel my cock getting harder and soon erupted shooting cum into this guy’s mouth and he didn’t pull off but seemed to swallow my cum.  He continued slowly sucking me and I felt his tongue licking my dick slit. By now my knees were shaking so bad I had to pull out and sit down. Closing my eyes and thinking about how good that felt for a short time.  I opened my eyes to see a cock through the hole.  It didn’t take but a second when I was stroking this dick and licking the cock slit tasting some fluid coming-out.  Surprising to me I like the taste and began wrapping my lips around the cock and began sucking on it.

At one point I must have gotten dick too far in my throat and I gagged.  But it didn’t stop me as I sucked it.  The guy began moving his cockin and out as I sucked.  My mind was going wild with the great feeling sucking this dick.  After several minutes of sucking the cock was shoved deep through the wall and I felt the first shot of cum hitting throat and with no thought I swallowed each shot into my now hungry throat.  When he stopped cumming I did as do to me I liked and cleaned his cock of any leftover cum and licked his dick slit.  As I was doing this his cock began getting soft.  He pulled out for a short time then I saw he slipped   it back through the hole in a soft state.  I couldn’t resist it and took his whole soft cock in my mouth and played with it in my mouth.  This went on for a long time.  I had to stop and sit down as my bent legs had begun to shake and weakened.

I was now a true cock sucker and enjoyed it so much and began my continuing sucking cock as often as I could.



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