I have always loved locker rooms.  That funky smell of sweat mixed with testosterone and, yes, more than a little sniff of spilled jizz in jock straps.  A lot of those guys really get off from constantly crashing into other big, hard guys on the field.  Boners arise and the bodies are all lit up from, for instance, the tacklers dick landing right on the ass crack of the guy he is tackling.  By the third quarter there has been enough of this jock erotica happening that it pushes a lot of them over the edge and they squirt their load into their jock straps, soaking their balls and dick with cum stew.

Alas, I am not big enough or frankly not tough enough to endure being a player but I am good at being the equipment manager.  That means that I launder uniforms and that includes the aforementioned jizz soaked jock straps which I often hold over my nose and mouth while I rub out a nut before I throw them into the washer.  I also go on all the road trips and everyone knows I have the last row to myself.  That is so, on the drive home after a game, anyone on the team can slide into the empty seat next to me and I will give them a great blowjob as a reward if they have won or as a consolation if they have lost.  That pleased the players and it certainly pleased me but I still felt I could offer more.  But what?

One of the running backs had suggested he wanted more than a quickie blow job on the bus.  He told me to meet him at his pickup truck after the game which I was happy to do.  As I crawled up into the passenger seat I could see he already had his jeans pulled down and was proudly displaying about 8" of precum oozing, mushroom headed dick.  I was down on that beauty in a flash, sucking and licking up that precum but he had more than a blow job in mind.  He reclined the seat almost horizontal so my now bare ass was displayed and then he crawled on top of me.  I could feel his pulsing 8 inches pushing between my ass cheeks and I could smell toothpaste and mouthwash as he breathed heavily against my neck.

"Do you think you can handle this much dick ?" he asked as he rubbed it slowly up and down between my ass cheeks.

"I cannot wait to handle that beauty but a little lube would be nice" I answered.

He spit into his hand and rubbed it over my asshole which was gasping open and closed like a fish out of water.  Then he inserted his middle finger and gave me a little finger fucking which kicked my hungry asshole up another notch of hunger.

"You like that?" he asked as he slid his finger in and out.

"I'm not much on foreplay" I gasped.  "I've been thinking of having  your dick up my ass since football season started so you better get fucking or my hot ass may burst into flame and literally turn your dick into a hot dog."

He removed his finger and then I felt that fat mushroom head probing against my sphincter.  I wiggled my ass around so I got a nice extra lube from his precum and then pressed back so his precum soaked dickhead started stretching my asshole open.  I gasped as the massive head of his dick slid past my sphincter whick could now close back tight around the shaft that was sliding deeper and deeper into my hungry ass.  At last I felt the tickle of his pubic hair against my ass and then that lovely cockhead slid across my prostate.  That set my own boner to gushing precum and brought a loud moan from me.

"Are you ok?" he asked, his voice very husky and sort of shaky in my ear.

"You just massaged my prostate" I gasped.  "now I want you to give me the fucking I'm so hungry for!  Show me you know how to use that 8" dick that mother nature endowed you with.  Fuck me till my brain short circuits!  Fuck me till you fill my man cunt with jizz and put out that fire burning there!

Without any more talk, he did just that.  He fucked me slow, he fucked me fast.  He fucked me deep and massaged my prostate till it was throbbing.  He fucked me short so his lovely mushroom head nearly slipped out of my grasping sphincter.  Then he got serious and I knew he was heading for the finish line.  His pace settled in to one rythm which was deep and steady.  His sweet toothpaste breath was now getting ragged and urgent and each time he hit bottom he gave a gutteral grunt.  Then one final, very deep thrust and I felt his dick start pulsing out jizz.  Shot after shot blasted over my prostate until finally it slowed to a final little spurt and he lay trembling on top of me, gasping for breath.

In the meantime I had been dry humping the leather seatback although It didn't stay dry for long.  The first rub of his dickhead on my prostate started me gushing precum so the seat was soon nicely lubed.  The first blast of his cum pushed me over the edge and I was also spraying out jizz.

We both lay breathing heavily in that post coital bliss that follows a really good fuck.  I could feel his cock slowly relaxing until with a shrug he pulled it out of my ass, leaving a trail of cum across my ass cheeks.  My sphincter reluctantly closed tight again and I sighed contentedly.  Now I had an idea of how a player must feel who intercepts the other teams ball, runs it back 90 yards for the game winning touchdown.

Suddenly it came to me how to provide the team with a better reward than a quickie bj in the back of the bus.  There was that big leather massage table in the rehab room.  The lights were on a dimmer control and it was very private.  Brilliant!!  My recently thoroughly plowed ass gave a little twitch of anticipation of the many fucks to come!!  And I could say I did it all for the team.


jon martin

[email protected]


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